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Well, I am currently on some kind of sugar high. I’ve eaten about 72 blue smarties…. and I’m cold and my knee hurts…. ANYWHO! Moving on…. Before I crash and smash my face on my keyboard and THIS happens to me!

Well, had the rest of my mocks…. they sucked…. specially my second English…. and stuff…. I got the results back for my Physics… I got an A (shocking) and my guess on Anti-static sprays got me the mark I was hoping for! French dumb paper…. I got 2 Ds… one was a high D (1 mark of a C (being the highest mark)) but Ds none the less… heehehehe… I got Double Ds… and no support what-so-ever. English…. looked like I had 89%…. which was an uber high A, I worked it out, I actually had 57 not 67…. silly Mrs Peers…. which brought me down to a high B after I told her and went through the explanation of WHY it was a B and not an A…. What was fun, was when we went round the class and asked two questions… one was, “What do you want for christmas?” I said, “Some Friends.” Which I found the reaction High-larious! Others (like Nathan Jest) said, “I already know what i’m getting, I found the presents.”. The second question was, “Who are you taking to Prom?” Most people said, “Friends.” a few said, “Myself.” or “Not sure.” I said, “My shadow.” and there was once another uproar….. oh the fun….

Onto other business… Maplestory has decided to have 12 hour Times 2 experience sessions on Thrusday, Friday, Saturday AND Sunday…. the problem is that Nexon (owners of Maple) hate Europe and anyone NOT American living on the west coast…. so for them it starts at 9:00am and ends 9:00pm (duh) but for me, 5:00pm and ends 5:00am. This explains why I am up this late on a Friday evening…. Yesterday I leveled… and again today… but the maps I train on if I go in the wrong bit I pretty much die instantly… yay….. so I will level up two more times!!!!!!! woop!

That is all that I can really think of at this moment… I think I might get some sleep before the next day…..

Oh another thing is…. I haven’t had a single view today…. when I checked a few minutes ago… oh… it’s Saturday…. my mistake…..
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