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Well, sucks to be you if you are wondering what on earth I’m on about. You’ll have to wait.

Okay, so, Wednesday we went to Norwich to do some shopping. I prefer Norwich to Ipswich, just because it is cleaner and it all seems so much nicer. However I have no idea where to go. Most the shops are in a big mall like thing, it is all the other shops that are scattered about because they are so giant (for GIANT doctors). I just got another snappy shirt cause I needed another one. We ate at pizza hut and actually had stuff that didn’t cost like £1, we all had some chocolate milkshakes that were awesome. Really, that was it for me, it was actually REALLY hot, which sucked largely. BUT. I did get a new phone! Where I have given the background as Deadpool with a chainsaw. Well, I have remembered my number in one day which is odd, my old phone I didn’t know it after 5 years.

Thursday we went to a much less happy place, well, more of a hell hole. Ipswich. Well, my mother and sister went to go shopping for school shoes, so my brother and I went to geek it up. I got Ghost Rider on DVD for like £2 and then we went to Central City Comics to browse the comics there. This is where my title comes in, I like the character Deadpool. So, I bought issue 2 of Deadpool: The Merc with a Mouth and then got a subscription for it, so I know get to go into town once a month to pick it up. I need to buy back in that series (only 1) and in the Dark Reign: Deadpool series which I have issue 12 of… so yeah, geeked it up OLD SCCHOOOOLL. Afterwards we soon met up and ate at… Burger King, I only got through half the meal and felt REALLY ill, stupid Grease block that forms…. it was awful. My mother and sister then went to do… Girly things…. so my brother and I aimlessly wandered around until we were to meet up. I then got to walk about aimlessly a bit whilst my brother and sister got their hair cuts, but I settled for reading my comic and playing snake on my phone.

FIRDAY. We went to Aulberugh (?) for some fish and chips. Alas, it is now late summer so there are wasps FUCKING EVERYWHERE. I most of what I had, but my drink, a can of cloudy lemonade, had to be sacrificed… I got a wasp on my lip as well… creepy. After skimming stones and burying my sister fully in stones (if I could upload pictures from my phone I would, but I don’t have the right cable) we then went to get some ice-cream from a different place, but owned by the same people as the Fish and Chips. I had Mango and Blackcurrant Sorbet… which was fucking insanely tasty. Then getting attacked by more wasps, we went home.

Well, now that I think about it…. I did Friday on Thursday and Thursday on friday, so just swap them round and you have it.

After Ipswich (on the friday) we went to tesco, so my brother, sister and I just all stayed in the car listening to loud music and playing games and reading comics… well, that’s what my brother and I did, but we were sitting in the cool seats (the passenger and driving).

My grandparents also turned up on Friday, yay. I was pretty much the only one to talk to them when they came here… but even that wasn’t for long. Basically, I spoke to them, they gave me my present, my mum told me to take something away, then I avoided them the rest of the weekend. “What did they give you?” I hear you ask? Well, simple, I got… FUCKING CHRONO TRIGGER ON THE FUCKING DS!!!!! SUCK ON THAT BEN!!!!!!!! YEAH!!!!!!!!!!

Over the weekend I finished Jak 3 (just another game to add to the growing list) and then I think I half heartedly played maple… it’s lost its shine.

All this week I was expecting to do something, but that didn’t quite work out. So instead I finished Final Fantasy 7 for the 3rd time at level 70 and 60 hours. In short, I started playing Sunday again (basically the start of Disc 3 (last disc that only has the final dungeon and extras on)) where I spent the entire time racing around the world chasing after Ultimate Weapon waiting for it to stop so I could beat it up some more. Then trying to breed Chocobos. On the monday it turned out the guide was unclear and the chocobo I was trying to breed was bad not good… so I had to start again, I then spent an entire day just breeding chocobos and racing them. Thankfully the W-item glitch helped because it means I can easily duplicate use items in battle, which I needed to do because the greens needed costed 5k each, and I think I used…630… so yeah. Really, Green Chocobo, Black Chocobo and Gold Chocobo (which I didn’t use for racing, yet) are the best for racing, cause they don’t slow down in space. Wonderful Blonde Chocobo is good as well. I then spent about a day training my people up and getting Omnislash (the awesome final Limit Break for Cloud) then I think wednesday morning I burned through the last dungeon killed one boss with no Knights of the Round, then the next without it then 1hko the final one with Knights of the Round, a bit over powered. Then I got the final final boss. In all… I FUCKING LOVE Final fantasy 7, and Sephiroth… Which is why I played it 3 times, watched Advent Children twice, watched Final Fantasy Last Order once and fucking loved it, played Kingdom Hearts 1 and 2 and loved the Cloud and Sephiroth bits and…. I just need a PSP so I can play Crisis Core… but hey, it’s an awesome game. See my twitter for the whole ordeal.

Because I finished 7 and I didn’t feel like getting to 99 and beating up Emerald and Ruby weapon then finishing it again in the same week, I continued my second play through of nine. I’d gotten to where I got to on my first attempt at a second play through where everyone was unleveled and sucky. I then got to the really hard confusing plot bit, which was a bit… woah, but I get it, I still like nine, cause I like Zidane and VIVI and I think Kuja is a pretty cool villain, apart from his look. I’m now on Disc 4 and after leveling on Grand Dragons for a bit, I know just need to do the final dungeon and add nine to the games I finished over summer. Then I’ll probably start 8… *shudders at the thought*

I also started playing Final Fantasy 12 because I hadn’t played it before and I ran out of games to play (plus Disgaea 2 requires more time to do much.). Personally, I don’t like it. The combat system is horrible. If you’ve ever played like WoW or really any 3D MMORPG, then it is like that, where you just select attack on the monster and just sit there as they trade shots for some time till one is dead. It isn’t turn based, so you just walk about and when you see a monster (no more random encounters 😦 ) you hit x then attack then the monster… you can tell your person to do other stuff, really your person is the one you have the most control over, cause you can move. The other people of the party attack on their own, with this “gambit” stuff. So you can set up a load of gambits on one person, so when allies are below 50% hp, the AI will use cure on that ally, it then attacks monsters closest… and that is really all you can do. You can set gambits in order of importance, so you have your cure one at the top, then attack. Because I guess you could have a black magic one above the attack, but at the rate you end up burning through MP, that would be a serious burn… I guess I am limited to like: Ally HP < x%, Ally MP < x%, Ally: )NAME HERE(, monster closest, monster HP equal to or greater than x%. I hope I soon get like, Weak to ____ element. Then I guess there would be a better use. Oh, and each Final Fantasy game has to have a new way of learning abilities. This one has licences. So as you kill stuff you get licence points which you can then spend on slots on this board that will have an ability or like HP + 50 or something, then the surrounding abilities are available. This is pretty good. However, you also have to do this for equips… so you all start with like leather armour 1 and a weapon, to then equip higher weapons you need to put licence points in there… and the problem is, the board is EXACTLY the same for EVERYONE. There is no difference between characters, you have to do that yourself, but everyone becomes a mage of sorts because everyone needs cure or you all die and the “Technicks” suck monkey droppings. That is another thing. They made this game seem racist. You start off in a desert area, and there is one guy who sits in a room, smoking a drug from some kind of bong whilst stroking a pink rabbit with a really thick stereotype middle east accent. At one point he says, “All the magicks in the rock is gone” I think it wouldn’t be so bad if they didn’t instantly have it sound like stereotypical bad grammar… Also, you basically have two forces (It’s star wars btw) you have the Empire, who are all American and evil. Then you have various rebel groups, and currently, most the people I’ve come across that are or will be in my party, have shitty british accents… Oh also, with the Technicks and Magicks, once you get the Licence for it, you then have to buy it from a shop. All the basic ones are fine, but the ones that are good (Technicks anyway) are expensive when they are available. The only way to make money is either by the bounty things which eventually become impossible for the strength you are at when you get them, or by selling monster drops. Yeah, monsters no longer drop money, instead about 50% – 75% of the time they will drop an item, “Loot”, which you then sell in the NPC shops. From there that bit alone, it just makes me feel like I’m playing an MMORPG. With the combat system bosses are hard… I recently fought a “Queen Mimic” where I, being able to move, stood under it (it was a giant robo-spider) and just wailed on it’s dangly Vagina (it lay new baby mimics from it) whilst everyone else got caught up on the legs and got completely raped. With the bosses, they are really easy, mostly, until you get them to 50% of their hp where they then use their big moves that stop you attacking as a small scene is shown, where you come back to see everyone on red hp or dead. It makes me wonder how it will work when you have, like, people bosses where they are completely surrounded by people wailing on them but still able to slace them in the face… Also, the weapons are stupid. You get the normal stuff, Spears, Maces & Axes, Swords, guns, bows, daggers. They also have, Measures (wtf?) which from the small pic, I think are just like engineer rulers… and Hand bombs… which I’m still wondering about now… but you don’t know who is to have what, so you just stick them with what they had when they joined, meaning you have about 4 people all using 1 handed swords and a shield then you just swap between light and heavy armour depending on what is near you. That is another thing with the licences, you find yourself only putting the points in when there is a shop nearby for you to see if you can buy anything to make it worthwhile. I’m sure it will get better. OH! The graphics of the FMVs are REALLY nice, like droolingly good. However, Vaan (pronounced Von (Like Yvonne)) outside of the FMVs looks FILTHY, his face around the cheeks and brow are just a dirty brown, then his six pack looks like they just got dirt and smeared it over them and then cleaned in between them… Fran looks like a rabbit whore cause you can see her underwear and the thing she wears is like an armour thong. Baltheir is cool but he has a crazy british accent but kinda sucks with his guns (and soon to be hand bombs till I can get it to the next guns bit). Oh, the bounty system is okay, I enjoy this kind of side quest. There are loads apparently, however, you pick them up at bars via the board or you clan leader (Montblanc (omg, just like in Tactics Advanced (it’s the same FF world, I believe)). However, you pick them up, then you have to hunt down the person that put it up, talk to them, they should then tell you where the monster is, but normally they will say, “I saw it south of the village somewhere on the bank” meaning you need to go to South Bank, but some of the maps are large and take a while to scan over, they are so vague. Then once you find it, you trade shots with it, its shots being stronger, then when it is dead you go back to the person to get your reward then BACK to the message board to pick up the next one. There is this one that I can do now that the monster is a bitch. My people have like 400hp – 500hp. This thing hits for like 200 -250 damage and at the start casts DOOM on everyone, and it has a 10 second timer… oh good. You have to hope that Doom keeps missing on one person so it just keeps trying as you slowly beat it to death. MOOGLES. The moogles and Chocobos in the game… well, I’d say in 10 and 10-2 they kinda ruined the Chocobos a lot. In 12 they do have a better image, one that looks like a more realistic version to the old school version. The moogles though. WTF! Moogles should stay the small white bears with a bobbly thing on its head. NOT a small furry child thing (that looks like a smaller Thing 1/Thing 2 from Doctor Zues without the blue hair) in a snappy waist coat and it’s bobbly thingy should be more bobbly and less fury! *sigh* I think that is it. Unless something pops to mind that invokes more rage-ahol. (this blog has taken me about an hour so far and it’s 2.5k words) A good thing with FF 12 is that the environments are busy. In most games it could be a big city, but you could only find about 10 people. This time, there are more people to talk to, but they also put a load of people who are just there. This gives a nice feeling of a busy city.

Hmmm, I think I had more to write… I know I have more…. but what was it… hmm… in the week to come I might be doing stuff, being from wednesday – Friday. What, I’m not sure… but something…

Spotify is very odd with its adverts. I keep on getting adverts for safe sex…

Yesterday I got my Explore 16+ card. My question is. WHEN THE FUCK WERE THOSE PICTURES TAKEN!? I mean really? They must’ve been in year 10, but I have no idea when they were done. I don’t remember it, I just have a picture of 14 year old me…

Today I’ve been really tired but I only went to bed at 2am and woke up at 6:45 cause I was talking to Max about ways about stuff. Then the day before was a sort of sleepless blur. Great, my music stopped…. Well, Spotify just crashed…. hmmm…

Oh, my brother finally got Assassin’s Creed back from his friend so I can now play that, so I look forward to jumping about stabbing people right in the face…. That’ll teach them. OH!!!! I just remembered something about FF12. It was a good thing!

Well, I’ll probably write another blog on the 27th unless something more interesting happens… OH MY FUCKING NONE EXSISTANT GOD! Look what I’m gonna be getting soon: Sexy

Lol, whilst getting that link, eBay said “Pokemon Cards” but the image was for Yu-Gi-Oh Cards… what nubs.

Oh, Ghost Rider…. meh really, it wasn’t great. But it wasn’t too bad. There was a plot twist that, wasn’t much of a twist and Nicholas Cage changed in age drastically from lying down to standing up. The female main was meant to be the same age… yeah… good luck with that.

There was no new Bleach Chapter today… WHAT A FUCKING JOKE! But at least the dubs are out of the mini filler and onto the story again. Luppi and people have gone back to Las Noches. Luppis’ voice wasn’t nearly as bad as I was expecting… on the other hand… Wonderweisse, fucking annoying voice. He doesn’t speak much, but just the voice… URGH!

Um, this was a very long blog post. Mostly the FF12 rant, I seemed to hate it more than I thought I had… I’m sure I’ll enjoy it soon enough. I am still in FF7 o = accept and x = back mode at times. Well, if you read it all, good job sir/Ma’am.

Seems I need…. 4 words to make it 3k on the dot…

There it’s zero now.


Is this my first long blog in like what? 2 weeks? oopsies…. Well I could write a long list of lame arse excuses…. So I will:

  • I had exams. Yes, I had two exams, but that is hardly an excuse mostly because I did no revision for them.
  • Maplestory. Yeah, Maplestory released something new…. that rocks so I am leveling a lot… which only happens like… once in every 4 years… the last time this happened… was when I first joined the game…..
  • I was too lazy. Whenever I did get round to just internet browsing, I would think about writing a new blog post, but I would always think that there would be too much to write… Ironically, the more I put it off, the more I have to write about. Yet I can still miss out about all of it and just cram it all down.

I shall start with, my exams. Yes, I had two exams (as about… two thirds of my readers know (the other third being Kevin or Sean)), these were science exams. Overall I could give it some thumbs up, but I still have that slight bit of doubt in my head that comes from overall doing 1 hour of revision for the two of them. There isn’t really more to say about them….

Where next? I’m not ACTUALLY sure…. Spluh, gaming…. Okay, Maplestory… supermega woo and blah blah blah. Moving on, Disgaea 2…. is still super awesome and I still slightly wet myself at the opening sequence… It will be another week until I can get another go on it…. But… I can wait…. Maybe I should just melt down the CD and inject it straight into my veins…. I hope we get Disgaea on DS…. Like Japan have… Mostly because my Disgaea disc isn’t read anymore…. and I was near the end… I just didn’t realise how sexy making towers is…. Towers of about…. 10 people…. with a french frog on top…. I swear for the last week, I’ve had some kind of thought on my head to put a video on…. but I’ve completely forgotten…. in fact, I might not have…. Maybe it is because I am tired.

Speaking of tired, tomorrow my Grandparents are going to come to my house and be annoying…. Just by being old people, that snore, and make odd noises…. and mean I can hear the TV through the entire house….. But that is what laptops are for. Also, come Sunday, I’m going to stay up all night just to see what effect it has on my school work. Also to see if anyone notices these so called “bags under the eyes” which I can only assume come from not sleeping for 24 hours or more….

During this period… I will probably level at least once on Maplestory (and by then catch up with Rob of Awesome) I will hopefully play a lot of FF IX and get a lot of pictures drawn. Heck, I might even get out that old dusty thing called “Latest idea that wont last” but it would be better if I could get the Ben-checked version of it back…. I need to start coming up with ideas for chapters… and ways of making it longer…. at least 200 pages, maybe even 300. The worst thing is, I plan on making it a Trilogy due to the way the 1st will end and then also the way the 2nd will end. Even then, I think the 3rd is going to end on a bad note…. but the third I only have the ending planned out in my head. The one I am currently doing, I’ve gotten a lot more characters planned out, I think I’ve gotten…. 2 more chapters planned, a twist in the plot and the ending…. oh… and another chapter…. so that gives an extra 5 chapters to my story… making it 7…. if anything… I need to get it to 10… at the very very least… I think the 2nd would be longer because that will split into lots of smaller stories as the characters trek through this area. I mean currently, it is really just following one person…. the main Character…. OH! 8th chapter thought of… I need to write these down or something….. I’m now really trying hard to think of some more chapters…. Oh, duh…. How could I forget about that chapter, 9th… Hmmm I think I have a 10th…. but that could merge into the 9th…. I might have to talk it over with Ben, probably in Physics…

Onward to school. Currently, Drama is getting better, my ideas are FINALLY being listened to, it would also seem that left to our own devices, everyone sucks… and the second Miss Archer comes in it goes from floating heads talking to a full FMV. My butt hurts by the way….

Art, I thought I knew what I was doing, but that changed when this lesson I really did sweet eff aye all lesson agian… French is as worrying as ever. Maths is as I-want-to-stab-Nathan-in-the-dumb-face as always. Media is a bit iffy… DT, is somewhat better…. I’ve just realised how far behind I am…. as well as the lack of time I have… I need to mark my wood up a bit more… but currently… I need a straight edge to draw from… A daytum edge if you will, haw hee haw hee haw….. Science, I got completely lost in Chemistry (first) for I have no idea what we are meant to be researching. I’ve got the rough gist of the Dynamic Equilibrium…. or at least the Equilibrium bit, not sure what makes one type so Dynamic… I get that on either side there shouldn’t be anything added or taken away… as with EVERY chemical reaction… or everything in general when turning one thing to another… well in an ideal world where nothing is lost via boiling or is stuck to the items used to transfer. It might help if Andy didn’t fall behind a lot of the time due to the fact that he has to make his work bloody Calligraphy! I wouldn’t dare like to think how he is going to cope with Uni life when it is writing very quick sprawled notes and then copy to neat later… but then, I hope I still care as little as I do know about Andy in the future….. He seems to have gotten a big bowl of hate recently as well….

The new French assistant lady… is REALLY MEAN! She is sooo rude… I didn’t understand something very well, so I struggled and she then went “NO, Listen to my question (French here) now (French here).” After more struggling she went, “(French here) is what is YOUR name, so (more french here) is….” She was soo mean and had to pick me first so I had no idea what she was asking…

Table-tennis is over!!!!!!!!! NO!!!!!!!! Although, I was getting a little bit bored… although, I would hate to think what I am going to have to do now…. it is still too cold to do anything outside….

In other news, I recently discovered that I could move music from my MP3 ONTO my computer… meaning, I know have lots more music from my brother’s computer on mine… AT LAST. So I have a lot of Rage Against the Machine (blocked on the school computers (LOL)), R.E.M (not R.A.M (Relative Atomic Mass (Or Random Access Memory)), Arcade Fire and Air Traffic, oh and some more Franz Ferdinand. I just need to put some of the Queens of the Stone Age stuff I don’t have, some of the Feeder, the one Album of Muse I never got round to putting on my computer… I think the odd song hither and dither…. that is all I can really think of.

Well, with my butt having NO feeling AT ALL I shall cut this short…. see you some other time… maybe tomorrow… maybe Saturday… Most likely Sunday….