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And the superstars sucked into the supermassive (Oooh, You set my soul alight)

So yeah, I’ve decided to do some sort of opening on a song thing…. At random choosing!!!!!!!!!!! OR to be more precise… whatever I’m listening to that was catchy or if it is slightly relevant… in which I think I might change the lyrics slightly (like with that last one)… Wait… I think I shall have a barth before it is too late…. Then I can rant and rave about Drama, school, internet…. and such like things….

Well, I’m back and in a VERY cold towel….. But pleh….

Where to start? The thing that has got me boiled up the most…. This being none other than Drama…. Grrr I am annoyed by drama…. I mean, I have to do a devised piece… I have a crap group…. The group being Lydia, Sarah Harris and Donna… The last two constantly go off into girly chats about hair, or clothes or SOMETHING like that…. Then Lydia, because she goes to some FANCY work shops, thinks she knows everything and is just leading the group… I haven’t really been able to protest about ANYTHING… I mean, I’ve got one idea through… doubt it is really going to do much but…. yeah… What is worse is that she is set with the idea that one of the families in it are SUPER posh…. and when I say super posh… I mean like friends with the queen posh… I mean, they only have enough money to send ONE of their children to boarding school… or at least… that is how I have adapted it…. They are hardly posh… the parents just have a slightly…. upper middle class or maybe just middle class way about them…. Lydia is also set on making the boy snort when laughing… again, he is a normal teenage boy, well about seventeen BUT STILL, I mean, he isn’t going to be THAT FREAKING POMPOUS! I’m going to have to try and BEAT that into someone…. Not to mention Miss Archer didn’t even bother to talk to our group…. Once…. Currently I play, The Father of the main Character, The brother of the main character and then just like, one of the school kids… I was also going to have to play the mother of a friend of the main character… but Lydia decided to take it from me…. Currently… We’ve only gotten characters done… meaning we are NOT going to be prepared in the slightest… Mostly cause Lydia spent sooo much time talking about how the people are going to walk…. and there isn’t going to be THAT much walking I would assume… mostly Injecting… but… that is life…

Next on the punch in the face list… DT… in the lesson I had today… I started off finding out that the piece I had done had been what looking like CHEWED on slightly and then had some dry glue where there wasn’t…. Clio’s had some paint on…. And with mine… it wont push down… I did what the teacher said, I got a G-Clamp, some glue and some scrap bits of wood…. I then put some glue on the area and pressed it down, after the lesson was over…. (double) The glue had dried… I come back this lesson to find out that it had moved back…. Then whilst I was marking my BIG sheet of wood that I am not looking forward to cutting, I think I’ll get Ned to do it, People just saw my wood as part of the floor…. it is now mostly grey in a footprint pattern…. I also think I might’ve got some of the measurements wrong due to the CRAPPY tape measure I keep getting…. Grrrr….

Hmm, where next? I’m not really sure what my Rant on the internet was….. OH! That is right this is where I begin to moan about the crapness of Alfie…. and the falseness of every comment I’ve given him…. Clocks was funny… the drums sucked…. Then we have “A New Challenger Appeared” in the whole SSB Blacked-out Silhouette styley…. This is WORSE than Clocks… the imposter should be stabbed in the kidney with a rusty Geranium…. Then! There is this funny shit by my brother featuring Ralph Churcher (Upper Sixth (good at maths)) where my brother got a lot of clips from Ralph miming to Chop Suey….. Have a look…… So.. that is all that really comes to mind about the world of the internet….

THIS BIT WILL ROCK!!!! This is a First…. “Why?” you ask? “I thought you’ve done everything awesome EVER!” I hear you say…. Oh, ha ha ha…. so silly…. This is a first due to it being a picture… not any ordinary picture… one with THREE count them THREE tones…. Not to mention it is an Action scene instead of the normal Character standing there possibly posing by lifting an arm… This may appear in that thing Ben… But I’m not sure… Just change about the colours and costumes and stuff…. But…. I do know if it will appear or not… you just wont find out till I get it finished…. Well here it is to save space and stuff…. The problem is that feet are still brown stumps from no matter WHAT angle you look at them… I’ll have to get into that and give everyone… Boots… or something… But yeah… I even used a BLUR effect to make it look more WOAH! and shit….

OH! Another thing that was super special slightly famous people thing happened…. Steven Napierski… of Dueling Analogs,
Is having a Baby… I decided to send him a crazy fan letter… this is how it went… with reply…. :


On Fri, Jan 2, 2009 at 5:13 PM, Chris Smedley <> wrote:

Good luck with the baby!!!! I hope it doesn’t take up TOO much time… Heck, with bedtime stories you could write your own and have colourful pictures with unicorns with snakes for feet which viewed by anyone else would look like you had an acid trip, but only you and your baby would understand the meaning of these colourful pictures and you wouldn’t want to tell ANYONE…. it would be like a secret bond…. I’ve gone off track…. But yeah, Congratulations and Good Luck!

So yeah… more of the awesome sexness and the shits….

Well, that is all that really comes to my mind at this moment in the space time continuim… I’m sure as I try to sleep I will
remember some crap and then kick myself until there is no more…. But, that is for the gods of Asgard to deside….

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Well, the reason this may happen is because I forgot to post a blog last night because I was too busy writing, and watching Lee Mack Live, which was HIGH-larious.

This day, like most, was boring in registration, seeing as we have a form which functions normally, we managed to get our yearbook photos done AGES ago…. As far as I know, we are all done with all that jazz…. However, Tom had to go help out at the production so registration was boring. ENGLISH, we spent writing about Curely’s Wife from ‘Of Mice and Men’ for a short exam condition essay in our later lesson. This was after a boring Maths lesson which was about something which has now completely skipped out of my mind.

Double Physics was just a quick finish about Nuclear Fission then we went to go watch some of the production still being made…. I found it funny, but the main lead guy seemed to be a cool guy, even though he forgot a lot of his lines (O.o). The crazy picture of New York began to fall down while they were half way through something which threw them off… A LOT.

Next was a spiffing lesson of French. We ended up doing Grammar work, which I was surprised to find out, I understood it…. It hasn’t stuck to last the night…. but it stuck from the beginning of the lesson to the end, which is a first…. This was followed by English where we started to write an Essay about loneliness.

Upon arrival of home I had a short chat with my brother and he told me, “maybe” when I asked to go on the 360 later with him… I forgot maybe means no….. ALWAYS means no… no matter what…. I ended up half starving because my mum was taking AGES to do the shopping and  there wasn’t much food in the house…. I did consider to take a slice of mature cheddar, but I ended up giving up in the idea…. When they came back and packed everything away, a quick 20 minutes later (if that is possible) I ended up having some GIANT bowl of pasta with half a GIANT nan…. So I was quite full towards the end…. Watching the Comedy TV of the evening and writing a few bits of my story (like a few more pages) it was 12pm if not later so I decided to go to sleep, after I had walked downstairs and remembered how late it was…


Now to finish eating my chocolate covered ENGLISH MUFFINS!!!!!!!!!