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As it’s the new year I thought I might as well do the ONE blog post that seems to be always constant (as I feel I ought to update it at least once a year so why not at the start?) being the new year thing! There will also be Christmas as well, I guess. So here goes!

I’ll start with Christmas, Christmas has come and gone already and it was an interesting one… and when I say interesting I mean exactly the same as every other one. As I’d already been home in Suffolk for a week I’d already gotten tired of being around my family, but that’s just natural. Anyway, Christmas day had “everyone” wake up at about 10:30am… I say “everyone” as my brother woke up at about lunch time, so we went straight to that. My grandparents weren’t here this time so it was smaller and… I guess LESS stressful than most years. We eventually opened some presents:

That’s a blurry photo of most the things I got for Christmas:

  • Captain America on DVD
  • X-men: First Class on DVD
  • Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood on Xbox 360
  • Deus Ex: Human Revolution on Xbox 360
  • Batman: Arkham City on Xbox 360
  • Disgaea DS… on DS
  • Some Mittens
  • An Ugly-ish Jumper
  • Some PJ bottoms
  • The Rogue (hardback) by Trudi Canavan
  • Atomic Robo Vol 5
  • Two boxes of Winegums
  • A box of Lindor
  • Some Mr Happy Bath stuff
  • Some Ted Baker Bath stuff
  • Some Mango and Lime Curd
  • A chocolate Reindeer (santa)
  • Some Chocolate animal biscuits (santa)
  • Some Haribo Star gummies (santa)

The day after Xmas we went to My Grandparents house for the day, so that’s like 3 hours in the car either way…. fun. The day after I slept until 2:40pm….

Quick Gaming blar – Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood is TOO easy…. The combat you just use the hidden blade and kill EVERYTHING. It feels like I haven’t actually had to make an assassination for a while yet (like story-wise where they normally make it more difficult in a little area and you’ve got to sneak around instead of just normal jump off roof and kill) then there’s the crossbow which is as strong as the gun (in that it kills the big heavily armoured guys in one bolt) yet also silent. Then worse still is your little Brotherhood of Assassins…. Just walking down the street they do most the killing of the guards… I’m just left to loot the bodies :S I’m only into maybe the 5th sequence but that’s because I know own every building I can at this point….

Deus Ex: Human Revolution – I didn’t get to play a lot of this before going back to Uni, but I have liked what I’ve played. I obviously cranked it to the hardest difficulty straight off and then am playing pacifist as well as making it so there are no alarms going off ever, just to make it a fun challenge. The sneaking in the game does feel very legit (more so than Assassin’s Creed). Sneaking around and monitoring the guard’s movements and then trying to hide the bodies in places where they wont be seen! It’s all so tense! (No infinitely large haystacks here!) Although I must the hacking has now become a joke now that I have the 3 Augments that decrease detection rate, but not getting spotted WHILE hacking is another challenge xD I’ve NEVER used a code I found yet… I always hack, but I’m fun like that.

Gaming blar over!

Now for the quick year review where I just make a quick comment (or a long one) on various things that have happened in my life, but hey, It’s legit as I haven’t written many blogs this year! 😀

So I finished Sixth form! That was pretty neat… stressful as well, mostly waiting for offers from Universities… I didn’t do as much revision as I should have for my exams it was the normal last night cramming sort of thing except for Maths. I guess you could also include Chemistry as well but then I only did papers in lessons as we had nothing else to do and I didn’t do many as I just chatted. Maths was, again, only doing papers in class and stuff as we basically had NOTHING else to do and I still had to go to lessons and it was the sort of lesson where talking through it and not doing anything was frowned upon. Biology, on the other hand, we finished the course in the last week of our time there…. and I’d already had a Biology retake before then (which I didn’t revise for). I got AAB so I got into King’s College London where I’m currently at studying Biochemistry.

I turned 18 in 2011, which I also just forgot as it wasn’t a big thing. I mean, not even my family remembered and I didn’t have a party (no friends to invite) so it wasn’t the biggest part of my life.

I went to Reading Festival, which was pretty amazing! I met some people from Twitter (although not as many as I hoped or as often either) and to say it was my first experience of live gigs… it was pretty amazing! 😀 I’m still sort of shocked that I went by myself (on the trains and stuff) which freaked a few people out at Sixth Form.

So September came around and I was bored out of my skull… I’d basically already cast off my secondary school life as it wasn’t exactly great and I was greatly looking forward to University! So it eventually came to the point where I was by myself in my room in halls not knowing what to do. I guess the first term has been okay (as long as you don’t look at my arms), I’ve made some close friends and then have also made a bunch of others. Again there’s not really one SOLID group, it’s lots of people from groups I was in but it’s still cool. I’m happy with the people I’ve befriended… which makes me sound like a bit of an emotional so and so… :S Which I’m not…. ugh, emotions. Lame. Am I right?

The actual learning part of Uni is pretty intense… it’s only now that I’m not doing ANY revision AT ALL when I should be for my exams starting on the 9th that I realise I should probably focus a bit more :S I joined Fencing as well! Made a few friends there… I guess?

I believe the expression I’d use to describe the first term would be “socially confusing” I would have said “Confusing” but that could be mistaken for me not understanding the course material and looking over the main reason for the word “Confusing”… I mean…. GAH!

I don’t want to go back to old habits of just moaning for ever and ever about everything and I’ve really tried to not do that…. I’ve slipped once or twice but I’m getting better and better at bottling up everything that’s wrong and just telling everyone I’m fine. As well as hopefully taking on other people’s problems as well… I mean, although you may not think it (what with the blog posts showing me being a bit of an arse when people are getting up in arms) I just want to help people. Not ALL the people, the people I actually care about yeah. As well as friendly strangers. People I’ve known for a bit and I’ve just grown tired of, I will not listen to their problems and care… I’ll barely even listen. But listening is fun as it fills me with guilt (oops, did I type that? It’s cool, no one will read this far down anyway).

I must say I do hate New Years…. as it’s just that sort of time where you reflect on the year and you realise how bad it’s been and then you realise that the coming year will probably be equally as bad as well…. same with Birthdays… I’ve come to hate my birthday as I basically realise I’ve not made a positive difference to anyone’s life or to the world around me in the X amount of years I’ve been alive while at the same time I’ve probably made A LOT of people feel bad. Then there’s also all the stuff I haven’t done either that 12 year old kids are doing these days…. (I am pathetic…) WAIT NO! Ignore me, I’m bottling that up…. sorry.

So yeah, yesterday I went to see the fireworks with some friends, it was pretty sweet! We ended up waiting around in a big crowd of jostling drunks for like… hours! It also rained but it was really heavy rain at times so that made up for it! (gosh I love heavy rain). Then I got to count down with everyone in London and then KABLAMO! Fireworks! They were pretty amazing fireworks as well. I swear at some points it seemed like they just threw some flashbangs up in the air :S Suddenly the music changed to people talking about the Olympics and then saying London and everyone cheered…. I then remembered, the London 2012 Olympics are THIS year…. 😦 That will not be fun….

Resolutions? I know I normally review my resolutions from last year and say how they went, but I’m fairly sure I failed a lot of them so I don’t want to carry them on again, for some that’d be like… 4 years in a row or something, so instead I’m coming up with a new resolution:

To not make any resolutions.

Oooh, paradoxical!

Oh yeah, over the Christmas break I managed to increase my song count from 4926 to 6988 songs (I can’t download torrents in Halls (well I can, just not the .torrent file) so I have to do it all elsewhere) which is pretty rad 😀

New Year’s Resolutions!

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I forgot to do this properly, okay so last year I said:

So… this year’s resolutions…:

  1. Finish my story!
  2. Do VERY well in my AS exams. (So higher than B in all… ALL)
  3. Revise more… MUCH MORE… these are proper exams people… let’s get this shit serious…
  4. Go to a big party with music and not be supporting the wall/imaginary wall by the end of it… Good luck with that one…
  5. The ones from two years ago!
  7. Don’t Smoke.

If you’re wondering about the last one… it is so I can have one pass by the end of 2010…. I hope…

So let’s review:
NUMBER one was a big fail, I think I started two more, maybe three instead of finishing…

NUMBER two… Sort of FAIL! FAIL FAIL FAIL! I only got ABBB which isn’t higher than all Bs…

NUMBER three another fail, for some subjects, such as chemistry, I didn’t revise at all for some exams (being the January one) and then the June Physics one I ended up revising the stuff that didn’t turn up in the exam for like an hour D:

NUMBER four, SORT of actually. This year’s Sixth From Xmas Party. It was a big party, I tore the dance floor up a bit, success! I actually went to a party and had fun (not really actually fun, I was horribly depressed all night but managed to hide it well) I also don’t think I went to any parties apart from that one and Max’s… and Rosie’s parties… that’s about it really :S

NUMBER five. Well, I’ll get onto these in a second.. :S

NUMBER six, started off like this about summer time, then recently I think it’s sort of died again… balls.

NUMBER seven, I win! YES!


Okay, the ones from two years ago… well, looking at them here and here they look like the same as last year’s basically :S meaning those didn’t go down well… I’ve also noticed I end up using the same jokes year round, without actually realising it… being the “It’s [insert big event that has been plastered everywhere], in case you hadn’t noticed” joke… :S

THIS YEAR’S Resolutions!!!

  1. Don’t be a massive arse all the time
  2. Try not to be so depressed (which is hard)
  3. When going to Uni, don’t annoy everyone in my corridor straight away
  4. Revise hard for AT LEAST the June exams (Jan exams aren’t happening atm, should be revising but I’m not)
  5. Party Hard.
  6. Blog more often

So, that’s it…. Resolutions of Old and New (and even older) so I hope I can actually keep up with these ones…

So, it has been Christmas, in case you hadn’t noticed, which is apparently a really big thing.

However, before getting onto that THRILLING story of the boy who could, you wonderful people get to hear about what I did over my xmas holiday! Hooray, right?


Okay, onto Xmas…. no I only joke (a little), basically… I’ve worked, not school work… no that would be stupid, have I EVER done school work well within the time provided? No, of course not. I always leave it to the last second where I’m no longer sure if we actually had any homework or not so don’t bother and then do it the break time before the actual lesson…

So yeah, work. It was organised that I would work Wednesday evenings as an extra shift for the winter break, so just two extra shifts. HOWEVER, the old man that normally works weekday lunch times decided to be an arse and NOT do his Monday shifts, so I ended up working those as well, ONE OF WHICH WAS A BANK HOLIDAY! The reason this is annoying is because in the first week of the holiday, I did very little in terms of my own personal time. The first Saturday, working. Monday… Working… Wednesday… working…. Then on Thursday, well I was basically tutoring.  The Head Boy would come round my house and we’d do Chemistry work together in order to help him. Yeah.

Then this also happened last Tuesday (not today) and the  Monday just before that. So it was thrilling, thankfully my work shifts weren’t that busy except the Bank Holiday and New Year’s Day, where there were 113 and 143 people on those days… :S

I also went shopping, I’m not sure I actually bought anything… well, I now remember, I got a Jumper sized XS (Extra Small) because that’s what fits me well, it’s still a bit baggy, as well as a book with my book token from Award’s Evening. Oh, and comics.

THEN I also went to see Harry Potter the 7th Part 1. My opinion is… it was okay, it was a bit boring but okay. They haven’t fully gone into bits which are somewhat VITAL to the 7th book, such as wands only being won, the ENTIRE relationship between Dumbledore and Grimwald as well as most of Tom Riddle’s past… which appear many times. Plus the bit where he sees a patronus in the shape of a doe (a female deer), in the books I recall Harry remembering that was the patronus of his mother, which is why he follows it… in the film, he sees a mysterious light and then just AIMLESSLY follows it not saying a word despite being the most wanted man alive -.- The camera for lots of parts was shaky, as if it had been filmed on a hand Camera. Like bits where the camera is following directly behind the person, that’s meant to be perfectly still, you only have a shaky camera if the camera view is meant to represent what someone can see, like the actual person’s eyes… Although it was shocking at how much of the film my mother missed, but she seemed to think it was because I read the books, despite the stuff she missed being on screen for a good while in the very center….

Also, you know when Ron’s tripping out at the Horcrux vision? Yeah that… I really connected with Ron on that one (know am I being pretentious on purpose about that or is it the truth?! You decide)

And now the time you’ve all been waiting for (Just so those skimming through can see):


So yeah, that. Okay, well I was forced to go to my grand parents house. It actually started fairly well, as in no one had tried to yell at each other yet… it was just BORING. Sooner or later, my mother got angry at nothing for no reason thus sending my grandfather and grandmother angry and then they just got angry at each other and I missed all the TV for those days… So for Xmas I got:

My Xmas Haul

Which is delightfully numbered so I can tell you:

  1. Dr Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog (DVD, VERY good)
  2. Dark Haven – Gail Z. Martin (Book, 3rd one)
  3. Ted Baker Shower Gel and Body Spray
  4. Signed Copy of Wonders of the Solar System – Brian Cox (Book, it’s good)
  5. Weezer – Hurley (CD, it’s good)
  6. Fable 3 for the Xbox 360 (Still have yet to play it)
  7. Box of Cadbury Heroes (Om nom nom)
  8. Chocolate Coins *Santa*
  9. Chocolate Orange Segment things
  10. Underwear!
  11. After Eights *Santa*
  12. Lynx stuff
  13. Chocolate Chip Shortbread *Santa*
  14. Lindor and Jelly Beans *Santa*
  15. PJ bottoms
  16. A card with £20 in!

And then also Scott Pilgrim vs The World on DVD which had yet to turn up at that time but has now turned up… and yes, I still get presents from “Santa” okay? I have still yet to play my game because my brother has stolen my controller :S and he leaves on the 8th or 9th, but then I have exams… so :S

“Signed copy of that book? What’s that like?!” I hear you scream? Well, allow me to show you, LIKE THIS:

Personally Signed Copy of Wonders of the Universe

So that’s pretty rad! It was signed in the streets as well 😀

So yeah, that happened.

New Year, well this was spent very well… I got up to ALL sorts of exciting things… such as sitting in the dark in my room alone 😀 WOO! HARDCORE!

As of right now my New Year’s Resolution for this year is to not be as much of a MASSIVE TWAT as I normally am… I’m not sure how it’s going right now though… :S

I’m not sure how I would describe my xmas holiday, as most of it was spent with a rather heavy cloud of depression hanging over my head from the last few days of last term :S OH WELL! (SAD FACE)

Well, I can’t remember what I was talking about last time… so a brief summary to the point where I can actually remember things that aren’t some strange almost drunken haze (which is weird, because I’ve never drank any more than a tiny sip of Alcohol on about 5 occasions)…

  • Went to a party at Rosie Barrows
  • Found that I can burn hours on twitter talking to some chick (Sexist?) or just myself
  • Found out that … my life is boring….

Well the thing I can remember is school starting, but that was only one day until something more interesting happened so I’ll get down on school in a paragraph of two.

BEHOLD! On the first Saturday of the school term I went to the cinema with Chloé after work (not straight after) to see Scott Pilgrim vs The World. It was an AWESOME evening! The film was awesome! I enjoyed talking to Chloé loads as well. I gave her some Greeky pot like thing I got for her whilst I went to Crete ‘n’ stuff and then waited for her until her parents came to pick her up. I did enjoy the day a lot! 😀 😀 😀

Okay, so School started, and for the simple purpose of seeing if I actually know my time table, it is as follows:

Monday, Period 1: Chemistry, Period 2: Biology, Period 3: Maths, Period 4: Maths (Statistics), Period 5 and 6, Chemistry.

Tuesday, Period 1, 2, 3 and 4: Study, Period 5 and 6: Biology.

Wednesday, Period 1 and 2: Study, Periods 3 and 4: Chemistry, Periods 5 and 6: Study.

Thursday, Period 1 and 2: Maths (Stats), Period 3 and 4: Biology, Period 5: Chemistry, Period 6: Biology.

Friday, Period 1 and 2: Study, Period 3 and 4: Maths, Period 5 and 6: Study.

So yeah, I don’t know the room numbers, just vaguely where I go… I’ve only been at the school for 6 years (going on 7). I still don’t know the room numbers (okay, I secretly know the layout of the school practically off by heart, I just don’t care enough to remember)

So at the moment I couldn’t be MORE bored in some of my free periods, mostly because I find myself having actually finished all my work… It’s a rare occurrance… I dunno what’s happened. It could be that seeing as I don’t have text books yet in all lessons I’m not getting any homework, or as much anyway… I mean, some free periods I can pass the time by talking with Chloé or some people and it’d be great… but other times it’s like… BOREDOM TOWN!

Plus, I’ve been moved out of my Biology group and into a new one (since last year) where I’m one of 3 boys… and the only new person of the group… 😦 Chemistry the groups got spliced up a bit and I’ve found myself sat next to a friend (unlike last year) where I do enjoy them. Then Maths is a mixed kettle of fish. I did think I’d grow closer to one person, but instead they’ve basically moved away from me and I’ve grown closer to another person.

Ah well. However, there is one person who seems to stalk me on Facebook as well as now school. Not me specifically, just someone I can’t stand, and neither can the other people I hang round with, but he must basically think we’re his good chums (he’s from the year above, but had to retake sixth form)… it’s annoying, and somewhat embarrassing knowing other group’s nicknames for him.

What else have I done? OH YAH! On a Friday (last week) I went with some friends into Town after school (via super cool Blue Mini) and met some other people and watched Scott Pilgrim vs The World (2nd time for me :D) it was epic, and a right larf! Then got a lift back as well, and watched as my friend made like a 28 point turn trying to get out of my drive without hitting my dad’s car xD

Plus I managed to apparently piss off my job people yesterday… I did them a favour and went into work in the evening of a school day (which I’m not meant to do really) and I thought I was leaving at 9pm. 9pm came about, I told one of the chefs I was leaving, he said “Okay mate.” I left… some time later I got a phone call saying that I just left without telling anyone and that the washing had piled up ‘n’ stuff…. *face palm*

So although it may seem like everything was hunky dory… There is a slight underlining of Angst…. ANGST ANGST ANGST! HATE HATE HATE HATE! It’s just boring talking about how my life is so depressing and how my father hates me ‘n’ stuff… 😀

Also, the title is a quote from Scott Pilgrim vs The World. The gay room mate, Wallace Wells, of the protagonist is talking about one of the evil exes, a skate boarder turned movie star, and when he’s doing something… Wallace goes “I want to have his adopted babies.” The character is quite sarcastic normally, but he’s so AWESOME! I love Wallace Wells…. I’d say I’d want to have his adopted babies… 😀

Crete 2010

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Arrive in Crete on the 10th. This is how I now roll.

11/8, 1:31pm

I’ve decided that my family are some of the most boring people alive.

So far in our holiday all we have done is walk. On the first day after buying things to eat for the week, the most exotic of which was some cherry juice (oooh, calm down, let’s not get crazy) the rest being things you can buy in England, we walked down to the beach. We didn’t anything there, we just walked up and down the beach front a few times… not even setting foot on the sand.

Then today we walked into town and past ALL the shops. we went down to a different beach front and still did nothing. We walked back to where we are staying, stopping to get one drink…

As of time of writing, we are now just sitting in the place we’re staying, or on the balcony, waiting until 4pm. Literally doing nothing… for HOURS!

We’re not even going in the pool because OTHER people are in there…. -.-


12/8 10:57 am

As of now the plan for today seems to be the same as the plan for yesterday. It seems today we’re going for the same walk as yesterday but without the drink to stop us from dying from the heat (joy).

Yesterday we eventually went in the swimming pool and I burned my shoulders…

Sooner or later we’re going gown again, I did expect to do SOMETHING on this holiday… apparently not.

Something I ate is not sitting well either :S

11:01 am

2:54 pm

I have still yet to even leave the hotel grounds. When it was about 11:40 am I went in the swimming pool and came out for lunch. I think I’ll be stuck here until dinner, and we get that at about 7…

I’m going to run out of books. I’ve already finished reading Scott Pilgrim as of last night and now seeing how long my other book can last. Sun burn continues to be a bitch.

2:57 pm

13/8, 7:18 pm

Today around midday we decided to something which was go to Knosos to look at what I assumed to be a Minoan Temple.

It was 38 degrees C outside, any higher and people would start to dying, lucky or me I forgot to grab a bottle of water so felt like death for some time we were there.

Afterwards we got some drinks and I had a strawberry and Lemon Slushy. I was looking at some Minerva Owls as gifts for people that would fit the bill

7:22 pm

11:09 pm

or something… they cost like 5-6 Euros and were only about the size of half of my thumb… use that as a standard of measurement.

It seemed like no dinner was going to be had due to being gone 7 and both parents were asleep. Then suddenly we were off to eat and both parents were angry… with there being literally over 100m between the two as we walked there. I was in the middle of the two groups, bored and lonely (brother and sister were with my dad at the front).

We then continued to do fuck all upon return. Sadly I have finished all my books now, so I’m back to reading Scott Pilgrim… again. I’m sure i’ll read it again before I return.

There was also a sort of, “FUUUUUUUUCK!!” moment as I’d left this open on my bed and my brother was sleeping… he may have read it… poo  pants (please note, on holidays my brother and I are forced to share a room… or bed…)

At least tomorrow will be either fun or bloody awful. Fun…

11:17 pm

14/8, 11:33 pm

Today was actually half decent.Some water park thingy on top of a mountain, pretty rad really.

So yeah, that was pretty bitching, for some reason Greece has a “heaviest at front” policy, meaning going with my mother on the two person tube rides is an equation for disaster.

There is one ride that INSTANTLY dips straight down for some time. We struggled to get off the start line and my mum sat doing fuck all, so I had to push us using the hand rails. Sadly when we got to the dip, my hands were not on the tube so I slightly took off, but thankfully grabbed the tube rails before falling to my death 😀

At the end of it, it dips sharply into a pool and I was on the back so I got cannoned into the pool, fun…

Another thing that happened was on a tube thing that comes out into an open circle with the exit in the middle, mother and I got stuck. She did fuck all and I had to desperately struggle to dislodge us… Then get out and bob-sleigh push us round, jumping in at the last second, I couldn’t get my feel my left arm for some time afterwards…

Towards the end I was sat in the shade, my feet were on the edge of it. I fell asleep sort of and awoke to see my feet on fire… in a sort of metaphorical sense, they were burned. Now I can no longer wear flip-flops, sad face. Not much happened other than rage between family.

11:45 pm

16/8, 00:55 am

What fun! Today was another day were FUCK ALL happened. Like nothing at all… I played some Chrono Trigger but lost where I was going… fail. So yeah, VERY boring. More family squabbles and being yelled at for asking, “what are we doing tomorrow?” woo (Side note: Tomorrow would have been the day of writing this entry)

Then we braved downstairs and started to do stuff. I started to make a house of cards, which is hard with an annoying brother-sister combo hitting the table in rage over their co-op gmae on the DS…

Despite that, I managed to get a base of 4 triangles done. I started to try a base of 5, there was wind as well as the slowly getting bored combo. I got SO close to completing it, however adding the penultimate tier it fell, it fell big time, not like one triangle thing like I’d hoped.  Plus with my near 1 am shaky hands not helping… yeah.

1:04 am

17/8, 00:06 am

Well today was much to the same as every other day ever in this holiday or even just every family outing ever… ever…

Most of the day consisted of sitting in the room making plans for the day, then my mum going, “I DON’T KNOW!” if asked what we were doing.

We eventually went to the beach and I got my knees wet, which was quickly replaced by salt. We then went into town and ate some nice cake.

Then the fun family outing happened. To burn time we decided to walk to the harbour, slowly due to my mother and then back and furtherer whilst looking at places to eat. My mother got angry and tired of walking so was yelling lots… we fixed this by walking in the OPPOSITE direction we’d been going (again) to eat. Then walking BACK the way we’d gotten to the place we’d gone to eat to make it back to the apartment thing. I mean, we’d stopped at where we’d planned on eating, which was fairly close to where we were staying… but my mum went MENTAL so we walked further away from where we were staying… because she was tired of walking… don’t ask.

I beat my sister at pool then like a crazy person went with my dad and brother to a sports bar, where we’d managed to previously befriend a guy that works there, and watched the Manchester United v Newcastle United match. Bored out of my mind 😀

At the end, my dad asked if we still had everything we in with and all I could think was, “yeah, except 1.5 hours of my life.” not that I’d use those hours for much else really…

Tomorrow shall not be fun, mostly cause I’ll have to write all this and tomorrow’s entry up… woo… England, here I come! I also bought some stuff.

00:20 am

I didn’t write an entry for yesterday, but it can easily be assumed that my mother was going MENTAL about packing things… she went MENTAL about how Thomas Cook had organised things… she went MENTAL about nearly everything… on the plane I just put my headphones in and lost myself in video games… I didn’t even put down them when getting up to let someone go to the toilet…

then I returned!

I put all my pictures (well most) on Facebook, only 3 of them have my face in… 😀 I hate my family… ALL of them, including me… maybe…