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Okay… so maybe since the last time I wrote a blog post…. I didn’t write one in a while. The reason for this is because I’m actually very bored/boring. So I either was SO bored I couldn’t write anything… or so boring I had nothing to write about.

The thing I can remember most that has happened in December is…. Awards Evening. There are no pictures for this, because that’s what my school is like, dicks. Anyway, I got a certificate for MOST IMPROVED! However, I prefer to see it as the award for “Being REALLY shit at like GCSEs ‘n’ shit and now being pretty good n tings” Possibly less gangsta. “You must be so proud that you managed to improve so much!!!” I hear you cry? Well, I have not improved. For GCSEs I got As in Maths and all of my 5 sciences. Whilst I got Cs in everything else (well, a D and another B but still) so that overall put my average achievement as “This kid be WELL average, boi!” so when I went into A levels and continued to do all 3 sciences and maths… well, I did well in them, because they are the ONLY things I can do… hence the GCSEs. My predicted grades are/were CCCC, I got ABBB and am currently on ABB for my current subjects… Although for some reason, my predicted in Biology has changed to an A… so it’s CCA. (I got my lowest AS mark in Biology (yet I dropped Physics which was my 2nd highest))  So yeah, that.

The day after that was the Sixth Form Christmas Party (EXTRAVAGANZA!)!!!!!!! This one does have pictures, so BE AWARE! Okay, so the party was actually quite good! 😀 Much better than last year’s. This one, although starting out a bit awkward due to not many people being there (I had to talk to the LOWER SIXTH :X) however… I eventually decided to try and ignore the voices in my head long enough to have some fun… this involved dancing… my dancing involved having one hand in the air and bouncing…. like a rave, which was good because that is what the music was like. After trawling the internet for ages… this is the only picture of me I have found:

Me at a party

Me at a party

So yeah, I made an impression… I accidentally left my glasses at the party with someone, so I spent a lot of the time blind… Overall, I was a WEE bit depressed…

THE DAY AFTER was Max’s Birthday… gosh. So much activity in the span of 3 days. So, I got dressed BACK into my smart clothing, still a bit blind :S I got a lift with Chloé to the first part of Max’s Knees-up (he wanted it formal, so I’ll give him formal) which was a meal at Prezzos/Prezzo’s the meal was pretty rad. I was sat next to Chloé, although the person sat opposite me was an empty seat… :S Ah wellz. Got a lift back to Max’s and we watched Toy Story… Sadly, the DVD player started to over heat… a lot. After some quick magic from Ben, using some Innocent Smoothie as a means of cooling it down, the DVD player started to work again. Then the night ended and I gave a lift to Chloé back to her place, then went home, it was pretty good. I guess.

Then the rest of the week was just lead up to the last day of school. During which… I got 5 Xmas cards! Okay, so 3 were from the same person… and also one/two presents. I say one/two because one of them was a sort of Mystery thingy… Wait! No, I did get a present from Ben, being Ice-Cream and Sadness, the second book from the writers of Cyanide and Happiness. I just need my copy to turn up so I can give it to him :S (we did this last year with the first book, we both bought the the same thing and gave it to each other so it was like us being it for us but with the “warm feeling inside” of giving) During Maths we ended up dancing, someone recorded some video of me dancing… and said they would put it on facebook, but have yet to… :S (We were playing something like Just Dance on the Wii or something, got beaten by my maths teacher (I pulled some epic shapes))

So for the next two weeks I have fuck all planned…

I might end up going to town with some friends, maybe :S I dunno…  I guess there’s Christmas… can’t wait to go to my grandparents house…

To finish this picture I took which you can either take as an artsy, deep and blah blah blah picture with no proper meaning behind it, or take it as my mood, so here we are:



So yeah, Sunday was Max’s party Extrrrrrrrrravaganza!

The day started with me worrying if I was ever going to get there with my father waking up at 11:45am… I left, it was snowy… I arrived… I talked a bit with Lauren, Max and his sister who were there… it mostly consisted of talking about how Max has managed to embarrass himself… Sooner than later we left.

The trip there…. was a bit weird… not many people were talking so Max’s dad said, “So Chris, do you know why the ______ murderer killed his wife?” To be honest, I was expecting it to be a start of a joke…. it was not… I had no idea…. and for some reason I’m the one in the car that was meant to know about murderers… We sooner or later got to Ipswich… much to the frowny faces of Eliza, Chloé and Ben. Lauren was struggling to keep her balance.

There was a big hoopla about which Film we were going to see. Ben protested about seeing New Moon… I was decidedly silent. Because we were late, the screen was STILL quite full. So we ended up with the 3 boys in a row and the girls behind.

I didn’t really mind the film. The main thing I don’t like about the whole Twilight thing is the whole fangirlerism that goes with it. For example. The line, “Here’s Cullen…” was said quite early on… then it cuts to him walking in slow motion towards them his shirt billowing open… thought that was a bit silly…. The funny thing was at the end when he said that thing, a girl off to one side sort of swooned or girly “aww”‘d at it and everyone laughed.

The evil guy is DELICIOUSLY evil…. the slow motion was too heavy for its own good. Some bits added a nice bit of effect. Like when Cullen was thrown across the room then the guy was under him in slow motion grabbing him and slamming him into the stairs.

After the film the girls, and Ben, did the thing most females do and went to the toilet, leaving their infinite amount of bags with the boys with bladders of steel. Then we left the cinema….

We had 30 minutes to burn so we thought we’d pop into Costa or Starbucks. It being Sunday meant it had the early closing times… So Eliza suggested we walked back to the cinema by going pretty much the LONGEST ROUTE EVER! I basically viewed this as a walking self harm trip and froze enough that it felt like my hand may have to be removed. Basically… left arm had no feeling up to the elbow… both legs up to the knees…. yeah, that was fun.

We then got pizza…. painfully long discussion about that….

Then at Max’s house we painfully set the TV up to the projector (Lauren fixed it, unlike Ben…) and whilst that was happening I got an Xmas card from Chloé. We then watched The Hangover. We managed to cram, Eliza, Lauren, Chloé and I onto one sofa… a bit of a squeeze… Ben and Max on the other. The Hangover is pretty funny. The credits are a bit…. yeah…. it was funny cause there was a quick, “SHIT! Where’s the remote?!” As they were rolling and we saw Max’s family slowly approach and the image that was up was less than acceptable.

We ate cake. Then talked for the rest of the 45 odd minutes (I think). Ben left after just 15 of those minutes and he had given me his xmas gift pour moi. Being the C&H book “I’m giving you the finger” (Mum doesn’t approve of the content in there). Chloé gave me her present for me, which was a bit of a shock. I got “Hot Shots!” 1&2 in a box, which I have only just managed to free from the plastic wrapping.

After more talking I soon left, as I was leaving Chloé basically went, “Don’t forget your jacket, or Ben’s present, or my card, or my present.” and Max walked me out. Then before I left Max dashed up his room and brought down a present for me, which I’ve now fully eaten. I did feel a bit bad cause I went away with more than I arrived with.

I think that is the better group photo… looking at that photo… it looks like I have a really chiselled jaw…. but yeah…. as well as how god awfully skinny I am… that shirt can go in more…. and a GIANT Adam’s Apple…. and that I really need to start standing up straight….

Yesterday (if I can finish this blog in 55 minutes) I went into Town with Simon and Adam. Because my sister had something going on I got dropped off at Wickham Market station at 9:10 for the 9:55 train. The entire station floor was ice…. that sucked…. I listened to the FF7 soundtrack to accompany my feelings and read the C&H book. Eventually the train got here, I bumped into Ned on the train and we went to go find Simon and brought him back to the back of the train. Simon gave me a card that had £5 in… I didn’t have to pay any train fair cause she didn’t come and the gates were broken so they were perm open.

Adam was in 5 mins after we were and we walked a fairly long way into town. We went to Topshop so Simon could get some presents for people then into Boots where Simon bought bath stuff for girls then we played the “Search the shop for Tampons” game… whilst searching Adam and I found the condom and “Duplex Vibrations” section… which was opposite to the tissues…. a bit weird… I was thinking that we would be looking a bit odd to all the old ladies walking past….

We then went to Thorntons because I needed a present for my mum, which I think I’ve lost in my room somewhere… I think we basically ate… well, we went to Waterstones…. but yeah. We ate at Subway then got cheap drinks at Poundland.

We hopped off to the cinema…. and decided to watch Avatar in the poorly heated Screen 6.

Avatar…. I must say… was pretty awesome. We saw it in 3D. The story was pretty decent. It did have those moments where it was, “Why’d they show that earlier if it wouldn’t turn up later?”. The CGI…. HOLY CRAP! The CGI was amazing! too often I’d forget it was CGI. For ages I actually thought the blue people were real people… that the fire was real fire, the forests were real fire…. the plane/chopper/hornet things from Halo were real…. The hair… HOLY SHIT! The entire CGI about it was FUCKING insane!

After the 2.5 hour film and .5 hour adverts… the film ended. Adam had to leave for his train and so I was left to find Simon. He had left after like 30 mins of the actual film because he promised her he’d meet up with her to give her xmas present and stuff…. so yeah, I phoned him and he was in Costa… so I sped walked across the ice darting in between groups of people with my scarf around my face… I burst into Costa and then sat with Lauren waiting for Simon…

Things were a bit awkward but we talked about stuff…. mostly the day before. Simon popped down and Lauren had to leave… she wasn’t sure if she had gotten 7 or 9 bags on that day…. because she only had 8…. so then Simon and I were on a two person table together….

Through the entire Cinema bit of when Simon had left and it was just Adam and I, as well as the Costa bit with just Simon and I… all I could think was this.

So yeah, we went to the station and bumped into Josh Otter. He had gone to Cambridge for something and had been at the station a lot of the day. So we got on (1337) the train and found a spot to sit at… Simon was stuck next to some Asian woman… Josh flicked through the C&H book for a bit. The ticket lady came by, Simon paid for a ticket… Josh showed her his ticket…. JUST as we got to his stop. This meant she had to go and deal with the train… BANG didn’t have to pay! Simon and I moved to some chairs next to each other and then talked.

Got to my stop at Wickham then walked past Ned ‘n’ that lot and got a “Merry Christmas” from all of them. Then the day was done.

Today, I did sweet F A. I signed for a package for the first time in my life and it turns out for the small pad things I’m gonna need a smaller signature… cause I got ChrisSmed and then it sort of smudged into one. But yeah, Ben’s present has finally arrived… meaning I’m gonna have to give it to him WELL late, probs at the physics thing…. if he goes…

A side note, as I was writing this for well over two hours now… I went to get a drink…. I was SO happy to see my mum had thought, “Well, I didn’t get any apple juice last time, which Chris likes, and there was already a half full orange juice in there, which Chris doesn’t like greatly… So I’ll get another two Orange Juices…” Yeah…. That’s great… we now have 2.5 cartons of Orange Juice in the fridge….

I guess the next blog wont be until either xmas or Boxing day. See ya then!


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Today being Max’s Birthday… It was AWESOME!

Okay, admittedly, I had nothing for him on the day… although I was expecting another time to give it him, that wasn’t going to be about 2 weeks away….

The day consisted of eating chocolate in Physics…. and well, I guess that was it…

I get to reuse the tag “Max’s Birthday” AND the Max Category!

Well, because we are awesome, some people went to:


So, “Some people” were Ben, Ned and I (originally) I was the first to arrive… So I saw Max’s room and exchanged the short talk. Soon enough NED arrived on his bike. He sat down, revealed the cans o’ coke he had. Soon Ben arrived! We hadn’t told either the other was coming… you could cut the sexual tension with a knife.

Alas, it was not to be. Ned got phoned up and was told he was meant to be working… he soon left. Well, we then exchanged more small talk and stuff and played Brawl, Double Dash and watched Ben probably put Max’s dad off Ben for life by playing Madworld… soon enough, Emily turned up… with her brother……… yeah… We all crowded into Max’s room and Ben ‘n’ Emily’s Brother (Alex) starred at Max’s computer’s and drooled over the shop… Emily sort of had a vague idea what was going on with the TF2 bits… but yeah… we soon crammed into the Garden house that was AWESOME.

We all made Miis that kinda looked like us… apart from Ben’s who was a small fat dwarf with a giant beard… and wore pink. Mine came with sleepy dead eyes d-(^.^)z

We then played some Bowling and got thrashed by Emily and her serious skills! We then had to do some ordering of food, which took FUCKING ages… We soon went to the park and looked with bewilderment at the grown up play ground… There were swings and shit… I jumped off swings… and the shit… swings gave my open blisters on my hand (two) and… Max wore shades (Agent Smith) even though it was quite dark… Turns out, Alex is lighter than me… hooray!

We came back for food, saw Max’s Pro-Kart… and watched Harry P-3. I didn’t eat… d-(^.^)z

We talked a bit, broke out the champagne… we all thought, “Ewww” apart from Alex who is too young… We played spin the empty coke can and tbh, it was FUCKING hilarious! Ben ended up eating a chinese take away menu for a dare… LOL. Emily and Alex soon left… and we then set out to set out the bed like things… Ben and I got left with the difficult one…  Well, that was after we watched Max’s mum and silly sister clear all the rubbish away (oops).  Alas, Max’s father came back and we had a REALLY long conversation with him about… all sorts really…

Soon we were left with not much to do, we interneted and stuff… then we watched V for Vendetta… I think I semi-coma’d through some bits cause I’ve seen a lot recently… like the lesbian story bit… oops… Afterwards, I watched Ben play FF7… and DIE!!!!!!!!!!! AHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHHAHHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHA HAHAHA… ha

Well, really nobody said anything for ages… but I think we were all asleep, I remember Ben and I talking about who is most likely to be a lesbian… I also showed ’em this:

POSING! Posing with my leg!

My phone went off at 6:45… then I fell asleep at about 7am and then woke again at about 10am and starred at the ceiling for… about an hour and 30 minutes trying to see if everyone was awake… We soon had brunch… because it was noon… we ate Bacon Sand-iches… CUZ WE ARE MEN! RAWR! *takes a bite out of a baby deer* and after that… my 24 hours of no food was over (I just realised…)

Afterwards we tidied up some more and tried to pack everything away… the bag I had my sleep bag in exploded… so I stuffed EVERYTHING into my bag:

See how explodey that is? No? oh…

Well, we played Wii Bowling some more, with Max’s sister, and it eventually became Lazy Wii… so we sat down and flicked our wrist aimlessly… Because Max’s sister was busy texting and Max took half her bowls as really crap ones, I came 3rd and 2nd… then 4th… sad face.

My dad arrived… but we ate ice cream… So he had to wait… Ben’s mum arrived so everyone left… it was funnerific!

When I got back it was 2;50pm…  so I had a doughnut and some red grrrrrrrrrrape juice… mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm! Then I played some creed for like well ages! One of the funnerific things I did today was throw a begger woman into another person making them drop their thing… I found it fun… Throwing Knives are still the best EVER! EVVVVVVVEEEEEEEERRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!

I also got some stationary stuff… like a staple remover (or I think it is… it is sharp…) a stapler, a tape thingy AND a hole punch! WOO! VICTORY!!!!!!!!

Then I ate… then I wrote this then I changed the theme back to how it was… Not sure what I’m gonna do until Thursday now… but my next blog will probzorz be the wednesday before…  I should hope… Unless something EPIC happens… like…  I dunno, I get something on my phone… *sits in anticipation hoping LOADS*

Well yes. It is about time, the weight of GCSEs, that never really was apparent for the last 10 weeks or so, is finally gone! Yes, today the results were released and students everywhere got kicked out of bed by their parents and then shuffled to the school they had once forgotten about… well, apart from me… I was awake BEFORE my parents… ha…

So, basically, I didn’t care much… but I knew we were gonna be going out… so I didn’t really do anything until… 10am… where I left… my mum took me, meaning I had to listen to the Petshop Boys the entire journey… We arrived… my mum hid in the car out of the way as I walked into the office to get my results… it was only 10:30 so no one was there really…

I got mine! As well as the year book and prom photo CD!

To cut things short:

Maths, A

Science, A

Additional Science, B (no revision)

Chemistry, A

Biology, A

Physics, A

English, B

English Lit, C

Art, C

Media, C

Drama, C (tee hee)


French, D

I blame DT and the lack of revision on Ben… Why? Simple, after an exam (Maths or something?) Max, Ben and I went to revise in Mr Wheeler’s room… and in seconds Ben had dropped his trousers… I’m not kidding…. Drama, my coursework was crap… meaning my expert acting got me a good C!

Also, Media… ellie got a B… she did FUCK all… I got a C… I did ALL the work for the second (75%) year… *twitches*

Anywho… slowly people began to arrive, and then quickly, there was a giant line… I ended up having to wait and latch from group to group for a bit… Eventually, Ben and Max had gotten out (Max after secretly escaping for a bit). Then there was nothing else to do other than talk until I got picked up…

I saw Simon escape and think, “He’s a sly one…”

Eventually, Max and I were left to talk to Nico. We saw Chloé eventually turn up and go in… Soon Nico left and left Max and I talking because Max’s chauffeur didn’t mind and my parent hadn’t arrived…. Chloé came back out after sometime then we all started talking (Chloé arrived at the school at about… noon, and was the last one to arrive). We talked and talked, exchanged phone numbers, talked etc. Then Max’s mum, after putting down the binoculers eventually pulled out impatiently after waiting for ages and Max had to leave.

Chloé and I talked a bit more about Braces and just general stuff… eventually, we realised it had turned 1pm so we slowly walked to our cars and left (we were the last ones). I did apologize to my dad for making him wait…

On the way back my dad and I did that rare thing where we end up talking a large amount… mostly about my brother, my mother…. yeah… but yeah…

Well, then I got home, ate lunch… flicked through the Year Book, saw a picture of me as a pirate thought, “WTF?” then played some Faffing-about Creed. There is only one thing that  I guess could be worth a mention… I was aimlessly running about killing people, being chased. I stopped… then it turned out a templar had been chasing me… and had then jumped off the edge of the building I was standing on… I didn’t notice it was a Templar until the thing came up saying, xx/60 Templars killed… FYI, Templars are just shit arse annoying knights that normally babble gibberish as they stab your innards up with their face…

In other news… I finish Final Fantasy 8… I got all the GFs… (e.g. Eden and shit) I got ALL of their abilities… spent about an HOUR in Microsoft Excel doing tables to see which GF i should have on which people so EVERYONE gets a speed junction and strength junction etc… so it is all fair… didn’t use it much… in the end…

I powered through the final dungeon, even with my crapper level 17s…. my main party being 80-90… Soon I went forth to Ultimecia. Her first form was easy… well, it would’ve been if she weren’t immune to Holy, which is what Squal’s sword did… but I need it that for Griever… So I eventually killed the lower levels till I got my party of Zell and Irvine. We beat up Ultimecia. Then Griever was summoned… we went to town on it… Then they merged together, more town… then… it went a bit more trippy… as it was changing to the last one, and before I could attack, the camera was zooming out from different angles… a few also had flashes of sort of Satanic images… Also, the final boss… has Eyeball boobs… well… white boobs with Irish like blue on it.. and to say it is a 12… very distinct nipples… that I looked a lot… This nearly killed Squall… but not enough… Thankfully, I also had all the good people’s final weapons… and the Aura spell… meaning every go Squall went all Limit break on it and tore it a new bum…

The boss exploded… a lot… then they all tried to go back to their time… Squall went back in time and it turns out that he was the reason something happened, which then later (about 10 years or 13 years later) made him where he was… then we get into a time loop…. Oh, Ultimecia is from the future… but she dies in the past… but in doing so, she can then control the people in the present… from the future because she died in the past…. yeah… isn’t that fun?

I think games should try and stay away from this sort of time paradox, Donnie Darko-esque endings… or plots…

*SPoliers* well, it turns out that because Squall is such a big Emo, he can’t use the power of friendship to get back to his own time… he is then stuck in limbo… oh noes! Then as he is about to give up Rinoa (the female love) has enough Love for them both and then she manages to find him… but oh no! He’s dead! It then cuts to the credits showing everyone at some party… Rinoa is out on a balcony by herself pointing in the sky… it switches to full screen credits… then… another cinematic… a different camera angle… she points to the sky… the camera swaps to behind her… OH WAIT! Squall is alive! GRRRR I fucking HATE stories that do that at the end… It happened in Final Fantasy 9…. Sure… I actually like it… but it is annoying, because I get too into the story, feel a bit like, “WTF?! He’s dead?!?!?!?!?!?!” Then only to, after a load of credits, to find out he is alive and kicking…. grrr….

*Spoilers over*

well… yeah, Final Fantasy 8 was better than I remembered… but apart from Limits… you end up having every character fight the same… plus there is only one row… no front or back….

Well, because I’m such a raging bag of geek… LOOK!


On Wednesday, with my neck in pain because in the morning I stretched and managed to trap a nerve or something so turning left  sharply hurts (still does) I got a phone call… I was like, “WTF? When does this crap happen?” Turns out Nathan invited me over.

“Sure.” I said!

So, I got to his house… knocked on the door… and it opened to reveal a topless Nathan… yeah…. Well, he soon got dressed some more… then we played some GH 3 for a bit… and talked about games whilst doing so… then we played Beijing Olympics for a bit fo’ lulz. We watched Zoolander, ate some Ice Lollies then played LBP. LBP, is fucking FUN! It seems the level editor isn’t that hard to master because there are a lot of good levels… there are loads that are FREAKING hard, which Nathan and I played a lot of. I made a top hat, mustached, straw eating, cat eyed, pirate topped, robot bottomed, cape wearing, wooden sword weilding, Tron skinned Sack boy thing quickly and we played some levels and had fun as we killed each other by grabbing onto the falling block making it fall quicker or onto each other to take them down… I think, if you want to be a game designer… you should give that game a go…. It’s very fun!

My papa arrived… I shut the door… cut my thumb whilst doing so…

Yeah… that’s it for this week… I finished chapter 2… started 3… only about 2-3 paragraphs in….

Although it’s no longer Wednesday, it’s still business time (FOR MAX!)

Still trying that new theme… I think it looks a bit… messy… and all over the shop… may go back… and hope something better comes along.