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So, it has been Christmas, in case you hadn’t noticed, which is apparently a really big thing.

However, before getting onto that THRILLING story of the boy who could, you wonderful people get to hear about what I did over my xmas holiday! Hooray, right?


Okay, onto Xmas…. no I only joke (a little), basically… I’ve worked, not school work… no that would be stupid, have I EVER done school work well within the time provided? No, of course not. I always leave it to the last second where I’m no longer sure if we actually had any homework or not so don’t bother and then do it the break time before the actual lesson…

So yeah, work. It was organised that I would work Wednesday evenings as an extra shift for the winter break, so just two extra shifts. HOWEVER, the old man that normally works weekday lunch times decided to be an arse and NOT do his Monday shifts, so I ended up working those as well, ONE OF WHICH WAS A BANK HOLIDAY! The reason this is annoying is because in the first week of the holiday, I did very little in terms of my own personal time. The first Saturday, working. Monday… Working… Wednesday… working…. Then on Thursday, well I was basically tutoring.  The Head Boy would come round my house and we’d do Chemistry work together in order to help him. Yeah.

Then this also happened last Tuesday (not today) and the  Monday just before that. So it was thrilling, thankfully my work shifts weren’t that busy except the Bank Holiday and New Year’s Day, where there were 113 and 143 people on those days… :S

I also went shopping, I’m not sure I actually bought anything… well, I now remember, I got a Jumper sized XS (Extra Small) because that’s what fits me well, it’s still a bit baggy, as well as a book with my book token from Award’s Evening. Oh, and comics.

THEN I also went to see Harry Potter the 7th Part 1. My opinion is… it was okay, it was a bit boring but okay. They haven’t fully gone into bits which are somewhat VITAL to the 7th book, such as wands only being won, the ENTIRE relationship between Dumbledore and Grimwald as well as most of Tom Riddle’s past… which appear many times. Plus the bit where he sees a patronus in the shape of a doe (a female deer), in the books I recall Harry remembering that was the patronus of his mother, which is why he follows it… in the film, he sees a mysterious light and then just AIMLESSLY follows it not saying a word despite being the most wanted man alive -.- The camera for lots of parts was shaky, as if it had been filmed on a hand Camera. Like bits where the camera is following directly behind the person, that’s meant to be perfectly still, you only have a shaky camera if the camera view is meant to represent what someone can see, like the actual person’s eyes… Although it was shocking at how much of the film my mother missed, but she seemed to think it was because I read the books, despite the stuff she missed being on screen for a good while in the very center….

Also, you know when Ron’s tripping out at the Horcrux vision? Yeah that… I really connected with Ron on that one (know am I being pretentious on purpose about that or is it the truth?! You decide)

And now the time you’ve all been waiting for (Just so those skimming through can see):


So yeah, that. Okay, well I was forced to go to my grand parents house. It actually started fairly well, as in no one had tried to yell at each other yet… it was just BORING. Sooner or later, my mother got angry at nothing for no reason thus sending my grandfather and grandmother angry and then they just got angry at each other and I missed all the TV for those days… So for Xmas I got:

My Xmas Haul

Which is delightfully numbered so I can tell you:

  1. Dr Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog (DVD, VERY good)
  2. Dark Haven – Gail Z. Martin (Book, 3rd one)
  3. Ted Baker Shower Gel and Body Spray
  4. Signed Copy of Wonders of the Solar System – Brian Cox (Book, it’s good)
  5. Weezer – Hurley (CD, it’s good)
  6. Fable 3 for the Xbox 360 (Still have yet to play it)
  7. Box of Cadbury Heroes (Om nom nom)
  8. Chocolate Coins *Santa*
  9. Chocolate Orange Segment things
  10. Underwear!
  11. After Eights *Santa*
  12. Lynx stuff
  13. Chocolate Chip Shortbread *Santa*
  14. Lindor and Jelly Beans *Santa*
  15. PJ bottoms
  16. A card with £20 in!

And then also Scott Pilgrim vs The World on DVD which had yet to turn up at that time but has now turned up… and yes, I still get presents from “Santa” okay? I have still yet to play my game because my brother has stolen my controller :S and he leaves on the 8th or 9th, but then I have exams… so :S

“Signed copy of that book? What’s that like?!” I hear you scream? Well, allow me to show you, LIKE THIS:

Personally Signed Copy of Wonders of the Universe

So that’s pretty rad! It was signed in the streets as well 😀

So yeah, that happened.

New Year, well this was spent very well… I got up to ALL sorts of exciting things… such as sitting in the dark in my room alone 😀 WOO! HARDCORE!

As of right now my New Year’s Resolution for this year is to not be as much of a MASSIVE TWAT as I normally am… I’m not sure how it’s going right now though… :S

I’m not sure how I would describe my xmas holiday, as most of it was spent with a rather heavy cloud of depression hanging over my head from the last few days of last term :S OH WELL! (SAD FACE)


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