The Big Clean (With Pictures!)

Posted: 04/01/2011 in Christmas Holidays, Life

Yep, I’ve had lots of brackets in my titles recently, it’s an attempt to intrigue those on my twitter feed to actually look at my blog, although I think it’s a lost cause because no one actually reads this…

So yesterday after I found out that my entire family had left me alone in the house to go out somewhere (they didn’t actually tell me once at all…) I decided to clean my room and then act as if nothing happened. πŸ˜€ I’m cool like that, so this is what my room looked like to start with:

This is the corner at the end of my bed near the windows

Just around the corner, at the end of my bed and behind the art work

This is next to my bed, just before the corner near the windows, past my desk

This is my desk area

So as you can see, my room was pretty disgusting. I found like Β£13 in my room, and just that pool of money you see in the above picture (on the thing with the DVDs, CDs and graphic novels on) there was Β£59.96 πŸ˜€ Just in change…

So yeah, I went sort of full out. Sadly I emptied an old bag of what I thought was just paper into th recycling bin outside, it wasn’t just paper, so I had to fish around in the bin for all the sweet wrappers and stuff :S I even vacuumed my room AND changed my bed sheets! πŸ˜€

This is what it now looks like:

This is now how clean my desk looks like, sorry about the PJ bottoms hanging from above

This si how clean it is next to my bed now! Also, that pile of books and bag, that's what I've been taking to school weekly, that's just one half term's work

(eww blurry picture is blurry, I think I was falling off my bed frame at that point (I took all these pictures by standing on wood an inch wide))

Okay, so this doesn't look MUCH cleaner, the floor is

So yeah, this is actually A LOT cleaner than it was, you just can't see it as the mess was UNDER the chairs

Although my room is “clean” the carpet itself, being about 14 years old… (actually probably MUCH MUCH more) is FILTHY, no amount of chemicals would clean this carpet… that’s pink, or at least used to… If I’m honest, the corner in the above picture to the left… that’s never going to get properly clean… it’s got lots of old school books that I’m forced to keep -.- Maybe some day… just, under my two old desks, has so much stuff “stored” it’s silly. I have a wardrobe FULL of old toys, that I can’t put stuff in, because it’s full of old stuff… my room is purely used as storage… which sucks.

So, next time I clean may be Easter if I’m lucky, if failing that, summer. So see you then πŸ˜€

Although, I am TRYING to keep my room clean. However, I say that EVERY TIME I clean my room Β and it lasts until I start school again when the amount of paper and stuff we’re given is too much D:


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