Devil’s Haircut

Posted: 10/07/2010 in General, Job, Life
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If you’re blind (How are you reading this), some random stalker (please don’t) or you’ve lived under a rock for the last few days then you will not know that my hair got a trim… and not just any normal trim, a BIG trim…

I’m too lazy to show a picture or two, it was apparently 6-7 inches of hair taken off the front of my face (sad face) and then 5 inches off the back of my face. If you want to see, go stalk me some more on Facebook or something, you can see the before and after if you’re REALLY good at stalking….

On to more important things! oh… no… I forgot…

Well, went to York Open Day… pretty cold… pretty shit… quite literally… goose poop EVERYWHERE. Poor layout… eventually looked okay… went home… very tired… woken up at 3am after like 2 hours of sleep…. could’ve murdered someone, EASILY…

Open days make me feel really stupid as well… like, I go there and there are all these people there talking and then I just sit and think to myself, “I’ll never be able to get into a Uni this high up, I should be looking at something with a C or two in the grade requirements…” so I have also been fearing more about staying IN uni than actually getting in itself… that either means i’m a cocky, arrogant arse…. an optimist… (Prime… LOL) or I do not have my…. priorities in order.

The rest of the week was a blur of depression and sugar and not paying attention and stuff… so the normal life of me 😀

TODAY! Was my first day of a part time-part time job… why is it part time-part time? Simple, I’m currently to be doing the job when my brother is busy (festivals, driving tests ‘n’ shit) then eventually when he buggers off to Uni… I take his job. What is my job? Bus boy! WOO! I get to spend all day in a hot kitchen surrounded by hot water and plates coming out of the power washer at 80 C…. Today with it being about… 31 C outside… it was DEATH! DEAAAAAAAAATH! I walked outside and went “Wow, it is really cool out here!” coming from the kitchen to going outside… seriously, the kitchen was on the verge of me keeling over and dying….

I’m slowly learning where things go, it’s simple when things get rolling… as it’s mostly plates that come in… the one bit I avoided and got my brother to do was the Greasy pans… But because it is still his job, he had to do all these odd jobs… I mean… when there is one person, I have no idea how I’m going to be able to do the normal washing (stacking things into the power washer and then drying whilst stacking more things in) whilst at the same time cleaning the greasy pans and stuff… as well as putting it all away again AS WELL as doing lots of odd jobs, like laundry of things and drying and stuff… I’m going to be worked to the BONE!

Today was possibly the worst day to have a trial day… why? Simples, not only was it so hot that the water that came off of my tea towel whilst drying chopping boards basically instantly evaporated…. but also because today there was a wedding reception! The annoying thing is, it ALL turned up an hour early… my brother and I FINALLY sat down to eat some lunch at like 2:30 or 3pm… or something like that (3pm or later I think) then suddenly we got told that we’d have to eat it in the kitchen (we were eating it in the shade, cause the kitchen was closed off, so no food was being made (due to the wedding reception)) and really… we didn’t eat much… because of the early people NO ONE was prepared… the food was suddenly rushed, the bar was swamped…. GUH!

Then I cried and wore barely any clothing and still felt too hot in my own room….

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