Flawless Victory

I finally got tired. Then everyone else on twitter decided to jump in and get angry. I’m now the villain.


What an exciting week. Well, the week was actually sort of boring… and a bit depressing… but that’s like how life normally works.

Not much apart from the above happened for like… the ENTIRE week.

Thursday evening was Parents’ Evening. I had to go with my mother. It turned out to be pretty rad. My maths teacher, Mr Tapscott, was first on the list. He said that he was a bit worried with my revision seeing as that morning I had said “Could you help me with Probability” and then when asked which bit… I said the entire chapter… :S However he did say he can see me doing well and possible A material, despite the bad Mock result for stats (E/D). Mr Hydes jumped over and was very chipper. He sort of said things opposite to Tapscott, which was funny. Apparently he’s a bit worried about me because I don’t ask any questions in the lesson and stuff. So yeah, they said I was quiet.

We then jumped over to Mr Smith… I was sort of worrying this would be awful, because Mr Smith gave me a C on my progress report but a B to possibly the worst person in the class… However, it turned out to be pretty decent. He said that I’m a bright young lad! He did say I’m a bit quiet and that I don’t put my hand up enough, but when forcefully made to answer a question, he said I know what I’m talking about, as well as me possibly getting an A. He even asked about how my University stuff was going! AND WAS SMILING! It was kinda weird, because it almost seemed like someone actually cared about my life, which we all know isn’t true because no one does. I do sort of wish Miss Cresdee was there, because I think she likes me… maybe…

Lastly it was Mr Hillier, my Chemistry teacher. I was also a bit weary about this as he had been a bit all up in my grill recently. However, he was all like, “Dang, yo’ son be amazing! He gon’ do my statistics a whole world of good!” That’s because I have predicted grades of CCC, due to my AWFUL  GCSE results, but I’m currently on ABB, the A in Chemistry. The funny thing was, he was the only teacher who didn’t mention the mock. The funnier thing is… I’m actually really worried about my Chemistry exam. I can’t remember the reactions very well or the conditions. From 3 Past papers I’ve done I got an A* and 2 As… although I’m still shitting myself about it. Sadly Mr Peters, my other teacher, didn’t pop over because he was with another student. Ah well.

The Friday I had a Stats exam.  By Friday morning I had done NO revision AT ALL. This was because I thought “I have two frees in the morning followed by double maths before the exam, LOADS OF TIME!” What I had not counted on… was waking up and feeling weak, CONSTANTLY COLD (despite wearing 5 layers of clothing and stuff) and just generally VERY ill. Everyone thought I was crazy at first when in the common room I was going “It’s so cold… so very very cold…” and everyone else was saying it was too hot… but sooner or later people decided I may be quite ill…

So I got no revision done. The Stats exam however…. was MUCH better than I was expecting. It didn’t even go that deep into each topic. It just scratched the surface of everything. It only went to the end with Binomial Distribution, which the hardest that gets to is a simultaneous equation… which is easy (despite at first I got a standard deviation of 1200…. which was wrong) but yeah, it was MUCH better than I was expecting. However, I did think Mechanics was pretty easy and I got a B in that :S

Saturday I woke up and was still awful… so I got work off, which is good. Still ill today… Probably will be tomorrow but I have to go to school. Which SUCKS!

So yeah, I’ve decided I’m feverish… as I go from going VERY hot to VERY cold quickly… One time I was both hot AND cold at the same time, which is the worst feeling ever (hence the name)

So yeah, next week I have two maths exams on the same day… being mechanics retake and Core 3. I hope I’m better by then….

CAPITAL LETTERS Are FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!11111111111111111111111!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (why is my shift key being annoying :S)

So yeah, Wednesday was the start of the wonders of going back to school. You may have guessed from the title that I didn’t enjoy this new introduction to doing something useful with my life. PREPARE FOR AN EXPLANATION IN DETAIL! #caps

WEDNESDAY, I was lucky enough to start Wednesday with a double free so I could slowly ease my way into working. How did I do this? Simple, by doing absolutely NO work AT ALL! I spent my double free dossing about in the library.

I then had double chemistry where I TRIED to do some revision style work, being past papers… however with the exam being late January and there being 5 other exams between me and it, I really don’t have the Oomph to do anything. Which is why in 3 lessons I have managed to do HALF a past paper (each lesson is 50 minutes, the past paper is 1.5 hours long 😀 )

Lunch, because I was hungry and so were some other people, I went down to the Co-op (which is like a 15-20 minute walk from the school). Only a friend and I went. It was cold… SO VERY COLD!

Then in my last two frees I continued this trend of doing nothing.

Thursday (Was nearly immature and called it “Turdsday”, you know, because I’m mature and shit! *sniggers*)  was greeted with double statistics. My Stats exam is on Friday, so I had no drive for any sort of revision, I did one question that was 5 marks in total (So it should have taken about 5 minutes) and spent the rest of the lesson doing… something I guess.

This was quickly (after break) followed by double Biology with my boring teacher that everyone hates because he can’t teach or anything like that and he’s old and boring and old and can’t teach… and boring. So, my first Biology Exam is on the coming Tuesday in the morning. So as you could have guessed, I had no drive to revise! So I didn’t, I spent the double lesson staring blankly at my revision guide and occasionally turning the page to fool everyone around me. It was dull.

My lunchtimes don’t really stand out anymore as anything, at least in my memory, mostly because I just drift from place to place looking for acceptance and trying to hide the frown on my face 😀 (fun like that)

After lunch I had Chemistry, see previous, although with less work (although the previous one also has stuff from this one in :S) and then I had biology with my fun teacher 😀 Well, I say fun teacher, she’s a lot more interesting and young and not old and not boring and can teach and is friendly and young and not old. She asked everyone how much revision they’ve done and I went “I’ve done none!” and she went, “You’ve done NONE?! But your exam is on Tuesday…” I grinned and went “Yeah, I know…” I’m radical like that. She was also shocked when I was saying how over xmas my sleeping hours moved from 2am to 6am to like 4am or 5am to like 9am… She didn’t understand the concept of Sleep Deprivation for Fun! (Child Friendly) I didn’t revise in this lesson either.

TODAY! I was beginning to feel PRETTY gosh darn tired by now. After avoiding going to the Thomas Mills Day Assembly (an assembly about the guy who donated money (that he got from marrying two rich widows) to some schools in Ye Olde Framlingham that lead to the formation of Thomas Mills High School), despite the day being tomorrow, I thought that  I might actually start some biology revision. So I spent about 50 minutes staring at my revision guide not really revising as I can’t remember anything that I read. Prepare for a list of random stuff that pops into my head about Unit 1 AQA Biology. You can feel free to skip, I’ll put some stars to indicate:


The immune system is… fuck this is boring…

*** so yeah. After break I had DOUBLE maths… I did some Core 3 Revision as Mechanics is REALLY easy and I’m not sure how I only got a B in the exam the first time round and seeing as the retake and the Core 3 exam are on the exact same day at the exact same time and I seem to be able to do Mechanics without actually doing ANY extra reading I was doing some Core 3. I seem to be pretty decent at that as well with little revision, I got a C (1 mark off a B) in the mock exam and did no revision, so I just need to read up on Integration a bit and then also learn how to read and then also check my work as well as revolutions of solids or something like that and I’ll be supery dupery. okay, I’ll stop blowing my own horn.

Then double free again…

So yeah, I’m not actually really used to doing work again :S I’ll also start my “serious” biology unit 1 retake revision on Sunday… hopefully….  If not Monday… DEFINITELY Monday, after school…. The good thing is, I get to miss 3 lessons of Biology next week because EVERYONE except for me in my biology class are retaking Unit 2 (I got an A) so he’s going to spend next week’s lessons doing Unit 2 revision, seeing as I am not doing Unit 2, I do not need to turn up 😀 This is good news. Hopefully I’ll get more than 66 marks on this retakes :S (I originally got 66, and then also on the retake got 66…) well, not marks… UMS points or whatever, I dunno… % maybe? Whatever….

LIFE! I got shoes:


They have blue soles as well 😀

I got a new external hard drive… and also my brother’s bday present turned up that I then wrapped like a MORON!

Then that’s that. Hopefully school will quiet down (No it wont, after January I’ll be starting the next unit of work meaning that I’ll start getting homework again and actually have to DO something in the lessons which is the opposite of fun D:)

Also, Reading Festival. Definitely going to that 😀 I just need to make sure I can get a ticket, then get a tent, then get some welly boots and whatever is needed for this sort of thing as well as train tickets, people to go with, people to sleep with (not in that way) people to not get stabbed with and people to enjoy it with 😀

New Year’s Resolutions!

Posted: 05/01/2011 in Holidays, Life

I forgot to do this properly, okay so last year I said:

So… this year’s resolutions…:

  1. Finish my story!
  2. Do VERY well in my AS exams. (So higher than B in all… ALL)
  3. Revise more… MUCH MORE… these are proper exams people… let’s get this shit serious…
  4. Go to a big party with music and not be supporting the wall/imaginary wall by the end of it… Good luck with that one…
  5. The ones from two years ago!
  7. Don’t Smoke.

If you’re wondering about the last one… it is so I can have one pass by the end of 2010…. I hope…

So let’s review:
NUMBER one was a big fail, I think I started two more, maybe three instead of finishing…

NUMBER two… Sort of FAIL! FAIL FAIL FAIL! I only got ABBB which isn’t higher than all Bs…

NUMBER three another fail, for some subjects, such as chemistry, I didn’t revise at all for some exams (being the January one) and then the June Physics one I ended up revising the stuff that didn’t turn up in the exam for like an hour D:

NUMBER four, SORT of actually. This year’s Sixth From Xmas Party. It was a big party, I tore the dance floor up a bit, success! I actually went to a party and had fun (not really actually fun, I was horribly depressed all night but managed to hide it well) I also don’t think I went to any parties apart from that one and Max’s… and Rosie’s parties… that’s about it really :S

NUMBER five. Well, I’ll get onto these in a second.. :S

NUMBER six, started off like this about summer time, then recently I think it’s sort of died again… balls.

NUMBER seven, I win! YES!


Okay, the ones from two years ago… well, looking at them here and here they look like the same as last year’s basically :S meaning those didn’t go down well… I’ve also noticed I end up using the same jokes year round, without actually realising it… being the “It’s [insert big event that has been plastered everywhere], in case you hadn’t noticed” joke… :S

THIS YEAR’S Resolutions!!!

  1. Don’t be a massive arse all the time
  2. Try not to be so depressed (which is hard)
  3. When going to Uni, don’t annoy everyone in my corridor straight away
  4. Revise hard for AT LEAST the June exams (Jan exams aren’t happening atm, should be revising but I’m not)
  5. Party Hard.
  6. Blog more often

So, that’s it…. Resolutions of Old and New (and even older) so I hope I can actually keep up with these ones…

Yep, I’ve had lots of brackets in my titles recently, it’s an attempt to intrigue those on my twitter feed to actually look at my blog, although I think it’s a lost cause because no one actually reads this…

So yesterday after I found out that my entire family had left me alone in the house to go out somewhere (they didn’t actually tell me once at all…) I decided to clean my room and then act as if nothing happened. 😀 I’m cool like that, so this is what my room looked like to start with:

This is the corner at the end of my bed near the windows

Just around the corner, at the end of my bed and behind the art work

This is next to my bed, just before the corner near the windows, past my desk

This is my desk area

So as you can see, my room was pretty disgusting. I found like £13 in my room, and just that pool of money you see in the above picture (on the thing with the DVDs, CDs and graphic novels on) there was £59.96 😀 Just in change…

So yeah, I went sort of full out. Sadly I emptied an old bag of what I thought was just paper into th recycling bin outside, it wasn’t just paper, so I had to fish around in the bin for all the sweet wrappers and stuff :S I even vacuumed my room AND changed my bed sheets! 😀

This is what it now looks like:

This is now how clean my desk looks like, sorry about the PJ bottoms hanging from above

This si how clean it is next to my bed now! Also, that pile of books and bag, that's what I've been taking to school weekly, that's just one half term's work

(eww blurry picture is blurry, I think I was falling off my bed frame at that point (I took all these pictures by standing on wood an inch wide))

Okay, so this doesn't look MUCH cleaner, the floor is

So yeah, this is actually A LOT cleaner than it was, you just can't see it as the mess was UNDER the chairs

Although my room is “clean” the carpet itself, being about 14 years old… (actually probably MUCH MUCH more) is FILTHY, no amount of chemicals would clean this carpet… that’s pink, or at least used to… If I’m honest, the corner in the above picture to the left… that’s never going to get properly clean… it’s got lots of old school books that I’m forced to keep -.- Maybe some day… just, under my two old desks, has so much stuff “stored” it’s silly. I have a wardrobe FULL of old toys, that I can’t put stuff in, because it’s full of old stuff… my room is purely used as storage… which sucks.

So, next time I clean may be Easter if I’m lucky, if failing that, summer. So see you then 😀

Although, I am TRYING to keep my room clean. However, I say that EVERY TIME I clean my room  and it lasts until I start school again when the amount of paper and stuff we’re given is too much D: