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Posted: 19/12/2010 in Christmas Holidays, General, Holidays, Life, Max
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Okay… so maybe since the last time I wrote a blog post…. I didn’t write one in a while. The reason for this is because I’m actually very bored/boring. So I either was SO bored I couldn’t write anything… or so boring I had nothing to write about.

The thing I can remember most that has happened in December is…. Awards Evening. There are no pictures for this, because that’s what my school is like, dicks. Anyway, I got a certificate for MOST IMPROVED! However, I prefer to see it as the award for “Being REALLY shit at like GCSEs ‘n’ shit and now being pretty good n tings” Possibly less gangsta. “You must be so proud that you managed to improve so much!!!” I hear you cry? Well, I have not improved. For GCSEs I got As in Maths and all of my 5 sciences. Whilst I got Cs in everything else (well, a D and another B but still) so that overall put my average achievement as “This kid be WELL average, boi!” so when I went into A levels and continued to do all 3 sciences and maths… well, I did well in them, because they are the ONLY things I can do… hence the GCSEs. My predicted grades are/were CCCC, I got ABBB and am currently on ABB for my current subjects… Although for some reason, my predicted in Biology has changed to an A… so it’s CCA. (I got my lowest AS mark in Biology (yet I dropped Physics which was my 2nd highest))  So yeah, that.

The day after that was the Sixth Form Christmas Party (EXTRAVAGANZA!)!!!!!!! This one does have pictures, so BE AWARE! Okay, so the party was actually quite good! 😀 Much better than last year’s. This one, although starting out a bit awkward due to not many people being there (I had to talk to the LOWER SIXTH :X) however… I eventually decided to try and ignore the voices in my head long enough to have some fun… this involved dancing… my dancing involved having one hand in the air and bouncing…. like a rave, which was good because that is what the music was like. After trawling the internet for ages… this is the only picture of me I have found:

Me at a party

Me at a party

So yeah, I made an impression… I accidentally left my glasses at the party with someone, so I spent a lot of the time blind… Overall, I was a WEE bit depressed…

THE DAY AFTER was Max’s Birthday… gosh. So much activity in the span of 3 days. So, I got dressed BACK into my smart clothing, still a bit blind :S I got a lift with Chloé to the first part of Max’s Knees-up (he wanted it formal, so I’ll give him formal) which was a meal at Prezzos/Prezzo’s the meal was pretty rad. I was sat next to Chloé, although the person sat opposite me was an empty seat… :S Ah wellz. Got a lift back to Max’s and we watched Toy Story… Sadly, the DVD player started to over heat… a lot. After some quick magic from Ben, using some Innocent Smoothie as a means of cooling it down, the DVD player started to work again. Then the night ended and I gave a lift to Chloé back to her place, then went home, it was pretty good. I guess.

Then the rest of the week was just lead up to the last day of school. During which… I got 5 Xmas cards! Okay, so 3 were from the same person… and also one/two presents. I say one/two because one of them was a sort of Mystery thingy… Wait! No, I did get a present from Ben, being Ice-Cream and Sadness, the second book from the writers of Cyanide and Happiness. I just need my copy to turn up so I can give it to him :S (we did this last year with the first book, we both bought the the same thing and gave it to each other so it was like us being it for us but with the “warm feeling inside” of giving) During Maths we ended up dancing, someone recorded some video of me dancing… and said they would put it on facebook, but have yet to… :S (We were playing something like Just Dance on the Wii or something, got beaten by my maths teacher (I pulled some epic shapes))

So for the next two weeks I have fuck all planned…

I might end up going to town with some friends, maybe :S I dunno…  I guess there’s Christmas… can’t wait to go to my grandparents house…

To finish this picture I took which you can either take as an artsy, deep and blah blah blah picture with no proper meaning behind it, or take it as my mood, so here we are:




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