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PAIN! Can’t get enough, cause I’d rather feel pain than nothing at all!

Well, Emo or what? However, there is good reason for this one.

Where to start? I’ll go with this week. So far, I have spent all the time that I haven’t spent sleeping (four hours a day), eating OR being forced out of the house because I’m ill… I have spent sitting in front of my computer either playing Maplestory (sorry about that), watching Bleach (one episode) or playing Final Fantasy IX (on the PS1). This week I have gone up like 2 Levels on Maplestory. End. Bleach was awesome. Final Fantasy IX is pretty awesome. Shame about my PS1 having a dodgy laser so a few FMVs don’t work…  It is hawt as balls!

The reason I have been forced out my house because I’m so un-healthy is because of my toe… We went to the Doctors AGAIN was about my toe that is messed up in the arse. The last time I went was in September which I was given antibiotics and told to deal with it. This time… they decided I may have a problem… Gave me more antibiotics (which I haven’t consumed for the sake of I can’t swallow them and they taste like death…) but also an appointment next Thursday in which I get a “Minor Operation” in which he is going to cut off the bit of toenail that goes into my toe by like 7mm which is pretty deep and unpleasant (I know because I cut a chunk out with some Scissors (thought I might have tetanus) and it turned out to be VERY deep and pale… in all 1cm and it wasn’t a big chunk of visible). All I could think was, “At ruddey last!!!” I have been waiting for a long time for it to either fall off, burst out the side of my foot… or something along those lines… Either way, fun fun fun.

Another reason was that I had to go to the Orthodontist. This meant I got the unpleasant tighter wire… but this time I also got bits on my front teeth.. so I can’t bite anything… when I did to a sandwich I was curled in a ball due to the pain. Also, last time my brace got tightened it broke like 3 days after… I didn’t say anything until today… the problem is… that metal wring is REALLY quite painful. My tongue is being stabbed all the time… I thought I was going to lose my brace after today… but now… All I can think is that currently my lower teeth are being turned about, then after another trip they will be pushed down… then maybe again… that is 18 weeks… Then they might come off! But then I get a retainer for ages… probably another 6 weeks…but thankfully, it only takes like 1 week or 2 weeks for the pain to go away… The weird thing is… the new metal bits… have orange dots on… so, I have black bands with an orange dot… looks odd…

I’m gonna be forced out the house again tomorrow because we are going to Ipswich and I can get a new bag (my current one has like 2 holes on the outside (one being big enough for my arm to fit through) then about anther 5 on the inside… enough for me to go from the big pocket, out the side then into the smaller pocket, then through the smaller pocket back into the bigger pocket… I’m also going to be getting some new Converse! I might even buy Chrono Trigger DS depending on the price… I might also, (when I get home) depending on how my spending has gone, get my mum to buy the Bleach Series 1 Box Set!

The Friday I have the dentist to go to… but before is some badminton (Funking, ducking, mother dunking YEAH!). So this week I have had THREE trips to some form of medical person… I also heard that my dentist decided to move away… so I have a new one… yay…

This week, Yesterday or today, I got some more story written! Chapter 3 is now 918 (ish) words! I hope I get bored enough to finish it before the end of half-term… I have also just realised that I have art Coursework to do… and probably some kind of revision to do…eh…

Another meaning to the pain side of this blog would be the latest picture I coloured in… The problem was that the line drawing (I saved it as a PNG) was freaking giant… it was like 2.2MB So if I made one wrong click… I had to wait like 5-20 minutes… Then when I was scaling it down to background size… each click was like a 30 minute wait… What is worse… is that I forgot to sign it –.-

Here it is as a background Size 1280 x 800

And here is the original somehow made smaller than the original 7xxx x 6xxx or something like that.


I hope to blog more often… but gaming is an addictive curse with lures of false achievement. So yeah, here is me… signing out… See you next time!

Also, this is the first time I have used “Windows Live Writer” to write to my blog… I don’t see the point, however, it is a much friendlier interface…

˙ʇı ʎq pǝpunoɟqɯnp ʎlǝʇǝldɯoɔ ǝɹɐ ǝldoǝd ǝsnɐɔǝq unɟ sʎɐʍlɐ sı ɥɔıɥʍ ¡sıɥʇ op oslɐ uɐɔ ı

Well, I have no work to do, and I seem to get bored VERY quickly…. So I am bored…. Onto the normal awesome (or what evers) stuff.

Well, today being tuesday meant a loverly start of PE, this included BADMINTON! YEAH! I think I did the most work in that PE lesson… I mean I did more in that one lesson than probably most of the current school year… or at least all of the Basket Ball bit… I did do a fair bit in Football and Rugby. In Badminton we ended up splitting into 4 separate courts each with about 9 people on. Our court started off with just plain ol’ matches which means whilst waiting doing the odd rally with someone. We got bored of that and did some kind of “King/Queen of the court” which was okay…. going against Alfie was a bit gay…. I was okay…. but I ended up making silly mistakes or the shuttle would hit something hanging from the ceiling and make me run forward nearly into the net….. After that, we did a “Round Court” thing, where we ended up running around the court a lot…. this rawked…. The first one I didn’t lose a single life (I was on 3 (I have no idea why)) and I got to the final two, but I was too tired and the shot was too far away to run for, so Caroline won… The second Adam and I made silly mistakes at the beginning so we went from 2 lives to 1, then I lost my final one when we were down to about 4 people which means you don’t stop running at all…. and when coming in from the right of the court and the shot is on the left…. you know you are going down…. the same sort of thing happened in the 3rd match but there were far too many drop shots so they were getting closer and closer to the net and it was inevitable that one would hit the net…. Then Badminton was over 😦

After break we had none other than Biology, we did a bit of reading about those wonderful things called Kidneys… and glomerulus being the word of the day…. We then got to dissect some now unfrozen kidneys! This was good, I missed out on the eye dissection last time but the heart Dissection was fun… Adam and i didn’t know there was gloves for that one… and Adam put his thumbs through the main artery and vein…. This time we had gloves on… the only tools we used were the blunt scalpel AND the scissors…. Turns out that the Ureter is VERY hard to cut through… and smells like pee pee from the private part place.

After a lunch of watching Ben and Eliza play what was effectively VERY violent pong…. there was RS Core…. we watched more of “When the wind blows” which was sooo boring… I was wondering how long it takes for radiation to kill people…. I didn’t care much for the annoyling old people….

Maths we were doing something that I forgot the name of… but I can remember the long formulae that we used…. Which was quite easy to use… yet I constantly had to remind Nathan how maths works…. which was annoying…. HE DOESN’T GET THINGS  yet STILL has an ego….

AH HA! When I got home (woo Rewrite came on via Windows Media Player) I had nothing to do…. I think I started by checking my normal stuff…. I then decided to start drawing pictures ready for the winter…. and those sleepless nights…. I ended up drawing Seth in Darkness Knight Uniform (Reference for Ben there) I think I got it pretty accurate to the original description, but I think I’m gonna have to change a few bits… like a better description of the trousers and a change from belt to sash…. Once I had done that, I finally finished Chapter 2 of my awesome thing which you have to hunt down over the Internet to find….. I think I worked it out as 130 A4 sheets as the end… or something like that… which is apparently… about 221 normal book pages… BUT! That is every chapter is the exact same length…. I hope to get it finished… soon… maybe summer?

Who knows and or cares! I’m too busy Procrastinating and not sleeping and thinking of plot for differnet things and stuff…..

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Okay, So, I guess I haven’t written a proper blog post since…. Friday? I have a very good explanation for this:

1) Final Fantasy IX is very fun so I got caught up in that

2) I spent a lot of Friday going about the world of Maple with Bethany and Max, and getting the feeling of the fifth wheel… or in this case 3rd… on a bike…. it doesn’t matter though, they’ll never read this ^^

3) Maplestory = Addictive, Unfortunately, I have started to go all grinding on my bandit…. HOWEVER, this isn’t my main, Stupid events making me have to NOT be where I would normally be…. I think, I might be able to train him some more on…. about, the start of the Xmas hols, which i’ll start on the Friday, to see how long I can go without any sleep…. I think I’ll “Twitter” The occasion…. just for that one time…. I mean, this time i’m actually going to do it….. I’ll need to draw CRAP loads of pictures, but yeah….

4) My internet was on the fritz.

Okay, first things first, Final Fantasy IX. I played it a lot, killed some black mages (poor ViVi) kicked some butt and then some more butt… then I got to the bit that always breaks…. which is the small FMV, this means I have to wait until the PS2 is free so the superior laser on that will read the disc better than my crappy….8 or 9 year old PS1…. (The original LARGE PS1 broke (a sad day (when I was about 6))) So I might get round to playing a bit more Tales of Symphonia… my second play through….

Maple, I managed to get my Bandit up 1.5 levels… which is hard doing an area which isn’t great experience for my level, but I hate grinding on monsters…. I ended up getting my mum’s pirate up about 2.8 levels…. Ren came back (Ren from Israel) from Base, which is awesome… it gets boring when he goes off to his Israel Military Base place…..

Uh… LIFE! Okay, I FINALLY managed to get Media Player working again, through tears…. So I ended up listening to a LOT of Bloc Party, heck, I still am…. they are tres awesome…. I’ll probably add some Muse and Foo Fighters into the mix… at some point…. along with Rewrite of course….. But yeah, In life… it seems to have become quite the shits…. WOO! BUT! I finally got my DT Material ordered, so WHO knows when I am going to get that started… which I’m not looking forward to, because the other group scares me…. If I went into the other room… I may not make it out without parts of my person missing with blood spuming about….

Obviously winter is here…. I mean, tomorrow’s weather IS, Sunny, with a MAX of 4 C… a maximum of 4 C…..

(NOTE: Is that Apostrophe correct?)

I got a B in my DT thingy ma flapjack…. A D in my french HIGHER listening…. And Media is being a whore… mostly because…. I’m not sure….

Drama, we didn’t end up performing our piece today, which sucked because I would rather get it out of the way NOW than worry as you see others thinking that yours wont be as good then really hamming it up in an attempt to make it look better…. Woo?

OH! I spent about an hour doing THIS:

Woo, lots of shadow!

Woo, lots of shadow!

This guy, well, I haven’t even begun to write the story he is in… speaking of which… I REALLY need to get that story written, I’m only Half way through chapter 2 >.<

I swear I had more stuff to write… but all the stuff that pops to mind I might’ve already mentioned in my previous 3 posts…..

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I’ve spent about the last 30 minutes if not more on a posting Race with Kevin from Ireland on the forum… and it is still going! WOOP!

So then… to start off this “fun” blog of awesome… Uh… Yesterday Maplestory released their new Pirate job… Alas, my predictions were true and nearly everyone is called, “Captain_____” or “Capt_______” or some kind of variation of Captain… also there are a lot called, “brawler#”. My Gunslinger is going with the general flow ALL my names go with (Sinzillo for my assassin, Ditzillo for my Bandit, Pagezillo for my Page, Magezillo for a Mage… and Mozillo for my main?!) and called him Gunzillo… when I do get round to making the other one a pirate he will be “Brawlzillo”. Cause I rock…. He is already level 18… which isn’t much -.-

Staying on the theme of maplestory…. My friends from around the world and I somehow went through all sorts of conversations… We started with…. Why girls are annoying and should just be men (not mine), then we moved onto Butt sex…. again not mine…. then one of them (Marvin the Dutch cool dude) went to go smoke so Kev (From Ireland),  Bethany (from Florida) and I (From England) ended up just talking about Pirates… and stuff….

Also, today…. was RUINED…. all by one lesson…. This ruined day can all be put down to one person…. Miss Williams…. She said that this year it is mostly going to be all our own work because last year it was a lot of her going, “Draw this, Paint that, Welsh this”. That seems reasonable… but after I spent about an entire lesson staring at my page (she said she would be back in 10 minutes whilst I did a quick sketch) she looked at it…. then said, “Wow there is too much here.” She went back through my book to a picture which I didn’t do from Direct observation… more like a study from a study FROM a photo… and then started going, “What you should do is just have a door with this coming out and then falling onto clouds” or something like that…. I decided… no… my work… I go how I bloody well want to…. yeah, STICK IT TO THE MAN! REBEL!! Burn stuff!

Drama was fun on the newly varnished floor of shinny…. not much about that…

Maths, It was easy…. I ended up having to lead Nathan Jest through a lot of the work AGAIN, what annoyed me the most, was when I accidentally wrote down the thing wrong (put a plus instead of a Minus) and Nathan was explaining something to me, James started to talk to him and he said, “One sec, I’m helping Chris with his work.” It was the way he said it… all high and mighty… and this is the guy who will say MULTIPLE times one lesson, “Oh I don’t get it! Aw this makes no sense just fuck it.” Then… when we were doing the “harder” work I got to like number 22 until I had no space in my book… I think he was on 14….. HAHAHAHA No more High and Mighty now…..

French… well, I managed to remember the first 2 paragraphs of my French speaking, reciting them took like 1:15…. out of the 1:30 that we have… so I will have to improve on that…. Surprisingly… I actually remember it… So… maybe I wont be screwed Monday… Who am I kidding… there is a weekend and then Pirates…. What the hell am I meant to do….

Well… that is about it… There was probably stuff yesterday… but I forgot it…. so yeah…. my plans on views has failed as well….
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Well, the reason this may happen is because I forgot to post a blog last night because I was too busy writing, and watching Lee Mack Live, which was HIGH-larious.

This day, like most, was boring in registration, seeing as we have a form which functions normally, we managed to get our yearbook photos done AGES ago…. As far as I know, we are all done with all that jazz…. However, Tom had to go help out at the production so registration was boring. ENGLISH, we spent writing about Curely’s Wife from ‘Of Mice and Men’ for a short exam condition essay in our later lesson. This was after a boring Maths lesson which was about something which has now completely skipped out of my mind.

Double Physics was just a quick finish about Nuclear Fission then we went to go watch some of the production still being made…. I found it funny, but the main lead guy seemed to be a cool guy, even though he forgot a lot of his lines (O.o). The crazy picture of New York began to fall down while they were half way through something which threw them off… A LOT.

Next was a spiffing lesson of French. We ended up doing Grammar work, which I was surprised to find out, I understood it…. It hasn’t stuck to last the night…. but it stuck from the beginning of the lesson to the end, which is a first…. This was followed by English where we started to write an Essay about loneliness.

Upon arrival of home I had a short chat with my brother and he told me, “maybe” when I asked to go on the 360 later with him… I forgot maybe means no….. ALWAYS means no… no matter what…. I ended up half starving because my mum was taking AGES to do the shopping and  there wasn’t much food in the house…. I did consider to take a slice of mature cheddar, but I ended up giving up in the idea…. When they came back and packed everything away, a quick 20 minutes later (if that is possible) I ended up having some GIANT bowl of pasta with half a GIANT nan…. So I was quite full towards the end…. Watching the Comedy TV of the evening and writing a few bits of my story (like a few more pages) it was 12pm if not later so I decided to go to sleep, after I had walked downstairs and remembered how late it was…


Now to finish eating my chocolate covered ENGLISH MUFFINS!!!!!!!!!