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Now that that is out of the way

I believe my last post, although it was on a tuesday, was on Monday….

So Tuesday was interesting… not much went on in the morning… then in registartion… OH LOOK! Mr Halls wasn’t here… again… so we were given a sheet of work. In the common room I talked to Chloé and was then joined by Adam. Once the bell went for lesson 1 we headed to the Library to make a start on the work. So it started off with Note taking and a rough understanding of how the image correction stuff exactly worked… then the questions… when I got to these all I could think was, “I’ve done this before!!!” and that was because when we got the first homework, the work that everyone found hard, I started these questions… then realised it was the wrong stuff… so yeah. I got through quite a few quickly and then helped Chloé and even Adam at points.

Break went then Adam and I headed to the common room to talk. Then period 3 we were on the computers to do the computer work… well, really “do” I mean do half of it then realise this has no learning, just allows us to see it in action… woo… Lunch was afoot and I believe I hanged out with the doods… aka Max and Luke. We talked about stuff and Spongebob being worse than Fairly Odd Parents.

Lesson 5 and 6 was sitting in the common room with tensions REALLY high and flies EVERYWHERE!

Wednesday it turned out I hadn’t done some maths work that I didn’t even know existed… then Break was bluh… Bio with Wheeler saw me a nice 16/23 (70% in some test we had done where the only marks lost were the ones I BS’d in… then lunch I “had lunch” with Simon and Oli… so I sat there and had a drink they ate biscuits… then I think I talked to Luke and Max again. or something. Then the last lessons GENERAL STUDIES! This was fun… well, we did our presentation… after Chris Adlem’s and Melissa’s who got like 2 lots of 9 and 10 and 2 lots of 8 and 7 (from Luke and I and another group). Luke did most the talking, but he wrote most of it… I was there for my good looks… or as Luke would say it, Scarecrow looks… (speaking of which, apparently some girl I’ve never met or spoken to but Adam seems to know says I’m scary… hooray for judging a book by it’s cover…) we got 10 for everything… except one… Melissa gave us a 10 and a 9… she was just bitter…. and said I needed to speak more, and that was all she put… how bitter she is…

Then at the end of Maths I bought a shiny new CALCULATORRRRR. Then it was HOOOOOOOOOOOOOME!

I must say I woke up on Wednesday thinking, “Sweet, the weekend… wait a minute…. It’s FUCKING WEDNESDAY!!!!!! NOOOOOOOOO!”

So Thursday felt like Friday…. for some reason my weeks are weird.

This was a day where I only had one lesson because the last two days were filled with Graphic pictures… this one lesson we had a test which I believe BSing failed… a lot… but then I put that Protease is produced in the stomach, that’s wrong apparently… then later it says in a table, “Organ made: Stomach, Enzyme: _____ Substance: Protein, Product: ____” which for those of you that don’t know… Protease is the enzyme for Protein…. that’s just my thoughts and realisation though…

So, I believe at some point Luke said…. “MAGICAL EEEEEELVES!!!!!!” Which is now spelt with 6 Es at the start… you had to be there really… Lunch was about, I spoke to Chloé a bit (I had also spoken to her in the morning about things) then she went to go find Adam and people. I sat back down and Nico was trying to get into a Cheese Sammich… instead of opening it like a normal boy, he ripped it open sending cheese everywhere… I saw this a good time to leave… The sun was shining so I spoke to Chloé and Adam on the Garden, we were later joined by Nico and Tom. Tom arranged a meeting place for us all then the bell went… whilst in Registration Tom poked his head around the door… when I was out, he was gone… and outside Fletch’s form… this small group soon grew into a band of merry men (with Nico next to me suddenly). So we watched the horrifying videos… one of which there was a boy playing in a garden. I jokingly thought, “A car is gonna crash through and mow him down.” (Shit, moth!) then it cut to a boy playing football… I thought this was the young boy older… the guy was drinking, then driving, slipped on the road… spun through a fence… the small boy was there… the car steam rolled the small boy…. I was like, “whut…?” But yeah… it is a good thing I didn’t plan on driving until after Uni…

Wait… that was thursday… okay… I then talked to Bethany Huls until some time…

Friday was the do nothing day… I also thought that day was Saturday. I spoke to Bethany all day until about 3:45 where I then trawled the internet and slept till 6:45am… then saturday I played a bit more of FF12 and got a monster killing combo of about 150….

Then I did nothing… I ended up watching Blade 2 in my bed…. I fell asleep around 11:30 and then woke up at 1:41 am and checked the internet a bit… then slept… alas, i woke up at my normal time then thought, “bed looks comfy…” and fell asleep until 9am…

Then today, I… talked to Bethany Huls a bit after lunch and did some work… oh also, Thursday I forgot to hand my work in that was a day late… I realised it wasn’t in my bag as I walked past the Staff room and thought, “OH SHIT!”… ah well.

Saturday guess what turned up… the sexiest thing EVER! Scud the Disposable assassin turned up! It’s friggin GIANT. Plus, it is awesome! There is this awesome bit where this guy went out on a balcony and said, “could it be falling any heavier?” then got crushed by a Zombie t-rex… that had a camera on it’s face… then when this happened they tried to get this guy out of a building through the elevator… the elevator came up and went “Ding” they were confused the doors opened… then two Zombie raptors (with Cameras on their heads) burst out…. plus there is a guy with “intel inside” on his forehead and the Atari logo on his belly… it is sooo awesome… I mean… Scud went a bit CRAZY… got some barbed wire… wrapped it around his head and said, “I’m Jesus Christ with a laser gun, and you’re all going to hell.” ALSO he had a Mini gun… with 4 things to it… so he was holding it and said, “I’m programmed to only retaliate when threatened” A tin can hit his head and he killed like… nearly everyone… plus in this world everyone is some kind of genetic freak show… so yeah… buy it! it is AWESOMENESS!!!

Also… check out this and this!

Well… I fell behind on my posting, possibly because I’ve gotten like 14 views in like the past 3 days and not a single view. However, I shall try and remember some stuff.
First off, today was Remembrance Day. We got our 2 minutes of silence in PE after a good ol’ game of B-Ball in which I had NO idea what I was doing… The rest of the day was pretty sub par…. Joints in Biology and learning that my clicking all my bones *does just that* is two things:
1) Perfectly good
2) Very bad
RS meant that we got our “punishment” which was… wait for it, it is worse than torture… GROUP WORK! We even got to choose our groups… How DARE she? In our groups, we got to make some form of poster like thing which talked about war… The one that I mostly did and Nick helped with (Albert was just the craftsman) had “PEACE” on the left in green with “GOOD” in blue under it and on the other side we had “WAR” in yellow and “BAD” in orange. Between the “PEACE” and “GOOD” we had an orange square saying “is” and same for the opposite…. I then made some kind of square quickly, and scribbled something about how war can be caused by many things as can peace, then decorated it then slammed it down. Along the bottom on another piece of orange was, “We cannot have PEACE without there being WAR” and then that was about all of it…. I got most of this done…. John Ridd just sat there.

Monday… not much happened as far as I can remember, stuff happened in DT and then there is still TOO much work to do for like Thursday AND Wednesday… got like one bit of art done….

SUNDAY! Instead of doing any work, I ended up colouring in another picture of mine. Which you can find on the last link that I posted it in the other one. Not only that I have FINALLY played Gears of War 2! It was FREAKING AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!! My brother and I started out on Horde mode and then we got to like wave 7 (which was hard with only two of us…). I think it would be MUCH easier if we had like 3 people…. so if one end (we found a bit with a door on one side and an opening on the other) got too crowded then the spare could go and help…. It works out in my head…. We then played a bit of story and just met up with some CRAZY cow-dude. He is very Texan…. and calls his big Vechile “Betty” Or something… then it was 10:30pm…. so we stopped…

So yeah, really hungry right now… and after dinner (which is soon) I will get some art done (a bit more) then try and get some DT…. THEN if I am lucky, I will be able to get my Drama (well some of it) done…. Wednesday will be me, trying to get all my Drama and final bit of Art (depending on how much I got done). I might do it….


Today being Sunday and the last day of Half-Term, I decided to make sure I didn’t do too much gaming… such as Maplestory and Tales of Symphonia. This was because I was meant to get some homework done. Unfortunately, I got side tracked so now I have a lot art to do…. Homework is REALLY far down on my list of stuff to do:

1) Gaming

2) Checking for updates on my RSS feeds and the like

3) Socialising

4) Homework

So you can see the problem I am in with this whole homework thing. However, I MIGHT be able to get one drawing done this afternoon…. *looks out the window* okay, later this evening…. I might also be able to finish another one by guessing how the tones work by getting one quick glance at what I’m drawing then running up the stairs and procrast- draw it.

Ben is probably thinking I stole his idea with this but to him I say, “Boo Hoo! I want to be able to say Gentiles!”. For those of you that don’t know (so no one) I had by previous blog on Gamespot where you couldn’t really say things like gentiles or even class! So I went with this…. the RSS feed also works….

Across the week I have: Gotten my Crossbowman to level 70 (at last!) on Maplestory. It only took my under four years, when some can do it in like one month maybe two…. I’ve watched CRAP loads of anime. Mostly consisting of Bleach English Dubs and now i’m on a weekly thing with that, One Piece Funimation English Dub…. I need to wait for the next bunch come out (if ever), Devil May Cry : The animated Series. This kinda ROCKS! It has a cool start up tune which I downloaded…. and it is cool because it has Dante in it being cool and funny… he likes Strawberry Sundays…. I have SEARCHED and SEARCHED for English dubs of Elemental Gelade but I can’t find ANY i just come to websites which say they have it then it turns out they are Veoh Videos and those have all been removed…. grrrr….. Oh i’ve also been listening to a lot of Lemon Demon…. I still need that new album…. I also started writing a bit more of Chapter Two….

Oh, Ben, I’m still waiting for that Chapter one work…. HINT HINT…. and that picture….