Posted: 07/01/2011 in Exams, General, Life

CAPITAL LETTERS Are FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!11111111111111111111111!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (why is my shift key being annoying :S)

So yeah, Wednesday was the start of the wonders of going back to school. You may have guessed from the title that I didn’t enjoy this new introduction to doing something useful with my life. PREPARE FOR AN EXPLANATION IN DETAIL! #caps

WEDNESDAY, I was lucky enough to start Wednesday with a double free so I could slowly ease my way into working. How did I do this? Simple, by doing absolutely NO work AT ALL! I spent my double free dossing about in the library.

I then had double chemistry where I TRIED to do some revision style work, being past papers… however with the exam being late January and there being 5 other exams between me and it, I really don’t have the Oomph to do anything. Which is why in 3 lessons I have managed to do HALF a past paper (each lesson is 50 minutes, the past paper is 1.5 hours long 😀 )

Lunch, because I was hungry and so were some other people, I went down to the Co-op (which is like a 15-20 minute walk from the school). Only a friend and I went. It was cold… SO VERY COLD!

Then in my last two frees I continued this trend of doing nothing.

Thursday (Was nearly immature and called it “Turdsday”, you know, because I’m mature and shit! *sniggers*)  was greeted with double statistics. My Stats exam is on Friday, so I had no drive for any sort of revision, I did one question that was 5 marks in total (So it should have taken about 5 minutes) and spent the rest of the lesson doing… something I guess.

This was quickly (after break) followed by double Biology with my boring teacher that everyone hates because he can’t teach or anything like that and he’s old and boring and old and can’t teach… and boring. So, my first Biology Exam is on the coming Tuesday in the morning. So as you could have guessed, I had no drive to revise! So I didn’t, I spent the double lesson staring blankly at my revision guide and occasionally turning the page to fool everyone around me. It was dull.

My lunchtimes don’t really stand out anymore as anything, at least in my memory, mostly because I just drift from place to place looking for acceptance and trying to hide the frown on my face 😀 (fun like that)

After lunch I had Chemistry, see previous, although with less work (although the previous one also has stuff from this one in :S) and then I had biology with my fun teacher 😀 Well, I say fun teacher, she’s a lot more interesting and young and not old and not boring and can teach and is friendly and young and not old. She asked everyone how much revision they’ve done and I went “I’ve done none!” and she went, “You’ve done NONE?! But your exam is on Tuesday…” I grinned and went “Yeah, I know…” I’m radical like that. She was also shocked when I was saying how over xmas my sleeping hours moved from 2am to 6am to like 4am or 5am to like 9am… She didn’t understand the concept of Sleep Deprivation for Fun! (Child Friendly) I didn’t revise in this lesson either.

TODAY! I was beginning to feel PRETTY gosh darn tired by now. After avoiding going to the Thomas Mills Day Assembly (an assembly about the guy who donated money (that he got from marrying two rich widows) to some schools in Ye Olde Framlingham that lead to the formation of Thomas Mills High School), despite the day being tomorrow, I thought that  I might actually start some biology revision. So I spent about 50 minutes staring at my revision guide not really revising as I can’t remember anything that I read. Prepare for a list of random stuff that pops into my head about Unit 1 AQA Biology. You can feel free to skip, I’ll put some stars to indicate:


The immune system is… fuck this is boring…

*** so yeah. After break I had DOUBLE maths… I did some Core 3 Revision as Mechanics is REALLY easy and I’m not sure how I only got a B in the exam the first time round and seeing as the retake and the Core 3 exam are on the exact same day at the exact same time and I seem to be able to do Mechanics without actually doing ANY extra reading I was doing some Core 3. I seem to be pretty decent at that as well with little revision, I got a C (1 mark off a B) in the mock exam and did no revision, so I just need to read up on Integration a bit and then also learn how to read and then also check my work as well as revolutions of solids or something like that and I’ll be supery dupery. okay, I’ll stop blowing my own horn.

Then double free again…

So yeah, I’m not actually really used to doing work again :S I’ll also start my “serious” biology unit 1 retake revision on Sunday… hopefully….  If not Monday… DEFINITELY Monday, after school…. The good thing is, I get to miss 3 lessons of Biology next week because EVERYONE except for me in my biology class are retaking Unit 2 (I got an A) so he’s going to spend next week’s lessons doing Unit 2 revision, seeing as I am not doing Unit 2, I do not need to turn up 😀 This is good news. Hopefully I’ll get more than 66 marks on this retakes :S (I originally got 66, and then also on the retake got 66…) well, not marks… UMS points or whatever, I dunno… % maybe? Whatever….

LIFE! I got shoes:


They have blue soles as well 😀

I got a new external hard drive… and also my brother’s bday present turned up that I then wrapped like a MORON!

Then that’s that. Hopefully school will quiet down (No it wont, after January I’ll be starting the next unit of work meaning that I’ll start getting homework again and actually have to DO something in the lessons which is the opposite of fun D:)

Also, Reading Festival. Definitely going to that 😀 I just need to make sure I can get a ticket, then get a tent, then get some welly boots and whatever is needed for this sort of thing as well as train tickets, people to go with, people to sleep with (not in that way) people to not get stabbed with and people to enjoy it with 😀


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