Crete 2010

Posted: 18/08/2010 in General, Holidays, Life
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Arrive in Crete on the 10th. This is how I now roll.

11/8, 1:31pm

I’ve decided that my family are some of the most boring people alive.

So far in our holiday all we have done is walk. On the first day after buying things to eat for the week, the most exotic of which was some cherry juice (oooh, calm down, let’s not get crazy) the rest being things you can buy in England, we walked down to the beach. We didn’t anything there, we just walked up and down the beach front a few times… not even setting foot on the sand.

Then today we walked into town and past ALL the shops. we went down to a different beach front and still did nothing. We walked back to where we are staying, stopping to get one drink…

As of time of writing, we are now just sitting in the place we’re staying, or on the balcony, waiting until 4pm. Literally doing nothing… for HOURS!

We’re not even going in the pool because OTHER people are in there…. -.-


12/8 10:57 am

As of now the plan for today seems to be the same as the plan for yesterday. It seems today we’re going for the same walk as yesterday but without the drink to stop us from dying from the heat (joy).

Yesterday we eventually went in the swimming pool and I burned my shoulders…

Sooner or later we’re going gown again, I did expect to do SOMETHING on this holiday… apparently not.

Something I ate is not sitting well either :S

11:01 am

2:54 pm

I have still yet to even leave the hotel grounds. When it was about 11:40 am I went in the swimming pool and came out for lunch. I think I’ll be stuck here until dinner, and we get that at about 7…

I’m going to run out of books. I’ve already finished reading Scott Pilgrim as of last night and now seeing how long my other book can last. Sun burn continues to be a bitch.

2:57 pm

13/8, 7:18 pm

Today around midday we decided to something which was go to Knosos to look at what I assumed to be a Minoan Temple.

It was 38 degrees C outside, any higher and people would start to dying, lucky or me I forgot to grab a bottle of water so felt like death for some time we were there.

Afterwards we got some drinks and I had a strawberry and Lemon Slushy. I was looking at some Minerva Owls as gifts for people that would fit the bill

7:22 pm

11:09 pm

or something… they cost like 5-6 Euros and were only about the size of half of my thumb… use that as a standard of measurement.

It seemed like no dinner was going to be had due to being gone 7 and both parents were asleep. Then suddenly we were off to eat and both parents were angry… with there being literally over 100m between the two as we walked there. I was in the middle of the two groups, bored and lonely (brother and sister were with my dad at the front).

We then continued to do fuck all upon return. Sadly I have finished all my books now, so I’m back to reading Scott Pilgrim… again. I’m sure i’ll read it again before I return.

There was also a sort of, “FUUUUUUUUCK!!” moment as I’d left this open on my bed and my brother was sleeping… he may have read it… poo  pants (please note, on holidays my brother and I are forced to share a room… or bed…)

At least tomorrow will be either fun or bloody awful. Fun…

11:17 pm

14/8, 11:33 pm

Today was actually half decent.Some water park thingy on top of a mountain, pretty rad really.

So yeah, that was pretty bitching, for some reason Greece has a “heaviest at front” policy, meaning going with my mother on the two person tube rides is an equation for disaster.

There is one ride that INSTANTLY dips straight down for some time. We struggled to get off the start line and my mum sat doing fuck all, so I had to push us using the hand rails. Sadly when we got to the dip, my hands were not on the tube so I slightly took off, but thankfully grabbed the tube rails before falling to my death 😀

At the end of it, it dips sharply into a pool and I was on the back so I got cannoned into the pool, fun…

Another thing that happened was on a tube thing that comes out into an open circle with the exit in the middle, mother and I got stuck. She did fuck all and I had to desperately struggle to dislodge us… Then get out and bob-sleigh push us round, jumping in at the last second, I couldn’t get my feel my left arm for some time afterwards…

Towards the end I was sat in the shade, my feet were on the edge of it. I fell asleep sort of and awoke to see my feet on fire… in a sort of metaphorical sense, they were burned. Now I can no longer wear flip-flops, sad face. Not much happened other than rage between family.

11:45 pm

16/8, 00:55 am

What fun! Today was another day were FUCK ALL happened. Like nothing at all… I played some Chrono Trigger but lost where I was going… fail. So yeah, VERY boring. More family squabbles and being yelled at for asking, “what are we doing tomorrow?” woo (Side note: Tomorrow would have been the day of writing this entry)

Then we braved downstairs and started to do stuff. I started to make a house of cards, which is hard with an annoying brother-sister combo hitting the table in rage over their co-op gmae on the DS…

Despite that, I managed to get a base of 4 triangles done. I started to try a base of 5, there was wind as well as the slowly getting bored combo. I got SO close to completing it, however adding the penultimate tier it fell, it fell big time, not like one triangle thing like I’d hoped.  Plus with my near 1 am shaky hands not helping… yeah.

1:04 am

17/8, 00:06 am

Well today was much to the same as every other day ever in this holiday or even just every family outing ever… ever…

Most of the day consisted of sitting in the room making plans for the day, then my mum going, “I DON’T KNOW!” if asked what we were doing.

We eventually went to the beach and I got my knees wet, which was quickly replaced by salt. We then went into town and ate some nice cake.

Then the fun family outing happened. To burn time we decided to walk to the harbour, slowly due to my mother and then back and furtherer whilst looking at places to eat. My mother got angry and tired of walking so was yelling lots… we fixed this by walking in the OPPOSITE direction we’d been going (again) to eat. Then walking BACK the way we’d gotten to the place we’d gone to eat to make it back to the apartment thing. I mean, we’d stopped at where we’d planned on eating, which was fairly close to where we were staying… but my mum went MENTAL so we walked further away from where we were staying… because she was tired of walking… don’t ask.

I beat my sister at pool then like a crazy person went with my dad and brother to a sports bar, where we’d managed to previously befriend a guy that works there, and watched the Manchester United v Newcastle United match. Bored out of my mind 😀

At the end, my dad asked if we still had everything we in with and all I could think was, “yeah, except 1.5 hours of my life.” not that I’d use those hours for much else really…

Tomorrow shall not be fun, mostly cause I’ll have to write all this and tomorrow’s entry up… woo… England, here I come! I also bought some stuff.

00:20 am

I didn’t write an entry for yesterday, but it can easily be assumed that my mother was going MENTAL about packing things… she went MENTAL about how Thomas Cook had organised things… she went MENTAL about nearly everything… on the plane I just put my headphones in and lost myself in video games… I didn’t even put down them when getting up to let someone go to the toilet…

then I returned!

I put all my pictures (well most) on Facebook, only 3 of them have my face in… 😀 I hate my family… ALL of them, including me… maybe…


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