A few links and all that Jazz!

CAD – A fun Gamer comic that is funny AND Inventive. Yeah, a quick note. It is a GAMER comic so a comic about GAMERS not a GAMING comic….

Dueling Analogs – this one is a Gaming comic. It will have small little comic strips about various games that have been mentioned recently. As well as the Rejected Mega Man villains.

Explosm – Cyanide and Happiness. A fun comic that is both funny AND disturbing at the same time. Updated daily it is a great thing to help pass the time. I let them pile up… then read them….

Order of the Stick – This is probably the first webcomic I started to properly read. Although it doesn’t update too often it is still funny none the less. I would highly suggest to RSS feed it for ease of access.

VG Cats – I don’t think anyone hasn’t read at least one of these… althought they have begun to slow down on the updates they are still hillarious and thanks to the new graphics tablet the facial expressions just ROCK!

Super Effective – Done by the same guy as VG Cats, this one is mostly pokemon based and it is following the adventures of Red. It is quite funny but i’m not sure about the updates… they too have fallen behind. Blame it on the author.

8-bit Theatre – This is also one of the first webcomics I started to read… I find it HILARIOUS!! It is based on Final Fantasy I and puts a slight kink in the story to say the least. I read it every saturday/tuesday/thursday.

Dominic Deegan – This is a webcomic which has NOTHING to do with games but it is mostly fantasty and magic and swords and demons and crud. It is quite good and updates daily without fail….

Yu-gi-oh The abridged series – This is REALLY funny, with its obscure pop culture references and probably some of the greatest voices EVER.

The Spoony Experiment – This guy is HIGH-larious! He does movie and videogame reviews. The movie reviews are normally in text form but some of them (like when he is back from the cinema and pumped full of anger) he will sit infront of the Camera and talk. The Videogame ones are all camera stuff and with game footage… I highly recommend.

Smosh –  I think we are all well aquanted with their work…. so I will just say they do VERY funny videos and all that jazz… and surprisingly if you do join the website and leave a comment on their page, you might actually get a reply…. I did, I got to tell Anotny that their “Sale” was actually normal price….

Ben Brown – A friend (?) of mine who writes a blog as well. Even though he will criticise me A LOT and he is slightly (just a bit) Nintendo fanboy and also has some weird Chrono Trigger Fetish…. go check him out.

Max – Never read it…. he says he made it all in CSS and HTML or whatever… ever but I hear it is good… go hunt for it ^^.

Old Blog – This is my old blog, which goes back to when I had a job (in the spring) so if you get bored and want to read about something then go there. ^.^

Gamespot – This is where I go for all my gaming news… as well as Tim Buckley. But I think most people know of it.

Zero Punctuation – This is a little thing by Ben “Yahtzee” Croshaw where he speaks REALLY fast and talks about a game… normally pointing out the bad points… The good thing is, it is a British accent… a true British accent

And that is all that come to mind…. that is the majority of my bookmarks so yeah.

  1. joethearachnid says:

    First off, you read waaaaaaay too many webcomics.
    Second, why did you link to the ‘New Pages’ post on my Blog? Why not just the main page?
    Third, I’m eating Oreos and tea, so you can’t say shit about me.

  2. Chris says:

    I have no idea…. I think I might change that…. Took you a long time to notice though

  3. blackbeardslog says:

    ben your a stuck up tit

  4. Chris says:

    Wow, that was… out of the blue…

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