PEOW! Player 1 has reached level 17!
Guts +3
Intelligence +2
Responsibility + 2

Well, there was also going to be a picture of me holding my 360 in the LoZ “You just found _____” style… but I thought my awesome LEVEL UP! pose was good enough… For those that wonder… the glowing arm was simply because in most games when you level up there’s some awesome glowy thing so yeah… PEOWWWWWWWWW!
Life has been simple… so far…
Not much happened apart from school ended.
Then the first Sunday I went to the Beach with Max, Lauren, Nat Fairs, Nat Lewis, Laura Berry, Yasemin, Adam and some random chick… it was teh awesome socks. At first Adam, Nat Lewis, Laura, Lauren, Yasemin and I went in the sea in swim shorts and bikinis….  I’ll let you work out which way it went… I guess “Swim wear” works best… or like in that song Max likes… then we played some sort of cheap Rounders game where posts were just bottles of drink… the beach was VERY stoney… owies… afterwards we went back into the sea but instead of Nat Lewis being there it was Nat Fairs… BEACH PARTaY!
Then that entire week was pretty boring really… I started and finished MGS 2, you can read what I thought of it here. I then started MGS 3, but got bored in a few seconds as the camoflage stuff just didn’t work… 85% chance of me not being noticed… and I am… EVERY TIME! Even when I’m hiding in a log! D:<
I also ended up going to work a fair bit… bleh…
Then yesterday I got my nice glasses fixed and then also bumped into Mr Halls and Chris Minns whilst I was in Woodbridge and they both said “Hi” to me 😀
Then today….. well fawk me I level up! I am now 17! YEAH! 17! The list of shiatzoo I got is as follows:
Watchmen DVD (sister)
Unwrapped Riddler T-shirt (as seen above, Brother)
a £5 note wrapped in Tinfoil (crazy Great Aunt, sadly also Godmother)
a £30 cheque (Grandparents)
Final Fantasy 13 for 360 (parents)
I’m worried with my cheque…. I’ve never paid one in before :S
So my birthday was pretty meh… it involved my brother brining down Rock Band 2 stuff and Forza Motor sports 3 stuff… then I got ignored and sort of didn’t get to play my own console… so it was pretty shit really… then I went to Prezzos for dinner and ate myself into a slow death.
When we got home apparently a message from my grandparents had been left for me… I didn’t get to hear it… my dad had deleted it… Apparently it was just mindless old age ramblings of being baffled by technology….
I also started myself a small saving thing so I can buy myself a decent TV as my current one sucks… I believe I currently have £95 or something like that saved… but I haven’t seen my wages from work yet.
I also have bought received and read all of Scott Pilgrim, it is pretty SEXEH! Which I guess is why I decided to actually do a picture of my level up today….

I also updated my Xbox Avatar… I fear the top hat may be a bit too much… and cause it makes me look like I’m laughing at the peasants… ah well…


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