New Year’s Resolutions!

Posted: 05/01/2011 in Holidays, Life

I forgot to do this properly, okay so last year I said:

So… this year’s resolutions…:

  1. Finish my story!
  2. Do VERY well in my AS exams. (So higher than B in all… ALL)
  3. Revise more… MUCH MORE… these are proper exams people… let’s get this shit serious…
  4. Go to a big party with music and not be supporting the wall/imaginary wall by the end of it… Good luck with that one…
  5. The ones from two years ago!
  7. Don’t Smoke.

If you’re wondering about the last one… it is so I can have one pass by the end of 2010…. I hope…

So let’s review:
NUMBER one was a big fail, I think I started two more, maybe three instead of finishing…

NUMBER two… Sort of FAIL! FAIL FAIL FAIL! I only got ABBB which isn’t higher than all Bs…

NUMBER three another fail, for some subjects, such as chemistry, I didn’t revise at all for some exams (being the January one) and then the June Physics one I ended up revising the stuff that didn’t turn up in the exam for like an hour D:

NUMBER four, SORT of actually. This year’s Sixth From Xmas Party. It was a big party, I tore the dance floor up a bit, success! I actually went to a party and had fun (not really actually fun, I was horribly depressed all night but managed to hide it well) I also don’t think I went to any parties apart from that one and Max’s… and Rosie’s parties… that’s about it really :S

NUMBER five. Well, I’ll get onto these in a second.. :S

NUMBER six, started off like this about summer time, then recently I think it’s sort of died again… balls.

NUMBER seven, I win! YES!


Okay, the ones from two years ago… well, looking at them here and here they look like the same as last year’s basically :S meaning those didn’t go down well… I’ve also noticed I end up using the same jokes year round, without actually realising it… being the “It’s [insert big event that has been plastered everywhere], in case you hadn’t noticed” joke… :S

THIS YEAR’S Resolutions!!!

  1. Don’t be a massive arse all the time
  2. Try not to be so depressed (which is hard)
  3. When going to Uni, don’t annoy everyone in my corridor straight away
  4. Revise hard for AT LEAST the June exams (Jan exams aren’t happening atm, should be revising but I’m not)
  5. Party Hard.
  6. Blog more often

So, that’s it…. Resolutions of Old and New (and even older) so I hope I can actually keep up with these ones…

  1. JuiceKevin says:

    You have failed to blog more often this year, so that can’t be crossed off your list :/

    Tsk tsk

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