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So here I thought the last week before the easter holidays would be… fairly relaxed. Not TOO relaxed… but you know… relaxed enough to get by. I was oh so wrong however. Well, first I’ll say my original plan for this week. First, at school, I was going to print off all the pictures I Had ready for art. Decided against it when I was at the end of the day trying to format all the pictures and then realised I had to also re-size them and get them in a good place to cut out etc. So I decided against it. No biggie, I thought, I will just do it at home, it’ll only take like 4 seconds out of my schedule… Oh I was wrong. The printer has no Magenta Ink and is running low on… Cyan I believe…. so that idea part of the plan was THROWN away into the dusk. So after I was meant to have stuck in my pictures, I was going to draw a picture, then do some more of my Media then do a bit more art, my Andy Warhol research, then… I’d be done for the day pretty much, or even week. I mean, afterwards, I’d just have to do a small bit of DT, a bit more Art, and some more Media, the media being copying.


I was wrong. Today I got the wonderful privilege to realise, that this week is going to be like catching your balls in a vice, the vice falling off a cliff with a 1000 tonne wait to it, then whilst the pain slowly came, woodpeckers would fly in and start to peck at the elasticated….. and then an Angry cat would bite them…. and maybe turn sterile just for kicks…. Today, I found out that over the coming week… I need to do:

2 Radio show scripts and analys, copy up about 3 A3 sheets, finish my ‘The Orphanage’ film stuff and probably some more, for Media… all in for at least Wednesday…. the A3 Sheets and radio scripts are Friday.

About, 2 colour pictures, at least two pictures of myself in manga style and Roy Lichtenstein style, Andy Warhol research, 1 tonal study, some notes on about everything, slowly come to realise what I’m going to do for my final piece and know what to do for the bottom panel…. for Art… mostly in for Thursday.

About… 4 A4 sheets of paper and 1 A3 or 2 A3 Sheets of work for DT. Oh, and Finish my actual project….

One Practice essay and a redo of my Romeo and Juliet work…. for English, the Romeo and Juliet for period 5 today, and the other for Friday.

Research and crap loads of work for a redo of my Science in the News for Chemistry…. the title being something about copper in mobile phones being reused. FOR THURSDAY!

French Revision for my speaking… sure it is for after the holidays… but I still need to do some.

I’m sure there was one more… but that has slipped my mind.

So my relaxing week has gone up in my radioactive, sterile flames of my balls…. Today, I ended up NOT getting my photos printed off…. played Rock Band until Dinner… then I got 1 Tonal drawing done… and my media for the day done… started my Andy Warhol stuff, did one page on him…. found out his work is as dull as… art… I have a whole page blank… this is meant to be done for tomorrow…. Tomorrow, I have to…. copy the Media A3 sheets. Maybe do at least 1 radio show and get started or finish my science in the news stuff. Then Wednesday, I need to do more Art, more science and probably more media. THEN Thursday, I need to do that practice essay and any media left unsolved… Friday… I can make that 20% I need on maple… which is like 2 hours of gameplay…. What is worse, is come Friday, not only will I be knackered… but the day after… I am gonna be starting my, sleep for no hours routine… I have made a good haul…. of sugar…. during this whole painful time… the work and the no sleep, I hope to get a few more little sketched comic pages done….

So yeah, I am gonna go with no sleep again… “Why?” Well, because on Maple my friends were talking about how if you go 10 days without sleep, you die…. I instantly saw that as a bet… so I am now going to see how long I can go without sleep…. each morning and night, I will take a photo of my eye to see bags hopefully develop… this is really, when I should do all my art… or even work… but no, it all had to be done BEFORE Easter….

Gawd…. I’m soo… pissed about this work…. that I’ve forgotten what happened… OH! Media, we got told how there is much more work to do… I made a stab at Ellie’s lack of work she has done by saying, “Hey Ellie, don’t you need to analyse your work? Oh wait, that’s right, it’s MY work.” Which I quickly followed with, “Well our work.” Pointing to Cheyenne…. The annoying thing is… I’m showing all the technical PIZAZZ but also losing marks because… well Ellie, on her yellow sheet of keeping track of what work had been done, has written, “Photoshop” each time… we did any of the photoshop stuff…. In our group… we could’ve EASILY got this done quicker… but instead of the group splitting up to do different jobs…. it was more of, we all do one job at one time… meaning there is no change in the “What the group has done” box and the “What I have done” box… although, there should be for Ellie’s but there wont be…. Other than that… not much else in Media.

English, the second I walked in I was given back my crap and told to redo it… so I got sent to the Library to try about 3 computers ’til I found one that worked… rereading that essay… gawd, I sounded like Harry Biford….

Drama…. We were given our marks… oddly enough, Miss Archer gave me some work back that was like 10/20 or something to redo…. in my work, I found a piece she had marked 5/20… WHY  WASN’T I GIVEN THAT BACK?! This was the Blood Brothers work… Why was I never given that… for the time we were doing it… instead it was mostly just the work I wasn’t there for… meaning I got an 8/20 for that one… overall… I got like 78/120 and 27/40 for my practical… so that… is a nice juicy C or lower…. probably a D… sure the marks aren’t definite… but 27/40… to me sounds like a shit mark for the practical….

French was boring… cover lesson, no work done.

Lunch was dull… no one was anywhere, Simon was ill, Ben I can only assume was getting interviewed…. Chloe and the gang were elsewhere…. so I went to finish my English… the Nick was gone… even though it can get… boring talking to him, so I was left, sitting as the noisy crowds slowly made me think more and more of melting puppies and then pouring the melting puppies into their eyes and kicking them whilst they screamed in pain… *cough*

English, handed work back in, got told that I look miserable…. because well, if you don’t know why, you don’t read…. then we did some more notes that I hadn’t done then got given the essay thing to do… god I wish I hadn’t finished my essay at lunch… I could’ve dossed until the end of the lesson… sitting there.. typing eff all….

DT we looked at past papers…. seems like the people that are good at DT (Simon) aren’t good when it comes to the words… so, Ned and mostly I were answering the questions… which is odd… because we are the furthest behind…..

Then the whole ordeal started….. I’m a bit annoyed by daylight savings…. I know have to go through a lot of things and move it forward one hour…. which we all know is freaking annoying…. there should just simply be a “Daylight Savings” button… which when on, adds an hour, and when off…. takes off an hour… or doesn’t have the extra hour… or whatever.

So… tomorrow, be prepared for another blog…. most likely with a little sketch…. If I do enough I might start something… and make it on wordpress or something… not sure how that would work easily…. not as if I can get something in from DeviantArt… I could do some kind of Flickr thing… and just use that… I dunno…

So… this week I will be tired… grouchy… don’t be surprised if I punch you in the face… I’m serious Ben… I will…. don’t make a comment or… I will kill you, AND your boat…

have fun! ^.^

but you’d just want to spoil in to prove I’ve made a big mistake!

So yeah, not exactly sure what to put I just finished watching Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless mind. Which, even though I have it on DVD and have already watched it, was still quite good.

I can’t really think of much that has happened between my last post and saturday today. I mean, Saturday yesterday. The only thing I can really remember is that Media pissed me off because the one piece of coursework I thought I’d done well, Mrs Goodwin decides to tear it appart. Most people at least ONE good comment. Mine was all negative. It is soo annoying. In my print ads I think she wants me to say WHY pink and yellow and purple and stuff are considered Female colours. I don’t know why! That is like asking why a French Stereotype has an onion necklace or the black and white stripe thing…. It is crazy.

Some bits she said were a bit too short but we still have like a word limit of about 500-600 on the bits where we compare two things and then for the analysis of our own it is like 200-300. All in all, I am failing most of my GCSE subjects.

I got my art exam title, “I, mine and me” or something like that. I have mixed feelings about this. It is good because I can have gaming references. I can try and symbolise insomnia. The bad thing is, that I have two main ideas. Both she would say are too messy. My second one I came up for… just out of the blue is crap whilst the other… as with ALL my art pieces, look good in my head, but the second it is on paper it is like shit on stick and you grabbed the wrong end….

We also got to enjoy maths challenge. I don’t care about it really, I did the questions to pass the time. No more no less.

Drama involved spending a whole double lesson working out 1 scene which we still haven’t done because we cold say we have got it, we then try and do it, Lydia/Donna/Sarah will laugh or forget something then they spend like another 5 minutes talking. They just don’t know how to end it but I thought we had come up with an ending at the very beginning. When I remind them of this they just go, “That’s a good idea actually.” Then I am foolish enough to expect to start practising because they are still talking….

French, Same old. Maths, Same old… Quite easy still annoying Nathan who doesn’t seem to be able to work unless it tells him that he has to work this angle with these numbers. He gets royaly messed up when we get the ones where you have to work out something else BEFORE the actual question. Or he looks at the wrong triangle. I’ve decided not to wait up for him in the lessons. I’ll just power through, he can get confussed I laugh silently, yet evily, to myself.

Friday was just the same as ever. As was most of the week. I think, I’m too tired….

I did, however, just spend about an hour and a half just playing tetris… This is what keeps me up for so long. Oh well, I’m sure it will have no affect on me at all.


Is this my first long blog in like what? 2 weeks? oopsies…. Well I could write a long list of lame arse excuses…. So I will:

  • I had exams. Yes, I had two exams, but that is hardly an excuse mostly because I did no revision for them.
  • Maplestory. Yeah, Maplestory released something new…. that rocks so I am leveling a lot… which only happens like… once in every 4 years… the last time this happened… was when I first joined the game…..
  • I was too lazy. Whenever I did get round to just internet browsing, I would think about writing a new blog post, but I would always think that there would be too much to write… Ironically, the more I put it off, the more I have to write about. Yet I can still miss out about all of it and just cram it all down.

I shall start with, my exams. Yes, I had two exams (as about… two thirds of my readers know (the other third being Kevin or Sean)), these were science exams. Overall I could give it some thumbs up, but I still have that slight bit of doubt in my head that comes from overall doing 1 hour of revision for the two of them. There isn’t really more to say about them….

Where next? I’m not ACTUALLY sure…. Spluh, gaming…. Okay, Maplestory… supermega woo and blah blah blah. Moving on, Disgaea 2…. is still super awesome and I still slightly wet myself at the opening sequence… It will be another week until I can get another go on it…. But… I can wait…. Maybe I should just melt down the CD and inject it straight into my veins…. I hope we get Disgaea on DS…. Like Japan have… Mostly because my Disgaea disc isn’t read anymore…. and I was near the end… I just didn’t realise how sexy making towers is…. Towers of about…. 10 people…. with a french frog on top…. I swear for the last week, I’ve had some kind of thought on my head to put a video on…. but I’ve completely forgotten…. in fact, I might not have…. Maybe it is because I am tired.

Speaking of tired, tomorrow my Grandparents are going to come to my house and be annoying…. Just by being old people, that snore, and make odd noises…. and mean I can hear the TV through the entire house….. But that is what laptops are for. Also, come Sunday, I’m going to stay up all night just to see what effect it has on my school work. Also to see if anyone notices these so called “bags under the eyes” which I can only assume come from not sleeping for 24 hours or more….

During this period… I will probably level at least once on Maplestory (and by then catch up with Rob of Awesome) I will hopefully play a lot of FF IX and get a lot of pictures drawn. Heck, I might even get out that old dusty thing called “Latest idea that wont last” but it would be better if I could get the Ben-checked version of it back…. I need to start coming up with ideas for chapters… and ways of making it longer…. at least 200 pages, maybe even 300. The worst thing is, I plan on making it a Trilogy due to the way the 1st will end and then also the way the 2nd will end. Even then, I think the 3rd is going to end on a bad note…. but the third I only have the ending planned out in my head. The one I am currently doing, I’ve gotten a lot more characters planned out, I think I’ve gotten…. 2 more chapters planned, a twist in the plot and the ending…. oh… and another chapter…. so that gives an extra 5 chapters to my story… making it 7…. if anything… I need to get it to 10… at the very very least… I think the 2nd would be longer because that will split into lots of smaller stories as the characters trek through this area. I mean currently, it is really just following one person…. the main Character…. OH! 8th chapter thought of… I need to write these down or something….. I’m now really trying hard to think of some more chapters…. Oh, duh…. How could I forget about that chapter, 9th… Hmmm I think I have a 10th…. but that could merge into the 9th…. I might have to talk it over with Ben, probably in Physics…

Onward to school. Currently, Drama is getting better, my ideas are FINALLY being listened to, it would also seem that left to our own devices, everyone sucks… and the second Miss Archer comes in it goes from floating heads talking to a full FMV. My butt hurts by the way….

Art, I thought I knew what I was doing, but that changed when this lesson I really did sweet eff aye all lesson agian… French is as worrying as ever. Maths is as I-want-to-stab-Nathan-in-the-dumb-face as always. Media is a bit iffy… DT, is somewhat better…. I’ve just realised how far behind I am…. as well as the lack of time I have… I need to mark my wood up a bit more… but currently… I need a straight edge to draw from… A daytum edge if you will, haw hee haw hee haw….. Science, I got completely lost in Chemistry (first) for I have no idea what we are meant to be researching. I’ve got the rough gist of the Dynamic Equilibrium…. or at least the Equilibrium bit, not sure what makes one type so Dynamic… I get that on either side there shouldn’t be anything added or taken away… as with EVERY chemical reaction… or everything in general when turning one thing to another… well in an ideal world where nothing is lost via boiling or is stuck to the items used to transfer. It might help if Andy didn’t fall behind a lot of the time due to the fact that he has to make his work bloody Calligraphy! I wouldn’t dare like to think how he is going to cope with Uni life when it is writing very quick sprawled notes and then copy to neat later… but then, I hope I still care as little as I do know about Andy in the future….. He seems to have gotten a big bowl of hate recently as well….

The new French assistant lady… is REALLY MEAN! She is sooo rude… I didn’t understand something very well, so I struggled and she then went “NO, Listen to my question (French here) now (French here).” After more struggling she went, “(French here) is what is YOUR name, so (more french here) is….” She was soo mean and had to pick me first so I had no idea what she was asking…

Table-tennis is over!!!!!!!!! NO!!!!!!!! Although, I was getting a little bit bored… although, I would hate to think what I am going to have to do now…. it is still too cold to do anything outside….

In other news, I recently discovered that I could move music from my MP3 ONTO my computer… meaning, I know have lots more music from my brother’s computer on mine… AT LAST. So I have a lot of Rage Against the Machine (blocked on the school computers (LOL)), R.E.M (not R.A.M (Relative Atomic Mass (Or Random Access Memory)), Arcade Fire and Air Traffic, oh and some more Franz Ferdinand. I just need to put some of the Queens of the Stone Age stuff I don’t have, some of the Feeder, the one Album of Muse I never got round to putting on my computer… I think the odd song hither and dither…. that is all I can really think of.

Well, with my butt having NO feeling AT ALL I shall cut this short…. see you some other time… maybe tomorrow… maybe Saturday… Most likely Sunday….

Okay, So, I guess I haven’t written a proper blog post since…. Friday? I have a very good explanation for this:

1) Final Fantasy IX is very fun so I got caught up in that

2) I spent a lot of Friday going about the world of Maple with Bethany and Max, and getting the feeling of the fifth wheel… or in this case 3rd… on a bike…. it doesn’t matter though, they’ll never read this ^^

3) Maplestory = Addictive, Unfortunately, I have started to go all grinding on my bandit…. HOWEVER, this isn’t my main, Stupid events making me have to NOT be where I would normally be…. I think, I might be able to train him some more on…. about, the start of the Xmas hols, which i’ll start on the Friday, to see how long I can go without any sleep…. I think I’ll “Twitter” The occasion…. just for that one time…. I mean, this time i’m actually going to do it….. I’ll need to draw CRAP loads of pictures, but yeah….

4) My internet was on the fritz.

Okay, first things first, Final Fantasy IX. I played it a lot, killed some black mages (poor ViVi) kicked some butt and then some more butt… then I got to the bit that always breaks…. which is the small FMV, this means I have to wait until the PS2 is free so the superior laser on that will read the disc better than my crappy….8 or 9 year old PS1…. (The original LARGE PS1 broke (a sad day (when I was about 6))) So I might get round to playing a bit more Tales of Symphonia… my second play through….

Maple, I managed to get my Bandit up 1.5 levels… which is hard doing an area which isn’t great experience for my level, but I hate grinding on monsters…. I ended up getting my mum’s pirate up about 2.8 levels…. Ren came back (Ren from Israel) from Base, which is awesome… it gets boring when he goes off to his Israel Military Base place…..

Uh… LIFE! Okay, I FINALLY managed to get Media Player working again, through tears…. So I ended up listening to a LOT of Bloc Party, heck, I still am…. they are tres awesome…. I’ll probably add some Muse and Foo Fighters into the mix… at some point…. along with Rewrite of course….. But yeah, In life… it seems to have become quite the shits…. WOO! BUT! I finally got my DT Material ordered, so WHO knows when I am going to get that started… which I’m not looking forward to, because the other group scares me…. If I went into the other room… I may not make it out without parts of my person missing with blood spuming about….

Obviously winter is here…. I mean, tomorrow’s weather IS, Sunny, with a MAX of 4 C… a maximum of 4 C…..

(NOTE: Is that Apostrophe correct?)

I got a B in my DT thingy ma flapjack…. A D in my french HIGHER listening…. And Media is being a whore… mostly because…. I’m not sure….

Drama, we didn’t end up performing our piece today, which sucked because I would rather get it out of the way NOW than worry as you see others thinking that yours wont be as good then really hamming it up in an attempt to make it look better…. Woo?

OH! I spent about an hour doing THIS:

Woo, lots of shadow!

Woo, lots of shadow!

This guy, well, I haven’t even begun to write the story he is in… speaking of which… I REALLY need to get that story written, I’m only Half way through chapter 2 >.<

I swear I had more stuff to write… but all the stuff that pops to mind I might’ve already mentioned in my previous 3 posts…..

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I’ve spent about the last 30 minutes if not more on a posting Race with Kevin from Ireland on the forum… and it is still going! WOOP!

Well… I fell behind on my posting, possibly because I’ve gotten like 14 views in like the past 3 days and not a single view. However, I shall try and remember some stuff.
First off, today was Remembrance Day. We got our 2 minutes of silence in PE after a good ol’ game of B-Ball in which I had NO idea what I was doing… The rest of the day was pretty sub par…. Joints in Biology and learning that my clicking all my bones *does just that* is two things:
1) Perfectly good
2) Very bad
RS meant that we got our “punishment” which was… wait for it, it is worse than torture… GROUP WORK! We even got to choose our groups… How DARE she? In our groups, we got to make some form of poster like thing which talked about war… The one that I mostly did and Nick helped with (Albert was just the craftsman) had “PEACE” on the left in green with “GOOD” in blue under it and on the other side we had “WAR” in yellow and “BAD” in orange. Between the “PEACE” and “GOOD” we had an orange square saying “is” and same for the opposite…. I then made some kind of square quickly, and scribbled something about how war can be caused by many things as can peace, then decorated it then slammed it down. Along the bottom on another piece of orange was, “We cannot have PEACE without there being WAR” and then that was about all of it…. I got most of this done…. John Ridd just sat there.

Monday… not much happened as far as I can remember, stuff happened in DT and then there is still TOO much work to do for like Thursday AND Wednesday… got like one bit of art done….

SUNDAY! Instead of doing any work, I ended up colouring in another picture of mine. Which you can find on the last link that I posted it in the other one. Not only that I have FINALLY played Gears of War 2! It was FREAKING AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!! My brother and I started out on Horde mode and then we got to like wave 7 (which was hard with only two of us…). I think it would be MUCH easier if we had like 3 people…. so if one end (we found a bit with a door on one side and an opening on the other) got too crowded then the spare could go and help…. It works out in my head…. We then played a bit of story and just met up with some CRAZY cow-dude. He is very Texan…. and calls his big Vechile “Betty” Or something… then it was 10:30pm…. so we stopped…

So yeah, really hungry right now… and after dinner (which is soon) I will get some art done (a bit more) then try and get some DT…. THEN if I am lucky, I will be able to get my Drama (well some of it) done…. Wednesday will be me, trying to get all my Drama and final bit of Art (depending on how much I got done). I might do it….