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Firstly, wow, Where the heck have I been for the past month? Well, I’m not entirely sure… it started off as Easter Holidays, this then merged into panic… So really, I have been doing a lot of coursework for the past two weeks… and guess what… Prepare to get a LONG arse blog consisting of one months worht of life… WHORAY for you!

So where to start? At the End? Of course not, that would just be silly… The start is where I shall start… so, on the very first friday of Easter Holidays, my computer had finally been affected by a virus, so it took about two days  to fix it. When I got back to my beloved computer and after having a rather… interment moment, I hopped onto firefox to find out it no longer works… I have no idea  WHY! It seems to only load when I open shizzle in new tabs… otherwise it does nothing… Some form of proxy error? I dunno… I’m not a genius!

So, the next thing that happened as far as I can remember… I went to that land known as Nowrich to do some shopping for once… and that is not all… there just so happened to be a pokemon event going on in a Game that just so happened to be near the Bus stop and I JUST so happened to have brought my DS… So… FUCK YEAH! I got a Shaymin! Other than that… Norwich wasn’t that important…

Next thing that was of any importance was the wonderful weekend… that was anything BUT wonderful, the friday started with me heading off to my grandparents house, which was like, 3 hours of reading… not bad… However, by the end, I had like 10 pages left. By about Saturday noon, I’d finished it… and I admitidly went quite VERY teary eyed at one point, then again slightly later… GREATEST. SERIES. OF. BOOKS. EVER! A must read, the Black Magician Trilogy… However, the new book I’m reading… is super, mega, DULL! I’m three chapters in… NOTHING has happened… AT ALL! There are like two paragraphs per page… it is in first person… which isn’t bad, but you seem to get EVERYTHING in super fine description… The only thing that has happened is that the main character broke some guys fingers because he was following her… She hasn’t even left the first city yet, and in like the first two pages she was told to leave the city on something… WHY! Plus, I think she is meant to be of higher class… meaning she has to describe EVERYTHING so elequently… yet she still tries to be all mean and stuff… like a rough diamond… NO ONE wants them… I’m currently reading this at about 1 page per day… Black Magician Trilogy about 20 pages per day… Black Magician Trilogy > This book which has something about a mirage in it…

Back to my grandparents, the saturday we decided to leave them to wollow in their own misery and go into Burton to look about the shops… I got my book… I also saw that they sold Bleach Manga up to Volume 24… ish. I was shocked… So I flicked through quickly as my mum was buying the stuff… with the sort of geeky gleam in my eye and a slim smile across my face… Then we got a drink… Upon arrival I was forced to spend time with them because I would feel bad if I just shut my self up in the room I was provided… So I ended up staring into space for a fair bit. The day, being Sunday… specifically EASTER Sunday… I woke up at 8:30, then lazed about for a bit until we got some eggs… then suffered a visit from my great Aunt and her man-friend… (Have no idea what is up with that). Then after a grueling meal we high tailed it out of there and headed home… doesn’t sound like a bad weekend? Well, it was… To describe my grandparents… well, my grandmother talks over people, will say, “would you like some more” and no matter what you say there will be on your plate… She is poor of hearing, and repeats herself at least 5 times in about… 2o minutes… My Granddad is VERY negative, the entire time he was in pain and stuff, he was sleeping on the sofa… not of our choice… and whenever my mum asked about it, he would just say he is getting old then talk about how he is dying and such. He is VERY annoying… To the point of STABBING! My great Aunt… has a laugh that could murder someone… She is rather zaney… but better than her brother… my grandfather… her manfriend… aka Roy… is a fairly pleasant chap… he is well mannered… reminds me of the shorter of the two Ronnies… and seems normal… Oh, btw… all on my mums side…

From then, I started my no sleep for the lolz thing… I managed to rack up 90 hours, I wanted to go 100 hours, but then I would be at noon, and I wouldn’t be able to sleep then, meaning it would be like 110 hours… more impressive… but I was running out of sugar… I also feared Diabetes… so… VOILA:
90 Hours makes bags go half way around face...

90 Hours makes bags go half way around face…

So I got 5 hours of sleep to fix this problem, which we then went to Ipswarch. We walked about a bit, then went off to get me a suit. This was a fun experience… I was called Sir… plus, nice fancy jackets apparently work with Pac-man T-shirts. So I think I have a gray waist coat, a gray bowtie, black fancy jacket, trousers, shirt… and yes… I will litterally ROAST in my own sweat… I still need to get some shoes, at this rate I r wearing Converse… I think bank holiday I r getting me some shoes… I also got me some funky socks…

We then played badminton on another day which was fun and stuff! Uh… yeah…

Overall, apart from the three times I went out, or 4 times… I stayed at home playing Maple that was slowly lagging more and more… Plus using Opera… which is HORRIBLE! (ow, my ankle is KILLING ME!!!!!! SO MUCH PAIN! IT HURTS! Damn arthiritus…) so my Easter was very un-eventful.

On the last Sunday, I started my non-stop workathon… I started with some Art, then got on with my French Revision. Monday, I did a bit of revision, then went to that French thing… and afterwards did more art… It may be due to the sudden summer… but I seem to sweat SOOOOOOO much now… even if I virtually kill myself via Deoderant… I can understand my room… it is an oven… but that French thing… I had my elbows pinned to my side to hide the fact that I had big sweat patches…

Tuesday was… FUN! Rounders was a blast, Biology something happened, then the others some other stuff happened… Wednesday, some Chemistry happened… Some DT happened, Some Media happened and then my French speaking happened… it was HORRIBLE! At the end Miss Osiow said I could’ve done better, did horrible on the questionnaires… she was giving me disaproving looks the entire time… Thursday was some Art, Drama we did some DT and started to varnish it after making out hiding in a cupboard for a while from the arsehole Year 10s… Other lessons were horrible. Friday was fun, can’t remember the first ones… Physics was awesome, I managed to learn about logic gates in 5 minutes… then spend 90 minutes doing NOTHING! the rest of the day was… none exsistant…

The weekend was more work…. through most of this time I had been doing Media, DT and art. Monday, nothing much… Tuesday, did badminton, was okay, got whooped by Mr Harding… Bio… something happened and then I was sitting next to Ned… which was fun, makes me look forward to Sixth From where Ned and I share the same lessons… So… the rest was boring… WEDNESDAY! This was ART! ART! AND AAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRT! Lamez… I did a bit more DT… I EVEN FINISHED IT! (there will be a bigger picture dump (lol dump) at the end.) Thursday was more Art and stuff… TODAY (Today all ready?) Well, I was told to find Miss Goodwin to hand in my Media before the assembly, after the notices I went to the Staff room, she had gone to the assembly… Then, in Maths, she came to hunt me down and decided to be a whore about it… and blamed me for her not being there when I went to see her… I tried to get it all out at Break… in panic… the printer ran out of paper, there was no paper around… I printed like 3 of the same thing… (eyes hurt now) Then the bell went, EVEN MORE PANIC, left for the photo…

This was funny, I was… high middle… ish… but my height changed reguarly to stay with Nico… Or I’d get lonesome… (Peter has AWFUL Teeth) I stood like 3rd row from top… with some annoying Year 10 on my left, then Nico behinde me, Becky thomas to the Right, Rose in front as well as Natalie… it was easy to pass the time… The best part was when the hat man wanted to name and shame the Sixth Former, Zack in UVI (aka Miss Fletcher’s Toy Boy… or something like that), by getting him to put his hand up… instead everyone cheered… Never has a picture been so horrible… just the attitude of everyone… probably because we’d been roasting, our knees had fused to one and it was just boring… but still… We got 30 minutes extra lunch… which is good, cause it took me an hour to hand in my media… My group managed to lose our folder… which means ALL of the yellow sheets keeping a record of what we have done is now lost…. So there is a nice D for me… I also have nearly finished the paper sides of my DT… Then, I will be in the clear… I may finally be able to rest…

Okay, now to more General things. I started playing Fable 2, quite fun… see here for more… You may also have noticed a change to the links… take a ganderr…. I have also had like two Weezer songs STUCK in my head, Hash Pipe, We’re All on Drugs (aka We’re All in Love) oh… and also Perfect Situation… so that is three… (soooo hot right now…) Plus… I got some FMA… Also, it looks like Pushing Daisies is over… Sad face… and Flight of the Conchords is coming back… Happy face…




So… yeah… That is done… and so is this, not as long as I’d expected… really hot right now… so cba to spell check…

Okay… because I am boring, and I need to maybe shower… depending on how I feel. Well, in recent WORLD WIDE news…. My DT thing is VERY MUCH PUT TOGETHER!!!! (FF7 Fanfare plays) All that is left to do is sand it…. maybe put some (or a lot) of filler in… probably sand it again, then…. VARNISH!!!!!!1 Then I take pictures and cover it in…. uh…. But yeah… after Easter… we have like that one week to do it… In theory, if it is made a two man job… then it can be done well quickerz.

I have pretty much done all (well, most) the work I set out to do. I need to make a graph for my chemistry… then it will be done… apart from all the media (That reminds me….) and the art…. meh….

DT we got these revision guides… they have the worst jokes of them all… Ned was in hysterics the entire time!

Durrrr *drools* *and some more* Other thann that… I can’t really remember much… however, This is what media was….:

Urr.... yeah....

Urr.... yeah....

So… yeah….

Thursday was the normal super mega dull, Nathan-stabbing-in-the-eye-but-not-really-if-only-i-had-the-guts day…. French I destroyed my log book with the use of a compass and lots of holes… and MANLY STRENGTH!!! GURRR!!!!!! *rips off shirt* … I’m cold now….

And so… I leave you with a DT lesson….

Left to right: Me, Ben, Ned, Max and DT Girl...

Left to right: Me, Ben, Ned, Max and DT Girl...

Time to shower….

(I might change links on images at some point (probably not) and also the Link to Max’s blog at some point…. (*mumble*))

So… today was meant to be the day of coursework…. However, this ended up taking a rather severe blow…. I was meant to do a bit of DT, do a lot of Media…. and if I was up to it, which I’m not, some Art…. Problems with all 3…. Dt, I don’t have my 3 designs, so I can’t compare them to the specs out of memory…. Media, I have NO idea which ‘The Orphanage’ Trailer I needed to work on…. So if I go with the wrong one… it could be bad… maybe…. Then Art… well… I have a bunch of stuff to do… like…. well, I need to take a load of pictures which I will do soon…. at least whilst the light is still good and natural, I think I also need to do some tonal studies and some artist research. I’m not sure if I need to do both of the last two…. but I think it was going to be one…. at the very least…. The small bits of Art are meant in for Tuesday… then I need to get more done for Thursday….

Well, whilst on the theme of art…. LOOKIE!!!!

So.... What do ya think?

So.... What do ya think?

So for Art I had to do some work on other Cultures… what better thing to do other than Ulquiorra? I did it all in black pen… a black pen that was breaking every few seconds….. my current main idea… is somewhat comic book based… and I hope it comes out as well as I can imagine it…. the main problem I have come to at the moment is:

A: Filling space in the bottom panel

B: Doing a tonal panel in anime style WITHIN the time limit…

Currently… I really need to get some pictures… of me TT.TT Which no one likes… specifically… pictures of me… in the wind…. hair blowing in the wind…. just ONE part…. I dunno how I am gonna do that…. I’ll get my sister to do it… or something….  I need to finish this Blog quickly before the sun sets….

What else? Media…. This is beginning to suck…. We have nearly finished our thing… when I say that… I mean, we I have done our poster:

The poster would be here had I actually saved it in a JPEG or any other picture format….

I, ended up making the most of it and supervising the rest…. The problem is, these sheets we are given, make it sound like the work we did was all even… whilst Ellie hasn’t done a thing… shown in a little comic I made… but I can’t scan it in because my mum has been on the computer ALL WEEK!!!! I could take a photo… however, that wouldn’t work…. because you can’t see any of the text….

DT! What fun! At the beginning of the week my product was doing awesome back flips of justice and sex…. I had some awesome rings… I had painted my rings…. I had then stuck one half of the rings down…. THEN! SOME DOUCHE decided to steal one… meaning Miss Thompson made another, it isn’t the same size as the others… OR the same shade of blue… this is more of a… purple… and there is also glue EVERYWHERE now…. Still behind on my coursework… actually… I’m not THAT far behind… I just need to do… like 2 sheets, REDO my entire Plan… or at least finish it… then I have like 5.3 – 6.3 to do… which really require me to finish my actual project… however, at this rate… I wont be taking it home ’till after The Easter Holidays… so…. I am gonna have to bring in a bunch of DVDs (Bleach FMA….) and stuff to fill the spaces… it is gonna have to be a day that I don’t have many books… Wednesday…. that day… I only have my DT folder… every other day I have either Art or French to crush things….

The sun is quickly diminishing…. uh… the overall week has been okay… Tuesday had the dreaded Maths Mock… My revision had literally been on the day… but I was in a sleepy state when I did it…. I thought it went balls up…. it did… I only got 98 marks… for an A you need 98…. so…. I actually NEED to revise… which means, the weekend after Prom… I am going to have to revise… and ONLY revise… maybe play some maple in the afternoon/evening if I am bored, to GPQ or if there is 2x exp…. or if my brother is at work so I can play some Disgaea 2…. Then there is all that time staring into the distance… maybe I will have Bleach Season 2 by then (I would hope so) so I can watch that whilst revising… and season 1….

Speaking of Bleach! Bleach Chapter 351 was a big let down… there was no plot development… it showed some awesome Ichigo bits… and gave me a theory which I will post in a second with a giant POSSIBLE SPOILER heading…. I had been looking forward to Bleach Chapter 351 ALL week… However, Bleach Episode 107…. was quite cool. Ichinose turned out to be alive… but not anymore as he went spiralling  off into the distance spuming blood everywhere, Karyia revealed his bount (Which is FUGLY) and yet… with two episodes left to the series… Ichigo and Karyira STILL haven’t started to properly fight… like the sort of fight that you get to see… there was a small bit that got spoken over by Toushiro or someone…. so… as if they were watching, but they weren’t….


I think the problem is that we know what is now going to happen… Ulquiorra is gonna get completely destroyed… Ichigo has no human conscious at the moment… Orihime is going to get scared and worried… then Ichigo’s mask will break… Orihime will freak out because Ichigo is now very scary… Ichigo may have hurt Uryruu or someone during the battle… or Ichigo got too crazy so people are going to be fighting him instead… he will end up badly hurting Orihime or Rukia… his mask will break… he will fall to the floor… all deep and emotional and stuff…. (That is my prediction)

Or! Orihime is going to protect Ulquiorra from Ichigo’s Cero…. then the above is gonna happen and stuff….


I have recently played a bit more Tales of Symphonia… 2 player with my sister… who sucks at the game… never playing with her again…. Today I played a bit more Final Fantasy IX and I must be nearing the end…. I think I’m on disc 3 of 4…. and normally the 4th disc is the final Dungeon and all the things you can do to get final weapons and stuff….

Not sure what else to say… I’m going to go take some pictures (I have no idea what of) whilst the sun is out, then I’m going to try and get my Media done… I need to get that done BEFORE 7:30… the 2x exp starts at 8:00 (I think) and I need to get there early to get a map… plus I need to bathe… so I’ll be in a towel most of the 2x exp….

Let me leave you with this god among men…

Uh, here is the media comic I was talking about….

Left to Right - Ellie, Me (Chris) and Cheyenne

Left to Right - Ellie, Me (Chris) and Cheyenne

To sleep now in the fire.

Okay, well, I was too tired yesterday to really post anything. Which was annoying. This meant I got an early sleep, before midnight, and a late rise, 7:15am…. this meant, the bags under my eyes pretty much melted… I did have like GIANT bags under my eyes before I fell asleep, and in the morning they were big enough for Callum to notice… which was hawt. Wednesday morning that is…

Wednesday was the Art trip (woo?). The trip there was a bit lame, I ended up reading and listening to my MP3 player and fighting the sleep, this was all fine and dandy like sugar and sweets… until my MP3 died on me… So I had no loud music to keep me up… I fought the urge to talk to Stacey, who was sitting next to me. So I glanced out the window a lot. When we arrived at the Tate Britain, we walked up the stairs… then were told about some times… we walked about the Gallery a bit… I heard a small child look at a picture of the civil war and say, “I think that is the first world war” which made my laugh maniacally. We did have to draw some things, I did one decent drawing, one rather rushed out line then worked into drawing, that then got smudged and now looks shit, and one crap drawing of a crap picture by Tracey Emmins…

After a while we ate lunch on the steps then headed off to the boat. We were “lucky” enough to go on the second boat, so the boat with most my friends on, Tom, Calum… Connell, I missed out on. The boat trip takes 20 minutes, and there is a boat every 40 minutes… so, after a bunch of waiting, and then an awesome boat ride with Rose, Hannah and Lucy we finally arrived at the Tate Modern… an HOUR after everyone else…

The Tate Modern is…. weird… there is a bunch of mutilation pieces and all sorts… some of it was cool, others just made me angry, e.g. a red canvas with a darker shade of red line going down the very right hand side, the line being like 3cm wide… the canvas was quite big by the way. There was a funny sign on the floor saying “Please do no touch”… I spent a lot of time trying to track down Tom…. And when I did find him, it turned out the thing on the agenda was kissing Bethany… this took a long time…. and then from then on…. it didn’t stop…

I managed to swap buses so I was on Tom’s Bus which was much better. I then got to see Tom and Calum playing the “Nervous Game” with Sarah and Bethany… so it is pretty much the “Get your crotch felt up a lot until you* get an erection and then move off game”. After a long trip of boredom and hard to see shenanigans we eventually had a restroom stop… me being the Camel like thing I am meant that I had gone from like 6:30am to about…. 9:30 PM, without really peeing or drinking… or eating…. But Calum and Bethany swapped places… so Tom and Bethany were eating each other the entire trip. Connell pretended to phone Tom’s mum then, after getting his mobile number from Tom, I started to text Connell pretending to be Gary (Tom’s step-dad) which made Connell worry… a lot. This banter and threats in texts went on to about 11pm… where I told him to stop the nonsense and apologize to Tom… Which he did then we broke the funny news to him.

Thursday, other than having that, was pretty boring REALLY. Art was the same old. Drama was freaking hilarious. Mostly because two groups ended up having one person turn up for rehearsals. This being Mac’s group and my group… we being the only ones that turned up. This made Miss Archer VERY angry… it then caused my group to have a feud for about 30 minutes involving Lydia storming out, me just laughing silently not really giving a second thought about the matter and just mentally going over my lines. Eventually Lydia came back in but when saying her lines it was all monotone, quick and annoying… she also forgot a lot of them. She claimed she “Wasn’t in the mood for drama”. She eventually came about when we had like 10 minutes left…. I don’t know which I hate more, Depressed Lydia, or normal Hyper Lydia….

Maths involved more easy stuff and Nathan not understanding the concept of finding a freaking common denominator!!!!! He just read it as always do this and this… never realising that if you already have 4 as both the denominators, you don’t need to do anything… Then he got confused about multiplying them… and even dividing… he flipped the second fraction… then multiplied it as if it wasn’t.

French meant there was Coursework to be done. I was kinda laughing though… mostly because that lesson made me feel:

A: Like a complete DUMB ARSE! This was mostly because I ended up having to go on the two pushed together tables with the assistant, Chris Adlem, Nathan Smith and James Rogers…. No one else was put onto a table… I couldn’t help but think that Jim probably passed a comment to Chloe about our stupidity or something. So far though, I am certain I am the smartest on the table, excluding the assistant, at French… i have also, after using the dictionary to translate EVERY word, gotten it all right. Occasionally the assistant will look at my work, pull my paper away, read it, then give it back saying it is all correct… I only asked for one thing with help, which turned out to be correct anyway.

I ended up doing DT after school as well, this was VERY fun. I marked out some more stuff… Then I waited for about half an hour for Miss Thompson to get all the stuff for the Router… this part didn’t go well… the Jig thing we used… sucked… It got tighter as you went along….so you had to wiggle…. it also meant that neither Ned nor I could get a straight line… instead… we got plenty of messed up lines and I am going to need a lot of filler…. I also got a whole loud of wood up my sleeve AND covering my bag… and me….

Upon arriving home… I did nothing… then I wrote some more of my book! That is write! I managed to get 481 words into Chapter 3… and so far… no action! What on the earth? However, I have partially introduced the Ned like character, aka Mr. X now known as Kevin….


Is this my first long blog in like what? 2 weeks? oopsies…. Well I could write a long list of lame arse excuses…. So I will:

  • I had exams. Yes, I had two exams, but that is hardly an excuse mostly because I did no revision for them.
  • Maplestory. Yeah, Maplestory released something new…. that rocks so I am leveling a lot… which only happens like… once in every 4 years… the last time this happened… was when I first joined the game…..
  • I was too lazy. Whenever I did get round to just internet browsing, I would think about writing a new blog post, but I would always think that there would be too much to write… Ironically, the more I put it off, the more I have to write about. Yet I can still miss out about all of it and just cram it all down.

I shall start with, my exams. Yes, I had two exams (as about… two thirds of my readers know (the other third being Kevin or Sean)), these were science exams. Overall I could give it some thumbs up, but I still have that slight bit of doubt in my head that comes from overall doing 1 hour of revision for the two of them. There isn’t really more to say about them….

Where next? I’m not ACTUALLY sure…. Spluh, gaming…. Okay, Maplestory… supermega woo and blah blah blah. Moving on, Disgaea 2…. is still super awesome and I still slightly wet myself at the opening sequence… It will be another week until I can get another go on it…. But… I can wait…. Maybe I should just melt down the CD and inject it straight into my veins…. I hope we get Disgaea on DS…. Like Japan have… Mostly because my Disgaea disc isn’t read anymore…. and I was near the end… I just didn’t realise how sexy making towers is…. Towers of about…. 10 people…. with a french frog on top…. I swear for the last week, I’ve had some kind of thought on my head to put a video on…. but I’ve completely forgotten…. in fact, I might not have…. Maybe it is because I am tired.

Speaking of tired, tomorrow my Grandparents are going to come to my house and be annoying…. Just by being old people, that snore, and make odd noises…. and mean I can hear the TV through the entire house….. But that is what laptops are for. Also, come Sunday, I’m going to stay up all night just to see what effect it has on my school work. Also to see if anyone notices these so called “bags under the eyes” which I can only assume come from not sleeping for 24 hours or more….

During this period… I will probably level at least once on Maplestory (and by then catch up with Rob of Awesome) I will hopefully play a lot of FF IX and get a lot of pictures drawn. Heck, I might even get out that old dusty thing called “Latest idea that wont last” but it would be better if I could get the Ben-checked version of it back…. I need to start coming up with ideas for chapters… and ways of making it longer…. at least 200 pages, maybe even 300. The worst thing is, I plan on making it a Trilogy due to the way the 1st will end and then also the way the 2nd will end. Even then, I think the 3rd is going to end on a bad note…. but the third I only have the ending planned out in my head. The one I am currently doing, I’ve gotten a lot more characters planned out, I think I’ve gotten…. 2 more chapters planned, a twist in the plot and the ending…. oh… and another chapter…. so that gives an extra 5 chapters to my story… making it 7…. if anything… I need to get it to 10… at the very very least… I think the 2nd would be longer because that will split into lots of smaller stories as the characters trek through this area. I mean currently, it is really just following one person…. the main Character…. OH! 8th chapter thought of… I need to write these down or something….. I’m now really trying hard to think of some more chapters…. Oh, duh…. How could I forget about that chapter, 9th… Hmmm I think I have a 10th…. but that could merge into the 9th…. I might have to talk it over with Ben, probably in Physics…

Onward to school. Currently, Drama is getting better, my ideas are FINALLY being listened to, it would also seem that left to our own devices, everyone sucks… and the second Miss Archer comes in it goes from floating heads talking to a full FMV. My butt hurts by the way….

Art, I thought I knew what I was doing, but that changed when this lesson I really did sweet eff aye all lesson agian… French is as worrying as ever. Maths is as I-want-to-stab-Nathan-in-the-dumb-face as always. Media is a bit iffy… DT, is somewhat better…. I’ve just realised how far behind I am…. as well as the lack of time I have… I need to mark my wood up a bit more… but currently… I need a straight edge to draw from… A daytum edge if you will, haw hee haw hee haw….. Science, I got completely lost in Chemistry (first) for I have no idea what we are meant to be researching. I’ve got the rough gist of the Dynamic Equilibrium…. or at least the Equilibrium bit, not sure what makes one type so Dynamic… I get that on either side there shouldn’t be anything added or taken away… as with EVERY chemical reaction… or everything in general when turning one thing to another… well in an ideal world where nothing is lost via boiling or is stuck to the items used to transfer. It might help if Andy didn’t fall behind a lot of the time due to the fact that he has to make his work bloody Calligraphy! I wouldn’t dare like to think how he is going to cope with Uni life when it is writing very quick sprawled notes and then copy to neat later… but then, I hope I still care as little as I do know about Andy in the future….. He seems to have gotten a big bowl of hate recently as well….

The new French assistant lady… is REALLY MEAN! She is sooo rude… I didn’t understand something very well, so I struggled and she then went “NO, Listen to my question (French here) now (French here).” After more struggling she went, “(French here) is what is YOUR name, so (more french here) is….” She was soo mean and had to pick me first so I had no idea what she was asking…

Table-tennis is over!!!!!!!!! NO!!!!!!!! Although, I was getting a little bit bored… although, I would hate to think what I am going to have to do now…. it is still too cold to do anything outside….

In other news, I recently discovered that I could move music from my MP3 ONTO my computer… meaning, I know have lots more music from my brother’s computer on mine… AT LAST. So I have a lot of Rage Against the Machine (blocked on the school computers (LOL)), R.E.M (not R.A.M (Relative Atomic Mass (Or Random Access Memory)), Arcade Fire and Air Traffic, oh and some more Franz Ferdinand. I just need to put some of the Queens of the Stone Age stuff I don’t have, some of the Feeder, the one Album of Muse I never got round to putting on my computer… I think the odd song hither and dither…. that is all I can really think of.

Well, with my butt having NO feeling AT ALL I shall cut this short…. see you some other time… maybe tomorrow… maybe Saturday… Most likely Sunday….