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So I felt like it was about time I became mildly self centered and write a blog post about… my life :S

Sadly, I’m shocked to find out that WordPress has completely changed it’s layout and tried to make it more like Tumblr (from what I can gather) and I must say, I don’t like it, I feel limited in what I can do now.

This disjointed and near schizophrenic (all over the place) blog will EVEN contain some University stuff, like WOAH!

So I’ve basically realised that I’m going to have to buy some more scentless hand soap soon and then I realised that I’m basically an official adult. This happened last night and I quickly found it strange how out of ALL the things I’ve done at Uni (being not much) the one thing that really hits me as becoming self reliant was having to eventually buy some soap… I probably need to get out more.

Strangley I had a whole list of stuff to talk about last night, but now that’s just gone by morning (it was a mental list)

So recently I managed to forget my PIN, like…. I forgot it over the xmas break but I’d managed to avoid using my card until recently when my travel card ran out. Basically, I had gotten it wrong to the point where it locked me out of my card and I suddenly felt VERY poor. The biggest problem, my Oyster travel card had also ran out at pretty much the same time, so I was having to find what little money I had lying around to try and get to and fro university (it came to about £24 in a week, OBSCENE). The good news is yesterday my PIN arrived back in Suffolk so my mother told me (I eventually heard it over the yells of my friends trying to embarrass me…. and succeeding)

(Only now after I quickly restart Firefox is it that I realise that the WordPress publishing layout has not changed at all and I was just on the wrong bit)

So today just now I popped down to my local Barclays and BAM! I’m back with some money, so I even redid my travel card, it was £78.x0…. is that right? (Yes, it was always that expensive, or it’s just gone up, seeing as zone 1 to zone 1 also costs £2 at any time in the day) so now I don’t have to worry about running out of cash, and just worry more about the fact that if I keep eating I’ll be too poor to live (work that one out)

So, I’ve found myself watching a lot of films recently with my friend Holly as she gets bored of working. These have included in the last week: Battle Royale, Hostel, Chocolat, The Human Centipede 2, Howl’s Moving Castle (<3), Rabbit Proof Fence and probably some others that I just can’t think of right now. I must say, The Human Centipede 2 (having not seen the first one) EXTREMELY boring. The level of gruesomeness was just too silly to take seriously. The few bits I didn’t like were the knee surgery, purely because my knees are messed up and they just hurt when knees are the main thing, the teeth knocking out (to an extent) and then the baby head being crushed under the accelerator peddle and that was purely because it was a baby and it just seemed a bit too much. Honestly, it wasn’t that bad. The character was a bit creepy and what not and then when everyone’s pooping it was just stupid with the added noises AND the poo/blood splatter effect on the camera. Honestly, it was just a bit boring. (Now Hostel was gruesome)

University? Oh  yeah, I’m at university aren’t I. I’ve decided that I have no reason to even bother remembering my life in Suffolk seeing as it’s apparent there’s NOTHING for me back there (oh boo hoo, cry me a river, right?) as is apparent from my recently “removed” blog posts that you may or may not have cared about. Due to this decision I sort of forget that I haven’t spent most of my life in university, which would have probably made things easier/more torturous.

So yeah, how about that university eh? The first year at the moment has been MOSTLY A-level stuff just gone over again and occasionally containing more detail. There’s FAR too much biology for my liking (it’s basically all a Biology A-level just split up, so naturally I hate it all) but there are some parts which are tolerable. You’d think with the logic of “It’s just A-levels, wah” I should OBVIOUSLY be slamming everything into the ground? Sadly, I’m a stupid person so I didn’t do well in my exams. In Biochem I got 75% (woo?) as well as in Pharmacology (which I guess equates to a first). Sadly I got 62% in Physiology and 61% in Cells to Systems which are like a bad 2-1 in both of them. My average was like 68.25% which is EVEN WORSE! Bleh. (Is anyone even reading at this point any more?)

I guess some of my coursework is all right as a lot of them have been A – A++ (which is 70+%) while sadly one piece was a B+ (65- 70%) and then test I got maybe a B…. gross (a B is 60 – 65%) so I guess it’s going well, but not great. I know, gross right?

I joined a fencing society! So now I fence, with swords! I’m apparently sort of good at it and I’ve found myself applying to be on the committee next year… wait, what? I thought I was really lazy and didn’t do any work? Yeah, mildly bullied/ pressured into it. I’m sure it’ll look good on my UCAS CV.

The food in halls is very hit and miss so I go through great periods of starvation and then have like one meal and rinse and repeat, it’s sort of gross how much I eat now. Too much.

I’ve recently gotten into Death From Above 1979. Seriously, listen to them, they’re AWESOME!!!! Like, amazing.

I’m also going to see General Fiasco in Feb with my friends Holly and Neil (Although Holly may drop out so I’ll have to find someone else)

Other than all that, I’m fine.

What an exciting week. Well, the week was actually sort of boring… and a bit depressing… but that’s like how life normally works.

Not much apart from the above happened for like… the ENTIRE week.

Thursday evening was Parents’ Evening. I had to go with my mother. It turned out to be pretty rad. My maths teacher, Mr Tapscott, was first on the list. He said that he was a bit worried with my revision seeing as that morning I had said “Could you help me with Probability” and then when asked which bit… I said the entire chapter… :S However he did say he can see me doing well and possible A material, despite the bad Mock result for stats (E/D). Mr Hydes jumped over and was very chipper. He sort of said things opposite to Tapscott, which was funny. Apparently he’s a bit worried about me because I don’t ask any questions in the lesson and stuff. So yeah, they said I was quiet.

We then jumped over to Mr Smith… I was sort of worrying this would be awful, because Mr Smith gave me a C on my progress report but a B to possibly the worst person in the class… However, it turned out to be pretty decent. He said that I’m a bright young lad! He did say I’m a bit quiet and that I don’t put my hand up enough, but when forcefully made to answer a question, he said I know what I’m talking about, as well as me possibly getting an A. He even asked about how my University stuff was going! AND WAS SMILING! It was kinda weird, because it almost seemed like someone actually cared about my life, which we all know isn’t true because no one does. I do sort of wish Miss Cresdee was there, because I think she likes me… maybe…

Lastly it was Mr Hillier, my Chemistry teacher. I was also a bit weary about this as he had been a bit all up in my grill recently. However, he was all like, “Dang, yo’ son be amazing! He gon’ do my statistics a whole world of good!” That’s because I have predicted grades of CCC, due to my AWFUL  GCSE results, but I’m currently on ABB, the A in Chemistry. The funny thing was, he was the only teacher who didn’t mention the mock. The funnier thing is… I’m actually really worried about my Chemistry exam. I can’t remember the reactions very well or the conditions. From 3 Past papers I’ve done I got an A* and 2 As… although I’m still shitting myself about it. Sadly Mr Peters, my other teacher, didn’t pop over because he was with another student. Ah well.

The Friday I had a Stats exam.  By Friday morning I had done NO revision AT ALL. This was because I thought “I have two frees in the morning followed by double maths before the exam, LOADS OF TIME!” What I had not counted on… was waking up and feeling weak, CONSTANTLY COLD (despite wearing 5 layers of clothing and stuff) and just generally VERY ill. Everyone thought I was crazy at first when in the common room I was going “It’s so cold… so very very cold…” and everyone else was saying it was too hot… but sooner or later people decided I may be quite ill…

So I got no revision done. The Stats exam however…. was MUCH better than I was expecting. It didn’t even go that deep into each topic. It just scratched the surface of everything. It only went to the end with Binomial Distribution, which the hardest that gets to is a simultaneous equation… which is easy (despite at first I got a standard deviation of 1200…. which was wrong) but yeah, it was MUCH better than I was expecting. However, I did think Mechanics was pretty easy and I got a B in that :S

Saturday I woke up and was still awful… so I got work off, which is good. Still ill today… Probably will be tomorrow but I have to go to school. Which SUCKS!

So yeah, I’ve decided I’m feverish… as I go from going VERY hot to VERY cold quickly… One time I was both hot AND cold at the same time, which is the worst feeling ever (hence the name)

So yeah, next week I have two maths exams on the same day… being mechanics retake and Core 3. I hope I’m better by then….

CAPITAL LETTERS Are FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!11111111111111111111111!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (why is my shift key being annoying :S)

So yeah, Wednesday was the start of the wonders of going back to school. You may have guessed from the title that I didn’t enjoy this new introduction to doing something useful with my life. PREPARE FOR AN EXPLANATION IN DETAIL! #caps

WEDNESDAY, I was lucky enough to start Wednesday with a double free so I could slowly ease my way into working. How did I do this? Simple, by doing absolutely NO work AT ALL! I spent my double free dossing about in the library.

I then had double chemistry where I TRIED to do some revision style work, being past papers… however with the exam being late January and there being 5 other exams between me and it, I really don’t have the Oomph to do anything. Which is why in 3 lessons I have managed to do HALF a past paper (each lesson is 50 minutes, the past paper is 1.5 hours long 😀 )

Lunch, because I was hungry and so were some other people, I went down to the Co-op (which is like a 15-20 minute walk from the school). Only a friend and I went. It was cold… SO VERY COLD!

Then in my last two frees I continued this trend of doing nothing.

Thursday (Was nearly immature and called it “Turdsday”, you know, because I’m mature and shit! *sniggers*)  was greeted with double statistics. My Stats exam is on Friday, so I had no drive for any sort of revision, I did one question that was 5 marks in total (So it should have taken about 5 minutes) and spent the rest of the lesson doing… something I guess.

This was quickly (after break) followed by double Biology with my boring teacher that everyone hates because he can’t teach or anything like that and he’s old and boring and old and can’t teach… and boring. So, my first Biology Exam is on the coming Tuesday in the morning. So as you could have guessed, I had no drive to revise! So I didn’t, I spent the double lesson staring blankly at my revision guide and occasionally turning the page to fool everyone around me. It was dull.

My lunchtimes don’t really stand out anymore as anything, at least in my memory, mostly because I just drift from place to place looking for acceptance and trying to hide the frown on my face 😀 (fun like that)

After lunch I had Chemistry, see previous, although with less work (although the previous one also has stuff from this one in :S) and then I had biology with my fun teacher 😀 Well, I say fun teacher, she’s a lot more interesting and young and not old and not boring and can teach and is friendly and young and not old. She asked everyone how much revision they’ve done and I went “I’ve done none!” and she went, “You’ve done NONE?! But your exam is on Tuesday…” I grinned and went “Yeah, I know…” I’m radical like that. She was also shocked when I was saying how over xmas my sleeping hours moved from 2am to 6am to like 4am or 5am to like 9am… She didn’t understand the concept of Sleep Deprivation for Fun! (Child Friendly) I didn’t revise in this lesson either.

TODAY! I was beginning to feel PRETTY gosh darn tired by now. After avoiding going to the Thomas Mills Day Assembly (an assembly about the guy who donated money (that he got from marrying two rich widows) to some schools in Ye Olde Framlingham that lead to the formation of Thomas Mills High School), despite the day being tomorrow, I thought that  I might actually start some biology revision. So I spent about 50 minutes staring at my revision guide not really revising as I can’t remember anything that I read. Prepare for a list of random stuff that pops into my head about Unit 1 AQA Biology. You can feel free to skip, I’ll put some stars to indicate:


The immune system is… fuck this is boring…

*** so yeah. After break I had DOUBLE maths… I did some Core 3 Revision as Mechanics is REALLY easy and I’m not sure how I only got a B in the exam the first time round and seeing as the retake and the Core 3 exam are on the exact same day at the exact same time and I seem to be able to do Mechanics without actually doing ANY extra reading I was doing some Core 3. I seem to be pretty decent at that as well with little revision, I got a C (1 mark off a B) in the mock exam and did no revision, so I just need to read up on Integration a bit and then also learn how to read and then also check my work as well as revolutions of solids or something like that and I’ll be supery dupery. okay, I’ll stop blowing my own horn.

Then double free again…

So yeah, I’m not actually really used to doing work again :S I’ll also start my “serious” biology unit 1 retake revision on Sunday… hopefully….  If not Monday… DEFINITELY Monday, after school…. The good thing is, I get to miss 3 lessons of Biology next week because EVERYONE except for me in my biology class are retaking Unit 2 (I got an A) so he’s going to spend next week’s lessons doing Unit 2 revision, seeing as I am not doing Unit 2, I do not need to turn up 😀 This is good news. Hopefully I’ll get more than 66 marks on this retakes :S (I originally got 66, and then also on the retake got 66…) well, not marks… UMS points or whatever, I dunno… % maybe? Whatever….

LIFE! I got shoes:


They have blue soles as well 😀

I got a new external hard drive… and also my brother’s bday present turned up that I then wrapped like a MORON!

Then that’s that. Hopefully school will quiet down (No it wont, after January I’ll be starting the next unit of work meaning that I’ll start getting homework again and actually have to DO something in the lessons which is the opposite of fun D:)

Also, Reading Festival. Definitely going to that 😀 I just need to make sure I can get a ticket, then get a tent, then get some welly boots and whatever is needed for this sort of thing as well as train tickets, people to go with, people to sleep with (not in that way) people to not get stabbed with and people to enjoy it with 😀

Okay, so firstly. I have SADLY missed my two year anniversary for this blog, being the 2nd of November. So yeah, that was annoying.

You may have noticed (No you haven’t) that I haven’t blogged in FREAKING ages! My reasoning is simple, no one read it. At least, no one gave a damn!

So this blog post is really going to be a bit of a recap of the recent events that have gone on probably going into more detail about things that happened like, yesterday more than a month ago :S So here we go:

  • I got an iPod! I know, none of you are thinking “But Chris, you hate Apple with such intensity that you killed that one boy because he said he liked apples when he was actually talking about the fruit and not the company but you still slaughtered him there and then with that splintered wood.” which is true, I do hate Apple. However my old MP3 Player ran out of space long ago and it was getting too difficult to remove stuff to put more on. So to replace my 8GB MP3 player I got a 160GB iPod! It cost me a hefty £174 however a 80GB iPod cost like £184 so yeah, there’s a better deal for me. Also, I got it from as getting it from the Apple Website with my “free” laser inscription would cost me £194… For that extra £20 I expect bikini clad women to carry it around for me whilst I listen. iTunes is a bitch. :S
  • A-LEVELS! Yes, A-levels, I’m currently doing my A2 stuff… It started off a bit of a mind crunch, but I think that was only because I wasn’t used to actually getting work as the last like 6 weeks of lower sixth were so laid back I don’t think I did any homework for ages! We recently had some Mock exams and I got a C in Maths Core 3 (69%!!!) which I think is like one of the better ones in the year as getting an E is viewed as a god send :S In Statistics (which I think is easier than Core 3) I got an E :S however, 19 marks in the 75 paper were on stuff we hadn’t even done so if it was out of 56 I’d have gotten a very high D :S In Chemistry I got a shit 60% being a C. Biology I got 72% which is apparently an A… And apparently the Biology paper was one of the hardest papers they could have given us…. I didn’t revise for any of them. I really need to work on Chemistry… a LOT! Also now I seem to find myself with VERY little homework again :S
  • UCAS ‘n’ University JUNK! So yeah, basically my idea of “Everyone hasn’t done their personal Statement yet, I’ve got bags of time.” suddenly exploded when it turned out EVERYONE had pretty much sent off their application. So I had to start rushing my Personal Statements. It took 6 Personal Statements, thankfully A New Hope (Yes they’re named after Star wars) got the thumbs up. I have so far received all my confirmation emails saying they have received my application and as I was writing this thing here I got my second offer! This one was from York with ABB, my first one I got… Yesterday (I think) was from Leicester with ABB, so at least I’m probably going to University now! All I need is something from Kings and UCL (they’re my top two, York is my bottom) as well as hopefully Nottingham!
  • Social Life (if any). So, I guess shit’s been going well (Please note most of this is written with an Acting Face of Happiness) my twitter life has really… EXPLODED recently, like I’ve made a load of friends on there. I constantly think that they hate me and my tweets and me, but you know… that’s just me xD In RL things also have sort of gone well, I guess. I’ve been down to Fram more often than I used to and stuff…. but yeah… there’s still that horrible feeling of being stuck in this HORRIBLE Limbo between the two where no one exists :S (The Limbo of Loneliness) I’m also going to the Xmas party and I hope to have more fun than I did last year, but I think we all know deep down that that’s something that will never happen. I’ve also been invited to a party in January (I know, early planning) that is Army Themed :S wtf?
  • Geeky stuff. Okay, so recently I’ve watched all of the Online series “The Guild” on Youtube which is pretty killer! I do like Felicia Day! As well as The Guild I also downloaded and watched Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog. It’s AWESOME! By FAR my second favourite musical! The first one being The Nightmare Before Christmas (obviously). The songs are awesome, the story is quite sad actually! It’s awesome! It also has Felicia Day in it xD I HIGHLY suggest watching it, or I’ll break you in the leg region! I’ve also bought a big Scott Pilgrim Poster as well as a Scott Pilgrim bag.
  • Protest, I went to one. Here’s a picture with me in (appeared in The Daily Mail FML!)

Me in a protest

If you look on the right and below the “AFGHANISTAN: TIME TO GO!” sign, I’m looking down :S

So yeah, hopefully I’ll update more often, I hope :S

For A Level results. The most important day for most teenagers between the age of 16 and 18 (or even 19). Exam results day.

The day where you find out whether you have passed life or failed, obviously not so much for the 16/17 year olds, they have another year to make up for this year’s results.

Today did not start well. We’d planned to leave at 11am. I woke up at 10:45 am, to a text from Chloé (thinking it was my alarm, was my old alarm) so I didn’t get any breakfast… bleh.

I arrived, not knowing where to go… at all. So I eventually got pointed in the right direction and got handed the results letter of  Oooo and Aahhhh. I suddenly realised I was BLOODY nervous at that point… I pulled it out and PEOW:

Chemistry: A

Physics: B

Biology: B

Maths: B

General Studies: C

To go into further detail, I think all chem modules were an A :D, All physics was Bs. Biology, in Unit 2 I’d gotten an A which was bitching, my unit 1 retake… bagged me the EXACT same mark as last time… like “wtf?” that being a C… Maths was icky cause it was all Bs and stuff. Gen Studies, the Science paper I got an A, the Culture and Politics paper I got….. an E! (LOLOL)

So my plan is, re-retake Bio Unit 1 in Jan. Then retake Core 1 in maths in Jan depending on how I’m finding Core 3, if it is too hard, then I will retake it in June and then depending on my Core 3 mark I may also retake Core 2. I think I am also to retake Mechanics, because I should be able to get a better mark in that… because I don’t know what happened…

So yeah, that’s the day of my AS results… the bit that matters anyway… I can’t even remember if I ate today…