Posted: 02/09/2010 in Gaming, General, Holidays, Life, Xbox360

Or today, depending on when I finish writing this…

So basically prepare for the highlight show of this summer holiday and what I can barely remember of it.

So, the summer holidays started off VERY slow, I had barely anything to do really, I’d gone into town with my sister once, I just bought comics, I believe… Then it was my birthday (see three blogs ago) and then Crete (see blog).

Then my time afterwards was filled with various things. For example, my job, that I now have a permanent shift for, basically called me up random days asking if I could go in… like the day after I arrived back from Crete -.- Hopefully I wont be called in as much, seeing as School has started and I have my permanent spot for Saturday lunch time. It brings in money, about £30 a week plus tips which varies a lot.  I don’t pick up my tips very often though….

Then it’s mostly been playing video games. I’ve managed to finish the main story of Final Fantasy 13, now I have all the side missions to do, however that’s the sort of thing where you go back to it eventually :D. I thought it was a good game. The first half had some amazing story telling. The development of the characters was amazing and emotional, the story of Sahz is heart breaking and the entire event on The Nautilus is intense! However, it sort of gets a bit confusing towards the end, however it is still awesomely epic. A lot of boss monsters seem to be part laser or machine gun…. or chainsaw though, which just makes fights even more “HOLY SHIT! Gunna die!”. I do like the game, quite a bit! Some Achievements are going to be so hard to… achieve….

I then also finished Half Life 2, as well as Episode 1 and 2. Not much to say really… It’s an oldish game now, it was pretty good, I lost interest in the plot though, I just drowned it out with music most the time, then I just followed where people pointed me. The worst part, only because it was so ANNOYINGLY difficult, is the last part of episode 2 when all the big walkings things are attacking the base and accompanied by about 3 Stalkers as well, where you have to fire bombs onto the main body and then shoot them before they fall off. Firstly, the big thing’s bodies are moving all the time, you have to hit the top of the body otherwise the bomb falls off nearly instantly… PLUS the Stalkers normally blow your bomb up within seconds of picking it up with their annoying sticky darts, meaning you have to wait a bit longer to pick the bomb up from the teleport thingy… then when you do fire it turns out there was at least one fletching on the  bomb so it blows up before the target, and you’re constantly being shot at yourself…. it’s annoying..

Now I’m playing Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion. It’s what Fable strives to be, although Fable is meant to be more light hearted and humourous. I’ve played the game for like 30 hours now, and I’ve only done the first plot point because I had to to actually get to the rest of the game. I’ve found myself doing all the guilds and stuff… The annoying part is though, where I’m at with the Thieves Guild… I have to wait in a city for an informant to give me something…. I’ve sat in a city using the wait function to wait for DAYS. Occasionally going inside so I don’t die because I have to drink some blood cause I’m a vampire. Being a vampire kinda sucks, because say… if you get in trouble with the guards…. during the day… you can’t run away… no no… you’ll die in the sun… INSTEAD you find yourself sitting in the corner of a house with one door, watching it like a hawk, waiting for 8pm to come around so you officially no longer slowly die.

The funny thing with Vampires is, if you do use the wait function and wait for say…. 24 hours…. you’ll die during that 24 hours and the screen will come down to show you dead 😀 you can spend about… an hour (game time) in the sun before dying… but it depends on the cloud cover really….

Other than  that my life has been dull. I got my results for AS (see previous blog) and then yesterday I saw Toy Story 3. Like, OMG! It was emotional, that bit NEAR the end when they all hold hands to accept their fate… like OMG! Then the other bit at the final end when Andy does that thing with the girl… I thought that was quite emotional, my brother didn’t think that part was the most emotional bit (the bit before was he thought) but I found it VERY moving… not as sad as the opening Scene of Up where you basically get the story of this small boy growing up with his childhood sweetheart with a dream, only for her to die! (It’s the start of the film, so not really spoilers) that bit was like…  😥

Today, I saw Inception. This film was AWESOME, it’s a complete and utter Mind fuck of a film as well, great films they are 😀 PLUS I now have new ways to mess with people’s heads, possibly to the point of suicide.

Also during this holiday I have discovered that my left arrow key has stopped functioning very well, like there’s a much bigger delay between holding the button and the action compared to the rest of the keys.

I also have some Chemistry work that needs doing that I have yet to touch… plus school starts in…. about 9 hours, woop…


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