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That may not make ANY sense… and it doesn’t. The main idea is an attempt to get one of the related blogs one of Ben’s blogs…. I hope it works ^.^

Okay, well, I was ill today… And I didn’t have any food for about… twenty two hours… This was not fun… I ended up sleeping all day because I was threatened by my mum that if I moved I would probably be shot. Soooo, sleeping was fun… until I woke up for about an hour then slept again…

My mum just got back from Parents evening AND I was surprised to hear that my teachers said GOOD things… I didn’t get completely nagged at by my mum for once. Hell must have frozen over. Then again, she didn’t see my art teacher because she (the art teacher) got really bitchy and left before my mum could see her, but then the Drama teacher was a few minutes behind. That is probably a good thing though. So, it’s all good.

In other news, today Gears of War 2 turned up at our house from (god bless them) so we now have it… even though it comes out tomorrow. I probably wont be able to go onto it until December Nineteen Seventy Deuce. I can still play Gears of War on Insane with him though. I ALSO stayed up till like 2am watching LIVE footage of Gears of War 2 being played by Lark Anderson of Gamespot (who I think is pretty cool) and I got one of my questions read out (freaking yeah!) which was about, what the hell E-Day was…. I tried to get this other one read out… and I posted it about 50 times! Alas, no, there was nothing… I had to have two tabs up, one with me signed out and watching the video the other with me signed in to put the questions through. This was because you need to be 17 to watch it and I’m only 15. Silly Gamespot now putting that in… My awesome can be seen HERE. I don’t know why, but people don’t seem to like Lark Anderson very much (the guy on the sofa playing)

In other news, Obama won and then punched McCain RIGHT in the face (he did in my head) then he phoned up Boxman to rub it in his face, then Boxman accidentally impaled David Hassle Hoff with the phone (all in Smosh’s new video).

Sarah Palin smells and eats children’s souls!!!!!!!!! But that no longer matters…

Today being Sunday and the last day of Half-Term, I decided to make sure I didn’t do too much gaming… such as Maplestory and Tales of Symphonia. This was because I was meant to get some homework done. Unfortunately, I got side tracked so now I have a lot art to do…. Homework is REALLY far down on my list of stuff to do:

1) Gaming

2) Checking for updates on my RSS feeds and the like

3) Socialising

4) Homework

So you can see the problem I am in with this whole homework thing. However, I MIGHT be able to get one drawing done this afternoon…. *looks out the window* okay, later this evening…. I might also be able to finish another one by guessing how the tones work by getting one quick glance at what I’m drawing then running up the stairs and procrast- draw it.

Ben is probably thinking I stole his idea with this but to him I say, “Boo Hoo! I want to be able to say Gentiles!”. For those of you that don’t know (so no one) I had by previous blog on Gamespot where you couldn’t really say things like gentiles or even class! So I went with this…. the RSS feed also works….

Across the week I have: Gotten my Crossbowman to level 70 (at last!) on Maplestory. It only took my under four years, when some can do it in like one month maybe two…. I’ve watched CRAP loads of anime. Mostly consisting of Bleach English Dubs and now i’m on a weekly thing with that, One Piece Funimation English Dub…. I need to wait for the next bunch come out (if ever), Devil May Cry : The animated Series. This kinda ROCKS! It has a cool start up tune which I downloaded…. and it is cool because it has Dante in it being cool and funny… he likes Strawberry Sundays…. I have SEARCHED and SEARCHED for English dubs of Elemental Gelade but I can’t find ANY i just come to websites which say they have it then it turns out they are Veoh Videos and those have all been removed…. grrrr….. Oh i’ve also been listening to a lot of Lemon Demon…. I still need that new album…. I also started writing a bit more of Chapter Two….

Oh, Ben, I’m still waiting for that Chapter one work…. HINT HINT…. and that picture….