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… and commas rule!!!! Yeah…. that is because you don’t have a vagina (unless you do). If you are wondering WHAT the funk I am going on about… why the sex education song of course. I thought it was pretty cool… I mean I have listened to it every day since Smosh released it…. But that is just me…. I wish I could get a “Periods Suck, Commas Rule” T-shirt…. But I already have a cool Smosh shirt…. Oh a quick thing… I would watch it all because it is just too funny… even if it is a small bit screamy…. JUST a small bit.

ANYWHO, I missed out on blogging yesterday because of GPQs till late at night… quick recap… Alt+F4 sucks anus…. and that is about it….

Now to get onto the good stuff… yesterday it snowed… twice…. Unfortunately the snow did not settle… however, over night, it snowed like a bitch… I awoke to see fields of white. I waited until my sister was up till I did anything… So, after she got up and I hit her into being awake…. We got dressed into warm clothing, stepped out into the blizzard… It hurt a lot… got on our bikes and then cycled the Icy roads to the park…. however, This was cool, for, cycling over frozen puddles is REALLY fun… just thinking, “OH fuck, I’m going through this one and it is going to hurt.” and then to just speed across the top…. greatest feeling EVER, specially with my UBER heavy bike…. Anyway… The snow was getting thicker and thicker and slowly blinding me…. So I decided to attempt to make a wall… for cover… The large field at the park had enough snow…. This was not so easy… my scarf kept on coming undone so that was slowly filling with ice…. on my face, then I decided to take my gloves off to sort it out… it was like punching broken glass…. Soon the snow was too bad to really do much…. As in, it was like being punched in the face by dwarfs…. it was getting pretty bad… after quickly pushing my sister over, I ran to my now SNOW covered bike and began to peddle away… Oddly enough, it was only NOW that my hands began to freeze… also the snow felt like it turned to razor hail… I ended up with a slight scratch on my face from it…. I also found out that cycling with one eye closed, the other squinted and one hand waving about to cover your face from the snow WHILST cycling on icy roads down hill with crappy breaks… is not good…. I got home and I was completely drenched… and frozen….

I wasted a lot of the day after that, then once the snow had stopped and the sun was shining (OH NOES) we went back… everything was slush now… so it was like a spray of water from my wheels….. When we got to the park, the only thing that wasn’t slush was the crappy wall… which I kicked at my sister… there was a lot of snow in that wall… so we decided to go home…. OH whilst going down the hill… with my back brakes on… I was gaining speed…. I was getting scared at that point….

And that is about the ENTIRE day… Not sure if my stuff is dry yet… my guess is no….

OH, home made Jam Tarts = UBER YUM!

Also Also, I found out, that by having “CoD5 Cheats” as a tag, for like one of your blogs gets you CRAP loads of views… so…. I wonder what FF 13 will get me… when it comes out >.<
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