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Don’t understand?

Now you do, so go get struck by lightnin’ knowing we have a cure!!!

Hey, I think Ben probably had some as well, what with those side effects… 😉

Okay, so it’s been the first week of school… a week ago, but first… something completely different:

On the wank bank holiday monday… thing… wasn’t one of them, just on the monday… my sister bugged my brother and I to go to the park. We went, she fell over a ball, got in a mood, things eventually picked up a bit… went home, SCENE!

The Tuesday that followed was the first day back! Things seemed pretty good. People actually seemed happy to see me. I got a few bits of work done and physics was quite good, although it looked disasterous with the experiment calculations… until the very end when we were ACE!

The wednesday was when things started to go down hill… The morning, before registration was somewhat depressing… for pathetic reasons. Then we had an assembly… where I got crushed between Jagger and Tom… and lost a leg to Ethan… Not fun, I forgot what it was about… oh yah! House Captain shtuff!

Then the wednesday carried on… getting worse and worse. Sadly there was no Archery either… so I was left to be bored for ages. I spoke with Yasemin and Peeps for a while, then went into Fram… and bumped into my sister… AWKWARD! We then decided that it’d have to be stealthy to get back to the school without my father seeing me… mission accomplished as he was slightly late…

The thursday was pretty deathly as well.. I can’t say I had fun either… It was a double Biology lesson, and I can’t really understand the stuff we were doing… we were doing DNA changes in Bacteria… where the text book goes into SO MUCH detail… whilst the revision guide manages to summarise two pages into about a paragraph… and it’s so much more precise…

The friday got a lot better! The lessons were crap at the start, like Chemistry… get my mock result back (more on that L8R) but lunch was pretty fab! I was hanging out with Joel Gibson and Calum Johnson when Chloé came down to talk to us because Eliza and Rose were missing. Then those two came down and we were all talking and stuff… it got too hot so the girls went to have a walk… then the guys (us) went on our own.

We bumped into each other outside the english block and talked more and did stuff and it was a really nice Lunch time!


Period 6 was also pretty awesome! We were out on the field, so getting the nice feeling of summer in while we can! It was good to have the Friday Period 6 club thing again, cause it felt like we hadn’t had it in AGES! The main problem was one thing that just didn’t do anything the entire time…. some may guess who… ARG! My limp wrist hurts!

I went into the weekend feeling pretty good! Turns out… I was a mad man to do so. The school posted my mock exam results to the house…. ARG! My dad saw and apparently wasn’t happy… Apparently I’ve made him mad, and he even crossed out all the Cs under my predicted grades and wrote “A” next to them… as a “friendly” reminder that he hates me and that I have to get an A in everything… nom nom nom, can feel the love. I think the main reason was cause I got a D in my chemistry Mock, but I really didn’t get it at all. Maths got a B and Biology got an A… Then Physics… D… *cough*

Anywho, ignoring the unhappy family, as I normally do, I started the game of CoD4: MW. Starting off as Soap MacTavish I played the time trial thing about twenty times before setting out on my first mission on “Hardened” difficulty… playing on Veteran will be for a later time… So I just went on the one below it… Anywho, I was so on edge for that first mission, running out and thinking I’d failed as I slowly began to slide out the helichopper.

I have to say… the S.A.S missions are SO MUCH BETTER than the American ones. Although when you die in the America ones with the nuke (Spoilers btw) that was so… like… WOAH!

Anywho, I’m currently a bit stuck… I’m currently Lt. Price and Captain MacMillan got crippled my a falling Helicopter. We are currently waiting for a chopper to get to us… I can do the first wave of people… but the second wave is like… INSANE! Captain MacMillan rarely shoots anything… so the tree I’m hiding behind could have like 5 people shooting at it… he’ll ignore that and shoot off in the corner. That’s one of the main problems, people sneak up on you easily just because there are so many people (like 100, or more) and there’s only 1 of you… so you have a lot on your plate… I’ve managed to get the chopper to land… but each time I’ve JUST died… but as far as I know… it lands on the opposite side of the fucking map as to where Captain MacMillan is… It’s like… SERIOUSLY, wtf? How do they expect me to get him over there whilst I’m being shot at by 30 people.

I’ve also been playing the Special Ops with my brother on MW2, on Veteran (cause we’re hardcore!) which is pretty fun, the snow mobile race was quite fun just because you can shoot at people on the snow mobiles and they flip off….

It does seem with CoD4 that as you get further in the campaign, your partners do less and less… too often they just stand there… or on the other side of the map as I go forward to the objective… hoping for some back-up. Mostly as a confidence boost, I can normally deal with people quite well, it’s just at the start of levels when you’re not in a good place it’s hard… to shoot everyone, stab dogs… break the dog’s neck (i’m getting quite good at it now, REALLY satisfying)

In pokemans I’ve also gotten a hold of all but one Gym Leader’s phone numbers (FUCK YOU BLUE! You require so much work!) and then with my plucky party of low level 60s… I thought… “Can’t be TOO hard to beat a guy who’s party is made of high level 80s” Turns out, read is really quite hard… Mostly Lapras… and to get things to work so I have an advantage… I need to be SO lucky! Lapras and Venasaur are difficult… Venasaur could probs be done with my Feraligatr’s Ice Fang when it has the Choice Specs on, but  Red rarely sends out Venasaur without me killing Lapras, which just has so much HP… that it can survive a pretty decent Discharge from my Ampharos… might be able to survive two even…. I just need it to paralyze Lapras and I could win…. cause then Ampharos could get another move in before the Lapras does (which would kill Ampharos) . See the bind I’m in? I could train my pokemon a bit more… but I’m so tired of having to climb Mt. Silver… just cause of one room where you spiral around and around and around….

Tactics of battle aside…

Today was monday! (Nearly said Yesterday, LAL). It was so-so really…We did a practical in Chemistry, I got 10/10 marks on one bit, and 13/15 on another , that with my 14/15 on the other bit puts me at 90% overall for the coursework, which is nice.

Then the rest of the day has consisted of this:

Bloody Finger Painting

That’s not paint by the way….

Bloody Keyboard

All the stuff on the keyboard that looks weird… is blood… nothing but blood and keyboard… there’s now blood in my keyboard, GO ME!

I had an accident… and it bled for over an hour… and then it opened again… bled for 30 mins… now it opened AGAIN!

And seeing as I forgot, I also put my name forward for House Captain of Hitcham today… I know I wont get it, I just wanted to do it… because I felt like I should… being one of the only boys in the house with a brain cell… that doesn’t do sports or stuff…

But then, there is no steam… so I guess it would be more like an oven, but then with no form of grill… I guess it is just a hot room…. I need to get this finished before Bethany Huls of Florida but is currently situated an hour behinde Florida who also Likes Bleach a Scary amount, gets back…

So, I shall start like most things, at the start… Since Friday. Friday was a day of BIOLOGY!!!!!! *Hard rock music plays* *In a sort of screemo tone* So we’re alive! IN THE BELLY OF A SHARK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *Serene music plays again* So, as everyone waddled towards where we are meant to be, which was the Performance Studio we all did the thing where we ask how much of what we did….  Trying to make others feel bad… Trying to avoid being attacked by Ben…

Nathan Smith then walked around the corner with his new Dredlocks… EVERYONE laughed and giggled and higgled and piggled…  So we then entered…. being the smart kids on the block, we got to sit in the middle with Year 10s Either side, on the left, the higher group, the right, the dumb group… the dumb group un able to find their seats because they can’t listen…

The Exam started… it then finished… Half way through, you could hear a pencil case SLOWLY falling off a table from far behinde, to no amazement the owner decided to watch it fall sending pens and what not FLYING ALONG THE FLOOR! It was on the right…. Towards the end (whilst waiting 15 minutes for the exam to finish) the year 10s thought it’d be a GRRRRRRRREAT idea to start making noises… with their mouths… thankfully I was at the front so I could just focus on the clock and watch as precious UN WANTED SECONDS TICKED AWAY!!!!! TICK TOCK TICK TOCK! It was bad… one of the examiners was covering her mouth trying not to giggle… -.-

So, afterwards people compared answers, thinking that if the person they were talking to had something different it would INSTANTLY mean that whoever asked answer was wrong… which it probably wasn’t… People decided to bugger off home… leaving some peeps to chat about how the same examiner farted loudly in an exam yesterday.

Max, Josh and I were left… we walked into town/the village because that is where Josh’s Bus was gonna be, chatting as we went, having a GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRREAT time, cause Josh is fun and awesome and what not…. He popped on his Bus, leaving Max and I to avoid the Chavvy year 10s and get some food and go to the Castle where we ate, talked games and then went away when small children arrived… as you do… we arrived at school again with time till I left, so we sat at the front and did very much the same but with fewer kids… they were older, but probably less mature… Soon my mum came around the corner saying they’d been waiting for ages and my DT thing was all in the car and Jazzing it up, I had to go pay, leaving Max to talk to my mum (tee hee hee).

I came back, left max, jumped in the car, talked SCIENCE the entire way back… then moved all my room about, put my DT thing in there, put stuff on it, took some pictures of it… or one:

I then read the Bleach latest chapter, more on that later, and then played pokemon for… HOURS…. My Scizor is now EV trained… and soon to have a bitching move set… I just need to finish the Pokemon league… it is…………………… level 35 and can take a hit from a 60 pokemon… SCHWEET!

(picture up load taking more hassle than anticipated…..)

Then today…. I woke up… did this, did that… Then when my brother left I raided his room, watched one more episode of Bleach ENG Dub (120) before the internet went slow and died…. woo…. And I played a chunk of Disgaea 2…

Then went back to pokemon and now I’m here….


ANIME SPLURGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

SPOILERS!!!!!!! (seeing as Ben failed to read it last time)



Grimmjow’s English Voice is quite the awesome as well….


Then… yeah… Grr…. picture is STILL TAKING IT’S TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!! it’d be easier to do it on Facebook………..


Hmm, well seeing as everything wants to break… I’ll put it in the next one…

I’m not exactly sure WHAT is rearing its head the most, is it Christmas, procrastination or something else….

Well, I’ll start with the shortest first, Christmas! So today is December the 1st (If you didn’t know) which means the first day of advent. I was glad to finally be getting the small bits of chocolate from my Winnie the Pooh advent Calendar. But I’m not sure WHY I have a Winnie the Pooh calendar… I think it is because those were the only ones left, (apparently) so everyone has them…. With it also being the 1st of December AND a Monday, this meant that there are only three whole weeks of School left until we break up and I can spend about 10 days playing games! sure we get about 14 days off of school BUT one of those days is Christmas, SOOOO that is going to be taken up… by Christmas, then there will be Christmas Eve, which is like I think My grandparents will get to my house, so not much there, at least one day I will expect to go to Ipswich with Family…. The 4th… I couldn’t remember what happened to the 4th…. but it was SOMETHING! But other than that I can play games from morning till night because I appear to have no friend capable of organising things….

This brings me onto my second dish. Procrastination. This seems to be a main theme of my blog and or life…. I wonder why. It has been it today because I was meant to get some Media Coursework done for Wednesday BUT instead I told myself I will do it after dinner, so I played Maplestory for about an hour and a half…. After about a half hour long dinner of a GIANT bowl of pasta with Cheddar cheese, I decided to change my bed sheets (all by myself) which turns out is REALLY hard. I managed to get it done…. but I managed to push my mattress off of my bed at least twice…. I have also been watching more Spoony Experiment and having Bleach Episode 90 English Dub streaming, after finding it of course. I’m not sure what else I managed to spend time on, but yeah…..

Other news,  Ctrl+Alt+Del’swriter/illustrator/creator and Awesome God of coolness, is having his second comic arc of the whole, “Choose your own path thing.” This is a continuation from the first (which rawked). It is simple to get your thing in, and is always funny. So yeah check it out.

As I mentioned earlier there is some new Spoony Experiment, This being a continued Fallout 3 review AND some more of Phantasmagoria 2, which is High-larious.

ALSO, I have started to play Final Fantasy IX again, last time I played it, I was young so I didn’t really read the stuff and I ended up in a boss fight with only two people one of which was REALLY weak…. I like IX because it is my second favorite Final Fantasy game owned by Sony, the first being VII of course, (DOI!) so far it has taken me about two to three hours to get to the first actual unscripted “Introduction Boss”. This being the Plant brain which on my first attempt raped me in the arse fodder…. I will get some more of that done at the weekend maybe…. One of the main reasons I like Final Fantasy IX is because the system in which abilities are learned is VERY awesome. It works and it does give equipping weaker weapons and stuff a purpose instead of the second you find a new weapon ditching the old one. Also it has Zidane and ViVi who are in my top…. Five Final Fantasy Characters…. (Cloud, Sephiroth, Zidane, ViVi, Vincent).

Speaking of Final Fantasy, I played a bit of Final Fantasy IV which I had stopped because I got to a hard boss battle which was four bosses with 25k hp in the same battle with no break between, all of which had moves which could kill me in one….. But, I beat it, Beat the CPU, stopped the Giant, Found out the HORRIFIC truth about Golbez, got rid of Fuyosha (?) (FINALLY) then went to kill Bahamut… who was surprisingly easy…. In my opinion… Now I just have the final dungeon to do, and to take down the DREADED Zemus… Then I can concentrate on finishing Final Fantasy III (the ACTUAL one (Not the annoying one pricks call III, also known as VI)) and do the final dungeon and defeat Xande… RIGHT after I finish training my characters jobs up… which will take AT LEAST an hour…. if not more…. Then who knows what I will do, play some pokemon…. try and Finish Heroes of Mana….

Due to it being Winter, it is getting dark by about 4:00pm… this means I can no longer read my book in the car!!!! =O!!!!! I can only JUST read it in the morning….. which sucks…..

I got a B in my OTHER English paper (the one about the poems and ‘Of Mice and Men’).

Decorated an Xmas Tree on Sunday….

ALSO, I’m hoping on getting my question called out on the live Marathon of Prince of Persia.

OH! Also, I’ve managed to level to level 73 on Maplestory and at least once on my Bandit and Pirate….. Just to let you know…

Also, I think this has to be the WEIRDEST way someone has found my blog…. they typed this into a Search engine, “i have got my french mock exam tomorrow” and got to my Blog… weird.
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