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Doesn’t exist where I went today. Just thought I’d attempt to draw you in.

So, where to begin, well, I might as well get the creepy geeky lack-o-sleepy bit first (no that didn’t take me ages to make up, only about 2 seconds). So, well, I guess, yeah. Really if you follow my twitter you’d already know. However, I FUCKING FINISHED FINAL FANTASY… fuh-nine? I’m on ball today!

*Large doses of Final Fantasy*

Anyway, yeah, I finished Final Fantasy nine for the second time. It has been a while since my first finishing, but I can say, that the final boss was ruddy hard. The main reason being towards the end of their life, they just SPAM attacks, so within just one attack from one person, that person would’ve already died from being attacked by Flare Nova (does a lot of damage to all party members) then Holy pretty much straight after (Holy being one of the strongest Magic Attacks). Not to mention the final two bosses annyoingly have the ability to use Curaga… Curaga being the strongest Curing move… The first final boss (Trance Kuja, the one that has all three above attacks) you just have to try and kill as quick as possible, hoping before you die you can go into Trance mode and really do some insane damage that just tears through him, and hope that he wastes a lot of turns curing himself (which you can normally eliminate the cured hp with just one attack). The second and Final Final Boss is some giant thing called Necron (which I’m not sure WHAT it is but sh) This I only got two attempts of attacking (cause Trance Kuja was such a fucking ARSE) the second I managed to beat with out realising that he was near death or anything. When that happened I dropped the controller on the floor, power slid on the carpet and removed my already displaced knee caps. I then watched the final scenes.


I can’t believe Zidane went to save Kuja. There was an EPIC effect how you thought he was dead till the VERY end when he is alive in a big reveal and I nearly pissed myself, came in my pants and pooped myself in excitement at the exact same time… messy.

*Spoilers are OVEAR!*

So now, with nothing else to do to pass the time, I started the game that I am not a big fan of. Final Fantasy 8 (he says with spite and spitting venom at the eyes of the viewers/readers brutally harming about 2 people). I am doing the follow-Gamefaqs-to-the-letter-unless-it’s-described-shit run… Also going by some other stuff I found out from watching a certain review. So I would hope not to be bad. As it turns out, by being awesome, I could rip through most bosses until…. well, still to now. This was mostly because I learned that I could junction 100 Curagas to my hp VERY early on, meaning I have about 2k hp at level 10. Shocking how Squall is the only one that levels up… could be because every single hit of his is a critical because of the simple time puzzle.

Really, if you have ever read my twitter, you’d know that I can spend about… hmm, 10 minutes just looking away from the screen mashing the x button, because I have it on Memory Cursor… This has only caused me death once… which came as a shock, but oh well. Getting better weapons is difficult because the items you need are rarely dropped by monsters so you have better luck with the crappy card game… which I really hate… I prefer Tetra Master in 9… although Tetra Master didn’t actually MAKE sense, it just did something and eventually you win or lose.

This ends up leaving me with some long periods of playing about 10 minutes of cards to try and get my gosh darn cards to turn into an item. I’m on disc 2 and I’ve done… about 20 hours. I did 50 on 9 and like 60-70 or something on 7… oh great, daddy long legs in my room… just fucking awesome… I can’t remember much else about the game… but I just beat up NORG and now this big arse school that has T-rex in can fly… wow, wtf, that daddy long legs looks dead already… it’s just curled up and dead… no it twitched…

*[/Final Fantasy]*

My brother finally got Assassin’s Creed back from his friend. So I finally started it! I was expecting the free running to be a bit more… complicated and woo. No, instead it is just hold A and RT (Right trigger) and you can climb anything as long as it is human length. Assassin’s Creed is fun. The main problem… or even unique thing is, at the start of the game you have everything, so you spend ages just aimlessly running about stabbing people in the face then running away (apparently just jumping when guards are edgy is the same as yelling, “I FUCKING STABBED THE DOUCHE! SO SUCK IT!” meaning every guard in the world now wants to stab you in the eye provided one can see you… then before you know it, after someone breaks their leg and you hear it popped into place, you lose everything… I don’t just mean equipment, you spend a while watching as you are told you seem to have had your mind wiped and have forgotten how to counter (easiest way of killing people). I enjoy it, I like how whilst people are talking to you, you can kinda walk about and like, be an arse. The memory glitches… are annoying, you don’t really pay attention, you are just waiting for the thing to happen so you can hit a button to hopefully get the achievement at some point. Ah well….

The geeky is not over yet. Anime!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Some of you might know, depends if I posted it in a blog or not, that I recently found the English dubbing of Elemental Gelade. I seriously HIGHLY recommend this! Seriously! If you like anime, watch it, along with Disgaea! I love Elemental Gelade, it has a decent story, some of the humour in it is just so fucking hilarious, for example, at one point the male protagonist is explaining jealousy to the female protagonist (who both kinda have feelings for each other at this point). He describes it as a sort of burning feeling in the heart and the girl says, “Here?” and grabs his hand and puts it on her chest. One of the awesome characters comes in to say that dinner is ready, then sees and backs away saying, “I’ll leave you two alone…” and… well it is just so fucking AWESOME D=< WATCH IT!!!!!! NOA! If you haven’t gotten the hint yet, this means YOU BEN! The ending or parts of the ending send chills over your entire body (like in Disgaea). I just can’t stress enough just how good it is.

Well, also for the past… ever, I’ve been staying up late talking to Max, and waking up at 6:45am because that’s how I roll!

Now onto the main topic, I guess. Today I went to Pleasurewood Hills… I didn’t have high hopes. When I got there it turned out they had a ride with a loop in. HOLY CRAP! I thought….  it was the first thing we went on, and it looked so cool. Basically, you all get in, the cart travels backwards up the ramp, then when the back is near the VVEEEEERY top, it drops (note: you are virtually hanging in your harness seat at the top) you then go around the thing, which is up, a sort of corkscrew, into a loop then up the ramp again where you come to a halt and slowly climb up. “Hold on” you think, “I’m on the same starting ramp but there is no bit at the top to join the two” you continue, then just when the front hits the near top, you drop again doing it all again backwards. It’s sooo awesome, and you go so high if you are at the back or front.

The rides elsewhere were shit. Till we got to the “Whizzy Dizzy” which may sound lame, but it is a pendulum ride that rotates as you go back and forth. Which is pretty fun. You go higher than 90 degrees to the floor so you get the lovely feeling of being slightly upside down… I went on it 3 times, the last time I got to see the effects the ride had on the low cut tops of some large bosomed slags, if you get what I mean in a very teenage way… Yes, I sound like a pervert… but it was in the name of science… and it was only the corner of my eye. Turns out, nothing happens… at all…

We waited loads for a ride that was crap, jerky corners and just general crapness… I got to ride alone on a cable cart that was slow and boring and would’ve been quicker to walk with both my missing knee caps shot off. We went on another ride twice, where I spent the entire time with my arms up… on both goes (each go goes round twice) because I’m hip like that. Speaking of hip, the last go I had to be on my own, meaning I had a whole 2 seats to myself, meaning I had to brace myself with my legs… causing pain… it could explain the LARGE amounts of pain I get some times… hmm…

Well, yeah. Right now I’m getting REALLY painful pain in my left ankle and knee… it hurts soooooo bad… times like this I wish Automail was real… (I’d then have all my limbs metal…)

Well, I was expecting to write more, but I shot through the Pleasurewood Hills bit like a bullet being fired from the front of a ship travelling just under light speed (or at it, thus meaning in warp)… oh look, geek came back at the end… I’m going to play Final Fantasy 8 and cry over my limbs that are so fucking painful….

So… today was meant to be the day of coursework…. However, this ended up taking a rather severe blow…. I was meant to do a bit of DT, do a lot of Media…. and if I was up to it, which I’m not, some Art…. Problems with all 3…. Dt, I don’t have my 3 designs, so I can’t compare them to the specs out of memory…. Media, I have NO idea which ‘The Orphanage’ Trailer I needed to work on…. So if I go with the wrong one… it could be bad… maybe…. Then Art… well… I have a bunch of stuff to do… like…. well, I need to take a load of pictures which I will do soon…. at least whilst the light is still good and natural, I think I also need to do some tonal studies and some artist research. I’m not sure if I need to do both of the last two…. but I think it was going to be one…. at the very least…. The small bits of Art are meant in for Tuesday… then I need to get more done for Thursday….

Well, whilst on the theme of art…. LOOKIE!!!!

So.... What do ya think?

So.... What do ya think?

So for Art I had to do some work on other Cultures… what better thing to do other than Ulquiorra? I did it all in black pen… a black pen that was breaking every few seconds….. my current main idea… is somewhat comic book based… and I hope it comes out as well as I can imagine it…. the main problem I have come to at the moment is:

A: Filling space in the bottom panel

B: Doing a tonal panel in anime style WITHIN the time limit…

Currently… I really need to get some pictures… of me TT.TT Which no one likes… specifically… pictures of me… in the wind…. hair blowing in the wind…. just ONE part…. I dunno how I am gonna do that…. I’ll get my sister to do it… or something….  I need to finish this Blog quickly before the sun sets….

What else? Media…. This is beginning to suck…. We have nearly finished our thing… when I say that… I mean, we I have done our poster:

The poster would be here had I actually saved it in a JPEG or any other picture format….

I, ended up making the most of it and supervising the rest…. The problem is, these sheets we are given, make it sound like the work we did was all even… whilst Ellie hasn’t done a thing… shown in a little comic I made… but I can’t scan it in because my mum has been on the computer ALL WEEK!!!! I could take a photo… however, that wouldn’t work…. because you can’t see any of the text….

DT! What fun! At the beginning of the week my product was doing awesome back flips of justice and sex…. I had some awesome rings… I had painted my rings…. I had then stuck one half of the rings down…. THEN! SOME DOUCHE decided to steal one… meaning Miss Thompson made another, it isn’t the same size as the others… OR the same shade of blue… this is more of a… purple… and there is also glue EVERYWHERE now…. Still behind on my coursework… actually… I’m not THAT far behind… I just need to do… like 2 sheets, REDO my entire Plan… or at least finish it… then I have like 5.3 – 6.3 to do… which really require me to finish my actual project… however, at this rate… I wont be taking it home ’till after The Easter Holidays… so…. I am gonna have to bring in a bunch of DVDs (Bleach FMA….) and stuff to fill the spaces… it is gonna have to be a day that I don’t have many books… Wednesday…. that day… I only have my DT folder… every other day I have either Art or French to crush things….

The sun is quickly diminishing…. uh… the overall week has been okay… Tuesday had the dreaded Maths Mock… My revision had literally been on the day… but I was in a sleepy state when I did it…. I thought it went balls up…. it did… I only got 98 marks… for an A you need 98…. so…. I actually NEED to revise… which means, the weekend after Prom… I am going to have to revise… and ONLY revise… maybe play some maple in the afternoon/evening if I am bored, to GPQ or if there is 2x exp…. or if my brother is at work so I can play some Disgaea 2…. Then there is all that time staring into the distance… maybe I will have Bleach Season 2 by then (I would hope so) so I can watch that whilst revising… and season 1….

Speaking of Bleach! Bleach Chapter 351 was a big let down… there was no plot development… it showed some awesome Ichigo bits… and gave me a theory which I will post in a second with a giant POSSIBLE SPOILER heading…. I had been looking forward to Bleach Chapter 351 ALL week… However, Bleach Episode 107…. was quite cool. Ichinose turned out to be alive… but not anymore as he went spiralling  off into the distance spuming blood everywhere, Karyia revealed his bount (Which is FUGLY) and yet… with two episodes left to the series… Ichigo and Karyira STILL haven’t started to properly fight… like the sort of fight that you get to see… there was a small bit that got spoken over by Toushiro or someone…. so… as if they were watching, but they weren’t….


I think the problem is that we know what is now going to happen… Ulquiorra is gonna get completely destroyed… Ichigo has no human conscious at the moment… Orihime is going to get scared and worried… then Ichigo’s mask will break… Orihime will freak out because Ichigo is now very scary… Ichigo may have hurt Uryruu or someone during the battle… or Ichigo got too crazy so people are going to be fighting him instead… he will end up badly hurting Orihime or Rukia… his mask will break… he will fall to the floor… all deep and emotional and stuff…. (That is my prediction)

Or! Orihime is going to protect Ulquiorra from Ichigo’s Cero…. then the above is gonna happen and stuff….


I have recently played a bit more Tales of Symphonia… 2 player with my sister… who sucks at the game… never playing with her again…. Today I played a bit more Final Fantasy IX and I must be nearing the end…. I think I’m on disc 3 of 4…. and normally the 4th disc is the final Dungeon and all the things you can do to get final weapons and stuff….

Not sure what else to say… I’m going to go take some pictures (I have no idea what of) whilst the sun is out, then I’m going to try and get my Media done… I need to get that done BEFORE 7:30… the 2x exp starts at 8:00 (I think) and I need to get there early to get a map… plus I need to bathe… so I’ll be in a towel most of the 2x exp….

Let me leave you with this god among men…

Uh, here is the media comic I was talking about….

Left to Right - Ellie, Me (Chris) and Cheyenne

Left to Right - Ellie, Me (Chris) and Cheyenne

PAIN! Can’t get enough, cause I’d rather feel pain than nothing at all!

Well, Emo or what? However, there is good reason for this one.

Where to start? I’ll go with this week. So far, I have spent all the time that I haven’t spent sleeping (four hours a day), eating OR being forced out of the house because I’m ill… I have spent sitting in front of my computer either playing Maplestory (sorry about that), watching Bleach (one episode) or playing Final Fantasy IX (on the PS1). This week I have gone up like 2 Levels on Maplestory. End. Bleach was awesome. Final Fantasy IX is pretty awesome. Shame about my PS1 having a dodgy laser so a few FMVs don’t work…  It is hawt as balls!

The reason I have been forced out my house because I’m so un-healthy is because of my toe… We went to the Doctors AGAIN was about my toe that is messed up in the arse. The last time I went was in September which I was given antibiotics and told to deal with it. This time… they decided I may have a problem… Gave me more antibiotics (which I haven’t consumed for the sake of I can’t swallow them and they taste like death…) but also an appointment next Thursday in which I get a “Minor Operation” in which he is going to cut off the bit of toenail that goes into my toe by like 7mm which is pretty deep and unpleasant (I know because I cut a chunk out with some Scissors (thought I might have tetanus) and it turned out to be VERY deep and pale… in all 1cm and it wasn’t a big chunk of visible). All I could think was, “At ruddey last!!!” I have been waiting for a long time for it to either fall off, burst out the side of my foot… or something along those lines… Either way, fun fun fun.

Another reason was that I had to go to the Orthodontist. This meant I got the unpleasant tighter wire… but this time I also got bits on my front teeth.. so I can’t bite anything… when I did to a sandwich I was curled in a ball due to the pain. Also, last time my brace got tightened it broke like 3 days after… I didn’t say anything until today… the problem is… that metal wring is REALLY quite painful. My tongue is being stabbed all the time… I thought I was going to lose my brace after today… but now… All I can think is that currently my lower teeth are being turned about, then after another trip they will be pushed down… then maybe again… that is 18 weeks… Then they might come off! But then I get a retainer for ages… probably another 6 weeks…but thankfully, it only takes like 1 week or 2 weeks for the pain to go away… The weird thing is… the new metal bits… have orange dots on… so, I have black bands with an orange dot… looks odd…

I’m gonna be forced out the house again tomorrow because we are going to Ipswich and I can get a new bag (my current one has like 2 holes on the outside (one being big enough for my arm to fit through) then about anther 5 on the inside… enough for me to go from the big pocket, out the side then into the smaller pocket, then through the smaller pocket back into the bigger pocket… I’m also going to be getting some new Converse! I might even buy Chrono Trigger DS depending on the price… I might also, (when I get home) depending on how my spending has gone, get my mum to buy the Bleach Series 1 Box Set!

The Friday I have the dentist to go to… but before is some badminton (Funking, ducking, mother dunking YEAH!). So this week I have had THREE trips to some form of medical person… I also heard that my dentist decided to move away… so I have a new one… yay…

This week, Yesterday or today, I got some more story written! Chapter 3 is now 918 (ish) words! I hope I get bored enough to finish it before the end of half-term… I have also just realised that I have art Coursework to do… and probably some kind of revision to do…eh…

Another meaning to the pain side of this blog would be the latest picture I coloured in… The problem was that the line drawing (I saved it as a PNG) was freaking giant… it was like 2.2MB So if I made one wrong click… I had to wait like 5-20 minutes… Then when I was scaling it down to background size… each click was like a 30 minute wait… What is worse… is that I forgot to sign it –.-

Here it is as a background Size 1280 x 800

And here is the original somehow made smaller than the original 7xxx x 6xxx or something like that.


I hope to blog more often… but gaming is an addictive curse with lures of false achievement. So yeah, here is me… signing out… See you next time!

Also, this is the first time I have used “Windows Live Writer” to write to my blog… I don’t see the point, however, it is a much friendlier interface…

˙ʇı ʎq pǝpunoɟqɯnp ʎlǝʇǝldɯoɔ ǝɹɐ ǝldoǝd ǝsnɐɔǝq unɟ sʎɐʍlɐ sı ɥɔıɥʍ ¡sıɥʇ op oslɐ uɐɔ ı

I’m not exactly sure WHAT is rearing its head the most, is it Christmas, procrastination or something else….

Well, I’ll start with the shortest first, Christmas! So today is December the 1st (If you didn’t know) which means the first day of advent. I was glad to finally be getting the small bits of chocolate from my Winnie the Pooh advent Calendar. But I’m not sure WHY I have a Winnie the Pooh calendar… I think it is because those were the only ones left, (apparently) so everyone has them…. With it also being the 1st of December AND a Monday, this meant that there are only three whole weeks of School left until we break up and I can spend about 10 days playing games! sure we get about 14 days off of school BUT one of those days is Christmas, SOOOO that is going to be taken up… by Christmas, then there will be Christmas Eve, which is like I think My grandparents will get to my house, so not much there, at least one day I will expect to go to Ipswich with Family…. The 4th… I couldn’t remember what happened to the 4th…. but it was SOMETHING! But other than that I can play games from morning till night because I appear to have no friend capable of organising things….

This brings me onto my second dish. Procrastination. This seems to be a main theme of my blog and or life…. I wonder why. It has been it today because I was meant to get some Media Coursework done for Wednesday BUT instead I told myself I will do it after dinner, so I played Maplestory for about an hour and a half…. After about a half hour long dinner of a GIANT bowl of pasta with Cheddar cheese, I decided to change my bed sheets (all by myself) which turns out is REALLY hard. I managed to get it done…. but I managed to push my mattress off of my bed at least twice…. I have also been watching more Spoony Experiment and having Bleach Episode 90 English Dub streaming, after finding it of course. I’m not sure what else I managed to spend time on, but yeah…..

Other news,  Ctrl+Alt+Del’swriter/illustrator/creator and Awesome God of coolness, is having his second comic arc of the whole, “Choose your own path thing.” This is a continuation from the first (which rawked). It is simple to get your thing in, and is always funny. So yeah check it out.

As I mentioned earlier there is some new Spoony Experiment, This being a continued Fallout 3 review AND some more of Phantasmagoria 2, which is High-larious.

ALSO, I have started to play Final Fantasy IX again, last time I played it, I was young so I didn’t really read the stuff and I ended up in a boss fight with only two people one of which was REALLY weak…. I like IX because it is my second favorite Final Fantasy game owned by Sony, the first being VII of course, (DOI!) so far it has taken me about two to three hours to get to the first actual unscripted “Introduction Boss”. This being the Plant brain which on my first attempt raped me in the arse fodder…. I will get some more of that done at the weekend maybe…. One of the main reasons I like Final Fantasy IX is because the system in which abilities are learned is VERY awesome. It works and it does give equipping weaker weapons and stuff a purpose instead of the second you find a new weapon ditching the old one. Also it has Zidane and ViVi who are in my top…. Five Final Fantasy Characters…. (Cloud, Sephiroth, Zidane, ViVi, Vincent).

Speaking of Final Fantasy, I played a bit of Final Fantasy IV which I had stopped because I got to a hard boss battle which was four bosses with 25k hp in the same battle with no break between, all of which had moves which could kill me in one….. But, I beat it, Beat the CPU, stopped the Giant, Found out the HORRIFIC truth about Golbez, got rid of Fuyosha (?) (FINALLY) then went to kill Bahamut… who was surprisingly easy…. In my opinion… Now I just have the final dungeon to do, and to take down the DREADED Zemus… Then I can concentrate on finishing Final Fantasy III (the ACTUAL one (Not the annoying one pricks call III, also known as VI)) and do the final dungeon and defeat Xande… RIGHT after I finish training my characters jobs up… which will take AT LEAST an hour…. if not more…. Then who knows what I will do, play some pokemon…. try and Finish Heroes of Mana….

Due to it being Winter, it is getting dark by about 4:00pm… this means I can no longer read my book in the car!!!! =O!!!!! I can only JUST read it in the morning….. which sucks…..

I got a B in my OTHER English paper (the one about the poems and ‘Of Mice and Men’).

Decorated an Xmas Tree on Sunday….

ALSO, I’m hoping on getting my question called out on the live Marathon of Prince of Persia.

OH! Also, I’ve managed to level to level 73 on Maplestory and at least once on my Bandit and Pirate….. Just to let you know…

Also, I think this has to be the WEIRDEST way someone has found my blog…. they typed this into a Search engine, “i have got my french mock exam tomorrow” and got to my Blog… weird.
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