The Three word game!

Okay, so on the forum of awesome, We have been having the 3 word game going… from the 9th of May 2008 to now… and is continuing….

Here it is (NOTE: This will be changed often, I will probably say when it is in my actual blog posts):

One day Sean was very horny so he decided to rub his feet but then He realised his toe nales where about to kill A tiny little leprechaun called Kevin who sucks off icicles in the desert, which is hot as hell just like marv’s body which is actually made of three large tits in a can of cold beer and a huge sweaty cock that’s very sweaty and limp as a gay mans wrist. So, back to Sean and beer. Yer Sean and chazs small cock gossiped about chaz about how he wanked on ghey “…………and my mom got scared
She said ‘You’re movin’ with your auntie and uncle in Bel Air’

Marvin: lol pl0x don’t fuck up the game >< xDDD” “CCCC-COMBO BREAKER!”.
y halo thar wut u doin i missed school cus u nub and my rents said that you need better grades Before you can post in forum that your ghey with a monkey that is irish and drinks beer and loves potatoes and loves his little brothers pen0r in order to successfully throw faeces into his mothers trashcan. He would then eat the gurken attached to the side of his ear which is on the side of his Nose, which is a strange place for an ear which is not a funky monkey whose function is being funky but he had AIDS so he cudnt do certain stuff with black people because they have large skeletal structures which means they are heavy and seem to act like funky monkies once the shit has been settled it goes crusty and makes flowers  which are covered in brown poo Which turned into kev and marv’s Face’s that then became so beautiful they broke mirrors made by gods. Suddenly out of thin air appeared A Big Black car that needed a big black alarm clock for a big orange wall that had graffiti all over graffiti all over letters needed some really black dye and big black blackity black black huge and black and pink redye but suddenly a A giant black not black but black guys penis enough with black (this is all one entry =>) “person with a high concentration of pigment in his skin

3 words please
aww dayum man they totally censored the word niggr needed a drink but acid isn’t a drink and decided that the censor must stay just because it is necessary just in case
three words only!
he needed something to stay black but blew up with blackness and blacky the black person with a high concentration of pigment in his skin the black three words only. Melanin is the thing that causes the dark skin of a black to be in a black car that had black people in it with big black testicles which are so black that black can’t describe it in black but the black is actually orange which is the new word for Cheese. Something odd with black people had people saying what would jesus do being black. He would dance but then suddenly a wild pokemon appeared, it’s Rob!!! and hes black!! His main attack is the Can-Can which involves black magic also used by Vivi who IS FREAKING AWESOME and in FF9 got her own dance studio contract but her legs were twice the speed of light so he/she/it needed this meant it needed to find a giant chocobo to ride to a black town floating in air… with helium balloons made of putty mixed with boulders made of poop so they didn’t smell like flowers or float so they weren’t bouyant like a duck named Alan. this duck was very black with huge yellow wings that did not match its muscular physique which needed to look pretty for the weight-lifting competition sponsored by Pringles and marv’s company full of Jelly-Beans who talk (in) ebonics so they couldn’t communicate with the Vanilla people of caramel chocolate land a land full caramel chocolate. This is getting rather fun. The sun is like a giant chocolate-chip cookie WITH A GINORMAGANTUAN diameter that stretches like a slinky and hits people in the kidney like a steeple chase. Suddenly a rabid radio-active monkey died. It was killed by a hydrogen bond which broke through boiling water in a bank. The carpet of death suddenly died. This meant that a turtle had a place to die. Next to a poodle made of potatoes full of starch of which only the legs were Ionically bonded to the farmers hand which consisted of black skin and long black nails. He looked like a scarecrow that had gonorrhea so everyone who saw had to stop and vomit on his crops, making him extremely poor so he comitted himself to a life of crime getting revenge and becoming The Scarecrow and killing people and being stopped by a boy wearing red tights and a feather-hat holding a pimp and a hammer of dawn. Turns out, he was HIV positive. He needed a break, he had a smoothie and cheeseburger which transformed into a large pizza made of robots and electric wires this meant it can use electricity and it fell from the sky and hit an old, fat woman in the hat which caused her To explode suddenly. Spontaneous combustion was spontaneous and fiery and proves to cause death. A soul reaper needs to be in the living world so he could vanquish the hollows of little children. Soul reapers are funny, old fellows who like to eat babies through their hard times, a good diet of souls and baby livers means that they have the greatest fitness of all time. They were so full that they had to poop a lot, so they got a big black man to do a big black thing which made people sing and dance and have fun with inappropriate objects that was use by lots of people which big black people loved doing like ducks of the large pond beside the lake which needs a very big black handkerchief. The lake is big black and has water made of syrup made of semen with all sorts of different textures with pretty colors made of jens made of fine grass and weeds, this meant it was very green like chris’s small brain. This meant His French is MORE than below that of a german monkey named heinzguttenbergdunshlotenmier the third, this meant Chris cannot speak french Just like the rest of the world who have not mastered the german or everything that has to do with Grapefruit and oranges and Guavas. This caused time and space to seal up. This caused a  banana to explode and tomatoes too. Which was just peachy made a little bit of wee came out of his Belly-button. This caused His body to explode like that of a cyclops with four eyes which was impossible for reality to
comprehend so it toileted in a toilet of water at 0C which Which just so bizarre that he caused time to turn into soup, vegetable soup, which looked like gravy. Gravy is gray. The very next day a yoghurt started to crap out dairy products it burst into a magical unicorn made of grapes. The grapes exploded into googolplexes of grape-y exploded stuff aka, atoms. These were enchanted with a magic mushmom’s farty spores which caused bad smells and horrible sores which made wells in tortoise shells turn into something unidentifiable, which meant some people went to an inflatable
From, “So he commited” to “they got a” it was just Bethany (from Florida) and I…. for a long time…. 29 posts each till Marvin from Holland interrupted.

  1. Marvin says:

    Seriously chris, I havnt read all of it, because Its like 00:20 AM and I cant laugh too hard, which doesnt work. But your blog in one word:


    Kudos for you =3

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