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OhLook! As of the end of this I will have written 100 blog posts on this blog and have had 300 comments… and possibly 600 tags… if I just have four… 100s all round!!!!! Sweet! I just found 5 £20 notes…. under my sub woofer! mmm….

ANYWHO, not much has really happened recently… I’ve basically… not done much of significant interest… but here we go anyway… I’ll probably get into something and go on that…

Okay… so Thursday! Well, I had paired reading, and I’ve only just noticed how filthy my child is… and he smells ): So then there were that Biology lesson (after a free) with Miss Cresdee… I’ve actually begun to like Miss Cresdee… I think most of the lack of learning that happens is due to the interruptive class I’m in… So because there was a Psychology trip Nico was not here… I sat alone… well, Ceryse and the upper sixth form girl were to my right but they were a few seats away.

Not much happened over period 3 and 4… I think…  Yeah… not much happened… the last two lessons Ceryse had left so the sixth form girl had moved to sit next to someone else… leaving me properly on my own! The entire row was just me… row/column thing…. We got a test back which I think I got a B or a C in… Then I finished the work we were doing and had my hand up for like 15 minutes whilst waiting for the teacher to EVENTUALLY notice and then ask her what to do… she said I could start notes on Vaccine… Only 10 minutes of the lesson left… I passed on that idea.

Friday, we had our first lesson with Mrs Smith. This was… it seemed great because we had got a lot of work done… however… turns out I didn’t quite pick up on it as much as I had hoped… because some homework questions later… I had no idea what to do… this was proved by the Monday lesson where we did the sheet…. in the lesson… and I think every answer of mine was different and I had no idea how she got her answers because like Fletch, she goes off on tangents… unlike Fletch, they are Physics Tangents so you’ll start trying to learn what she’ll be saying, getting a bit confused then she says, “Okay, back to the work.” where you suddenly realise you have no idea what is going on and may have missed something somewhere… at least with Fletch’s tangents they are amusing and you know where the work starts and stops.

Chemistry I can’t remember what was happening… I recall an experiment where we watched a flame-thrower form from the end of a test tube… JUST missing Andy’s hand as he pulled it out of the way of the flame just in time… the rest was a bit of a blur… it was mostly Group 2 metal reactions which I’ve sort of picked up, but not as much as I’d like…

Okay, then in Maths we sort of lost our class room… so sort of decided to steal an empty one… and stuff… we then decided we had no work… and it was Self revision… yay…

Period 6… Can’t quite remember… at all really… oh yeah I do! I talked to Chloé and people whilst trying to do the physics work…. so yeah.

The weekend was a bit dull. I basically played more FF12 whilst my brother was working and then finished reading the current chapters of FMA. Which rocked! I want more! Silly monthly chapters… made by sexy Square-enix….

The week started… maths in the morning was more self revision. Hillier was boring revision exam questions…. Lunch was something… Physics was confusing and chemistry I was told that I shouldn’t be doing the exam questions from the top of my head (like an exam would work) instead I should do it from my notes… also I had a few silly mistakes from where Mr Hillier would be writing something similar on the board at the same time and I would end up writing that down… or writing Chlorine instead of Chloride… which I hate when he sees those… because he goes on and on about it as if I didn’t know… but no, it was just a slip…

Tuesday with my 4 lessons o’ freedom I tried to do my maths stuff and my physics for Mr Halls (which I sort of copied one or two questions from someone (Max)) whilst also doing the work or other maths work for other people who were normally at different stages to me… I then began to watch Tom make his Star Wars thing, until I told him to start revising… ^.^

Today… Wednesday? Why do I have to keep thinking that????!?!?!

Okay, Maths double in the morning was boring… Mr Wheeler biology was good. Got a quick, “Doing Archery today?” From Wheeler! Period 5 Chloé and I did some work in the library. Maths last lesson was boring. It turned out that the Archery was then cancelled… which caused Chloé and I to phone our parents at the start of Period 5… her conversation was longer than mine… I like how Mr Wheeler cares about us enough to give the sixth formers the notice despite it being for the lower schoolers!

Oh… Technically Tuesday I went to sleep at 3am…. and today I went to sleep at 2am or something… yeah, something like that… and each go waking up at 6:45am… you may have seen on my now super active twitter… it is so active because I have TweetDeck making it easier to update Twitter and Facebook.

I have also been reading/finished reading the archives of…. Chugworth! and Chugworth Academy. The latter being the much longer one is actually pretty hilarious! Despite it ending a bit… suddenly… I liked it anyway… the art does improved very quickly!

I’ve also been laptoping from my bed… this destroyed by bed so I moved back to my desk which ended up having to be cleaned…. there was a lot of junk on it, still is… it also smells….

It is December!!! Hopefully tomorrow I will order my sister’s, brother’s and Ben’s xmas present in the morning… don’t feel sad everyone else… Ben only gets a present because we are basically buying it for ourselves… but still gifting each other… it’s complicated…

So my Advent Children Chocolate has also been getting thicker with each day… mmmmm…. chocolate….

Happy 100th post and now to find out how to turn the snow on….

“Seeing as how you are the woman, you will fix my meals, do my laundry and of course birth our children. In exchange, I will constantly watch out television, making sure nobody steals it.”

In which only cool people will understand that…. and even then…. hmmm…. Because WISDOM, WAR, STRATEGY, JUSTICE and skill are all very so cool…

ANYWHO, on with the currently very capital blog. So sweet fuck all has happened… you can go now…

Oh wait, there’s more… (PS a shiny penny for s/he who can crack my title) so yeah, not much happened over the last week. Basically….


I got Three new Deadpool comics on Thursday!!! They were Deadpool #17. Very good! Deadpool: The Merc with a Mouth #5 not as funny but had some pretty classic lines. Deadpool #899 Team up with Hercules. Pretty good really. Although some bits were odd and probably required some more comic background knowledge… however… DEADPOOL = SEXY!!!!

The weekend I spent some of Saturday playing more FF12… and I’ve gotten to that part where I’ve sort of finish the story arc so I just walk about a bit tying up loose ends hither and dither before continuing the story… I’ve also become really good really quick… like, most of my team nearly have their full limit breaks… or “Quickenings” and overall, I have most of the skill License board filled out and a fair amount of the weapon and armour one as well….  Now just to kill everything and then skip away!

Sunday… I got bored, so I found myself playing FF7… I started off playing for level 99, however… this dream died when I got bored, so I finished leveling one materia so it cloned itself then went off in search of Emerald Weapon… That bitch is hard! You may have seen my screams on my twitter… and facebook. Basically… my current strategy is to have someone with BahamutZero paired to Quadra Magic, and also have Knights of the Round paired with HP Absorb as well as having W-Summon so they can summon twice a go. This means that they can have BahamutZero attack 4 times followed by a Knights of the Round for healing. Then I have Cloud having the Mimic ability so when the first person uses their skill, he then mimics with their move, and it costs no MP. Then just have cloud the only attacker, and he doesn’t die… This “he doesn’t die” plan only works for a while… then Emerald Weapon will be an arse and use Aire Tam (which is Materia spelled backwards) which does equivalent damage to how much Materia equipped x 1,111. So Cloud suffers about 5,555 damage… you’d think he’d live, however normally JUST before… Emerald Weapon will use Revenge Stamp (doesn’t do large amounts but takes me down to like 300hp and it attacks before I can…) or it will use it’s Emerald Cannon thing… which will end with my death… I have a way around this… Cloud is paired with the “Final Attack” Materia with Phoenix… so when he dies… he uses Phoenix… and everyone is alive so we then continue the attack… all well and good… it then uses Aire Tam AGAIN later… meaning everyone is near death… then kills Cloud and because Final Attack is only level one… he dies for good… go of BahamutZero x 4 and Knights of the Round x 1 takes a sum total of 5 minutes!!! pretty much anyway… which does like… 200k damage or something… and Emerald Weapon has 1mil… before I knew it… the day was over…. so I’ll start that again and level Final Attack a bit before going again.

That was long…. um….


Well, it seems Bleach has stopped with the English Dub until summer 2010… so I’m now in Withdrawal… not to mention there was no new Manga chapter last week. I’ve begun to read the rest of FMA manga… and I am on chapter 63/101… and each chapter is like 50 pages long or something… I watched the ending of Hellsing… I can’t say I like it for the plot… more of the shear bad-assness of Alucard.  Now I’m out of stuff to watch and I r sad… I was thinking of watching Yu-Gi-Oh! to relive my childhood…. *shrugs*


Right now I’m meant to be trying to finish about 6 or 8 pages of Biology notes that were set two weeks ago… I also have another 15 pages of other Biology notes I could be doing… however I know it well enough to get me by from GCSE knowledge… heck, it is enough to get me to the top of the class… so *flicks some Vs*

I hear it is December… meaning…………… ADVENT CHILDREN CALENDAR!!!! I’ve only just realised my advent children calendar doesn’t have a chocolate for the 25th…. doesn’t matter… I’m at my Grandparents’ house for Xmas morning… MEGA sad face… However… it did mean this morning Ash brought in some chocolate coins which we chewed on…. mmm….

It also means I have to start thinking about being festive and getting people stuff, knowing that less than half will give me a card let alone anything in some form of festive paper… ah well, I’m used to it.

OH! Monday I went to the Orthodontist… I had the horrible Ideals that my Retainer will be coming off for good… no… he took it out, did something… put it back in my mouth with a shove… and voila! it was tightened…. I also got an ACTUAL retainer case…. So within seconds my retainer was out and in the case… cause I can now have it out for like 8 hours a day!!! meaning I  can have it out for school… however… some times that is discouraged by me… this is because the new tightness (as I found out Monday after-school (as you may have seen on Facebook and twitter)) HURTS LIKE FUNK! It pretty much crushes my back teeth… although I think I’ve had it in enough for either the metal to deform a bit or my teeth to move…

Archery today was pretty good as well! We started off shooting… and it ended up with about 4 sixth formers shooting at the same target trying to murder a power ranger… towards the end the Sixth formers moved one of the targets round and we started shooting from afar… I sucked with my first arrow, however I was used to shooting from like Arms length…. so of course it was going to go low, it also turns out I had a small bow as well… I then got to wait for twenty to twenty-five minutes in the rain by myself, surrounded by some Year 11s listening to Muse with my one working headphone… it was cold… sad face….

I really need to start that Biology notes… well… I have started some… however, when I started them… 5th period today (wednesday) it seems I accidentally spent too much time talking to Chloé instead and we didn’t get much in terms of Biology OR Classics notes done…

RRRRRRRRRRROCK…. on? <—- sad

*Throws Confetti*

… yeah!

Okay, not much has happened over the last bunch of days.

I played Halo 3 with my brother and the internet actually held enough to play a lot of games, alas my XBL Gold account free trial expired so now I can’t play anything online… I can only add friends… and NOTHING ELSE. I finished doing the advanced levels on Portal, these were fun, a bit annoying to start with… then I slowly realised on one level (second from last that can be advanced mapped) that I had to momentum my way onto the turret platforms and push them over… which involved a lot of… glitching? Like, walking through the orange portal, then JUST enough so I can fire the portal gun, then change the position of the orange portal, jumping down and firing the blue… yeah…

School has been aight… I guess… Chemistry I got accused of not understanding the work, and I’ve already been through this all with someone else… basically, if I were to use his figures I’d be out by a factor of 10… my figures (which were apparently wrong…) got me the answer… so… I dunno.

In other news, I ended up PAINFULLY teaching Melissa Speakman Osmosis, a simple process made complicated. Mr. Hydes hates our group with a passion that it seems he decided not to teach us so in order to do the work I’ve ended up having to teach myself… I hate having to do that…

Weekend was boring… not much happened, not much does really.

Today whilst trying to work I had to explain characters in comics. Because Melissa was looking at an “X-Men Origins: Wolverine” picture… and I was drooling at Deadpool and Gambit, by far the best characters to be associated with X-Men… whilst she was drooling over Hugh Jackman… Who ruined Wolverine as a character… just because girls like him because it’s Hugh Jackman, not because it’s fucking Wolverine… So no one cared about Deadpool (ala Wade Wilson) or Gambit… We (Tom, James and I) agreed that Nightcrawler, aka Kirt Wagner (pronounced Vagner) was the best thing about X-Men 2, and although X-men 3 was pretty good, it was a bit corny… too much comic methinks… (no one cares for Sabertooth…)


So, yeah, I hadn’t finished mine by this morning due to the lack of the materials worksheet last night where I added a lot more stuff. However, I managed to burn through my edits… The lesson came and I was a bit nervous… two people volunteered to go first… Charlotte and I… because I’m second last in the register… Max being last, I went second… when I got up… I thought, “shit…” and began to get NEEEEEEEEEEEERVOUS… so yeah, that went tits up… when I sat down again, I felt my shirt on my back… it was WELL sticky… FAILED.



RADITUDE! Aka, the new Weezer album. Unfortunately Spotify has only put a small amount of the stuff for non-paying customers… so that sucks, still good though.

Writing this my pinky finger locked twice… meaning that the shift key wasn’t applied…

Now that that is out of the way

I believe my last post, although it was on a tuesday, was on Monday….

So Tuesday was interesting… not much went on in the morning… then in registartion… OH LOOK! Mr Halls wasn’t here… again… so we were given a sheet of work. In the common room I talked to Chloé and was then joined by Adam. Once the bell went for lesson 1 we headed to the Library to make a start on the work. So it started off with Note taking and a rough understanding of how the image correction stuff exactly worked… then the questions… when I got to these all I could think was, “I’ve done this before!!!” and that was because when we got the first homework, the work that everyone found hard, I started these questions… then realised it was the wrong stuff… so yeah. I got through quite a few quickly and then helped Chloé and even Adam at points.

Break went then Adam and I headed to the common room to talk. Then period 3 we were on the computers to do the computer work… well, really “do” I mean do half of it then realise this has no learning, just allows us to see it in action… woo… Lunch was afoot and I believe I hanged out with the doods… aka Max and Luke. We talked about stuff and Spongebob being worse than Fairly Odd Parents.

Lesson 5 and 6 was sitting in the common room with tensions REALLY high and flies EVERYWHERE!

Wednesday it turned out I hadn’t done some maths work that I didn’t even know existed… then Break was bluh… Bio with Wheeler saw me a nice 16/23 (70% in some test we had done where the only marks lost were the ones I BS’d in… then lunch I “had lunch” with Simon and Oli… so I sat there and had a drink they ate biscuits… then I think I talked to Luke and Max again. or something. Then the last lessons GENERAL STUDIES! This was fun… well, we did our presentation… after Chris Adlem’s and Melissa’s who got like 2 lots of 9 and 10 and 2 lots of 8 and 7 (from Luke and I and another group). Luke did most the talking, but he wrote most of it… I was there for my good looks… or as Luke would say it, Scarecrow looks… (speaking of which, apparently some girl I’ve never met or spoken to but Adam seems to know says I’m scary… hooray for judging a book by it’s cover…) we got 10 for everything… except one… Melissa gave us a 10 and a 9… she was just bitter…. and said I needed to speak more, and that was all she put… how bitter she is…

Then at the end of Maths I bought a shiny new CALCULATORRRRR. Then it was HOOOOOOOOOOOOOME!

I must say I woke up on Wednesday thinking, “Sweet, the weekend… wait a minute…. It’s FUCKING WEDNESDAY!!!!!! NOOOOOOOOO!”

So Thursday felt like Friday…. for some reason my weeks are weird.

This was a day where I only had one lesson because the last two days were filled with Graphic pictures… this one lesson we had a test which I believe BSing failed… a lot… but then I put that Protease is produced in the stomach, that’s wrong apparently… then later it says in a table, “Organ made: Stomach, Enzyme: _____ Substance: Protein, Product: ____” which for those of you that don’t know… Protease is the enzyme for Protein…. that’s just my thoughts and realisation though…

So, I believe at some point Luke said…. “MAGICAL EEEEEELVES!!!!!!” Which is now spelt with 6 Es at the start… you had to be there really… Lunch was about, I spoke to Chloé a bit (I had also spoken to her in the morning about things) then she went to go find Adam and people. I sat back down and Nico was trying to get into a Cheese Sammich… instead of opening it like a normal boy, he ripped it open sending cheese everywhere… I saw this a good time to leave… The sun was shining so I spoke to Chloé and Adam on the Garden, we were later joined by Nico and Tom. Tom arranged a meeting place for us all then the bell went… whilst in Registration Tom poked his head around the door… when I was out, he was gone… and outside Fletch’s form… this small group soon grew into a band of merry men (with Nico next to me suddenly). So we watched the horrifying videos… one of which there was a boy playing in a garden. I jokingly thought, “A car is gonna crash through and mow him down.” (Shit, moth!) then it cut to a boy playing football… I thought this was the young boy older… the guy was drinking, then driving, slipped on the road… spun through a fence… the small boy was there… the car steam rolled the small boy…. I was like, “whut…?” But yeah… it is a good thing I didn’t plan on driving until after Uni…

Wait… that was thursday… okay… I then talked to Bethany Huls until some time…

Friday was the do nothing day… I also thought that day was Saturday. I spoke to Bethany all day until about 3:45 where I then trawled the internet and slept till 6:45am… then saturday I played a bit more of FF12 and got a monster killing combo of about 150….

Then I did nothing… I ended up watching Blade 2 in my bed…. I fell asleep around 11:30 and then woke up at 1:41 am and checked the internet a bit… then slept… alas, i woke up at my normal time then thought, “bed looks comfy…” and fell asleep until 9am…

Then today, I… talked to Bethany Huls a bit after lunch and did some work… oh also, Thursday I forgot to hand my work in that was a day late… I realised it wasn’t in my bag as I walked past the Staff room and thought, “OH SHIT!”… ah well.

Saturday guess what turned up… the sexiest thing EVER! Scud the Disposable assassin turned up! It’s friggin GIANT. Plus, it is awesome! There is this awesome bit where this guy went out on a balcony and said, “could it be falling any heavier?” then got crushed by a Zombie t-rex… that had a camera on it’s face… then when this happened they tried to get this guy out of a building through the elevator… the elevator came up and went “Ding” they were confused the doors opened… then two Zombie raptors (with Cameras on their heads) burst out…. plus there is a guy with “intel inside” on his forehead and the Atari logo on his belly… it is sooo awesome… I mean… Scud went a bit CRAZY… got some barbed wire… wrapped it around his head and said, “I’m Jesus Christ with a laser gun, and you’re all going to hell.” ALSO he had a Mini gun… with 4 things to it… so he was holding it and said, “I’m programmed to only retaliate when threatened” A tin can hit his head and he killed like… nearly everyone… plus in this world everyone is some kind of genetic freak show… so yeah… buy it! it is AWESOMENESS!!!

Also… check out this and this!

More on that later…. or if you don’t care much for my life, just Ctrl+F and type in Horde and you’ll probably find it.

So, sunday was pretty eventful I guess. Spent most the day helping my mum clean the pond. By help, I meant go inside until it was clean… then get lost in all the lining stuff, there was a lot, help with that a bit… then fill some of it in…. and then leave the hose going. HOORAY! I helped! I also downloaded Maplestory and played that a small time…. Then later I realised I had done VERY little work and crammed it in, with yells at some people/person.

Monday was just Monday really… the morning was boring… Chemistry was kinda chemical and easy… Physics… I forgot what we learned or what we were meant to have learned…. Lunch we sat on the garden and talked mostly about year 8 and other event things through school life… then Rose realised she had to read about… 8 chapters or something of her book in 30 minutes… so she got Chloé to read it to her.

Today, It was Tuesday, so this meant I did sweet eff all…. First period I was hoping to talk to Chloé, but that didn’t exactly work out… so I did maths… then I finished maths and did NOTHING… Period 4 Tom and I left the school for Fram at 12:30. We got into Co-op at 12:40 and back at school at like… 1:05… we ran down, mostly, just for funs… and then ran back some of it but the run up was worse because it was uphill and we were heavier… Then Lunch, I can’t remember much of what I did… earlier in the day, I taught Nat how to do Chemistry and let … uh… his name ends in E… borrow my physics work…

I watched Simon get covered in nail varnish and have his hair brushed into epic LULZ!

Physics, well, not much happened… lots of fun names like ZETAMETER and EXAMETER! Part way through our lesson Ash’s phone went off… and what was the tune… that’s right, the Metal Gear Solid phone noise… I think only about two people in the class got that… me, and apparently Doogie baby…. Well, we were told to plot the impossible… and then the lesson ended…

WHEN I GOT HOME!!!!! My brother and I played some Halo 3 thinking that we wouldn’t lag like a bitch because of my mum not being on work (or working at the office) and no maple story was up to drain the resources… we were wrong… however there was enough time on Halo 3 to change my player symbol thing to a black cat with a yellow Texan hat and a red bow-tie. My brother changed his to a white cat, with a pink hat and a purple bow-tie.

With that failing we started to play Gears of War 2 on Horde mode. We played a small bit then James Kieth came online and started talking to my brother via headsets… and here is the cool bit… my brother threw the other headset at my face… I plugged it in, and BAM I was talking with James… we did a bit of Horde mode then Ralph Churcher came online, so we got him into our game… it was BLOODY AWESOME! Hilarious… and just AWESOME! The main theme seemed to be tagging shit… like tagging the big guys… by tag, for all you silly people, it means getting a grenade… then SMACKING it onto an enemy, then it sticks… then they blow up. This is fun when you get a sudden scream of, “Help, I’m down!!!!” Then followed by, “Never mind, I tagged myself, I’m dead now.” or “SWEET! I tagged a Bloodmount!” well, we got owned at wave 30… because James has left us sometime before… and dinner was ready….

That was pretty much it for that…

Well, I then ate 6 lots of 29% of my GDA of sugar… in a row…

Well, now I’m bored and I am wondering what I did back in the day to pass the time until like 2am… well… tomorrow will be fun… with Luke……………………. TOWNEND!!!!!!!!!! OHHOHOHOHOH! in General studies… because General studies is shit…