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So I felt like it was about time I became mildly self centered and write a blog post about… my life :S

Sadly, I’m shocked to find out that WordPress has completely changed it’s layout and tried to make it more like Tumblr (from what I can gather) and I must say, I don’t like it, I feel limited in what I can do now.

This disjointed and near schizophrenic (all over the place) blog will EVEN contain some University stuff, like WOAH!

So I’ve basically realised that I’m going to have to buy some more scentless hand soap soon and then I realised that I’m basically an official adult. This happened last night and I quickly found it strange how out of ALL the things I’ve done at Uni (being not much) the one thing that really hits me as becoming self reliant was having to eventually buy some soap… I probably need to get out more.

Strangley I had a whole list of stuff to talk about last night, but now that’s just gone by morning (it was a mental list)

So recently I managed to forget my PIN, like…. I forgot it over the xmas break but I’d managed to avoid using my card until recently when my travel card ran out. Basically, I had gotten it wrong to the point where it locked me out of my card and I suddenly felt VERY poor. The biggest problem, my Oyster travel card had also ran out at pretty much the same time, so I was having to find what little money I had lying around to try and get to and fro university (it came to about £24 in a week, OBSCENE). The good news is yesterday my PIN arrived back in Suffolk so my mother told me (I eventually heard it over the yells of my friends trying to embarrass me…. and succeeding)

(Only now after I quickly restart Firefox is it that I realise that the WordPress publishing layout has not changed at all and I was just on the wrong bit)

So today just now I popped down to my local Barclays and BAM! I’m back with some money, so I even redid my travel card, it was £78.x0…. is that right? (Yes, it was always that expensive, or it’s just gone up, seeing as zone 1 to zone 1 also costs £2 at any time in the day) so now I don’t have to worry about running out of cash, and just worry more about the fact that if I keep eating I’ll be too poor to live (work that one out)

So, I’ve found myself watching a lot of films recently with my friend Holly as she gets bored of working. These have included in the last week: Battle Royale, Hostel, Chocolat, The Human Centipede 2, Howl’s Moving Castle (<3), Rabbit Proof Fence and probably some others that I just can’t think of right now. I must say, The Human Centipede 2 (having not seen the first one) EXTREMELY boring. The level of gruesomeness was just too silly to take seriously. The few bits I didn’t like were the knee surgery, purely because my knees are messed up and they just hurt when knees are the main thing, the teeth knocking out (to an extent) and then the baby head being crushed under the accelerator peddle and that was purely because it was a baby and it just seemed a bit too much. Honestly, it wasn’t that bad. The character was a bit creepy and what not and then when everyone’s pooping it was just stupid with the added noises AND the poo/blood splatter effect on the camera. Honestly, it was just a bit boring. (Now Hostel was gruesome)

University? Oh  yeah, I’m at university aren’t I. I’ve decided that I have no reason to even bother remembering my life in Suffolk seeing as it’s apparent there’s NOTHING for me back there (oh boo hoo, cry me a river, right?) as is apparent from my recently “removed” blog posts that you may or may not have cared about. Due to this decision I sort of forget that I haven’t spent most of my life in university, which would have probably made things easier/more torturous.

So yeah, how about that university eh? The first year at the moment has been MOSTLY A-level stuff just gone over again and occasionally containing more detail. There’s FAR too much biology for my liking (it’s basically all a Biology A-level just split up, so naturally I hate it all) but there are some parts which are tolerable. You’d think with the logic of “It’s just A-levels, wah” I should OBVIOUSLY be slamming everything into the ground? Sadly, I’m a stupid person so I didn’t do well in my exams. In Biochem I got 75% (woo?) as well as in Pharmacology (which I guess equates to a first). Sadly I got 62% in Physiology and 61% in Cells to Systems which are like a bad 2-1 in both of them. My average was like 68.25% which is EVEN WORSE! Bleh. (Is anyone even reading at this point any more?)

I guess some of my coursework is all right as a lot of them have been A – A++ (which is 70+%) while sadly one piece was a B+ (65- 70%) and then test I got maybe a B…. gross (a B is 60 – 65%) so I guess it’s going well, but not great. I know, gross right?

I joined a fencing society! So now I fence, with swords! I’m apparently sort of good at it and I’ve found myself applying to be on the committee next year… wait, what? I thought I was really lazy and didn’t do any work? Yeah, mildly bullied/ pressured into it. I’m sure it’ll look good on my UCAS CV.

The food in halls is very hit and miss so I go through great periods of starvation and then have like one meal and rinse and repeat, it’s sort of gross how much I eat now. Too much.

I’ve recently gotten into Death From Above 1979. Seriously, listen to them, they’re AWESOME!!!! Like, amazing.

I’m also going to see General Fiasco in Feb with my friends Holly and Neil (Although Holly may drop out so I’ll have to find someone else)

Other than all that, I’m fine.

Punch you in the face!

Talk about a blast from the past, eh?

Anywho, as per normal, I forget when I last posted! AH HA HA! It’s all this other stuff I do, you know, becoming a super hero by night and a simple minded student by day.

So, I think I didn’t talk about the first General Studies exam… Funnily enough, I stopped the day before it.

So, I had a general studies exam about Culture and immigrants ‘n’ them BLOODY IMMIGRANTS TAKING ALL OUR JOBS BECAUSE THEY DO A BETTER JOB AT LOWER WAGES! SILLY ME AND MY SILLY WORKING CLASS FAILURE! (oops, I think I showed a bit too much views… e.g. BLOODY LOWER CLASSES!!!)

Blargle snap, school life… Mrs Smith kinda pissed me off and everyone else as she made fun of those who didn’t know how to answer any questions, THAT’S BECAUSE YOU’RE A CRAP TEACHER MRS! It’s not entirely our fault, sure some of it is… BUT then attention spans can only be put to so much stress until it snaps from boredom… see, that was KINDA physics…

Anywho, Maths Core 2 exam was FUCKING EVIL! Well I say it was FUCKING EVIL! However, I think the first half was fairly okay… but the last question and a bit, just twisted my entire view of it… but then I think I know I’m getting a C at this point, I know I got about 15 marks dropped, taking me down already to 80% so there is definitely a lot of marks to be lost….

Biology Unit 1 retake, YEAH MATES. I thought this was quite an easy exam, it was a 75 minute exam, and I had 30 minutes to burn… trust me, 30 minutes in an exam is FUCKING LONG! (Longer than downstairs 😉 ) The chair was SO MUCH LOWER than normal ones… so my knees were together, and my legs and feet were pointing out from the sides… I went a bit OCD towards the end, in how I was PERFECTLY arranging my desk… so EVERYTHING was PERFECTLY in line, and ONLY just touched…

Others frowned on the fact that I had time to spare, it is however, fun to watch people frantically writing, FOR ABOUT 5 seconds, then it gets boring…. REALLY boring… Straight after my exam I went with “the lads” into Fram. We went to the castle and ladded about…. LADS!

Around 12-ish, some of us headed back. I saw Ben and for the third or maybe fourth time wished him good luck, so if he failed… He let it all go to waste, or I’m not very lucky… During this time, Joel and I went down to Fram (I’m a walking MACHINE) and got some pizza! The classics exam STILL wasn’t over by the time we got back, we left at 1pm got back at like…. 1:40pm… WALKING MACHINES!

I chatted with Max and distracted him from his wonderful revision, cause I’m cool like that 😉 Anywho, chatting and chatting, suddenly the classics people were coming out. So we got some classics chat about how Calypso is a smokin’ hotty who gives you immortality as well as Sexy time… that’s what I gathered from Ben and Jagger… sounds like a party?

Chloé turned up and Max, Chloé and I all talked for some time, Ben sat and talked in some CRAZY made up language to himself… I think I forgot he was there for one second…. maybez…. Max left to go do something with Mr Halls 😉 so everyone went silent with revision… being me, I didn’t want to revise… I was forced to.

My sister got Mario Kart Wii, my brother and I are basically awesome at it, he’s better… I normally fail cause I’ll get Thunder bolted, Pow Blocked, red shelled and then barged out of the way a few times…. so I go from 1st to like 10th (out of 12th) on the last lap, on the final straight, trust me… happens ALL the time!

Wednesday I had some time until I had to leave, so my brother and I played some more Mario Kart, we were DESTROYING it, in a 10 race competition, we BOTH got over 100 points, where first is 15, second is 12 and 3rd is 10…. The next highest was like 58…

I went to school, saw Max, talked to Max (obviously I went to the common room and talked to Nat Fairs for a bit) then Joel and Chloé arrived from going into Fram. Then there was SOME talking, mostly Physics revision….. I didn’t… so I = slightly bored. Anywho, the science Mock exam, it was about SIMPLE Chemistry, where  the source material would only help with like 25% of the questions, unlike the Culture one…. The questions at the end were annoying… for all of them I could do the first 17 mark question fairly well… However, the second question of the water one and the Technology one I wasn’t very sure on…

So I went for the good ol’ artificial insemination one! Oh, how I must be crazy. It was funny watching as those that STORMED the culture one taking AGES to get to the essays at the end… At least, I thought it was…..

Today! My brother and I played more Mario Kart… He then planned to go into Ipswich and I tagged along. My brother managed to get the train time an hour early… or an hour late, and neither of us had our phones… On the other side of the road, next to a pub… There was a park… Being the teenagers we are, we thought nothing better than seeing how badly we can NEARLY kill ourselves…

There was one of those swing things where the seat is a big round thing… and your friend(s) push, and eventually get to the point where they have to jump to push… Well, I was sitting on it, and my brother was pushing, to the INSANE! We tried to make it as extreme as possible… there were times where I couldn’t even lift my head due to the Gs… then there also sitting up and trying not to die… lying in the middle not holding on… Lying on the side, lying on my front with my face poking out so I get the floor charging at me, sitting in the middle with my legs crossed without holding on. For the last one I took my shoes off… so the next challenge was for me to put my shoes on whilst being pushed on it…

Towards the end, my brother went INSANE and started to push me to angles of like 130 degrees… I struggled to lift a shoe sometimes… There was also this small disc that spun round… I sat on it, and my brother spun me, it gets to the point where it takes your entire muscle force to stop yourself from flying off and snapping your neck on some kind of epic neck grind.

I accidentally leant my neck back a SMALL bit… so it went all SUDDENLY CRAZAY! Who said kid’s play parks weren’t fun… the train eventually arrived…

So when we arrived, we looked around TK Max, for the lulz…. my brother then FUCKED OFF for a hair cut leaving me to keep myself entertained for a RANDOM amount of time… I said, “I’ll meet you in HMV, or maybe Gamestation” so I went to get a Milkshake and walked around in circles as I attempted to suck up my Minstrel Milkshake, although, the large chunks left me to chug it…

I then spent like 20 maybe 25 minutes standing in HMV… luckily the second I was about to leave, and then he turned up… We looked at Sun glasses, I found some that I’ll get my mum to buy… we then got comics, mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm comics. Then, whilst buying bags of winegums… the 200g ones… which were £1 we spotted that a 600g BOX of winegums costs £2… it didn’t take me long to work out that It’s a FREAKING awesome deal!

So then I played more Mario Kart Wii with my brother and ordered some stuff!

So now I have a day and a bit (being half term) to try and revise…

I also played Mass Effect as well where I suddenly aquirred some Master Spectre weapons, which ROCK! I’ve only done two missions… well technically 3… cause I’m cool I got 150 kills with Sniper rifles because It’s EZ!


Is this my first long blog in like what? 2 weeks? oopsies…. Well I could write a long list of lame arse excuses…. So I will:

  • I had exams. Yes, I had two exams, but that is hardly an excuse mostly because I did no revision for them.
  • Maplestory. Yeah, Maplestory released something new…. that rocks so I am leveling a lot… which only happens like… once in every 4 years… the last time this happened… was when I first joined the game…..
  • I was too lazy. Whenever I did get round to just internet browsing, I would think about writing a new blog post, but I would always think that there would be too much to write… Ironically, the more I put it off, the more I have to write about. Yet I can still miss out about all of it and just cram it all down.

I shall start with, my exams. Yes, I had two exams (as about… two thirds of my readers know (the other third being Kevin or Sean)), these were science exams. Overall I could give it some thumbs up, but I still have that slight bit of doubt in my head that comes from overall doing 1 hour of revision for the two of them. There isn’t really more to say about them….

Where next? I’m not ACTUALLY sure…. Spluh, gaming…. Okay, Maplestory… supermega woo and blah blah blah. Moving on, Disgaea 2…. is still super awesome and I still slightly wet myself at the opening sequence… It will be another week until I can get another go on it…. But… I can wait…. Maybe I should just melt down the CD and inject it straight into my veins…. I hope we get Disgaea on DS…. Like Japan have… Mostly because my Disgaea disc isn’t read anymore…. and I was near the end… I just didn’t realise how sexy making towers is…. Towers of about…. 10 people…. with a french frog on top…. I swear for the last week, I’ve had some kind of thought on my head to put a video on…. but I’ve completely forgotten…. in fact, I might not have…. Maybe it is because I am tired.

Speaking of tired, tomorrow my Grandparents are going to come to my house and be annoying…. Just by being old people, that snore, and make odd noises…. and mean I can hear the TV through the entire house….. But that is what laptops are for. Also, come Sunday, I’m going to stay up all night just to see what effect it has on my school work. Also to see if anyone notices these so called “bags under the eyes” which I can only assume come from not sleeping for 24 hours or more….

During this period… I will probably level at least once on Maplestory (and by then catch up with Rob of Awesome) I will hopefully play a lot of FF IX and get a lot of pictures drawn. Heck, I might even get out that old dusty thing called “Latest idea that wont last” but it would be better if I could get the Ben-checked version of it back…. I need to start coming up with ideas for chapters… and ways of making it longer…. at least 200 pages, maybe even 300. The worst thing is, I plan on making it a Trilogy due to the way the 1st will end and then also the way the 2nd will end. Even then, I think the 3rd is going to end on a bad note…. but the third I only have the ending planned out in my head. The one I am currently doing, I’ve gotten a lot more characters planned out, I think I’ve gotten…. 2 more chapters planned, a twist in the plot and the ending…. oh… and another chapter…. so that gives an extra 5 chapters to my story… making it 7…. if anything… I need to get it to 10… at the very very least… I think the 2nd would be longer because that will split into lots of smaller stories as the characters trek through this area. I mean currently, it is really just following one person…. the main Character…. OH! 8th chapter thought of… I need to write these down or something….. I’m now really trying hard to think of some more chapters…. Oh, duh…. How could I forget about that chapter, 9th… Hmmm I think I have a 10th…. but that could merge into the 9th…. I might have to talk it over with Ben, probably in Physics…

Onward to school. Currently, Drama is getting better, my ideas are FINALLY being listened to, it would also seem that left to our own devices, everyone sucks… and the second Miss Archer comes in it goes from floating heads talking to a full FMV. My butt hurts by the way….

Art, I thought I knew what I was doing, but that changed when this lesson I really did sweet eff aye all lesson agian… French is as worrying as ever. Maths is as I-want-to-stab-Nathan-in-the-dumb-face as always. Media is a bit iffy… DT, is somewhat better…. I’ve just realised how far behind I am…. as well as the lack of time I have… I need to mark my wood up a bit more… but currently… I need a straight edge to draw from… A daytum edge if you will, haw hee haw hee haw….. Science, I got completely lost in Chemistry (first) for I have no idea what we are meant to be researching. I’ve got the rough gist of the Dynamic Equilibrium…. or at least the Equilibrium bit, not sure what makes one type so Dynamic… I get that on either side there shouldn’t be anything added or taken away… as with EVERY chemical reaction… or everything in general when turning one thing to another… well in an ideal world where nothing is lost via boiling or is stuck to the items used to transfer. It might help if Andy didn’t fall behind a lot of the time due to the fact that he has to make his work bloody Calligraphy! I wouldn’t dare like to think how he is going to cope with Uni life when it is writing very quick sprawled notes and then copy to neat later… but then, I hope I still care as little as I do know about Andy in the future….. He seems to have gotten a big bowl of hate recently as well….

The new French assistant lady… is REALLY MEAN! She is sooo rude… I didn’t understand something very well, so I struggled and she then went “NO, Listen to my question (French here) now (French here).” After more struggling she went, “(French here) is what is YOUR name, so (more french here) is….” She was soo mean and had to pick me first so I had no idea what she was asking…

Table-tennis is over!!!!!!!!! NO!!!!!!!! Although, I was getting a little bit bored… although, I would hate to think what I am going to have to do now…. it is still too cold to do anything outside….

In other news, I recently discovered that I could move music from my MP3 ONTO my computer… meaning, I know have lots more music from my brother’s computer on mine… AT LAST. So I have a lot of Rage Against the Machine (blocked on the school computers (LOL)), R.E.M (not R.A.M (Relative Atomic Mass (Or Random Access Memory)), Arcade Fire and Air Traffic, oh and some more Franz Ferdinand. I just need to put some of the Queens of the Stone Age stuff I don’t have, some of the Feeder, the one Album of Muse I never got round to putting on my computer… I think the odd song hither and dither…. that is all I can really think of.

Well, with my butt having NO feeling AT ALL I shall cut this short…. see you some other time… maybe tomorrow… maybe Saturday… Most likely Sunday….

Well, I am currently on some kind of sugar high. I’ve eaten about 72 blue smarties…. and I’m cold and my knee hurts…. ANYWHO! Moving on…. Before I crash and smash my face on my keyboard and THIS happens to me!

Well, had the rest of my mocks…. they sucked…. specially my second English…. and stuff…. I got the results back for my Physics… I got an A (shocking) and my guess on Anti-static sprays got me the mark I was hoping for! French dumb paper…. I got 2 Ds… one was a high D (1 mark of a C (being the highest mark)) but Ds none the less… heehehehe… I got Double Ds… and no support what-so-ever. English…. looked like I had 89%…. which was an uber high A, I worked it out, I actually had 57 not 67…. silly Mrs Peers…. which brought me down to a high B after I told her and went through the explanation of WHY it was a B and not an A…. What was fun, was when we went round the class and asked two questions… one was, “What do you want for christmas?” I said, “Some Friends.” Which I found the reaction High-larious! Others (like Nathan Jest) said, “I already know what i’m getting, I found the presents.”. The second question was, “Who are you taking to Prom?” Most people said, “Friends.” a few said, “Myself.” or “Not sure.” I said, “My shadow.” and there was once another uproar….. oh the fun….

Onto other business… Maplestory has decided to have 12 hour Times 2 experience sessions on Thrusday, Friday, Saturday AND Sunday…. the problem is that Nexon (owners of Maple) hate Europe and anyone NOT American living on the west coast…. so for them it starts at 9:00am and ends 9:00pm (duh) but for me, 5:00pm and ends 5:00am. This explains why I am up this late on a Friday evening…. Yesterday I leveled… and again today… but the maps I train on if I go in the wrong bit I pretty much die instantly… yay….. so I will level up two more times!!!!!!! woop!

That is all that I can really think of at this moment… I think I might get some sleep before the next day…..

Oh another thing is…. I haven’t had a single view today…. when I checked a few minutes ago… oh… it’s Saturday…. my mistake…..
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