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PEOW! Player 1 has reached level 17!
Guts +3
Intelligence +2
Responsibility + 2

Well, there was also going to be a picture of me holding my 360 in the LoZ “You just found _____” style… but I thought my awesome LEVEL UP! pose was good enough… For those that wonder… the glowing arm was simply because in most games when you level up there’s some awesome glowy thing so yeah… PEOWWWWWWWWW!
Life has been simple… so far…
Not much happened apart from school ended.
Then the first Sunday I went to the Beach with Max, Lauren, Nat Fairs, Nat Lewis, Laura Berry, Yasemin, Adam and some random chick… it was teh awesome socks. At first Adam, Nat Lewis, Laura, Lauren, Yasemin and I went in the sea in swim shorts and bikinis….  I’ll let you work out which way it went… I guess “Swim wear” works best… or like in that song Max likes… then we played some sort of cheap Rounders game where posts were just bottles of drink… the beach was VERY stoney… owies… afterwards we went back into the sea but instead of Nat Lewis being there it was Nat Fairs… BEACH PARTaY!
Then that entire week was pretty boring really… I started and finished MGS 2, you can read what I thought of it here. I then started MGS 3, but got bored in a few seconds as the camoflage stuff just didn’t work… 85% chance of me not being noticed… and I am… EVERY TIME! Even when I’m hiding in a log! D:<
I also ended up going to work a fair bit… bleh…
Then yesterday I got my nice glasses fixed and then also bumped into Mr Halls and Chris Minns whilst I was in Woodbridge and they both said “Hi” to me 😀
Then today….. well fawk me I level up! I am now 17! YEAH! 17! The list of shiatzoo I got is as follows:
Watchmen DVD (sister)
Unwrapped Riddler T-shirt (as seen above, Brother)
a £5 note wrapped in Tinfoil (crazy Great Aunt, sadly also Godmother)
a £30 cheque (Grandparents)
Final Fantasy 13 for 360 (parents)
I’m worried with my cheque…. I’ve never paid one in before :S
So my birthday was pretty meh… it involved my brother brining down Rock Band 2 stuff and Forza Motor sports 3 stuff… then I got ignored and sort of didn’t get to play my own console… so it was pretty shit really… then I went to Prezzos for dinner and ate myself into a slow death.
When we got home apparently a message from my grandparents had been left for me… I didn’t get to hear it… my dad had deleted it… Apparently it was just mindless old age ramblings of being baffled by technology….
I also started myself a small saving thing so I can buy myself a decent TV as my current one sucks… I believe I currently have £95 or something like that saved… but I haven’t seen my wages from work yet.
I also have bought received and read all of Scott Pilgrim, it is pretty SEXEH! Which I guess is why I decided to actually do a picture of my level up today….

I also updated my Xbox Avatar… I fear the top hat may be a bit too much… and cause it makes me look like I’m laughing at the peasants… ah well…

So, I was wrong, yesterday should’ve been 4 out of 12… oh well…

So today I had english, another one of those exams that aren’t fun to look at. This was not fun at all. Admitedly, I think I passed… which is good. I loved the last question really going deep and gaying out on this view from my window and kinda going into how “Urban Devevlopement” is slowly encroaching into my perfect view. Something like that, I hope I can get the paper back so I can copy it out, I actually loved that entry I did… Sad to see it go.

Well, because it was 11am and I had no other exams, I went home… I then lazed about the house, playing pokemon and other things… then I guess it was time for…


E3 GOODNESS!!!!!!!!!!! FO SHIZZZLE MO FO!!!!!!!!!!

So, it started with the Nintendo Conference where I was expecting all sorts of add-ons and “games”.  It started off slow, really showing how there is the Wii Fit Plus… so you can go and buy a NEW WiiFit for EVEN MORE money, as well as the release AGAIN of the Motion Plus… which we’d seen last year… guess it was to show that they have mastered it now? There was the most HIGHlarious bit… I think it was called the Vitality Sensor. It is basically, a thing that measures the pulse in your finger… to tell you probably when to breath and when you die… seeing as the Wii now makes sure you never have to look away from the screen again.

It picked up when they got onto actual DS games, these including A new Super Mario and Luigi game, which rock. The Kingdom Hearts DS game, that had STUNNING visuals for a DS game, I mean… really… and Golden Sun for the DS! Oh, towards the beginning Nintendo showed off their first cash cow… Mario, in how they “remade” the New Super Mario Bros DS thing… onto the Wii, where the only difference is now you can get 4 players at once for a real CLUSTER FUCK and a propeller power… that makes you look like you are special needs in a unitard…

There was a quick mention  of another cash cow… The Legend of Zelda. I believe there is another game with Toon link to be coming out called something like the Phantom Rail or something, I’ll get it because the DS games are good enough to pass the time. There was not much other than an image for this.

Then they actually started to have their games for the Wii… their ACTUAL games. They had two rail shooters, Dead Space and a Resident Evil one. There was Super Mario Galaxy 2 (which I guessed and that Ben then later revealed was on the internet for some time) and a kick arse Metroid game, that seemed to swap between the classic side scrolling (ish) view to the FPS view… it looked pretty insane with full motion videos and a guy that looked like Mustang. When I saw this it made me think about how each fanboy group has at least one female to imagine as their bride… Nintendo would be Samus, Final Fantasy would be Tifa, Zelda would be… Zelda… then those are the main Fan boy groups… I could go into anime, but ALL anime has at least one character with boobs bigger than her head… even pokemon… not as much in pokemon, but still as big as head…

That was about it for the Nintendo… I hate Miss Dunaway or w/e she is always annoying, Reggie is much better…

Then it was time for some Sony action. This had a VERY slow start, with the new PSP. The PSP Go… Sony’s main plan for the day was not to mention games, just to have random clips in a large clipshow FLASH BY so you can guess what is going to come… They spent AGES on the PSP Go… They had MAG, which was VERY impressive, with the amount of players… 246 i believe… The main problem is, you can barely find 6 people on Halo 3 (at times) let alone 245… there was a game which I think was called Uncharted which looked prettyfull…

I think some other stuff was shown, but none of it was important because… FINAL FANTASY 13 F0074G3! The most of the footage they had looked like a film trailer… until they got to actual gameplay. It looked very impressive as well, don’t like the main character… very Ugly… it does look pretty awesome though. That was not all though… Also that was very hush hush, or under a code name… FINAL FANTASY 14!!!!!! This is the new online game that will be out on PC, PS3 and Xbox 360… there is a chance of Mac and Linux as well… it looked pretty tasty…

Sony also showed off their motion sensor stuff, that is a stick with a glowing ball on it (which is what the sensor picks up) which is made by the same people as the Eyetoy (instant fail?) and was apparently being worked on for YEARS… to be honest, when they were first showing it off, with all these things to cover it… it was VERY eye toy and didn’t look that good… the drawing/painting bit was quite cool, but I think the Project Natal Painting was MUCH better… he showed off how it can be used for FPS (even if you didn’t notice it) RTS (even the ones where you control units yourself). Then it went into how it can be used in a more RPG sort of game. This, however, required two sticks, one for each arm… oh… really (looks like they jumped in Nintendo’s bandwagon)). This was quite good, when he was swinging the sword, shield, arrow shooting, shuriken throwing… the main problem with throwing is that there is no REAL depth perception… and also you are never sure if you are throwing it AT them because of the camera…

Sony also showed off from the people that made Little Big Planet, a VERY impressive racer (that Nathan wont get due to the lack of the words, “First”, “person”, “shooter”, “War”… it was fully cutomizable, which was the least to be expected from LBP team . Cars can be as well. We were also shown the VERY easy to use track builder that seemed to be able to make very professional looking tracks with ease/

The last thing (that I can remember) was God of War 3. This was teh same sort of angry walking through the joint and stabbing everything that looks at you with a funny glance and then ripping off their own horn and then stabbing it through their face in a quick time event (actually happened) looked pretty…

OH! Two more games that I remembered… one being The Last Guardian… which was an odd game, it showed what looked like a cell shaded child running through a detailed place, with a proper detailed thing chasing him, this was the same throughout, a very bright coloured child in a dark life like world… not much could really be gotten AT ALL from this…

Then, of course, there was Assasins Creed 2 (should it be Assasin’s?). . This had some prettyful graphics, a new look that was quite cool, and what appeared to be two daggers of hidden stab you in the face via my wrist… there were even smoke bombs, it looked very good, I hope it is on 360…

That is all that comes to mind… so yeah…

With two exams down in the fun thing that is GCSEs! What were these wonderful exams of excitement? Well, stay tuned to find out!

Well they were like Maths Calculator AND DT… because it is always fun to do two in a day *yawn*

The day started with Maths, in which I had done about 5 minutes worth of revision. I do regret it now… just because I forgot how to do the last part of the Sine rule… JUST before you do Sine to the -1. Other than that, I spent AGES trying to make an accurate drawing of a trapezium, with the angle vearing from 49 to 51 and eventually at the end with 50 and making a blind stab at the last 90 degrees in time for a finish.

After the exam Ben, Max and I went to find a room to revise in, there were none so we ended up in Mr Wheeler’s room after going through the secret path of science… the second Mr Wheeler left Ben said, “Let’s get naked” and dropped his trousers TO THE ANKLES and stood there for a bit… whilst we weren’t revising, he also frontal wedgied himself and probably got it out again. We left when he farted… which I didn’t smell at first, I walked into it and nearly vomitted… so we went onto the field and did shit all there but tackle and stuff…

DT!… was next this was a strange exam that turned out that you couldn’t have revised for it because it was messed up with something like “Without using any form of fixtures, fittings, adhesives or stuff like that, how can you secure the bracket to the shelf” so yeah, that was fun… The most of the exam was BSing for funz.

Afterwards we went and sat on the field with Rose, Emily, Sarah and Chloe. Chloe left after a while and we ended up talking about Primary school and then the Sims… it was quite fun because we ended up talking about Games… despite it being with a bunch of  none gamers…

Upon arriving at home I had discovered that my mum, despite being ill and probably working, went on my computer to play maplestory, it also turned out that she closed several tabs on my internet browser before closing that… one being important… the google tab that had the EV training status of my Absol as the search… I had to try and guess it back into memory and now I hope it stays. I didn’t do much until about… 6 ish where it was time for….


So, it started off with the Microsoft Press Conference. I missed the beginning which was Rock Band: The Beatles, oh no…, and the new Tony Hawks game that looks horrible because they are desperate because Skate is taking all their bacon. I didn’t have any sound, so I had no idea what was happening… I saw some FF13 game footage (AWWWWWW YEAH!) as well as some good looking games. The main highlight would be Project Natal. To expand and to rub shit in Ben’s face: Project Natal is a new motion sensor for the Xbox 360 that does not require any form of controller or anything, just your body and the camera that goes with it that sits on top of your TV or below it. This is much better than the Wii one because… well, there are no controllers of smashing the nearest valuable thing… and it isn’t a shitty 2D sensor… Like the Wii, instead it is an awesome 3D sensor. It looks pretty hawt. The 360 is getting some good shizzle this time round.

Afterwards my brother hid my maplestory from my mum so she can’t find it d(^.^)z

I also found THIS which I REALLLLLLLLLYY want, so maybe it can be a joint birthday present from all my friends? It’d make me the happiest girl alive… oh, Ben, I also haven’t made that prize yet, I shall soon…

Chris, wishing for the above, out!

Oh, I probs will be going home early tomorrow…

… and commas rule!!!! Yeah…. that is because you don’t have a vagina (unless you do). If you are wondering WHAT the funk I am going on about… why the sex education song of course. I thought it was pretty cool… I mean I have listened to it every day since Smosh released it…. But that is just me…. I wish I could get a “Periods Suck, Commas Rule” T-shirt…. But I already have a cool Smosh shirt…. Oh a quick thing… I would watch it all because it is just too funny… even if it is a small bit screamy…. JUST a small bit.

ANYWHO, I missed out on blogging yesterday because of GPQs till late at night… quick recap… Alt+F4 sucks anus…. and that is about it….

Now to get onto the good stuff… yesterday it snowed… twice…. Unfortunately the snow did not settle… however, over night, it snowed like a bitch… I awoke to see fields of white. I waited until my sister was up till I did anything… So, after she got up and I hit her into being awake…. We got dressed into warm clothing, stepped out into the blizzard… It hurt a lot… got on our bikes and then cycled the Icy roads to the park…. however, This was cool, for, cycling over frozen puddles is REALLY fun… just thinking, “OH fuck, I’m going through this one and it is going to hurt.” and then to just speed across the top…. greatest feeling EVER, specially with my UBER heavy bike…. Anyway… The snow was getting thicker and thicker and slowly blinding me…. So I decided to attempt to make a wall… for cover… The large field at the park had enough snow…. This was not so easy… my scarf kept on coming undone so that was slowly filling with ice…. on my face, then I decided to take my gloves off to sort it out… it was like punching broken glass…. Soon the snow was too bad to really do much…. As in, it was like being punched in the face by dwarfs…. it was getting pretty bad… after quickly pushing my sister over, I ran to my now SNOW covered bike and began to peddle away… Oddly enough, it was only NOW that my hands began to freeze… also the snow felt like it turned to razor hail… I ended up with a slight scratch on my face from it…. I also found out that cycling with one eye closed, the other squinted and one hand waving about to cover your face from the snow WHILST cycling on icy roads down hill with crappy breaks… is not good…. I got home and I was completely drenched… and frozen….

I wasted a lot of the day after that, then once the snow had stopped and the sun was shining (OH NOES) we went back… everything was slush now… so it was like a spray of water from my wheels….. When we got to the park, the only thing that wasn’t slush was the crappy wall… which I kicked at my sister… there was a lot of snow in that wall… so we decided to go home…. OH whilst going down the hill… with my back brakes on… I was gaining speed…. I was getting scared at that point….

And that is about the ENTIRE day… Not sure if my stuff is dry yet… my guess is no….

OH, home made Jam Tarts = UBER YUM!

Also Also, I found out, that by having “CoD5 Cheats” as a tag, for like one of your blogs gets you CRAP loads of views… so…. I wonder what FF 13 will get me… when it comes out >.<
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