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Posted: 22/04/2009 in General
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Oh HAI! I’m Chris from I’m here from the futur… or maybe the past, or even the present to tell you that Chris is completely flogged with work right now. He knows that he promised a blog… maybe today, but exam bords decided to be a pile of whores and had all the coursework and things come to a close in the same week. I might have a blog on Friday when Chris is resting. Right now he should be doing some art but instead he is suffering a large amount of pain with EVERY piece of movement.
Please send him loving words of love and hope… he will read them and maybe even use them in a comic… at some point


So yeah, I am in a whole lot of pain… I keep getting stabs of pain which are like some fat person running up to me and jumping on my toe repeatedly…. The story is:

today after school I went to the doctors to have my minor op….
This started off with like four injections of local anisthetic which didn’t really hurt as much as he said (the needle going in) I had felt worse from self inflicted stuff…. then when my toe was kinda numb (I said it was, but it wasn’t entirely) he started to cut down…. A lot of blood started to come out and it was going everywhere…. after a lot of tugging…. the piece of toenail came out…. it was FREAKING HUGE!!!! I mean, it was like 1cm DEEP into my toe….. I didn’t have my glasses on… but a chunk I had managed to hack out before was that deep…. I can’t see how much of my actual toe has been taken off… because after putting some stuff on my toe (which was meant to sting (pfft, it didn’t)) to stop it growing again, they bandaged it up…. and I mean a whole lot…. I can barely fit it into my shoe…. once the anisthetic wore off I wasn’t feeling much pain…. (this was like, after I had talked with an old man whilst my dad got the car for me because I didn’t want to have to limp a long way) I put it up as I was told… the only pain I could feel was the bits where I was injected…. But when I went to go get dinner… by gum did it hurt…. I know get sudden spikes of pain and it is pretty painful….
Also, when I was being injected… it was really weird because to start with, I could actually feel the liquid being pushed into my body for a small bit until it lost feeling…
Now…. I have to go to school like this… and I am in a world of pain… not taking painkillers… I might as well get the whole experience… also… I can’t swallow them…

I didn’t get to keep the shard of toenail… I would’ve probably stood on it and impaled my foot…. I do want to see what my toe looks like REALLY badly, but I guess I will just have to wear my glasses tomorrow when it is getting redressed with a smaller bandage….

This really sucks… I can see people standing on my toe… my constant limpining making me look gay… I mean, if it were charity day… I could pretend to be a rather clean cut zombie… but now… I’ll just look dumb and people will cause bleeding and a lot of pain to me for no reason…. Then the uncaring community (everyone) will have no sympathy… and Ben wont eve be able to hug me (which is a good thing, I can just see him doing it) due to his Lent thing..

Uh… Lent… ate four pancakes the day before it started…. didn’t give up anything… I could say I’m giving up medicine for lent…. like antibiotics and painkillers….  for like teenage kicks…. (pun?) right through the night!!!!!!!

Today, for dinner… we got to have some lovely pork…. but as my mum will always cook it…. it turns to lovely cardboard that is so dry that none of it can be swallowed….. EVER!!!! Then we got some cheesecake from Tesco… it holds nothing to the cheese cakes my dad can make… but it was VERY thick… like a lump of Bre on top of some biscuit… it was, “New York Style” but I think all Cheese cakes in America are like that… or just Florida and New York…..

I finished watching Bleach season 1 again… it was sexy and I just got a twinge of pain again…. I’ve had like 5 after copy and pasting that story….. I also finished my last piece of french coursework… we had two teachers for one maths lesson… I was right Mr Small was wrong… it was 29 not 30…. due to 29 x 7 = 203 and plus or minus 1 (i forgot how the question went) would still be over 200…. and we were meant to find the smallest number that would be over 200…. we were doing sequences…. GAH!!!!! PAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *Bites lip hard*

I nearly pissed myself in French… We had Mr Small covering… AGAIN, and there was also the assistant… seeing as I suck at French, she was there to help me, Chris, James and Nathan (too much pain for grammar). Seeing as whenever she came over I was talking to Simon, I would turn around to see she was suddenly there…. jump and drop my pen…. this happened at least… 4 times….

I found this which was actually REALLY funny… even if you don’t know much about comics.. the best is the ending….

ending quote….:

“You may be a giant robot of doom and destruction but..I AM A MAAAAUUUUNN!!! *punch* ow son of a ***** that hurt!”

PAIN! Can’t get enough, cause I’d rather feel pain than nothing at all!

Well, Emo or what? However, there is good reason for this one.

Where to start? I’ll go with this week. So far, I have spent all the time that I haven’t spent sleeping (four hours a day), eating OR being forced out of the house because I’m ill… I have spent sitting in front of my computer either playing Maplestory (sorry about that), watching Bleach (one episode) or playing Final Fantasy IX (on the PS1). This week I have gone up like 2 Levels on Maplestory. End. Bleach was awesome. Final Fantasy IX is pretty awesome. Shame about my PS1 having a dodgy laser so a few FMVs don’t work…  It is hawt as balls!

The reason I have been forced out my house because I’m so un-healthy is because of my toe… We went to the Doctors AGAIN was about my toe that is messed up in the arse. The last time I went was in September which I was given antibiotics and told to deal with it. This time… they decided I may have a problem… Gave me more antibiotics (which I haven’t consumed for the sake of I can’t swallow them and they taste like death…) but also an appointment next Thursday in which I get a “Minor Operation” in which he is going to cut off the bit of toenail that goes into my toe by like 7mm which is pretty deep and unpleasant (I know because I cut a chunk out with some Scissors (thought I might have tetanus) and it turned out to be VERY deep and pale… in all 1cm and it wasn’t a big chunk of visible). All I could think was, “At ruddey last!!!” I have been waiting for a long time for it to either fall off, burst out the side of my foot… or something along those lines… Either way, fun fun fun.

Another reason was that I had to go to the Orthodontist. This meant I got the unpleasant tighter wire… but this time I also got bits on my front teeth.. so I can’t bite anything… when I did to a sandwich I was curled in a ball due to the pain. Also, last time my brace got tightened it broke like 3 days after… I didn’t say anything until today… the problem is… that metal wring is REALLY quite painful. My tongue is being stabbed all the time… I thought I was going to lose my brace after today… but now… All I can think is that currently my lower teeth are being turned about, then after another trip they will be pushed down… then maybe again… that is 18 weeks… Then they might come off! But then I get a retainer for ages… probably another 6 weeks…but thankfully, it only takes like 1 week or 2 weeks for the pain to go away… The weird thing is… the new metal bits… have orange dots on… so, I have black bands with an orange dot… looks odd…

I’m gonna be forced out the house again tomorrow because we are going to Ipswich and I can get a new bag (my current one has like 2 holes on the outside (one being big enough for my arm to fit through) then about anther 5 on the inside… enough for me to go from the big pocket, out the side then into the smaller pocket, then through the smaller pocket back into the bigger pocket… I’m also going to be getting some new Converse! I might even buy Chrono Trigger DS depending on the price… I might also, (when I get home) depending on how my spending has gone, get my mum to buy the Bleach Series 1 Box Set!

The Friday I have the dentist to go to… but before is some badminton (Funking, ducking, mother dunking YEAH!). So this week I have had THREE trips to some form of medical person… I also heard that my dentist decided to move away… so I have a new one… yay…

This week, Yesterday or today, I got some more story written! Chapter 3 is now 918 (ish) words! I hope I get bored enough to finish it before the end of half-term… I have also just realised that I have art Coursework to do… and probably some kind of revision to do…eh…

Another meaning to the pain side of this blog would be the latest picture I coloured in… The problem was that the line drawing (I saved it as a PNG) was freaking giant… it was like 2.2MB So if I made one wrong click… I had to wait like 5-20 minutes… Then when I was scaling it down to background size… each click was like a 30 minute wait… What is worse… is that I forgot to sign it –.-

Here it is as a background Size 1280 x 800

And here is the original somehow made smaller than the original 7xxx x 6xxx or something like that.


I hope to blog more often… but gaming is an addictive curse with lures of false achievement. So yeah, here is me… signing out… See you next time!

Also, this is the first time I have used “Windows Live Writer” to write to my blog… I don’t see the point, however, it is a much friendlier interface…

˙ʇı ʎq pǝpunoɟqɯnp ʎlǝʇǝldɯoɔ ǝɹɐ ǝldoǝd ǝsnɐɔǝq unɟ sʎɐʍlɐ sı ɥɔıɥʍ ¡sıɥʇ op oslɐ uɐɔ ı

Over the half term, (which was last week) I got so bored that I ended up tidying my room… This was instead of doing my homework…. It took me most of the day. There were several times in which I ended emptying the vacuum cleaner onto my foot and times where I ended up sucking up about ten pens…. But after a lot of pain and sneezing with more sneezing due to dusty hands…. It is now clean!

This is the corner underneath my art desk

This is the corner underneath my art desk

That is pretty bad. Then there is my desk:

There are LOADS more tissues on that desk....

There are LOADS more tissues on that desk....

This is the other corner of my room that isn’t a door…. yes I have 3 desks

This is more of a crap storage desk...

This is more of a crap storage desk... This one doesn't get cleaned...

This is the bed that is underneath my bed… yes there is a mattres there SOMEWHERE!

This is also behind my desk... but I swear there is something there

This is also behind my desk... but I swear there is something there

And Finally The small bit that is between the bed under my bed and the wall…. This is also near my desk and in front of my TV.



As you can see I had a bit of a challenge on my hands…. After HOURS of cleaning, here we have it my clean room:

This is the cleaner bit under my Art desk... I shoved all my old books under it....

This is the cleaner bit under my Art desk... I shoved all my old books under it....

The Clean under my bed be which is now my bed (the one I fell out of)

Where is Mario when you need him?

Where is Mario when you need him?

This is the bit next to the above.

Ta DA! Just Phone and DS chargers now!

Ta DA! Just Phone and DS chargers now!

My clean new desk

Mmmm, Chocolate Milkshake!

Mmmm, Chocolate Milkshake!

And Finally the amount of bags I used…

There are 4, 1 Big bin Liner, 3 smaller bags.... all full

There are 4, 1 Big bin Liner, 3 smaller bags.... all full

The reason it is sooo dark is because these were taken at night (the clean ones) and they all have a slight greenish tinge because my energy efficient light (another reason it is dark) has a green lampshade thing…

So there is the pain I went through.

Oh I also found a piece of 12 month old bread….