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Yeah, I haven’t done much over the last…. week or something… I dunno…. it was too long….. SOOO why? Pirates of course…. You see, now with the release of the pirate job…. Everyone in my guild has came back onto the game to play…. this means that I lose any time because I am playing Maplestory too often…. I mean… My pirate is now level 28 at 50% and I leveled my bandit….. But I will try to get some work done….

Continuing with Maplestory…. my guild had 6 GPQs (Guild Party Quests (where we all get together and try to get through some thing to kill some big skeleton guy and stuff)), 3 on each day…. Which rocked….. So that was fun…. so yeah….

Okay… onto other stuff… French to begin with…. I had my French speaking on Monday… unfortunately… I was late by 10 minutes (oops (I blame Miss Thompson’s talk about our exam…)) but I still got it done…. I ended up swearing and running out of my DT room…. Soo….. The presentation went well…. Roleplay could’ve been better, seeing as I said castle in stead of house…. (“I stay at home eating cake” was meant to be my answer) Then messed it all up on the conversational…. so a D for me…. woop dee doo…..

Uh… can’t think of much else…. so Maths…. and the pure hatred of Nathan Jest…. He…. sucks…. ka-boodle….. He hardly gets the work most the time…. and is the most strongly oppionated people in the world…. not to mention he only plays ONE game…. ever…. like a penis….. (CoD4…. but now CoD5) Sure they are good…. but still PLAY SOME OTHER GAMES YOU IDIOT… he also hates good games and likes not so good games… he doesn’t like Halo 3 and gears 2…. even though he hasn’t played them… he likes Fable 2 (which didn’t turn out to be AS awesome) yet he still hasn’t played it…. and he will just say something is “CRAP!” if he doesn’t like it….. or the look of it…. or if it isn’t CoD4/5…. He is still delusional about the PS3 being the best console… I’ll admit it has good features… but on the gaming front… it lacks… a lot….. but hey what are you going to do….

RS today, Nathan ONCE again played his part as the sexist bigot in how we were doing that, you are on a balloon and you have to throw people off thing….. so…. he decided to try and kill all the females… CONTINUALLY hated the whole 30 year old prego man…. (that used to be a woman) in how he kept on saying, “If it has a fanny it is a woman.” Even though everyone else was saying that legally it’s a man… Uh… he then started to be a knob jockey and started questioning the whole scene…. by going, “Oh why don’t you just leave the island?” even though he failed to realise that we weren’t throwing people out for lols because we were running out of fuel… he then decided, “I’ll get the Methane from the animals.” Which would take several years to get enough to get off the ground… let alone fill the balloon… I do realise you don’t fill the balloon with Methane…. you still need power to fill it with gas…. So he started to be a penis… we also had to write some rules for our Island… I had, “First rule of the island: Don’t talk about the island.” Referencing to fight club…. then I had, no marriage, no religion, no children and no speaking/noise…. because no one else was doing any work… thanks to Nathan being a penor…..

*exhales*, also in maths we had some long argument about Mario Galaxy and CoD4… not Nathan and I, But Nathan, Max and I against Ben…. We went with (not only it being the better game) but him being a wii player so his views are worthless….

But yeah… that is the world as we know it…

OH! Simon Ward and I talked about how Life sucks and how people are really fake and how the room we were in was kinda segregated into groups… and how life sucks… and stuff… and Alienation.
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Well… I fell behind on my posting, possibly because I’ve gotten like 14 views in like the past 3 days and not a single view. However, I shall try and remember some stuff.
First off, today was Remembrance Day. We got our 2 minutes of silence in PE after a good ol’ game of B-Ball in which I had NO idea what I was doing… The rest of the day was pretty sub par…. Joints in Biology and learning that my clicking all my bones *does just that* is two things:
1) Perfectly good
2) Very bad
RS meant that we got our “punishment” which was… wait for it, it is worse than torture… GROUP WORK! We even got to choose our groups… How DARE she? In our groups, we got to make some form of poster like thing which talked about war… The one that I mostly did and Nick helped with (Albert was just the craftsman) had “PEACE” on the left in green with “GOOD” in blue under it and on the other side we had “WAR” in yellow and “BAD” in orange. Between the “PEACE” and “GOOD” we had an orange square saying “is” and same for the opposite…. I then made some kind of square quickly, and scribbled something about how war can be caused by many things as can peace, then decorated it then slammed it down. Along the bottom on another piece of orange was, “We cannot have PEACE without there being WAR” and then that was about all of it…. I got most of this done…. John Ridd just sat there.

Monday… not much happened as far as I can remember, stuff happened in DT and then there is still TOO much work to do for like Thursday AND Wednesday… got like one bit of art done….

SUNDAY! Instead of doing any work, I ended up colouring in another picture of mine. Which you can find on the last link that I posted it in the other one. Not only that I have FINALLY played Gears of War 2! It was FREAKING AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!! My brother and I started out on Horde mode and then we got to like wave 7 (which was hard with only two of us…). I think it would be MUCH easier if we had like 3 people…. so if one end (we found a bit with a door on one side and an opening on the other) got too crowded then the spare could go and help…. It works out in my head…. We then played a bit of story and just met up with some CRAZY cow-dude. He is very Texan…. and calls his big Vechile “Betty” Or something… then it was 10:30pm…. so we stopped…

So yeah, really hungry right now… and after dinner (which is soon) I will get some art done (a bit more) then try and get some DT…. THEN if I am lucky, I will be able to get my Drama (well some of it) done…. Wednesday will be me, trying to get all my Drama and final bit of Art (depending on how much I got done). I might do it….