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Well, You may or may not have noticed that I, as well as everyone else, has not posted a blog in near to a long time…. Most likely about a month, or even since the very last exam… in fact yeah, my last blog was Eliza’s party…. Which after a quick check, was like the 20th June. Now being the 5th, it seemed like a good idea to get this done first.

My excuse, well, to start with I felt like doing a daily thing, that never got done, then a week thing… same…. so now… this is a Bi-weekly or even tri-weekly thing… who knows, I may blog if something interesting happens… maybe. During this time I have had MANY a blog title name buzz round my head, (e.g. Wind, rain, shadow, wood, sword, thunder, power, sleep. Or, HENSHA A GO GO BABY!) but instead, all of them are ruined…. ALL OF THEM!

So, the first week, I spent my entire time watching Cardcaptors, which has thus spawned a never ending loop of the theme song in my head:

Whilst also doing bits of Facebook in between each episode. Because I am the physical awesome incarnation in the shape of a boy who FINALLY recently hit 50kg (7.87365222 for our imperial friends) after being about…. 45-48kg for about 3 years. Then during this week, I ended up going into town with some friends.

This was quite the enjoyable experience, I arrived at the train station in Campsee Ash (aka Wickham Market Station) then stood their wondering how on earth I get a ticket (TIME IS RUNNING OUT IS NOW PLAYING!!!!!!) so I asked a strange man…. On the train is where I get them. I bumped into some people going to Colchester… then getting on the train got a text Simon saying he was at the back. I got a £2.69 or something like that ticket for return and there…. cause I am awesome. Upon arrival we met Adam at the station then walked out to see Oli at the bus stop. We walked into town where Simon decided to tell us he needed to buy some presents, so we went into Boots to buy some perfume… well, he was buying it, we stood there chatting. Simon bought some “£30” perfume that turned out to be £40… Then we went to HMV where I bought a Silversun Pickups CD. I’ve taken a liking to them to them, especially this song:

After buying it I decided to see what the others were doing, playing Guitar Hero Metallica… which they’d both chosen Easy (By they, I mean Oli and Adam) and were doing a half crappy attempt… so Simon and I kicked them off to show our MAAAAAAAAAAAAD Skills, thankfully I picked the lead guitar, because whatever Simon was doing was just open strings…. the buttons were stiff on the guitars… the song was boring, they had the Guitar Hero 2 guitars…. meaning to activate star power you have to rotate about 180 degrees….. so from going like…. \ that if the top were the guitar, to / whilst still playing….

We went to a clothes shop because Simon needed another present, where no one bought anything apart from Simon who got a necklace for Lauren C. Then we went into another one trying to find a better thing… But to no avail. We ate at Subway like cool people do. I told them not to get a drink because you can get 2 drinks for a pound at Poundland. Which we did… We then headed toward the cinema where we stopped to buy a Buddha for Simon.

Along the way we decided to see which way was quicker, so Adam and Simon went one way, Oli and I went the other, we must’ve taken a REALLY long route, because they were at the front of the queue when we got there…. We bought our tickets, then bought some food and went to the screen. We decided to see “The Hangover” which I thought would be a sort of lamez comedy. Nah, it was quite good. It did have it’s moments of slapstick comedy, but I thought it was quite a good film. We saw quite a few good trailers as well. Like the new James Bond film… I mean Sherlock Holmes film… but he isn’t the Sherlock Holmes we all know, no, he instead has longish hair (looking a bit of a bum) makes witty remarks, seems to have lots of sex and gets into slow motion boxing fights with men with his shirt off and at other times shoots things that explode and then things with hammers and explosions and jumping out of windows…. So not James Bond at all, it looks good… I want to see it. We also saw the new Sacha Cohen film trailer… Bruno (but with an Umlaute u) this looks quite good as well… BUT it is an 18… so sucks to be everyone…

After the film we stumbled about a bit in the blinding light then headed for the station, where there was a bit of a broken gate so they didn’t work…  we saw Adam run off, a woman going down the stairs with a pram… with a child in… and then Simon and I waited for our train… and then we talked and stuff…

It was about this day that I started to play maple… none stop… Whilst playing Maplestory I have now watched all of The Inbetweeners (which is actually very funny, like Skins, but MORE real life) the last episode of the 2nd Season is pretty much the best, with some awesome quotes, such as, “You’re up early” “What’s early when you haven’t slept” and “Have you showered?” “Don’t be silly, you can’t revise in the shower, the BOOKS get wet” (at the end going high pitch) it is pretty good…. and then Black Books… spawned another blog title (Jam Jam Jam… Bleurgh! *throws on Ceiling*)  is just so awesome that everyone knows it… Next I’ll watch some Green Wing… then… I dunno, anime? More Cardcaptors?

NO WAIT! MORE 1st week, stuff that actually happened…. Monday I went to the Orthodontist… this was… okay… I was told that I need to brush more at the top of a tooth that is REALLY hard to get to without ripping off my lip…. and because he put the bracket so high… (what an arse) then I got wires VERY long put into my brace… which then spawned them stabbing the back of my mouth… more and more as they were tightened… I then got told that next time I visit, they come off!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Then the receptionist said my next visit is the 3rd of August……… great…. because everyone loves that…. Also at some other time in the week, I went to get my eyes checked… I am SOOOOOOO Blind… without my glasses on, I can barely read the second line… as in…. I got 1 out of 2 letters correct…. so no change since last time, I just never really knew HOW blind I was….

This week, I’ve been playing maplestory non-stop… really because there is an event, where there is a quest where you have to spend 50 hours in a map, in 30 minute chunks because every 30 minutes something spawns, you kill it, leave the map, finish it, start it, repeat…. that is 100 30 minute trips… do you know how many I’ve done? 73…  that is 36.5 hours… on a map… a crap one at that… not training…. I obviously wasn’t just sitting there, no, I played pokemon excessively, I played TY The Tasmanian Tiger 2 (LOL) I played Viewtiful Joe (hence one of the possible titles) I watched things…. but yeah… it has been fun… At one point when someone was on to talk to (Max knows who (*wink*)) I ended up in some big “argument” with Irish man Sean, Florida Bethany and the Florida Bethany’s Mum…. about Religion… both believe in god, one believed in the bible (too much I say) the other just thought there was a god, I was the atheist in the pack… trying to keep the peace… this went on until like 5am… in which Florida Bethany went to sleep…. (sad face) and Sean and I stayed awake because 2 hours sleep just wasn’t enough… The next day, or same day, I ended up talking till 2am… then fell asleep to wake up with my calculator on my face….

During the week I made cakes again, for the critical part where I put them in the oven that I  didn’k know how to use arrived… I paniced, slammed it on Conventinal Oven, came back to find that there was shit loads of smoke…. my cakes weren’t cooked properly (were pretty much liquid now in the middle) in which I was later told we don’t use that one cause there is fat on the top heater…. which makes the smoke…. then Recently, I ended up being the one to put bread in the bread machine…. I did everything…. then I put in the yeast, I only read the 1/2 tsp out of the 1 1/2 tsp of of Yeast, so I had some HDB (High Density Bread) which was okay…. just a bit dense….

SPORTS! Well, Wimbledon has been going on. Recently Serena Williams beat her brother sister, Venus, in the finals winning the mens womans. Andy Murry played an EPIC match on day that went on till 11pm and went to 5 sets and it was just EPIC. He made it to the semis then lost against one of the more boring tennis players… Roddick…. all he does is just be a big server…. it is INCREDIBLY Boring…. So now it is Federer (Who I wanted to win just so he can get his title (Even though this was possibly the ONLY year that Murry could win) is going to beat Roddick senseless…

Oh, I also started to play Jak II: Renegade again, just because I remember them being VERY fun games, which they are…. I also found it amazing how just simple jump roll, roll, and jumps and kicks can make me happy thinking it is a bit like free running. The one problem is the spawn points have a tendency of being the beginning of the level…. which can easily piss you off… it is fun driving though… getting the police on your tail, on your hover bike thing that is nearly exploding, high speeds to a wall, jump off, bike explodes on the wall, then as you are in the air you steal the nearest one. ❤

I have finally ordered me some Speakers…. which is awesome





I also hear in the subs it is finally getting to the Ulquiorra fight with Ichigo!!!! SEXY!!!!!!!!!!! I may watch that one early…. The English dubs are getting there. I still need to watch 128 and 129…. but I’m getting there!


I think that is really it…. I’m sure I had a bunch of pictures to put…. but I guess I don’t anymore….

That’s right! I seek BLOOD!!!!!!! Why you ask? “Is Chris just being is normal ol’ CRAAAZY self?” you ask? Perhaps, this time I have a reason for my hateful blood lust!

I have just spent about…. an hour and a half to about two hours drawing and colouring in a background for a picture…. As an experiment…. It took me sooo long, it was tedious….Thankfully, I had Black Books to keep me company. “That doesn’t sound like a good reason to want the head of the world on a plate with a glassful of its blood as a side dish!” I hear you cry, and it isn’t…. What is though… JUST as I was finishing…..  JUST as I was about to put SHADOW on the bottom to make it look fairly good, the LAST few details…. Paint.NET FUCKING FROZE!!!!!!!!!!!! I hadn’t saved! And now about two hours of my life have been wasted…. and this time there isn’t any form of gain…. I mean, sure I’ve wasted about the ENTIRE 2 week break…. But I could prove that I did something from games and shit…. NOW there is no record of my pain and work…. THIS is why I don’t like hard work…. Cause it ALWAYS goes wrong at the end…..

Also using Paint.NET I tried to make draw a picture just using my mouse…. this turned out to be fucking HARD! I mean, My mouse although moving in a diagonal motion came out as a more horizontal…. Stupid Square way of doing things… WHY NO HEXAGONS?!  Or… nanogons…. Or just a shape that fits together… that is better than square….. The picture looks shit because there was a bit where I mindlessly accidentally selected ALL the black lining then only deselected one bit because I was trying to get rid of some of the black lines on my shading but all at once…. and ended up turning a lot of the stuff I did to one colour… Like the sword… which looked shit to begin with…. it is even worse now…. You will have to search pretty damn hard to find it….. Chances are Sean and Kevin might’ve already seen it… or will when they check the forums…. but Nut sacks to that…..

I wish Paint.NET had better brushes…. it would make grass easier…. but then I guess it would be nearing Photoshop standards…. so then you’d actually have to pay for it…. It would appear that Paint.NET is not really that great for doing something from scratch….. I’ve only drawn one picture this holiday… I haven’t even coloured it in yet… let alone SCANNED it in….. I might do some more… then try and CRAM them all in on Monday…. or maybe some day like that…..

I’m not ready for school…. Before I went into town…. I pretty much hadn’t left my bed since…. about boxing day evening…. apart from to eat…. sometimes and pee….. Or to play on the PS2 in my Brothers room but even then I had something to stop me from going into Withdrawal….

I’ve also forgotten when the Science exams are…. so no revision THERE!
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Well another awesome thing happened to me…. This time, I had a brief chat with the Author of Dueling Analogs(Steven Napierski). This kinda rocked… and it was one of those times when you don’t expect a reply, then you do, then you have no idea what to say so you end up breathing heavily down the phone…. or internets…. This is how the convo went down…. or up:





Steven I just got a pop up ad on Twitter. WTF?





this rocks…



So, how are you


I’m fine thank you. And yourself?


I’m good as well, thanks. Good to hear that a great artist is all good and stuff




So yeah, your Webcomic rocks (as if you haven’t heard that already (by about a million times))


I appreciate that.


so much so, that whenever it is monday/thursday I check your website at least 10 times


Curses… need to go eat my dinner

great talking to you and stuff

and good luck with your webcomic




gotta go inside

it was nice talking to you


So that is really about it… however, this can go with my other Internet Achievements, LIIIIIKE:

  1. Having 3 of my questions read out on live internets in one show (2 by the lovely Kirstin Reily (by name from “Some City”)) HERE
  2. Having 1 of my questions read out and answered on live internets on the Gears of War 2 show. HERE
  3. Having a good chat with Antony Padilla about how he had got his discount wrong. Unfortunately he gets sooo many messages a day… it is hard to find it.

Who knows… Maybe I will get some more of the few years… Maybe Tim Buckely (GASP!)

Anywho, back to real life. Mock exams. Yesterday I had my English Mock, this went well in my opinion, I managed to finish and didn’t leave much out. So, for once, I think this English Exam has gone well… There was also DT. I didn’t finish this and I didn’t stop working ONCE! I managed to nearly do 3 A3 bits of paper for my plan, I still think I am going to have another 2….

Today started with some lovely basketball and in our matches letting the overly competitive people play AROUND us then getting fouled by my own team mate (he kinda hit me in the eye as we both went for the ball). I just liked how no one really stopped to ask if I was okay whilst I stood there barely being able to see clutching my eye which felt like it was on fire… oh well…. We then had a French Mock…. Well, from those that know how good I am at French, this went quite bad…. Mostly because I can’t read french…. I think the listening went good enough….. The reading was just a lot of blind guessing then just NEARLY falling asleep whilst colouring in a page…. I mean, we had 30 minutes… to read not much and just put letters in a box…. on all the pages…. BORING.

After a long and… odd conversation about masturbation and how to do it without being noticed with, Tom, Callum and Sarah Gilson, there was a Science Exam (freaking YEAH!). It was split into 3 bits… Physics, Chemistry and then Biology…. I don’t think I had too many problems with the Physics apart from kinda bull shitting about an answer a lot… just lots of guess work to do with static electricity and dust in a chimney… I had 10 minutes to spare of the 30 minutes… Chemistry was just AWESOME, I know I wont get full marks because I only got about 2 points for the 3 mark questions but I am still going high… This one I had 15 minutes left… woo…. THEN Biology, I think I did fairly well in this one… the main problem is the leaf diagram was really bad… they were pointing to a Stoma and we were told to write the label in from the list of words…. THERE wasn’t “Stoma” as one of the answers, instead we had Epidermis, Guard Cell (WTH?!?!?!), Vein and Mesophyll layer…. The thing is… We haven’t learnt that the actual CELLS are called guard cells and that there are small bits on them which are the Actual Stoma…. Also, The Vein wasn’t obvious, it looked like some kind of blob but it couldn’t be any of the others. ALSO the Mesophyll layer… there are two…. a Spongy one AND a Palisade one… it was pointing to the Palisade Mesophyll layer… but still it threw me off…. I don’t think I came across too many worries with that one…. I still had 10 minutes to spare.. So, if we were given all of those papers as one big paper… I would effectively have One section and a small bit as free time… the papers being 30 minutes long… and Me having 35 minutes of space staring…

OH! Also, I got my brace tightened… Yay, this meant I got pure hatred from my brother and sister who had to wait in the car whilst that was going down… I am now going through the uber sensative stage…. YAY?!

I think I am going to have to revise my french coursework so I can write it up again tomorrow… but of course… there will be a distraction… this is, of course, Black Books!
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