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Yep, I’ve had lots of brackets in my titles recently, it’s an attempt to intrigue those on my twitter feed to actually look at my blog, although I think it’s a lost cause because no one actually reads this…

So yesterday after I found out that my entire family had left me alone in the house to go out somewhere (they didn’t actually tell me once at all…) I decided to clean my room and then act as if nothing happened. 😀 I’m cool like that, so this is what my room looked like to start with:

This is the corner at the end of my bed near the windows

Just around the corner, at the end of my bed and behind the art work

This is next to my bed, just before the corner near the windows, past my desk

This is my desk area

So as you can see, my room was pretty disgusting. I found like £13 in my room, and just that pool of money you see in the above picture (on the thing with the DVDs, CDs and graphic novels on) there was £59.96 😀 Just in change…

So yeah, I went sort of full out. Sadly I emptied an old bag of what I thought was just paper into th recycling bin outside, it wasn’t just paper, so I had to fish around in the bin for all the sweet wrappers and stuff :S I even vacuumed my room AND changed my bed sheets! 😀

This is what it now looks like:

This is now how clean my desk looks like, sorry about the PJ bottoms hanging from above

This si how clean it is next to my bed now! Also, that pile of books and bag, that's what I've been taking to school weekly, that's just one half term's work

(eww blurry picture is blurry, I think I was falling off my bed frame at that point (I took all these pictures by standing on wood an inch wide))

Okay, so this doesn't look MUCH cleaner, the floor is

So yeah, this is actually A LOT cleaner than it was, you just can't see it as the mess was UNDER the chairs

Although my room is “clean” the carpet itself, being about 14 years old… (actually probably MUCH MUCH more) is FILTHY, no amount of chemicals would clean this carpet… that’s pink, or at least used to… If I’m honest, the corner in the above picture to the left… that’s never going to get properly clean… it’s got lots of old school books that I’m forced to keep -.- Maybe some day… just, under my two old desks, has so much stuff “stored” it’s silly. I have a wardrobe FULL of old toys, that I can’t put stuff in, because it’s full of old stuff… my room is purely used as storage… which sucks.

So, next time I clean may be Easter if I’m lucky, if failing that, summer. So see you then 😀

Although, I am TRYING to keep my room clean. However, I say that EVERY TIME I clean my room  and it lasts until I start school again when the amount of paper and stuff we’re given is too much D:

So, it has been Christmas, in case you hadn’t noticed, which is apparently a really big thing.

However, before getting onto that THRILLING story of the boy who could, you wonderful people get to hear about what I did over my xmas holiday! Hooray, right?


Okay, onto Xmas…. no I only joke (a little), basically… I’ve worked, not school work… no that would be stupid, have I EVER done school work well within the time provided? No, of course not. I always leave it to the last second where I’m no longer sure if we actually had any homework or not so don’t bother and then do it the break time before the actual lesson…

So yeah, work. It was organised that I would work Wednesday evenings as an extra shift for the winter break, so just two extra shifts. HOWEVER, the old man that normally works weekday lunch times decided to be an arse and NOT do his Monday shifts, so I ended up working those as well, ONE OF WHICH WAS A BANK HOLIDAY! The reason this is annoying is because in the first week of the holiday, I did very little in terms of my own personal time. The first Saturday, working. Monday… Working… Wednesday… working…. Then on Thursday, well I was basically tutoring.  The Head Boy would come round my house and we’d do Chemistry work together in order to help him. Yeah.

Then this also happened last Tuesday (not today) and the  Monday just before that. So it was thrilling, thankfully my work shifts weren’t that busy except the Bank Holiday and New Year’s Day, where there were 113 and 143 people on those days… :S

I also went shopping, I’m not sure I actually bought anything… well, I now remember, I got a Jumper sized XS (Extra Small) because that’s what fits me well, it’s still a bit baggy, as well as a book with my book token from Award’s Evening. Oh, and comics.

THEN I also went to see Harry Potter the 7th Part 1. My opinion is… it was okay, it was a bit boring but okay. They haven’t fully gone into bits which are somewhat VITAL to the 7th book, such as wands only being won, the ENTIRE relationship between Dumbledore and Grimwald as well as most of Tom Riddle’s past… which appear many times. Plus the bit where he sees a patronus in the shape of a doe (a female deer), in the books I recall Harry remembering that was the patronus of his mother, which is why he follows it… in the film, he sees a mysterious light and then just AIMLESSLY follows it not saying a word despite being the most wanted man alive -.- The camera for lots of parts was shaky, as if it had been filmed on a hand Camera. Like bits where the camera is following directly behind the person, that’s meant to be perfectly still, you only have a shaky camera if the camera view is meant to represent what someone can see, like the actual person’s eyes… Although it was shocking at how much of the film my mother missed, but she seemed to think it was because I read the books, despite the stuff she missed being on screen for a good while in the very center….

Also, you know when Ron’s tripping out at the Horcrux vision? Yeah that… I really connected with Ron on that one (know am I being pretentious on purpose about that or is it the truth?! You decide)

And now the time you’ve all been waiting for (Just so those skimming through can see):


So yeah, that. Okay, well I was forced to go to my grand parents house. It actually started fairly well, as in no one had tried to yell at each other yet… it was just BORING. Sooner or later, my mother got angry at nothing for no reason thus sending my grandfather and grandmother angry and then they just got angry at each other and I missed all the TV for those days… So for Xmas I got:

My Xmas Haul

Which is delightfully numbered so I can tell you:

  1. Dr Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog (DVD, VERY good)
  2. Dark Haven – Gail Z. Martin (Book, 3rd one)
  3. Ted Baker Shower Gel and Body Spray
  4. Signed Copy of Wonders of the Solar System – Brian Cox (Book, it’s good)
  5. Weezer – Hurley (CD, it’s good)
  6. Fable 3 for the Xbox 360 (Still have yet to play it)
  7. Box of Cadbury Heroes (Om nom nom)
  8. Chocolate Coins *Santa*
  9. Chocolate Orange Segment things
  10. Underwear!
  11. After Eights *Santa*
  12. Lynx stuff
  13. Chocolate Chip Shortbread *Santa*
  14. Lindor and Jelly Beans *Santa*
  15. PJ bottoms
  16. A card with £20 in!

And then also Scott Pilgrim vs The World on DVD which had yet to turn up at that time but has now turned up… and yes, I still get presents from “Santa” okay? I have still yet to play my game because my brother has stolen my controller :S and he leaves on the 8th or 9th, but then I have exams… so :S

“Signed copy of that book? What’s that like?!” I hear you scream? Well, allow me to show you, LIKE THIS:

Personally Signed Copy of Wonders of the Universe

So that’s pretty rad! It was signed in the streets as well 😀

So yeah, that happened.

New Year, well this was spent very well… I got up to ALL sorts of exciting things… such as sitting in the dark in my room alone 😀 WOO! HARDCORE!

As of right now my New Year’s Resolution for this year is to not be as much of a MASSIVE TWAT as I normally am… I’m not sure how it’s going right now though… :S

I’m not sure how I would describe my xmas holiday, as most of it was spent with a rather heavy cloud of depression hanging over my head from the last few days of last term :S OH WELL! (SAD FACE)

Okay… so maybe since the last time I wrote a blog post…. I didn’t write one in a while. The reason for this is because I’m actually very bored/boring. So I either was SO bored I couldn’t write anything… or so boring I had nothing to write about.

The thing I can remember most that has happened in December is…. Awards Evening. There are no pictures for this, because that’s what my school is like, dicks. Anyway, I got a certificate for MOST IMPROVED! However, I prefer to see it as the award for “Being REALLY shit at like GCSEs ‘n’ shit and now being pretty good n tings” Possibly less gangsta. “You must be so proud that you managed to improve so much!!!” I hear you cry? Well, I have not improved. For GCSEs I got As in Maths and all of my 5 sciences. Whilst I got Cs in everything else (well, a D and another B but still) so that overall put my average achievement as “This kid be WELL average, boi!” so when I went into A levels and continued to do all 3 sciences and maths… well, I did well in them, because they are the ONLY things I can do… hence the GCSEs. My predicted grades are/were CCCC, I got ABBB and am currently on ABB for my current subjects… Although for some reason, my predicted in Biology has changed to an A… so it’s CCA. (I got my lowest AS mark in Biology (yet I dropped Physics which was my 2nd highest))  So yeah, that.

The day after that was the Sixth Form Christmas Party (EXTRAVAGANZA!)!!!!!!! This one does have pictures, so BE AWARE! Okay, so the party was actually quite good! 😀 Much better than last year’s. This one, although starting out a bit awkward due to not many people being there (I had to talk to the LOWER SIXTH :X) however… I eventually decided to try and ignore the voices in my head long enough to have some fun… this involved dancing… my dancing involved having one hand in the air and bouncing…. like a rave, which was good because that is what the music was like. After trawling the internet for ages… this is the only picture of me I have found:

Me at a party

Me at a party

So yeah, I made an impression… I accidentally left my glasses at the party with someone, so I spent a lot of the time blind… Overall, I was a WEE bit depressed…

THE DAY AFTER was Max’s Birthday… gosh. So much activity in the span of 3 days. So, I got dressed BACK into my smart clothing, still a bit blind :S I got a lift with Chloé to the first part of Max’s Knees-up (he wanted it formal, so I’ll give him formal) which was a meal at Prezzos/Prezzo’s the meal was pretty rad. I was sat next to Chloé, although the person sat opposite me was an empty seat… :S Ah wellz. Got a lift back to Max’s and we watched Toy Story… Sadly, the DVD player started to over heat… a lot. After some quick magic from Ben, using some Innocent Smoothie as a means of cooling it down, the DVD player started to work again. Then the night ended and I gave a lift to Chloé back to her place, then went home, it was pretty good. I guess.

Then the rest of the week was just lead up to the last day of school. During which… I got 5 Xmas cards! Okay, so 3 were from the same person… and also one/two presents. I say one/two because one of them was a sort of Mystery thingy… Wait! No, I did get a present from Ben, being Ice-Cream and Sadness, the second book from the writers of Cyanide and Happiness. I just need my copy to turn up so I can give it to him :S (we did this last year with the first book, we both bought the the same thing and gave it to each other so it was like us being it for us but with the “warm feeling inside” of giving) During Maths we ended up dancing, someone recorded some video of me dancing… and said they would put it on facebook, but have yet to… :S (We were playing something like Just Dance on the Wii or something, got beaten by my maths teacher (I pulled some epic shapes))

So for the next two weeks I have fuck all planned…

I might end up going to town with some friends, maybe :S I dunno…  I guess there’s Christmas… can’t wait to go to my grandparents house…

To finish this picture I took which you can either take as an artsy, deep and blah blah blah picture with no proper meaning behind it, or take it as my mood, so here we are:



Yes, it is now 2010… meaning if you hadn’t gotten used to writing 2009 (which I hadn’t) then having to write 2010 is really going to mess you up!
So then, let’s look at last year’s resolutions and see which have been achieved…

This year!
1. Do well in my GCSEs and NOT fail a single one (Fail being below C)… Currently this is the fail-train…. As far as I know, I am going to fail French and Art… Some say I’m pessimistic…. I say…. I probably am…. but I have a good feeling about this sort of thing…..
2. Go to a party…. AND ENJOY IT! Or… at least half the parties I go to, I have to enjoy….. I mean, about…. all but one of the parties I went to, that I can remember, I didn’t really enjoy… This mostly came down to the amount of booze at the party OR just the fact that I could be talking to someone and then they started having an intimate hug with someone leaving me to just support the wall in case it decided to fall and crush everyone….
3. Revise for my exams MORE than just the day before! All last year I waited till like the last day before my exams mostly goofing off and playing games the weeks before. When it came to that day… I goofed off till late at night, about 11pm and then opened a revision book and then goofed off some more….
4. Enjoy Prom.
5. Try and read my book more. I think this has mostly been due to the season, but recently in the morning it is too cold for me to read my book due to VIOLENT shivers, then when going home, it is too dark to read…. I only really get the chance to read in car journeys because I have this laptop made of magic and FIRE.
6. Try and get back onto the horse that is socialising…. For the past 3 weeks I have done NOTHING but sit in my bed under my quilt due to the lack of heating (it broke a lot) with my laptop on my lap, playing Maplestory. Nothing but, I went on MSN for about 2 hours…. from 11:30pm to 1:30am or something, which I mostly spent my time talking to Simon…. that was the day I was meant to not play maplestory… funny how that turned out.
7. And then the ones from last year… which I think I’ve forgotten… I think I have it written down somewhere.
8. Do more of my story.

Okay, so… well…
Number 1… FAIL! French was a D.
Number 2… Well, this one kinda varies… in terms of proper parties… the sort of image you get when you hear the word “Party!” it is a FAIL! However, Max’s Birthday party which was different and the exam results party was okay… I’m still undecided about Eliza’s one…
Number 3… Well, in terms of GCSEs… FAIL! But slightly better fail because instead of the last few hours of consciousness being full of revision I spent an entire day to revise the sciences and maths… okay, they were the days before… and even then it was half the day…. But… A-Levels… it is mega fail… cause I have yet to revise for a single test we’ve had all year in Sixth form… I’ve only started revision for Physics today….
Number 4… Oh boy… FAIL! It had it’s good bits… and then it had some mega-shit bits…
Number 5… I finished the book series I was reading at the time… so that’s good… but then the only other book I read in the year was Scud The Disposable Assassin: The Whole Shebang… which is a big comic book… Hey, I’ve started a new book series now though…
Number 6… Well, I guess this one actually worked… I mean, SHIT! I actually went out with friends on more than one occasion! I mean SWEET JESUS! Okay, for the last two weeks or so I’ve mostly played Maplestory… but shut up… this one went well…
Number 7… FAIL! I can’t remember them all, but yeah…. it was a FAIL!
Number 8… Semi-FAIL… Well, I wrote more… but only about two chapters of it…

So… this year’s resolutions…:

  1. Finish my story!
  2. Do VERY well in my AS exams. (So higher than B in all… ALL)
  3. Revise more… MUCH MORE… these are proper exams people… let’s get this shit serious…
  4. Go to a big party with music and not be supporting the wall/imaginary wall by the end of it… Good luck with that one…
  5. The ones from two years ago!
  7. Don’t Smoke.

If you’re wondering about the last one… it is so I can have one pass by the end of 2010…. I hope…

So the year review… which you may remember from last time…. Basically this year… during the first part of the year it was quite good and enjoyable. Soon this was slowly destroyed as exams encroached in which it wavered between good and bad like the main character in Fable. Once the exams were over things were quite good…. over the extended summer holiday. Towards the end the air became anxious as sixth form approached… Max’s party put this at rest for us a bit…

Sixth form appeared and it started off quite well. Soon as the weather forced everyone inside meaning some people went to place where I wasn’t excepted meant that it got pretty shit. Towards the end of the year it once again swapped between really crappy and really good. The last few days were really crap but Max’s Party was once again a shining light in the brown coloured haze (cause it was shit (not Max’s party…)) which although started out with over shadow of the previous week became insanely good.

Slowly the year boiled down and I became increasingly tired… I found myself waking up at 9:00am to even 11:00am because the mornings got too cold. Although there was a slight depressive nail in there at one point hopefully that nail will be removed in the early start of the year.

But now as we go into the new year there is no feeling of enjoyment, more of anticipation for the oncoming exams that could spell enjoyment (somehow being spelled with 4 As) or Defeat (With 4 letters from D, E or U… somehow).

That was only school life…

Gaming through the year seemed slow for me, not many releases for the DS left me with not many new games to play. I was left to replay the Final Fantasy Series 7-9 as well as playing many PS2 games. Occasionally getting a multiplayer game waggled in my face by my brother lead to the odd shining beacon to relieve the boredom. Towards the end with birthday games as well as chirstmas games left me with some better DS games to play as well as PS2…

TV has been bad and sort of undistinguishable… the main thing that can be noticed is the lack of new Bleach English Dub until the summer of 2010. Films revealed  some real real jewels. Avatar and Up probably taking the title for the animation category. Up for plot and general feel whilst Avatar took it hands down for the animation. Music lead to let downs such as the lack of great Foo Fighters and the New Muse Album being a bit lacking. Weezer’s new album was pretty good though.

And so wraps up last year from the top of that hill over there to the center of the planet… Okay, so maybe the highs are better than the top of that hill…. maybe the top of a tall building? But a REALLY pointy one… because it didn’t last much… However, those tall pointy bits are all separated by about 2 months each… well… the last of the three is like 4 months after the one before… but I think from that anyone can tell what it is…

Well, see you sometime in the future then… I’ve just realised I need to wrap Ben’s present for Monday… do we take our bags and physics folders and stuff? For like, taking notes?

Well, it WAS Xmas…. but no more… it is now the new year! So look forward to that blog post!

So yeah, basically, over the last few days sweet FA has happened, weather means no grandparents and it was xmas…

Oh yeah… this…

To avoid having to explain it all, just check the description, makes life WAY much easier… so yeah, my jacket is made of win… I’ve just realised my keyboard has blood on it from yesterday…. and not much else has happened, I have yet to start to revise… which bites…. and also I need to start writing my book again and try and finish it because I’m suddenly thinking up a new book and it isn’t fun… well, the book idea is good  (okay, so it will be like the first chapter or so… but I am getting some other ideas going…) I just always hate it when this happens… Near the start or during the time in which I stop writing a story, I suddenly start to get ideas of other things, sure they could be ideas that I’ve had for ages, just ideas that I wouldn’t have originally built up on due to the original and main priority…. I also need to clean my room and desk…. the latter with Chemicals…. Tomorrow I’ll start revision…. then I guess once the exams are over and life is easier… I’ll go at my room chemicals blazing. The main problem is Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days is REALLY addictive…. seriously…. I can’t put it down… too often into the wee hours of the night…. I also seem to have messed up because I currently own only a physics revision guide… Well, today in Waterstones I bought a Chemistry one, that I believe to apply to my course, but the one I could do with (other than Physics which I own) is biology…. because biology is so up and down…. one moment I’m top in the class, the next I’ve got a U…. So, Physics revision, Bleach, FMA and Hotshots…. this mission is go tomorrow…. and No gaming…. Although I may play some more We ❤ Katamari…. just because it FUCKING ROCKS! but yeah, DS is going away…. which will hurt… SO much… Not to mention I’ve been ever so lonely with not many people to talk to… Everyone is not on MSN… Bethany Huls went away for xmas… so I’ve been playing maplestory like NONE stop…. because they just HAD to release some very new and awesome content just before the exam period (December 11th is just before, right?) meaning I don’t stop playing because I’m leveling up the new and fun job…. oh well… guess I’ll stop this long story of a paragraph and do somethign else….. (which will be playing KH:358/2 Days)