I’d have his adopted babies!

Posted: 16/09/2010 in General, Holidays, Job, Life

Well, I can’t remember what I was talking about last time… so a brief summary to the point where I can actually remember things that aren’t some strange almost drunken haze (which is weird, because I’ve never drank any more than a tiny sip of Alcohol on about 5 occasions)…

  • Went to a party at Rosie Barrows
  • Found that I can burn hours on twitter talking to some chick (Sexist?) or just myself
  • Found out that … my life is boring….

Well the thing I can remember is school starting, but that was only one day until something more interesting happened so I’ll get down on school in a paragraph of two.

BEHOLD! On the first Saturday of the school term I went to the cinema with Chloé after work (not straight after) to see Scott Pilgrim vs The World. It was an AWESOME evening! The film was awesome! I enjoyed talking to Chloé loads as well. I gave her some Greeky pot like thing I got for her whilst I went to Crete ‘n’ stuff and then waited for her until her parents came to pick her up. I did enjoy the day a lot! 😀 😀 😀

Okay, so School started, and for the simple purpose of seeing if I actually know my time table, it is as follows:

Monday, Period 1: Chemistry, Period 2: Biology, Period 3: Maths, Period 4: Maths (Statistics), Period 5 and 6, Chemistry.

Tuesday, Period 1, 2, 3 and 4: Study, Period 5 and 6: Biology.

Wednesday, Period 1 and 2: Study, Periods 3 and 4: Chemistry, Periods 5 and 6: Study.

Thursday, Period 1 and 2: Maths (Stats), Period 3 and 4: Biology, Period 5: Chemistry, Period 6: Biology.

Friday, Period 1 and 2: Study, Period 3 and 4: Maths, Period 5 and 6: Study.

So yeah, I don’t know the room numbers, just vaguely where I go… I’ve only been at the school for 6 years (going on 7). I still don’t know the room numbers (okay, I secretly know the layout of the school practically off by heart, I just don’t care enough to remember)

So at the moment I couldn’t be MORE bored in some of my free periods, mostly because I find myself having actually finished all my work… It’s a rare occurrance… I dunno what’s happened. It could be that seeing as I don’t have text books yet in all lessons I’m not getting any homework, or as much anyway… I mean, some free periods I can pass the time by talking with Chloé or some people and it’d be great… but other times it’s like… BOREDOM TOWN!

Plus, I’ve been moved out of my Biology group and into a new one (since last year) where I’m one of 3 boys… and the only new person of the group… 😦 Chemistry the groups got spliced up a bit and I’ve found myself sat next to a friend (unlike last year) where I do enjoy them. Then Maths is a mixed kettle of fish. I did think I’d grow closer to one person, but instead they’ve basically moved away from me and I’ve grown closer to another person.

Ah well. However, there is one person who seems to stalk me on Facebook as well as now school. Not me specifically, just someone I can’t stand, and neither can the other people I hang round with, but he must basically think we’re his good chums (he’s from the year above, but had to retake sixth form)… it’s annoying, and somewhat embarrassing knowing other group’s nicknames for him.

What else have I done? OH YAH! On a Friday (last week) I went with some friends into Town after school (via super cool Blue Mini) and met some other people and watched Scott Pilgrim vs The World (2nd time for me :D) it was epic, and a right larf! Then got a lift back as well, and watched as my friend made like a 28 point turn trying to get out of my drive without hitting my dad’s car xD

Plus I managed to apparently piss off my job people yesterday… I did them a favour and went into work in the evening of a school day (which I’m not meant to do really) and I thought I was leaving at 9pm. 9pm came about, I told one of the chefs I was leaving, he said “Okay mate.” I left… some time later I got a phone call saying that I just left without telling anyone and that the washing had piled up ‘n’ stuff…. *face palm*

So although it may seem like everything was hunky dory… There is a slight underlining of Angst…. ANGST ANGST ANGST! HATE HATE HATE HATE! It’s just boring talking about how my life is so depressing and how my father hates me ‘n’ stuff… 😀

Also, the title is a quote from Scott Pilgrim vs The World. The gay room mate, Wallace Wells, of the protagonist is talking about one of the evil exes, a skate boarder turned movie star, and when he’s doing something… Wallace goes “I want to have his adopted babies.” The character is quite sarcastic normally, but he’s so AWESOME! I love Wallace Wells…. I’d say I’d want to have his adopted babies… 😀


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