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Okay, so hey look! A new theme! Nice! Well, you may have read by now just right of here that I need an HTML thing that will pick a random line from a given list of lines as you log onto the page. So each time you check my blog, there’d be a different line. So then if you refreshed the page, you’d get another one, or the same one if you’re unlucky. So get to that ^.^

Well, this is life as it goes. Over the last two weeks I’ve attempted revision… didn’t do a thing for Chemistry apart from read ONE definition which I was lucky enough to find out that it came up in the exam. Then we had exams….

EXAMS ARE FUN! Last week started off with Maths as the first exam. This exam, in my opinion, was actually REALLY easy… The only bit I didn’t get was the last question where it turned out we were meant to treat the thing as a length, which I did not get AT ALL in the last 10 minutes of the exam.

Biology was on the Tuesday, this was easier than I expected. In all the end of unit papers I’ve swung between an A and a U (odd how it isn’t AN U…. just doesn’t sound right, like with A Utopia, instead of an Utopia) This basically means that I’m so uncertain of my grade that I don’t care. The last two questions in the paper were 5 each, which was an easy 8 if not 10, being an entire grade, pretty much. This I had about 5 minutes left.

Physics… the big one. Everyone was nervous with this one. I don’t think there was a single person confident about it. The worst part is, the exam is split into two sections, A and B. There isn’t ANY difference between them really…. well, except A was misleadingly easy to lure the student into a false sense of secruity so they go, “Time to go onto Section B, OH MY FUCKING GAWSH! WTF IS THIS?!” which it seemed a lot of people did… so if I aced section A then I’ve got about 31% with it being 19 marks, that is if the exam was 60 marks. The exam was also only 1 hour long… so a few people didn’t finish. I only finished with about 30 seconds left meaning I had enough time to see if I’d actually filled all the pages and didn’t miss a double page, not that I could do anything about it… I just needed to prepare excuses in advance.

Chemistry, the one that had no revision for… apart from the before mentioned definition. Well, this went REALLY well, however it was the only exam I didn’t answer all the questions in. “WHAT?! You didn’t in a chemistry exam?! WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU?!” I imagine you might think one day…. it is simple, the question (1 mark) was about something which we’d literally mentioned in passing. Not actually made any point to learn (everyone that read the revision guide would’ve known though).

Once exams were over I could FINALLY relax, and my dad would FINALLY stop coming into my room at 1am telling me to sleep (it was 2am for the Friday and Saturday before). This meant I have been happily destroying myself again! Not to mention my mum went on some long work thing (okay, she left Friday and got back sunday) meaning I didn’t eat any dinner Friday and Saturday…. YAY!!

During the last two to three weeks, I have been food poisoned… by my own mother…. hilarious, isn’t it? Yes, yes it is… My mum burned the pasta (no idea how you can burn something submerged in water) and to top it off gave me mouldy cheese…. the rest of the night it felt like someone was stabbing my organs…. and hard….

Because it has been “THE BIG FREEZE!” recently, being the coldest winter in like 30 years or so (yeah, for Scotland…. I’ve been the warmest I’ve ever been in this “big freeze” as far as winters go…) it meant that a fair bit of school was cancelled… it did also mean I could make a snow man…. on Friday the snow actually got to be the correct type. So I started off with just a hand full of snow and ended with THIS:

I have to stress I made this snowman ALL by myself… it’s over 6 feet… whilst making it, I managed to pull muscles in my arms and legs…. and some in my back, so it hurt to move… “how did you manage to get the middle ball that is clearly as tall as your torso and neck onto the large bottom ball?!” I hear you ponder. Simple. I made a ramp…. on the back there was like a 50cm long ramp…. unfortunately, the ramp gradient went from like 2 to about 30 in a second then to an even harder push from there…. that was fun….

Unfortunately it does look shit…. my original plan was to just make a GIANT bottom ball then roll up the world… so I was gonna roll all the snow in my garden then roll it down to the park and do that…. however, by the time I got it to there…. it probably weighed twice my weight…. and was like 1 meter in diameter…. so I struggled. I wanted it to snow so I could try and make another snowman… and make it better, because obviously the second had to be limited because otherwise I’d never get it up…. so the head suffered as well… The worst part is, I woke up and BAM! The head had fallen off…. and the body, seperarly, so his head was crushed by his own body… however the bottom ball only truly went away like yesterday or the day before… which made me happy. And yeah, in that pic I am standing…. fully straight…

What else happened…? OH YEAH! Turns out that **** is Ga- no wait…. I mean I have a bank account! Slowly but surely the things have turned up, now I have it all! YAY! I do now feel much more mature, or just a lot more different now… it currently only has £110 in…. so I still need to put like £400 of the remaining £500 into it that lies about in my room… (for all you crooks out there ~.^) I have also made my first eBay bid… I just need my paypal to be made properly open… which is only not happened because paypal are taking their SWEET ARSE TIME! I really need it soon so I can get ready to pay for my eBay item…. mmm, eBay item!

I’m also thinking of getting a Green Lantern T-shirt then I’ll not buy anything for some time and let it build up a bit and graduate it more.

Also, ever get blood under your finger nail that just WONT GO AWAY?! It sucks….

Not much has really happened… Today is the main thing that I can remember just because it is my 4 frees. I most hung out with Ben today, cause I don’t really do that much anymore. We even talked about going to town together in the future. Period 3 was watching Ben play Modern Warfare 2, and dying… Then I got a go, Not knowing how things would turn out first time I ran about into the gunfire and died… hard… second attempt (that was going to last longer than about 10 seconds) I picked up a gun then set off! I was fucking about on a plane when suddenly a Juggernaut (BITCH!) turned up… I panicked and then lay on the plane in prone and filled it full of lead… I was reloading and James said “What about when it gets up?” I replied with, “It wont be getting up…” I then proceeded to walk around the edge killing things in a skill full way… the most memorable would probably be when I crippled a guy and he started to crawl…. I watched him crawl as he left a trail of blood, I then walked over to him and knifed him…. again and again… I have problems? Yes…

It was all going so well until I got to the next part, I was killing people, then a Juggernaut came the second I dropped down from safety…. I properly panicked and ran to a corner… then died from other guys…. Then Ben and I went to Fram where we talked about stuff… I bought some winegums, some cookies, a drink for Max AND a drink for me. I didn’t get a bag from the guy because he was a penis…. and just watched me struggle out with them. Ben and I made the trip to fram only take 35 minutes… cause we are INSANE!

All through today and yesterday I’ve been going, “Oh let me give you something,” Then reach into my pocket and come back with a finger…. ESPECIALLY today… none stop… I have a problem… not to mention I’m heavily addicted to winegums…. cause I have no more… and no cookies…. actually…. one moments (TOO MANY ELLIPSIS). OMG! I still have some winegums!!! SCOORRRREEEEE! I shouldn’t eat them cause I feel like vomiting…. but I ❤ winegums… more than any of you… well, not some of you…

(Side note: ”


and I may stop pocket middle fingering you”
Didn’t come out right….)

Physics today was also REALLY awesome! We were doing SOMETHING and basically everyone (Max ‘n’ Ben, ‘n’ I) have agreed that Ash Doughty is awesome xP One line that happened today was, Max: (To me) You don’t like him do you? Ash: Well he did shit himself. CLASSIC! (SAD FACE! NO MORE WINEGUMS!)

Recently I’ve been listening to a lot of Electric Six… because their stuff is actually REALLY good. (They did Gay Bar, Danger! High Voltage and Dance Commander), I like Improper Dancing, just cause there is a line that goes, “STOP! … … CONTINUE!” and it’s just hilarious!

Also, one of my new favourite songs is Ok Go (they have a new Album btw) with WTF?

I’ve also been listening to a bit of The Flaming Lips… Really just Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots Part 1, Do You Realise? and The Yeah Yeah Yeah Song.

I also found Guy’s Blog…. and it seems Nico really has strong feelings for him, which is funny… cause I remember he going on at me when Guy started following me on twitter…. oh the hilarity…

That’s all from me.

Got It Memorised?

EDIT: I also scrapped my previous story. Not scrapped… put on hold. I started a new one which I hope wont go stale… I just have to make sure I don’t start thinking of anything new whilst I’m doing it… but with a character named JACK HURRICANE!!!!!!!!!! How could I get bored?

Keep us a promise they wont stop BREAKING us down!

So yeah… uh…

Thursday was an okay day… I guess, it was just all Biology, so my review of Miss Cresdee….


100 minutes of notes and nothing learned… mmm mm MMMMMMMMMm.

Friday started with Physics… the problem seemed to be, that as I wrote stuff down… it seemed to make PERFECT sense, when I got to the homework, I felt like, OH SHIT! WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS?! The conversions this is…. Thankfully I know I’m not alone, even Chloé said she doesn’t really get them, and she’s FUCKING smart!

I got my parents to explain it to me, I did the homework, by sunday I forgot it… lames… Double Chemistry was funny because on Thursday afternoon whilst explaining Ribosomes to me, my brother managed to teach me what I was doing Friday in Chemistry AND Maths… As well as about half the courses… yay… Really the only thing “new” was Dative Covalent Bonding… Chemistry is pretty PISS easy… I could write my chemistry in urine from 12 feet away and still get it right… That is how easy I find it…

Maths we were doing Surds… RIGHT IN THE FACE! So we got “taught” how to get rid of the surd on the bottom… but WAIT, my brother already taught it me… so LOLLOOLOLOL. The free afterwards Eliza and I went through the “SECRET Bush!” into the sixth form garden where Chloé and Rose were and chatted with them until they all went inside and away… then Ben jumped into my hip (or did so before) and it still fucking hurts… Then Ben and Nico gang raped me… and I didn’t enjoy it…

Then it was a matter of loling around the shop… and talking with Bethany Huls till the days of DAWN!

Saturday was very much the same…. but oh wait! I finished Assassin’s Creed. LOL! It was good, I enjoyed it, the ending was  a bit… weird… but oh well… I just have the flags to get… pass… Then I spoke with Bethany Huls some moar!

Sunday once my brother went out I played some Final Fantasy 12 and raped up some 102 guards in a row… aww to the yeah! Then punched a judge in the face and escaped their prison!

Later in the day… OH. EM. gEE! Chloé came on MSN, I was like, “BLIMEY!” and she was like, “Yeah I know!” and then we were like, BIG LONG CONVERSATION! Then she had to go and do stuff… oh well. It was good talking to her on MSN. It’s been YEARS!

Today was Monday. I had a lesson with Mr Tapscott… it seems he stopped going to me for answers… sad face… I’ll have my hand up going in my head, “Pick me! Pick me! I know the answer! I had the answer 5 minutes ago before you gave us time to think of it!” He’ll ask Alfie or something and they could get it SLIGHTLY wrong… ignore me… then I die on the inside…

Then was a free… where I geeked about with Ben and Max… Then Break (SNOOZE!). Chemigy was next! More easy work… I burned that work in teh face!

Lunch! I spoke with Ben and Luke as they ate. Then we went upstairs, I dropped my bag off… Ben “legged” it. Basically, he ran downstairs… Then out the sixth form block. Luke and I waited inside the sixth form block, and then saw that Ben (predictably) had run through the science entrance and ran past us out the other end… where we watched from STILL standing in the same place, him running onto the Garden… So that’s where we headed…

I plopped myself down with Eliza, Chloé, Adam, Andy and Clio. We chatted about stuff. Then Eliza and Clio left because they were cold… So Adam and Andy joined Chloé on the bench. Ben came by and we talked a bit more, Andy left at some point… then I sat between Adam and Chloé on the bench… We then chatted a bit, Ben mentioned something about Classics then we ended up having an odd sort of conversation about the Greek stuff… and giving it an odd sort of view… like Hades not being Evil… just misunderstood…

Soon some guy from STABbroke came over and was apparently covered in coke that had been thrown on him from a passing car… which SERIOUSLY, every time I type that makes me laugh. So we threw comments at him. Then Adam started to talk to him and I talked to Chloé till the end of lunch about films, Brothers and stuff… That was fun! TO THE EXTREME! Chloé asked if I’d seen 30 Days of Night,  I said I hadn’t then she handed me the DVD to borrow… I have yet to watch it, I’ll probably do that tomorrow… or later tonight… Probably! We talked about the Blade films and how Blade Trinity was AWESOME and Ryan Reynolds in it was pretty EPIC. And How Blade II was probably the worst…

Lunch was soon over… shame… well, it was Physics… which I can’t remember anything… again! DID we work? I’m thinking, but I don’t remember actually DOING anything… OH! We just talked about materials and how Bones are made up of Calcium Phosphate and Collagen. THAT better be on the fucking Exam…

Chemigy was next. Here I burned the shop up. Mr Hillier seems… a bit… well, I’m sure he likes me, but every time I asked him if this was right he’d go, “I don’t believe it! You don’t do it properly! You don’t label everything! *tick*” tee hee… I love getting things right AND criticism at the same time!

Well, then, I got home, and BLOODY YES! The Resistance by Muse is FINALLY out… my brother didn’t pre-order it… so I’ll probs buy it the next time I’m in town… instead I’m listening to it on Spotify… and I ruddy LOVE IT. Uprising had a sort of Marilyn Manson Base line to it. Resistance (where the title is from) is AWESOME! It seems to swap between slightly rockier Queen like music… so it will have the backing chorus. To then some awesome guitar riff or Piano Medley… I ❤ Muse… =3

Sleeping way inside all this time.

This will probably be short… I mean, I couldn’t BE any hungrier right now… Where to stat the day that is today?

Maths? Sure… Uh, this was slightly trickier than the other stuff, I just made a phew more mistakes were things weren’t very obvious to me to begin with. Overall… it was the same as most maths lessons… Nathan getting confused… I REALLY hope I get a better grade than him… I also hope I’m not in his Maths group next year (he is only doing AS and not A2).

In English we were doing another practise essay thing… I suffered the same problem of never having enough time… it wasn’t that bad… I think…

Physics was the same old lesson full of confusion and bewilderment (Dear god, I shouldn’t have moved just now… Wedgie!!!!). However, I was hungry at about… 11:30…. so that was rather annoying…

For the first bit of lunch we were meant to be doing some form of rehearsal… this ended up just being them faffing about with music which I don’t think we need but they seem pretty set on it… I mean, putting music in it completely destroys it… Now, the random dancing… doesn’t seem right… and it just makes me actually think of a disco where I would probably be on a wall instead… We ended up getting our picture taken, then I legged it to Ben’s form to put my bag down them went to the Canters to get some lunch with Adam, Robbie and Max well, and Sam Butcher… but he tagged a long, didn’t say anything then just left when he had finished.. (why do they have the weather at 1:10am?)

French meant we had more coursework which I was dictionary translating everything again… I will google translate a lot of it over the half term…

The second English exam meant we got like an extra 5-10 minutes on our essays… We then got the ones we did on Monday back… I naturally got an E, I had no idea WHAT to write AT ALL, but here’s hoping that I get a pass in the one I did Yesterday (being Friday). We then got some cake… and watched the rest of An Inspector Calls.

It is the half term! I haven’t done much or eaten much… so… I dunno… I think I will sleep now…

Well another awesome thing happened to me…. This time, I had a brief chat with the Author of Dueling Analogs(Steven Napierski). This kinda rocked… and it was one of those times when you don’t expect a reply, then you do, then you have no idea what to say so you end up breathing heavily down the phone…. or internets…. This is how the convo went down…. or up:





Steven I just got a pop up ad on Twitter. WTF?





this rocks…



So, how are you


I’m fine thank you. And yourself?


I’m good as well, thanks. Good to hear that a great artist is all good and stuff




So yeah, your Webcomic rocks (as if you haven’t heard that already (by about a million times))


I appreciate that.


so much so, that whenever it is monday/thursday I check your website at least 10 times


Curses… need to go eat my dinner

great talking to you and stuff

and good luck with your webcomic




gotta go inside

it was nice talking to you


So that is really about it… however, this can go with my other Internet Achievements, LIIIIIKE:

  1. Having 3 of my questions read out on live internets in one show (2 by the lovely Kirstin Reily (by name from “Some City”)) HERE
  2. Having 1 of my questions read out and answered on live internets on the Gears of War 2 show. HERE
  3. Having a good chat with Antony Padilla about how he had got his discount wrong. Unfortunately he gets sooo many messages a day… it is hard to find it.

Who knows… Maybe I will get some more of the few years… Maybe Tim Buckely (GASP!)

Anywho, back to real life. Mock exams. Yesterday I had my English Mock, this went well in my opinion, I managed to finish and didn’t leave much out. So, for once, I think this English Exam has gone well… There was also DT. I didn’t finish this and I didn’t stop working ONCE! I managed to nearly do 3 A3 bits of paper for my plan, I still think I am going to have another 2….

Today started with some lovely basketball and in our matches letting the overly competitive people play AROUND us then getting fouled by my own team mate (he kinda hit me in the eye as we both went for the ball). I just liked how no one really stopped to ask if I was okay whilst I stood there barely being able to see clutching my eye which felt like it was on fire… oh well…. We then had a French Mock…. Well, from those that know how good I am at French, this went quite bad…. Mostly because I can’t read french…. I think the listening went good enough….. The reading was just a lot of blind guessing then just NEARLY falling asleep whilst colouring in a page…. I mean, we had 30 minutes… to read not much and just put letters in a box…. on all the pages…. BORING.

After a long and… odd conversation about masturbation and how to do it without being noticed with, Tom, Callum and Sarah Gilson, there was a Science Exam (freaking YEAH!). It was split into 3 bits… Physics, Chemistry and then Biology…. I don’t think I had too many problems with the Physics apart from kinda bull shitting about an answer a lot… just lots of guess work to do with static electricity and dust in a chimney… I had 10 minutes to spare of the 30 minutes… Chemistry was just AWESOME, I know I wont get full marks because I only got about 2 points for the 3 mark questions but I am still going high… This one I had 15 minutes left… woo…. THEN Biology, I think I did fairly well in this one… the main problem is the leaf diagram was really bad… they were pointing to a Stoma and we were told to write the label in from the list of words…. THERE wasn’t “Stoma” as one of the answers, instead we had Epidermis, Guard Cell (WTH?!?!?!), Vein and Mesophyll layer…. The thing is… We haven’t learnt that the actual CELLS are called guard cells and that there are small bits on them which are the Actual Stoma…. Also, The Vein wasn’t obvious, it looked like some kind of blob but it couldn’t be any of the others. ALSO the Mesophyll layer… there are two…. a Spongy one AND a Palisade one… it was pointing to the Palisade Mesophyll layer… but still it threw me off…. I don’t think I came across too many worries with that one…. I still had 10 minutes to spare.. So, if we were given all of those papers as one big paper… I would effectively have One section and a small bit as free time… the papers being 30 minutes long… and Me having 35 minutes of space staring…

OH! Also, I got my brace tightened… Yay, this meant I got pure hatred from my brother and sister who had to wait in the car whilst that was going down… I am now going through the uber sensative stage…. YAY?!

I think I am going to have to revise my french coursework so I can write it up again tomorrow… but of course… there will be a distraction… this is, of course, Black Books!
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