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As it’s the new year I thought I might as well do the ONE blog post that seems to be always constant (as I feel I ought to update it at least once a year so why not at the start?) being the new year thing! There will also be Christmas as well, I guess. So here goes!

I’ll start with Christmas, Christmas has come and gone already and it was an interesting one… and when I say interesting I mean exactly the same as every other one. As I’d already been home in Suffolk for a week I’d already gotten tired of being around my family, but that’s just natural. Anyway, Christmas day had “everyone” wake up at about 10:30am… I say “everyone” as my brother woke up at about lunch time, so we went straight to that. My grandparents weren’t here this time so it was smaller and… I guess LESS stressful than most years. We eventually opened some presents:

That’s a blurry photo of most the things I got for Christmas:

  • Captain America on DVD
  • X-men: First Class on DVD
  • Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood on Xbox 360
  • Deus Ex: Human Revolution on Xbox 360
  • Batman: Arkham City on Xbox 360
  • Disgaea DS… on DS
  • Some Mittens
  • An Ugly-ish Jumper
  • Some PJ bottoms
  • The Rogue (hardback) by Trudi Canavan
  • Atomic Robo Vol 5
  • Two boxes of Winegums
  • A box of Lindor
  • Some Mr Happy Bath stuff
  • Some Ted Baker Bath stuff
  • Some Mango and Lime Curd
  • A chocolate Reindeer (santa)
  • Some Chocolate animal biscuits (santa)
  • Some Haribo Star gummies (santa)

The day after Xmas we went to My Grandparents house for the day, so that’s like 3 hours in the car either way…. fun. The day after I slept until 2:40pm….

Quick Gaming blar – Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood is TOO easy…. The combat you just use the hidden blade and kill EVERYTHING. It feels like I haven’t actually had to make an assassination for a while yet (like story-wise where they normally make it more difficult in a little area and you’ve got to sneak around instead of just normal jump off roof and kill) then there’s the crossbow which is as strong as the gun (in that it kills the big heavily armoured guys in one bolt) yet also silent. Then worse still is your little Brotherhood of Assassins…. Just walking down the street they do most the killing of the guards… I’m just left to loot the bodies :S I’m only into maybe the 5th sequence but that’s because I know own every building I can at this point….

Deus Ex: Human Revolution – I didn’t get to play a lot of this before going back to Uni, but I have liked what I’ve played. I obviously cranked it to the hardest difficulty straight off and then am playing pacifist as well as making it so there are no alarms going off ever, just to make it a fun challenge. The sneaking in the game does feel very legit (more so than Assassin’s Creed). Sneaking around and monitoring the guard’s movements and then trying to hide the bodies in places where they wont be seen! It’s all so tense! (No infinitely large haystacks here!) Although I must the hacking has now become a joke now that I have the 3 Augments that decrease detection rate, but not getting spotted WHILE hacking is another challenge xD I’ve NEVER used a code I found yet… I always hack, but I’m fun like that.

Gaming blar over!

Now for the quick year review where I just make a quick comment (or a long one) on various things that have happened in my life, but hey, It’s legit as I haven’t written many blogs this year! 😀

So I finished Sixth form! That was pretty neat… stressful as well, mostly waiting for offers from Universities… I didn’t do as much revision as I should have for my exams it was the normal last night cramming sort of thing except for Maths. I guess you could also include Chemistry as well but then I only did papers in lessons as we had nothing else to do and I didn’t do many as I just chatted. Maths was, again, only doing papers in class and stuff as we basically had NOTHING else to do and I still had to go to lessons and it was the sort of lesson where talking through it and not doing anything was frowned upon. Biology, on the other hand, we finished the course in the last week of our time there…. and I’d already had a Biology retake before then (which I didn’t revise for). I got AAB so I got into King’s College London where I’m currently at studying Biochemistry.

I turned 18 in 2011, which I also just forgot as it wasn’t a big thing. I mean, not even my family remembered and I didn’t have a party (no friends to invite) so it wasn’t the biggest part of my life.

I went to Reading Festival, which was pretty amazing! I met some people from Twitter (although not as many as I hoped or as often either) and to say it was my first experience of live gigs… it was pretty amazing! 😀 I’m still sort of shocked that I went by myself (on the trains and stuff) which freaked a few people out at Sixth Form.

So September came around and I was bored out of my skull… I’d basically already cast off my secondary school life as it wasn’t exactly great and I was greatly looking forward to University! So it eventually came to the point where I was by myself in my room in halls not knowing what to do. I guess the first term has been okay (as long as you don’t look at my arms), I’ve made some close friends and then have also made a bunch of others. Again there’s not really one SOLID group, it’s lots of people from groups I was in but it’s still cool. I’m happy with the people I’ve befriended… which makes me sound like a bit of an emotional so and so… :S Which I’m not…. ugh, emotions. Lame. Am I right?

The actual learning part of Uni is pretty intense… it’s only now that I’m not doing ANY revision AT ALL when I should be for my exams starting on the 9th that I realise I should probably focus a bit more :S I joined Fencing as well! Made a few friends there… I guess?

I believe the expression I’d use to describe the first term would be “socially confusing” I would have said “Confusing” but that could be mistaken for me not understanding the course material and looking over the main reason for the word “Confusing”… I mean…. GAH!

I don’t want to go back to old habits of just moaning for ever and ever about everything and I’ve really tried to not do that…. I’ve slipped once or twice but I’m getting better and better at bottling up everything that’s wrong and just telling everyone I’m fine. As well as hopefully taking on other people’s problems as well… I mean, although you may not think it (what with the blog posts showing me being a bit of an arse when people are getting up in arms) I just want to help people. Not ALL the people, the people I actually care about yeah. As well as friendly strangers. People I’ve known for a bit and I’ve just grown tired of, I will not listen to their problems and care… I’ll barely even listen. But listening is fun as it fills me with guilt (oops, did I type that? It’s cool, no one will read this far down anyway).

I must say I do hate New Years…. as it’s just that sort of time where you reflect on the year and you realise how bad it’s been and then you realise that the coming year will probably be equally as bad as well…. same with Birthdays… I’ve come to hate my birthday as I basically realise I’ve not made a positive difference to anyone’s life or to the world around me in the X amount of years I’ve been alive while at the same time I’ve probably made A LOT of people feel bad. Then there’s also all the stuff I haven’t done either that 12 year old kids are doing these days…. (I am pathetic…) WAIT NO! Ignore me, I’m bottling that up…. sorry.

So yeah, yesterday I went to see the fireworks with some friends, it was pretty sweet! We ended up waiting around in a big crowd of jostling drunks for like… hours! It also rained but it was really heavy rain at times so that made up for it! (gosh I love heavy rain). Then I got to count down with everyone in London and then KABLAMO! Fireworks! They were pretty amazing fireworks as well. I swear at some points it seemed like they just threw some flashbangs up in the air :S Suddenly the music changed to people talking about the Olympics and then saying London and everyone cheered…. I then remembered, the London 2012 Olympics are THIS year…. 😦 That will not be fun….

Resolutions? I know I normally review my resolutions from last year and say how they went, but I’m fairly sure I failed a lot of them so I don’t want to carry them on again, for some that’d be like… 4 years in a row or something, so instead I’m coming up with a new resolution:

To not make any resolutions.

Oooh, paradoxical!

Oh yeah, over the Christmas break I managed to increase my song count from 4926 to 6988 songs (I can’t download torrents in Halls (well I can, just not the .torrent file) so I have to do it all elsewhere) which is pretty rad 😀

Or today, depending on when I finish writing this…

So basically prepare for the highlight show of this summer holiday and what I can barely remember of it.

So, the summer holidays started off VERY slow, I had barely anything to do really, I’d gone into town with my sister once, I just bought comics, I believe… Then it was my birthday (see three blogs ago) and then Crete (see blog).

Then my time afterwards was filled with various things. For example, my job, that I now have a permanent shift for, basically called me up random days asking if I could go in… like the day after I arrived back from Crete -.- Hopefully I wont be called in as much, seeing as School has started and I have my permanent spot for Saturday lunch time. It brings in money, about £30 a week plus tips which varies a lot.  I don’t pick up my tips very often though….

Then it’s mostly been playing video games. I’ve managed to finish the main story of Final Fantasy 13, now I have all the side missions to do, however that’s the sort of thing where you go back to it eventually :D. I thought it was a good game. The first half had some amazing story telling. The development of the characters was amazing and emotional, the story of Sahz is heart breaking and the entire event on The Nautilus is intense! However, it sort of gets a bit confusing towards the end, however it is still awesomely epic. A lot of boss monsters seem to be part laser or machine gun…. or chainsaw though, which just makes fights even more “HOLY SHIT! Gunna die!”. I do like the game, quite a bit! Some Achievements are going to be so hard to… achieve….

I then also finished Half Life 2, as well as Episode 1 and 2. Not much to say really… It’s an oldish game now, it was pretty good, I lost interest in the plot though, I just drowned it out with music most the time, then I just followed where people pointed me. The worst part, only because it was so ANNOYINGLY difficult, is the last part of episode 2 when all the big walkings things are attacking the base and accompanied by about 3 Stalkers as well, where you have to fire bombs onto the main body and then shoot them before they fall off. Firstly, the big thing’s bodies are moving all the time, you have to hit the top of the body otherwise the bomb falls off nearly instantly… PLUS the Stalkers normally blow your bomb up within seconds of picking it up with their annoying sticky darts, meaning you have to wait a bit longer to pick the bomb up from the teleport thingy… then when you do fire it turns out there was at least one fletching on the  bomb so it blows up before the target, and you’re constantly being shot at yourself…. it’s annoying..

Now I’m playing Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion. It’s what Fable strives to be, although Fable is meant to be more light hearted and humourous. I’ve played the game for like 30 hours now, and I’ve only done the first plot point because I had to to actually get to the rest of the game. I’ve found myself doing all the guilds and stuff… The annoying part is though, where I’m at with the Thieves Guild… I have to wait in a city for an informant to give me something…. I’ve sat in a city using the wait function to wait for DAYS. Occasionally going inside so I don’t die because I have to drink some blood cause I’m a vampire. Being a vampire kinda sucks, because say… if you get in trouble with the guards…. during the day… you can’t run away… no no… you’ll die in the sun… INSTEAD you find yourself sitting in the corner of a house with one door, watching it like a hawk, waiting for 8pm to come around so you officially no longer slowly die.

The funny thing with Vampires is, if you do use the wait function and wait for say…. 24 hours…. you’ll die during that 24 hours and the screen will come down to show you dead 😀 you can spend about… an hour (game time) in the sun before dying… but it depends on the cloud cover really….

Other than  that my life has been dull. I got my results for AS (see previous blog) and then yesterday I saw Toy Story 3. Like, OMG! It was emotional, that bit NEAR the end when they all hold hands to accept their fate… like OMG! Then the other bit at the final end when Andy does that thing with the girl… I thought that was quite emotional, my brother didn’t think that part was the most emotional bit (the bit before was he thought) but I found it VERY moving… not as sad as the opening Scene of Up where you basically get the story of this small boy growing up with his childhood sweetheart with a dream, only for her to die! (It’s the start of the film, so not really spoilers) that bit was like…  😥

Today, I saw Inception. This film was AWESOME, it’s a complete and utter Mind fuck of a film as well, great films they are 😀 PLUS I now have new ways to mess with people’s heads, possibly to the point of suicide.

Also during this holiday I have discovered that my left arrow key has stopped functioning very well, like there’s a much bigger delay between holding the button and the action compared to the rest of the keys.

I also have some Chemistry work that needs doing that I have yet to touch… plus school starts in…. about 9 hours, woop…

PEOW! Player 1 has reached level 17!
Guts +3
Intelligence +2
Responsibility + 2

Well, there was also going to be a picture of me holding my 360 in the LoZ “You just found _____” style… but I thought my awesome LEVEL UP! pose was good enough… For those that wonder… the glowing arm was simply because in most games when you level up there’s some awesome glowy thing so yeah… PEOWWWWWWWWW!
Life has been simple… so far…
Not much happened apart from school ended.
Then the first Sunday I went to the Beach with Max, Lauren, Nat Fairs, Nat Lewis, Laura Berry, Yasemin, Adam and some random chick… it was teh awesome socks. At first Adam, Nat Lewis, Laura, Lauren, Yasemin and I went in the sea in swim shorts and bikinis….  I’ll let you work out which way it went… I guess “Swim wear” works best… or like in that song Max likes… then we played some sort of cheap Rounders game where posts were just bottles of drink… the beach was VERY stoney… owies… afterwards we went back into the sea but instead of Nat Lewis being there it was Nat Fairs… BEACH PARTaY!
Then that entire week was pretty boring really… I started and finished MGS 2, you can read what I thought of it here. I then started MGS 3, but got bored in a few seconds as the camoflage stuff just didn’t work… 85% chance of me not being noticed… and I am… EVERY TIME! Even when I’m hiding in a log! D:<
I also ended up going to work a fair bit… bleh…
Then yesterday I got my nice glasses fixed and then also bumped into Mr Halls and Chris Minns whilst I was in Woodbridge and they both said “Hi” to me 😀
Then today….. well fawk me I level up! I am now 17! YEAH! 17! The list of shiatzoo I got is as follows:
Watchmen DVD (sister)
Unwrapped Riddler T-shirt (as seen above, Brother)
a £5 note wrapped in Tinfoil (crazy Great Aunt, sadly also Godmother)
a £30 cheque (Grandparents)
Final Fantasy 13 for 360 (parents)
I’m worried with my cheque…. I’ve never paid one in before :S
So my birthday was pretty meh… it involved my brother brining down Rock Band 2 stuff and Forza Motor sports 3 stuff… then I got ignored and sort of didn’t get to play my own console… so it was pretty shit really… then I went to Prezzos for dinner and ate myself into a slow death.
When we got home apparently a message from my grandparents had been left for me… I didn’t get to hear it… my dad had deleted it… Apparently it was just mindless old age ramblings of being baffled by technology….
I also started myself a small saving thing so I can buy myself a decent TV as my current one sucks… I believe I currently have £95 or something like that saved… but I haven’t seen my wages from work yet.
I also have bought received and read all of Scott Pilgrim, it is pretty SEXEH! Which I guess is why I decided to actually do a picture of my level up today….

I also updated my Xbox Avatar… I fear the top hat may be a bit too much… and cause it makes me look like I’m laughing at the peasants… ah well…

Punch you in the face!

Talk about a blast from the past, eh?

Anywho, as per normal, I forget when I last posted! AH HA HA! It’s all this other stuff I do, you know, becoming a super hero by night and a simple minded student by day.

So, I think I didn’t talk about the first General Studies exam… Funnily enough, I stopped the day before it.

So, I had a general studies exam about Culture and immigrants ‘n’ them BLOODY IMMIGRANTS TAKING ALL OUR JOBS BECAUSE THEY DO A BETTER JOB AT LOWER WAGES! SILLY ME AND MY SILLY WORKING CLASS FAILURE! (oops, I think I showed a bit too much views… e.g. BLOODY LOWER CLASSES!!!)

Blargle snap, school life… Mrs Smith kinda pissed me off and everyone else as she made fun of those who didn’t know how to answer any questions, THAT’S BECAUSE YOU’RE A CRAP TEACHER MRS! It’s not entirely our fault, sure some of it is… BUT then attention spans can only be put to so much stress until it snaps from boredom… see, that was KINDA physics…

Anywho, Maths Core 2 exam was FUCKING EVIL! Well I say it was FUCKING EVIL! However, I think the first half was fairly okay… but the last question and a bit, just twisted my entire view of it… but then I think I know I’m getting a C at this point, I know I got about 15 marks dropped, taking me down already to 80% so there is definitely a lot of marks to be lost….

Biology Unit 1 retake, YEAH MATES. I thought this was quite an easy exam, it was a 75 minute exam, and I had 30 minutes to burn… trust me, 30 minutes in an exam is FUCKING LONG! (Longer than downstairs 😉 ) The chair was SO MUCH LOWER than normal ones… so my knees were together, and my legs and feet were pointing out from the sides… I went a bit OCD towards the end, in how I was PERFECTLY arranging my desk… so EVERYTHING was PERFECTLY in line, and ONLY just touched…

Others frowned on the fact that I had time to spare, it is however, fun to watch people frantically writing, FOR ABOUT 5 seconds, then it gets boring…. REALLY boring… Straight after my exam I went with “the lads” into Fram. We went to the castle and ladded about…. LADS!

Around 12-ish, some of us headed back. I saw Ben and for the third or maybe fourth time wished him good luck, so if he failed… He let it all go to waste, or I’m not very lucky… During this time, Joel and I went down to Fram (I’m a walking MACHINE) and got some pizza! The classics exam STILL wasn’t over by the time we got back, we left at 1pm got back at like…. 1:40pm… WALKING MACHINES!

I chatted with Max and distracted him from his wonderful revision, cause I’m cool like that 😉 Anywho, chatting and chatting, suddenly the classics people were coming out. So we got some classics chat about how Calypso is a smokin’ hotty who gives you immortality as well as Sexy time… that’s what I gathered from Ben and Jagger… sounds like a party?

Chloé turned up and Max, Chloé and I all talked for some time, Ben sat and talked in some CRAZY made up language to himself… I think I forgot he was there for one second…. maybez…. Max left to go do something with Mr Halls 😉 so everyone went silent with revision… being me, I didn’t want to revise… I was forced to.

My sister got Mario Kart Wii, my brother and I are basically awesome at it, he’s better… I normally fail cause I’ll get Thunder bolted, Pow Blocked, red shelled and then barged out of the way a few times…. so I go from 1st to like 10th (out of 12th) on the last lap, on the final straight, trust me… happens ALL the time!

Wednesday I had some time until I had to leave, so my brother and I played some more Mario Kart, we were DESTROYING it, in a 10 race competition, we BOTH got over 100 points, where first is 15, second is 12 and 3rd is 10…. The next highest was like 58…

I went to school, saw Max, talked to Max (obviously I went to the common room and talked to Nat Fairs for a bit) then Joel and Chloé arrived from going into Fram. Then there was SOME talking, mostly Physics revision….. I didn’t… so I = slightly bored. Anywho, the science Mock exam, it was about SIMPLE Chemistry, where  the source material would only help with like 25% of the questions, unlike the Culture one…. The questions at the end were annoying… for all of them I could do the first 17 mark question fairly well… However, the second question of the water one and the Technology one I wasn’t very sure on…

So I went for the good ol’ artificial insemination one! Oh, how I must be crazy. It was funny watching as those that STORMED the culture one taking AGES to get to the essays at the end… At least, I thought it was…..

Today! My brother and I played more Mario Kart… He then planned to go into Ipswich and I tagged along. My brother managed to get the train time an hour early… or an hour late, and neither of us had our phones… On the other side of the road, next to a pub… There was a park… Being the teenagers we are, we thought nothing better than seeing how badly we can NEARLY kill ourselves…

There was one of those swing things where the seat is a big round thing… and your friend(s) push, and eventually get to the point where they have to jump to push… Well, I was sitting on it, and my brother was pushing, to the INSANE! We tried to make it as extreme as possible… there were times where I couldn’t even lift my head due to the Gs… then there also sitting up and trying not to die… lying in the middle not holding on… Lying on the side, lying on my front with my face poking out so I get the floor charging at me, sitting in the middle with my legs crossed without holding on. For the last one I took my shoes off… so the next challenge was for me to put my shoes on whilst being pushed on it…

Towards the end, my brother went INSANE and started to push me to angles of like 130 degrees… I struggled to lift a shoe sometimes… There was also this small disc that spun round… I sat on it, and my brother spun me, it gets to the point where it takes your entire muscle force to stop yourself from flying off and snapping your neck on some kind of epic neck grind.

I accidentally leant my neck back a SMALL bit… so it went all SUDDENLY CRAZAY! Who said kid’s play parks weren’t fun… the train eventually arrived…

So when we arrived, we looked around TK Max, for the lulz…. my brother then FUCKED OFF for a hair cut leaving me to keep myself entertained for a RANDOM amount of time… I said, “I’ll meet you in HMV, or maybe Gamestation” so I went to get a Milkshake and walked around in circles as I attempted to suck up my Minstrel Milkshake, although, the large chunks left me to chug it…

I then spent like 20 maybe 25 minutes standing in HMV… luckily the second I was about to leave, and then he turned up… We looked at Sun glasses, I found some that I’ll get my mum to buy… we then got comics, mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm comics. Then, whilst buying bags of winegums… the 200g ones… which were £1 we spotted that a 600g BOX of winegums costs £2… it didn’t take me long to work out that It’s a FREAKING awesome deal!

So then I played more Mario Kart Wii with my brother and ordered some stuff!

So now I have a day and a bit (being half term) to try and revise…

I also played Mass Effect as well where I suddenly aquirred some Master Spectre weapons, which ROCK! I’ve only done two missions… well technically 3… cause I’m cool I got 150 kills with Sniper rifles because It’s EZ!

This is why the title:

The song is normally about 5 mins long… so what’s better than an extra 3 minutes, OF FUNK!? Trust me, it was either this or another song, which if you’ve been anywhere near anything I’ve written you would know what’s been running through my head, running through my head… plus this live song has one of my favoritest ending solos ever…

Being me, I can’t actually remember anything that I’ve done so it will just be a random string of events as they violently come back to me through bloody haemorrhaging to the brain.

Now that I’ve caught your interest with my whimsical jolliness, let’s continue.

Being the only thing I can remember, I’m going to talk about games! I’d managed to finish Modern Warfare 2 on Veteran in like… an afternoon and a morning. The only bit I found challenging was when you had to get from the safe house to the chopper, whilst being attacked by about 50 people and mortars… This is like one of the most dumb luck bits EVER.

I got so close to the line of finishing it, where I got shot dead… after a load of attempts, I got JUST beyond that line, then got hit by a mortar and finished the level… which is being shot and then also set on fire… yay…

So I stated CoD4: MW on Veteran. I managed to get through it fairly easily, the only difficult bits that I’d come across was the American bits where you basically storm a room whilst your allies stand 3 rooms back and the room you’re in is full of about 60 people…

I got to the fun level of waiting for the chopper, this took a bit of time… but wasn’t that much of a challenge, the main problem was the fact that when you see three grenade indicators pop-up near you, you realise… “this isn’t fair…” But I finished it, I got to the last level, (not the vehicle one… the one where you’re in the base turning off the nukes) Where you have 9 minutes to finish it…

I hate this level now… like with an uncontrollable rage… the Checkpoints only work if you get there fast enough… so the first room you come to that is split into three takes a long time, then I always never get the checkpoint after that… meaning that when I die in the next impossible bit… I get to do it again! Yeah, the next bit is where you have two options to go down, both parallel to each other, but whilst making your choice you’re being shot at by the blocked middle path.

At the end of each corridor there is a guy… meaning you have to strafe and shoot them both dead… I managed to get fairly far in this, but there was one guy on the opposite end of the level… who had instant aim on… so you couldn’t poke out a small bit and shoot him… because he knew where you were… I gave up… I’ll do it later…

So this weekend I started to play Mass Effect again. I finished Noveria… killing that lady was annoying because watching all your cover float into the air is a BITCH… plus forgetting to save after every footstep tore into me once or twice… Then whilst I was exploring space getting some tasty white space booty, I landed on an Asteroid got an achievement for being awesome (for landing on some uncharted land or something) then started flying round on the car… I have to say, when you can free roam on the car it’s actually quite fun…

I found it fun to scale sheer mountain cliffs whilst making my way to wherever I was meant to get to then finding the highest point and rocket blasting off the very top of it and crashing down… but I guess that’s just my insanity!

I also played a bunch of KH 2 (Kingdom Hearts 2) which is a game I LOVE! Got it memorised? In which I destroyed the space ship courses, getting S rank on levels 1 and 2 (the highest you could get) then on the high score one, I was getting S+3 rank… which is pretty beastly….

about 500 words of gaming aside, let’s try and get on with my actual life….

Oh… I see…

Well today I played Football! I know, I’m as shocked as you are! I was talking to Adam and then he suggested I go out with him and stuff. Needless to say, I didn’t suck that badly… I’m faster than I thought I was… as well… However, I went out in the first round of all vs all… because I didn’t score a goal. When it got down to just me vs Connell we were both so tired, but I was wearing skinny jeans and I had such Beaty Swalls it was unbelievable… so I sat out and went in eventually. It was fun, I’m so unfit though….

OH! I remember, Friday afternoon was pretty good, I hung out with Yasemin and Rosie for the free at the end and we had some laughs.

This lunch time was pretty CRAZAY! Joel and people had decided to mix things up and sat in the corner where that whole emo crowd is, you know… where Marcus and that lot sit? Needless to say, it seemed to destroy the common room, everyone was confused as to where to go. Chaos was formed and it was on White bread!

With the exams slowly looming over I find myself putting out LESS effort in lessons. I’ve gotten to the point where I’m so tired now I struggle to survive. I’ve lost control of my bodies sleeping stuff… all of last week I’d wake up at my desk or the floor at either the morning or at like 3am. The worst was when I woke up and I was face first in my wardrobe… That’s gonna make the exam tomorrow entertaining… I just have to remember, if I don’t stop moving… I’ll be fine…

My main focus of revision has been Maths Core 2, but with a slice of Biology Unit 1. These Exams are on Monday the 24th of May and Tuesday the 25th of May, respectively. The main problem is, whenever I go to revise Biology I get bored and fall asleep… in the car…

I noticed this the most today. On the way to Ipswich to the Orthodontist, I thought I’d do some revision… unfortunately I found myself drifting in and out of sleep… The worst part is, when I fall asleep at night, I have no idea when it is… It could be 11pm for all I know…

Out of sheer procrastination I decided to make a Ghillie Suit to blend into my room… so this is just making a suit out of paper… Unfortunately because my boxers are so baggy (and my penis is just so large 😉 )it makes it a struggle to model the bottoms (being what I’m working on) without wearing no underwear… which makes me fear for Paper cuts… the other problem is, because I’m so skinny, they don’t stay up, they just slip off all the time…

I do look forward to it all working out though… It’ll be quite fun, I would take a picture of my current work, but I lost the batteries for my camera cause I moved them into my TV Remote and then that fell and then I found one but it was on my desk so I balanced it crazily but then that fell whilst I was being awesome and now it’s lost.

Unfortunately, this next section is about anime…. so skip past it until you see the line of *

I have recently watched Dragonaut – The Resonance. It is a 25/26 episode anime made by the same person as Witchblade, which you may recall as to me liking as well. I did like the anime. Some of the character designs were a bit crazy, because about 90% of the female characters had boobs each bigger than their torso, and not knowing what a bra was. The thing was, apart from the occasional jiggling, it never really went “LOOK, BOOBS!” like some anime do…. I think they only really noticed them once or twice.

It was also quite funny and a pretty damn good story. It has dragons in it, but the dragons are like big giant robots and they fight, but they’re dragons… and DRAGONS!

The 26th Episode isn’t actually part of the main series, it’s a sort of crazy episode. I REALLY enjoyed this episode. It was pretty funny, and one of the main episodes that noticed that the characters had GIANT boobs. For example, the main female (who had gone crazy) found the main male and she was wearing some cat costume that squeezed her boobs together (the character is called Toa). She went up to the boy and he went, “Toa, Cat, boobs, big” or something like that… then did the anime passing out…. It was pretty funny.

Then there were the two ridonculous boobed ones doing skipping and one of the male characters went “Yes, we must do something… but right after this…” and you can tell that he wasn’t one of the main people to solve the problem.

I do heavily suggest watching the anime as the animation is very good as well. In one still screen you get a lot of movement, so unlike in some anime where you just get a still character frame and another still character frame sliding in at each other and then exploding… you get the characters moving, and doing lots of stuff. Watch it. DO EET!


I really don’t think anything else of significance has happened in my life… I have written more of Chapter 3, a fair bit of it… I’m not sure how I’m going to do all the other chapters… I mean, I know WHAT is going in them as the main chunk… but it’s the getting it all there and making it longer than 1k words that will be difficult…

I don’t feel like having to write out a-whole-nother thing… (Max will understand) so I guess I’ll leave that until later… in the week, allowing one’s mood to dampen and decay…

Oh yeah and…

Plus I recently had my 1337-est twitter post, I’ll post the evidence sooner or later…