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So as you may have seen (but I doubt) in my vlog, I saw General Fiasco on Thursday at The Underworld. I went with 2 friends and it was pretty rad. There were two support acts, More Than Conquerors and The 1975.

Firstly, the venue. It was a nifty little place where the small stage was underground. The stage also wasn’t that far off the floor, which could be bad, I guess. One other thing that baffled me was the rather thick pillar which was like…. quite far forward towards the stage…. but we didn’t mind, it meant we had something to lean on while we watched the music. It was pretty much the optimal distance from the stage, as you could see everything and weren’t even that far back.

The crowd that arrived was mostly 16-18 year old kids (possibly younger?) or at least mentally aged so. Now, I may be an old fart (at the ripe old age of 18 and 8 months) but kids are a bunch of dicks. Basically there were a bunch of people who thought that acting like a complete dick was a right “larf”.  For a lot of them it seemed like it was babies first live concert as well so they thought the only thing you do is act like a BIT of an arse…

There was one group of kids (lead by a boy with his big ball of afro-like hair… basically a “Jewfro”, are they even cool these days?) where I heard one of them say to us “You basically pretend it’s a metal concert and go crazy!”. Now I had two problems with this statement. Firstly, if they were at a metal concert they’d get the living stuffing beaten out of them as those things are fierce. CRAZY fierce, heads will roll. Secondly, it was General Fiasco! They’re not exactly the most rocky thing, so it’s just crazy!!! Le sigh.

Anyway, the first support band were More Than Conquerors. Now I sort of liked them. They had a good sound. It wasn’t GREATLY original but still, it was kinda good. I wasn’t the biggest fan of when they tried to go a bit more hardcore as it just didn’t sound great, but for the most part it was good and the lead singer was rather friendly. There’s not much more I can say really, they were listenable to (that’s a word) and I would check them out, if I were you.

The next band to come on were The 1975. Now, my friends and I judged these guys while they were setting up, expecting sort of harder rocky stuff. NOPE. They played some nice sort of melodic tunes. I’d say, maybe a bit like The XX, but probably more upbeat. Probably the best part was when some of the kids on the front row started to clap and the lead singer told them to stop because they can’t keep a beat for shit (which was true, they tried clapping in all the songs, clapping =/= improvement). The lead singer also had a Mortal Kombat logo tattooed on his arm so my friend and I just quietly yelled characters at him as well as going “MORTAL KOMBAT!” between songs. We confronted him at the end and got some signed thingies, which is jawesome.  Sadly I can’t find any online presence for them 😦

FINALLY we got General Fiasco on stage! Loads of people suddenly crowded in at this point including the above mentioned kids with the afro. One of them stood RIGHT in front of us, so I just yelled at the back of his head until he turned round and eventually moved. Good times. So anyway, General Fiasco were pretty fantastical! They played a LOT of songs, including Sinking Ships which is probably my favourite song EVARS by them. They played more than when they played at Reading Festival 2011 which was sweet! They also played A LOT of new songs, which some people complained about, but I liked it. It’s like a taster of the new album they’re going to release, like an advert… it’s how the music industry is meant to be. It also meant that a lot of the teenagers couldn’t jump around like loons as they didn’t know the song…. they also couldn’t clap out of time as they didn’t know the structure of the song. Some of the teenagers started to climb onto stage and then try crowd surfing…. one of the girls got pushed towards us… we stepped back. LOL. Plus some girls got on to sing, BIG mistake…. they couldn’t sing. It’s like…. no…. It was amusing anyway.

Afterwards we waited in line to get some swag and bumped into someone on our course (well, me and one of my friend’s course) who we didn’t really know but still. We got two posters (one signed by the band) for £5 which was AWESOME as well as the little card thing signed by the guy in The 1975. Sadly we didn’t get any More Than Conquerors stuff, but we didn’t really see much around… :S

It was a good night with good music and I’d definitely check out everyone I mentioned (bands)


So last night I was very Scott Pilgrim. No I wasn’t fighting evil ex-boyfriends, sadly. Instead I found myself at what you could say was Indie (I mean, no one would have heard of the bands) rock gig thing. It was in some small venue somewhere in London, around Hoxton… wherever that is.

Anyway, there was some bands who played some music and there were some people (like me) who watched and listened. BEHOLD!

Fever Fever – This band opened the night. A band of three from Norwich, which I guess I could count as “from back home” … maybe? They’re basically Sleigh Bells in stereo. I say this as there are TWO girls on guitar screaming down the mic while the guy drums instead of the one (like in Sleigh Bells). I mean, they were okay and I could tolerate them. The guitar was pretty decent, with the girl with darker hair (who needs names these days?) probably being better as she was doing most the work while the blonde one did most the…. singing? I dunno, I mean there were times when it sounded like they could actually sing but then continued to yell. At least Sleigh Bells have some sort of variation. Now obviously they were playing live and after listening to the studio recorded song, it does song better. I mean, yeah, they’re something. Tolerable really. Would be nicer for a bit of variation hither and dither. Also, there were a lot of awkward interludes during the set which was rather off putting :S

Purson – Now I liked this band. A 4 piece band with a woman on lead guitar and vocals. Looking at them you’d expect something a bit more…. psychedelic what with the band mostly dressed in 60s “hippy” clothing, but not really. It’s a nice bit of rocky rock? It’s not exactly RAWK and then not something completely basic and bland (see Mumford & Sons and Ed Sheeran). The singer was amazing. She was insane on the guitar and her singing was incredible. It felt like she, pardon the cliché, owned the stage. It was weird every now and then as it seemed like she was trying to do some thing to make her eyes really wide every now and then, but that could just be mild paranoia. I could definitely see myself listening to them in the future. As I listen to some of their stuff again now the opening of Twos and Ones sounds SO much like an old band (for me anyway, so like maybe 70s) which I really can’t place.

Cold in Berlin – The last act of the evening. It’s a bit of a worry when you notice the sheer amount of 30 – 40 year old men with dyed black hair, big boots and piercings multiply. I quickly found out why. Now, they’re hard to categorise but it was another band of just the woman singer screaming down the mic, but this time it had added dancing like you’re dead inside! Woo! Also I got the feeling she secretly wished she was Emperor Palpatine from Star Wars with the amount of force lightening hand gestures she was doing. The band seemed almost as if they didn’t exist though as they had very little presence on the stage as they were overshadowed by the woman who seemed to be having a mental breakdown. Occasionally the guitarist in his odd cloth reaper (?) hood would walk up to a mic and then mumble something incoherent and then go back to his job of wishing he was Johnny Greenwood (from Radiohead, because let’s face it… we all wish we were). If you’ve seen Scott Pilgrim vs The World and seen the sort of stuff Scott does while playing the bass… it’s much to the same as the bassist here. Sometimes it’d seem like he was getting too into it and nearly fall across the stage. There was a lot of space on the stage for him to do this as the singer would occasionally decide to walk down into the standing area and then sing/jump/breakdown in the crowd. Although this was somewhat engaging it just made the rest of the band even less apparent as you were just turned away from them to make sure she didn’t stand on you. It’s a band which I could listen to if it was ON (and like, not rip out my ears) but it’s not exactly something I’d willingly listen to in my own time.

The night was alright, it was rather off putting when you realise that other than the 16 year-old girls (in their Addidas trainers) who left after the first act, probably past their bedtime, you were the youngest one there. It was mostly old, middle-aged, beer bellied men. Specifically 3 men who were stood in front of us the ENTIRE time. Then the other bunch of people seemed like either businessmen who had had a bit too much to drink and would probably wake up with Whiplash in their neck from all the head bobbing and then a bunch of rock scene 20 – 30 year-olds. Who need to accept the fact that they’re not 16 any more and dressing up like one is rather embarrassing.

So yeah, there are some bands who did some things.