This Intermission Has Ended

Posted: 26/11/2010 in Exams, General, Life
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Okay, so firstly. I have SADLY missed my two year anniversary for this blog, being the 2nd of November. So yeah, that was annoying.

You may have noticed (No you haven’t) that I haven’t blogged in FREAKING ages! My reasoning is simple, no one read it. At least, no one gave a damn!

So this blog post is really going to be a bit of a recap of the recent events that have gone on probably going into more detail about things that happened like, yesterday more than a month ago :S So here we go:

  • I got an iPod! I know, none of you are thinking “But Chris, you hate Apple with such intensity that you killed that one boy because he said he liked apples when he was actually talking about the fruit and not the company but you still slaughtered him there and then with that splintered wood.” which is true, I do hate Apple. However my old MP3 Player ran out of space long ago and it was getting too difficult to remove stuff to put more on. So to replace my 8GB MP3 player I got a 160GB iPod! It cost me a hefty £174 however a 80GB iPod cost like £184 so yeah, there’s a better deal for me. Also, I got it from as getting it from the Apple Website with my “free” laser inscription would cost me £194… For that extra £20 I expect bikini clad women to carry it around for me whilst I listen. iTunes is a bitch. :S
  • A-LEVELS! Yes, A-levels, I’m currently doing my A2 stuff… It started off a bit of a mind crunch, but I think that was only because I wasn’t used to actually getting work as the last like 6 weeks of lower sixth were so laid back I don’t think I did any homework for ages! We recently had some Mock exams and I got a C in Maths Core 3 (69%!!!) which I think is like one of the better ones in the year as getting an E is viewed as a god send :S In Statistics (which I think is easier than Core 3) I got an E :S however, 19 marks in the 75 paper were on stuff we hadn’t even done so if it was out of 56 I’d have gotten a very high D :S In Chemistry I got a shit 60% being a C. Biology I got 72% which is apparently an A… And apparently the Biology paper was one of the hardest papers they could have given us…. I didn’t revise for any of them. I really need to work on Chemistry… a LOT! Also now I seem to find myself with VERY little homework again :S
  • UCAS ‘n’ University JUNK! So yeah, basically my idea of “Everyone hasn’t done their personal Statement yet, I’ve got bags of time.” suddenly exploded when it turned out EVERYONE had pretty much sent off their application. So I had to start rushing my Personal Statements. It took 6 Personal Statements, thankfully A New Hope (Yes they’re named after Star wars) got the thumbs up. I have so far received all my confirmation emails saying they have received my application and as I was writing this thing here I got my second offer! This one was from York with ABB, my first one I got… Yesterday (I think) was from Leicester with ABB, so at least I’m probably going to University now! All I need is something from Kings and UCL (they’re my top two, York is my bottom) as well as hopefully Nottingham!
  • Social Life (if any). So, I guess shit’s been going well (Please note most of this is written with an Acting Face of Happiness) my twitter life has really… EXPLODED recently, like I’ve made a load of friends on there. I constantly think that they hate me and my tweets and me, but you know… that’s just me xD In RL things also have sort of gone well, I guess. I’ve been down to Fram more often than I used to and stuff…. but yeah… there’s still that horrible feeling of being stuck in this HORRIBLE Limbo between the two where no one exists :S (The Limbo of Loneliness) I’m also going to the Xmas party and I hope to have more fun than I did last year, but I think we all know deep down that that’s something that will never happen. I’ve also been invited to a party in January (I know, early planning) that is Army Themed :S wtf?
  • Geeky stuff. Okay, so recently I’ve watched all of the Online series “The Guild” on Youtube which is pretty killer! I do like Felicia Day! As well as The Guild I also downloaded and watched Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog. It’s AWESOME! By FAR my second favourite musical! The first one being The Nightmare Before Christmas (obviously). The songs are awesome, the story is quite sad actually! It’s awesome! It also has Felicia Day in it xD I HIGHLY suggest watching it, or I’ll break you in the leg region! I’ve also bought a big Scott Pilgrim Poster as well as a Scott Pilgrim bag.
  • Protest, I went to one. Here’s a picture with me in (appeared in The Daily Mail FML!)

Me in a protest

If you look on the right and below the “AFGHANISTAN: TIME TO GO!” sign, I’m looking down :S

So yeah, hopefully I’ll update more often, I hope :S


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