The Day The Earth Stood Still!

Posted: 20/08/2010 in Exams, General

For A Level results. The most important day for most teenagers between the age of 16 and 18 (or even 19). Exam results day.

The day where you find out whether you have passed life or failed, obviously not so much for the 16/17 year olds, they have another year to make up for this year’s results.

Today did not start well. We’d planned to leave at 11am. I woke up at 10:45 am, to a text from Chloé (thinking it was my alarm, was my old alarm) so I didn’t get any breakfast… bleh.

I arrived, not knowing where to go… at all. So I eventually got pointed in the right direction and got handed the results letter of  Oooo and Aahhhh. I suddenly realised I was BLOODY nervous at that point… I pulled it out and PEOW:

Chemistry: A

Physics: B

Biology: B

Maths: B

General Studies: C

To go into further detail, I think all chem modules were an A :D, All physics was Bs. Biology, in Unit 2 I’d gotten an A which was bitching, my unit 1 retake… bagged me the EXACT same mark as last time… like “wtf?” that being a C… Maths was icky cause it was all Bs and stuff. Gen Studies, the Science paper I got an A, the Culture and Politics paper I got….. an E! (LOLOL)

So my plan is, re-retake Bio Unit 1 in Jan. Then retake Core 1 in maths in Jan depending on how I’m finding Core 3, if it is too hard, then I will retake it in June and then depending on my Core 3 mark I may also retake Core 2. I think I am also to retake Mechanics, because I should be able to get a better mark in that… because I don’t know what happened…

So yeah, that’s the day of my AS results… the bit that matters anyway… I can’t even remember if I ate today…


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