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Okay, this is just going to be a short blog post. Well, to be honest since Saturday in the late afternoon, around about 11:30pm, my computer decided it’d be a good idea to blow up. So yeah that is how much I managed to avoid my Nuclear Meltdown… by breaking it anyway.

So, I tried and tried to get it to work but instead it didn’t comply. No, it just sat there and gave me a look of “LOL! Look at you, being an arse, trying to fix me… you can’t work a computer… HA!”. So I cried, turned it off and went to sleep at half past mindight.

I woke up, booted it up and hoped it was all a horrible dream. Of course not, that would mean the world would actually like me. Of course not, MADNESS! So, I carried it downstairs and got my mum to take a look at it. So, she picked the super restart from the beginning (good thing I backed up all those files I gave a crap about) (phillipe stark? Is he any relation to Tony Stark?). I set it all back up again and then downloaded AVG… oh look, the internet stopped working… well, by internet I mean internet explorer and also AVG wouldn’t connect to the update server. So I decided to let my mum deal with it whilst I played Simpsons Road RAge on the gamecube for the lols.

Eventually my brother came downstairs and fixed it all…  So, after YET another restart from the beginning, it started again, and we started it AGAIN! The first thing we downloaded was Firefox then my brother started a long line of downloads. Slowly they rolled in, eventually ZoneAlarm rolled in and I tried to install it. OH FUCKING LOOK! I need Service Pack 1 installed, and do you know what? I’m still trying to download it now… yeah, it sucks doesn’t it. So I downloaded nearly everything I had, again. Well, there are actually LOADS of things which I probably still need to download… and bookmarks and settings I need to deal with *cough UAC cough*.

So, today at around about… 6… well, earlier, my service pack 1 download stopped (again!) at about 81%… it had said 28 minutes left for 30 minutes, so I was a bit suspicious. So, I decided to restart my computer so all the new things could be put to new. But… of course, I can’t do anything without it going wrong. I typed in my password and then it broke… well, by broke I mean it froze on the “Welcome” message… with the circle that never stops spinning and spinning and spinning.

So, I brought it downstairs in the 1 minute time limit (or less) that my battery lasts for… and failed… So after much arguing between parents and talking over each other… they decided to go back in time to 1984… I mean 5:47. And here I am.

Now that I restarted my computer from the start, the touchpad mouse now works again. Which is both good and bad primarily because I haven’t had it for ages, so I have grown accustomed to just throwing my hands about and using the buttons as an elbow rest… so I end up clicking on all sorts. It also means I can now use it AS a laptop (well, if the battery lived longer than 1 minute. It also means I can sort of lazily do stuff… I just need to get used to the touch pad again. I keep on clicking whilst I am moving and stuff…

Well, hoping it all goes well and the SP1 download doesn’t break again… I may be able to write another blog off at some point in the near future giving a better view of what happened in my week.

Who knows, the crap I ordered may have turned up by that time, which would be fun. So I can always hope for that… and enjoy some scud. As well as some other stuff… Tomorrow will have it’s ups and downs…

Internet = GAY!!!

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New Quick press….. My Firefox is being SOOOOOO homo…. Mostly because, pages take FOR AGES to load unless I open the link in a new tab…. This problem only just happened when I did the new ZoneAlarm update…. I think I am gonna have to look through some of the ZoneAlarm stuff and check it out….
4oD is still being gay…. and streaming my videos… not in a way that would make sense…… I’ll have to search the internet for some stuff…..
Now to struggle some more!

Just a quick heads up, played lots more FF IX, played a lot of Maplestory….
Internet juice being eaten alive BY Zomealarm update….