A harrowing defeat?

Posted: 27/10/2011 in General
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To expand on yesterday, I have now gone down as the defeated. (lulz)

The story goes that the poor helpless Pie was being attacked by the big scary dragon (me) in a hate fuelled rage with no proper backing (except maybe half a year of reading nearly the exact same thing on a nightly basis, oops). However, out of the mist the brave and scary (?) hero, mynameisedd, came in and scared off the scary dragon and then SAVED the day.

The story goes on with the dragon apparently unfollowing the brave knight but then quickly refollowing due to a fear of no friends. To mock the dragon the hero then apparently stopped following the dragon due to finding the dragon boring. Then everyone laughed and sat around congratulating each other on a job well done.

However, as with nearly every legend ever or every battle there are always two sides to it. One of which is normally not filled with lies and not made out to look so black and white.

The truth behind the legend:

Basically, Rachel (aka Pie) was having another one of those times when every one of her tweets was along the lines of “Urgh…” “Gah!” “I don’t know why I bother.” “This is just ridiculous” “I feel like crying.” “I am crying” “Why does he just leave me alone” “I just want to be left alone!” or with example of yesterday “*screamsstampsfeetcriesetc*” (seriously, how is that NOT a temper tantrum?). I finally got tired of gritting my teeth and bearing with it while trying to sift through the never ending spam that comes from those two to actually read something slightly more interesting, so I commented on it. Sure, not in a nice way… It was obvious this was all going down for attention, so attention is what she got and as we all know, beggars can’t be choosers. After getting upset about me commenting how despite supposedly being an adult she still seems to deal with things the same way a 5 year old does, screaming until it went away, she decides to lash out.

Sure, I’m not the most mature person in the world. I mean, it’s not like I deal with things in a mature way either *looks at wrist* but saying someone isn’t mature on the premise of them playing computer games is a pretty lame argument. As well as judging a person now for something that happened nearly two years ago and any other weak argument she came up with.

Anywho, I decided it was probably time to give it a rest, so I went back to my work and continued enjoying University life (you know, work and socialising with people and making friends). It turns out that not shortly after the argument stopped, everyone else jumped in. Including Pie’s boyfriend, mynameisedd (aka the heroic knight), saying such like things as “If you have something to say, say it to me!” and other things which are horribly cliché and rather pointless as he’s not the one screaming on the floor, or 18 so my entire argument doesn’t work on him :S

Seeing as I had already left to continue making notes on DNA and talking with those on my corridor, I didn’t see any of these “threats” so it was assumed that I went running with my scaly tail between my legs when I saw the eSight of him (seeing as it’s the internet we’re on here people). You know, it’s surprisingly easy to look brave when the battle is already over, right? So yeah, it is assumed I ran away, in actual fact I was just not looking for confrontation any more as it was just boring now.

So while Pie was doing the “Oh gosh, you’re my hero!” bit, Edd had said that he unfollowed me but somewhere down the line between reading and processing it got mixed up with Pie to “He unfollowed me, lol dick lololololol” being me unfollowing him, which I have yet to do. The general view is “good riddance! He was boring, the twat! I should have unfollowed him sooner!” yet Pie hasn’t yet and oh look what turned up in my email:

Yeah, good one there Edd, nice unfollowing of me there. So now it seems to be viewed I unfollowed him and then re-followed him, which is funny. If you look in the people I follow (which is displayed in chronological order) you can clearly see that mynameisedd is not at the top and actually where he has always been (roughly) but if you look in the people who follow me, oh wait! Is that mynameisedd at the top (or there abouts) funny that.

So now everyone gets to sit around and enjoy the truth. I get to continue being a complete arse. Pie can continue ignoring any form of help that comes her way and continue to moan and scream every single night on twitter and Edd can continue to try and control Pie’s life and think that he’s the macho man (if he wants to). If this doesn’t go down well, I guess I can just hang out with everyone at university instead.

The truth will set you free, etc.

  1. flange says:

    Horrowing isn’t a word. Did you mean harrowing? Or hollowing? Either way, this is a very hypocritical post.

  2. me says:

    Horrowing isn’t a word.

  3. Mark Cracknell says:

    Someone pointed this blogpost out to me on Twitter earlier – I’m shocked. Having a little tirade against someone on a blog is hardly very mature, is it? Don’t think the one you accuse here comes out looking worse – might be time to take this rubbish down.

  4. Mark Cracknell says:

    In case that wasn’t clear, I meant take the blogpost down.

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