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Well, You may or may not have noticed, but Christmas has passed….. a week ago to be more precise….. You probably may have noticed that I forgot to write anything for the past 2 and a half weeks….. Why was this? Multiple reasons:

1) After some party I was too enraged to type and too busy jumping about my room like a pirate…. Which some may have seen how that looked. Others (thankfully probably Ben) may not have seen how swashbuckling I look…..

2) Maplestory had a new “Holy Crap OCD” Event based on Christmas. So this meant that my dead Guild now became active, and I wanted to be there when it was…. instead of when it wasn’t.

3) Illness. On the last day of school…. well the Saturday after, at like 1am, I suddenly woke up and started running out of my room…. This is a long journey, and I got tangled in my bed…. The door was closed…. So I ended up vomiting all over my door and floor…. However, the first thing that came to my mind whilst I was still running for the bathroom was, “Oh no, that is going to be hard to clean, and is going to stink a lot.” Which it did. Also, I choked slightly on my own vomit… not pleasant… As well as my cold which was leaving now coming back, which has caused me too weak to do much apart from burn my lap whilst playing games……

4) It was bloody Christmas!!!! I had freaking grandparents to loathe!

5) I was embarrassed that after not being on for sooo long, people would shun me…. BUT Ben hasn’t done anything either sooo, IN HIS SMELLY ARSE FACE!

Okay, this is mostly something that I was meant to do… like last weekend… but yeah, I was lazy…..

This is my awesome Haul from Christmas:

This is the majority of my Christmas Haul

This is the majority of my Christmas Haul

Obviously, There is going to be a key hence the numbers:

1) A star wars complete Saga Calendar (yay?)

2) A Snazzy looking Iron Man Thing…..

3) Some Bath TEA (From Santa)

4) Some Chocolate balls (From Santa)

5) A Plankton from Spongebob Squarepants plush! (Can go with my goomba!)

6) Some Socks that look like there is Tetris on them!

7) Dragon Quest: The Chapters of The Chosen

8) Children of Mana

9) Final Fantasy Advent Children (Just for like the sake of owning it)

10) The Hives – The Black and White Album

11) The Posies – Every Kind of Light

12) Fullmetal Alchemist Chapter 2

13) The High Lord by Trudi Canavan

14) The Lost Bark Scolls by Paul Stewart

15) Eaten Chocolate coins… as well as other chocolate items…. all eaten….

16) A Jumper! (Blue and Dark Blue stripes)

17) A Kinder Selection Box!

I also got Disgaea 2 and a T-shirt. But They don’t turn up in the picture.

On other notes. It is New years!

Onto Games I think. I’m not sure if I mentioned this in my last full blog… or WHEN that was… BUUUT, I started playing Dark Chronicles again (aka Dark Cloud 2). And it Rocks! 80 hours of gameplay!!!! Woop! I’ve gotten onto the second Disc of Final Fantasy IX…. I leveled a whole bunch on Maplestory…. but only twice on my main…. um….. I’ve played a lot more Heroes of Mana. Unfortunately my Disgaea 1 disc isn’t being read by the PS2…. So I can’t finish it!!!! I’ve played so much of that game and they RAWK! Children of Mana, THANKFULLY, is very different to Heroes of Mana. Heroes of Mana was a fun game as a sort of RTS sort of thing, but it was just watching a lot of sprites fight, and then sometimes not how you want…. I mean, you have to tell a group of stuff to do something each time unless something comes into a certain area…. But not all the time, I mean,  I could get a group to attack an enemy group, and if one of my monsters kills one of theirs…. it will sit their….. and not attack any of the others! Also, I could tell something to go somewhere only 3 spaces away… yet it will go around the ENTIRE map to get there…. normally dying….. But Children of Mana is good, it is a lot of walking about and mashing buttons to kill stuff… it is all good. Dragon Quest… Now this game, it is fun… But I’m still getting into it… I mean, currently the people have annoying accents…. so reading it is SUPER hard…. and annoying…. so I am lost on the plot…. Even though I’m not sure there IS a plot so far…. I am getting annoyed by how I have swapped to some girl who sucks with two guys that suck from just one guy that rocked and some monster that just did all the healing. I’m sure I’ll get used to it…. Maybe…..

Unfortunately… I’ve begun to wake up at like 8:45 instead of 7:00…. which is annoying because I will wake up at 7:00 but if I don’t move… I will fall asleep in seconds……

The house has lost heating on 2 separate days over the holidays… so that is gay……

I haven’t done ANYTHING so far over the holidays apart from play the same game most the time…. Well, yesterday I did go into Ipswich and bump into Will who used to go to my old Judo Club, used to be really tall and is now just a bit taller than me and is in Uni…. getting REALLY drunk…. I also got yelled at by Eliza and Chloé whilst I was getting onto the bus… but as always… I don’t expect people to want to talk to me… especially in town….

Oh, I’ve also found Zero Punctuation by Ben “Yahtzee” Croshaw. It really rocks…. Good Game Reviews….

Well, that is it really… Hope you have a good new year and all that jazz…. so yeah… I’m not ready for school to start again!

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Today being Sunday and the last day of Half-Term, I decided to make sure I didn’t do too much gaming… such as Maplestory and Tales of Symphonia. This was because I was meant to get some homework done. Unfortunately, I got side tracked so now I have a lot art to do…. Homework is REALLY far down on my list of stuff to do:

1) Gaming

2) Checking for updates on my RSS feeds and the like

3) Socialising

4) Homework

So you can see the problem I am in with this whole homework thing. However, I MIGHT be able to get one drawing done this afternoon…. *looks out the window* okay, later this evening…. I might also be able to finish another one by guessing how the tones work by getting one quick glance at what I’m drawing then running up the stairs and procrast- draw it.

Ben is probably thinking I stole his idea with this but to him I say, “Boo Hoo! I want to be able to say Gentiles!”. For those of you that don’t know (so no one) I had by previous blog on Gamespot where you couldn’t really say things like gentiles or even class! So I went with this…. the RSS feed also works….

Across the week I have: Gotten my Crossbowman to level 70 (at last!) on Maplestory. It only took my under four years, when some can do it in like one month maybe two…. I’ve watched CRAP loads of anime. Mostly consisting of Bleach English Dubs and now i’m on a weekly thing with that, One Piece Funimation English Dub…. I need to wait for the next bunch come out (if ever), Devil May Cry : The animated Series. This kinda ROCKS! It has a cool start up tune which I downloaded…. and it is cool because it has Dante in it being cool and funny… he likes Strawberry Sundays…. I have SEARCHED and SEARCHED for English dubs of Elemental Gelade but I can’t find ANY i just come to websites which say they have it then it turns out they are Veoh Videos and those have all been removed…. grrrr….. Oh i’ve also been listening to a lot of Lemon Demon…. I still need that new album…. I also started writing a bit more of Chapter Two….

Oh, Ben, I’m still waiting for that Chapter one work…. HINT HINT…. and that picture….