Blimey! What the hell happened there?! I don’t know, what did happen there, I’ll tell you what happened there, oh really what? NOTHING!

I must warn you now, I’m putting on a happy face but really… it’s a sad face.

Okay, so I forgot what’s happened in my life, mostly because I can’t remember when I last wrote to you all (or even wrote my story… I should do more of that…)

SOOOOOOOOOo… something had happened… then suddenly EXAMS were over… I was going to put a picture of how much a year’s work looks like…. but I can’t be bothered to plug my camera back in, OH HELL!

So yeah, that is my whole year of work… minus one or two text books or something, fun fun fun.

I must also say that right now I seem to be slightly swaying with just plain tiredness… so yeah… don’t expect it to be one of my normal works of art.

So yeah, nothing of interest happened in my life that I can remember not writing about, the problem is… I end up writing about things somewhere else… so I think I’ve already written them when it turns out I may not have said anything for a few months…

So, last week we were told about this thing called Peer Mentoring… although I still say Peer Minotauring… sounds better in my opinion… anywho, I submitted my name forward… Obviously thinking I wouldn’t get in… I WAS CORRECT! This morning I got a letter “personalised” to me, so they just had the same letter but just Mailing listed it… Sadly, James Webster AND Luke Townend got in… it’s like, WTF?!  Luke seems like he hates children.

Anywho, on the Friday last week it was the Nottingham open day. I SWEAR I’ve written about this…. Oh well, it could be telling people over and over.. So yeah, the campus is VERY VERY beautiful. Like really so. Sadly, Biochem has no specific spot… so they’re just moved around between the Chemistry block, the bio block and the Hospital (aka Medicine block) it was a pretty good open day, although, the campus is soooo FREAKING large, it’s tiresome. I did bump into Chloé Williams on the day which was nice, when I say bumped into I mean that she tapped me on the back and waved at me. Sadly I couldn’t stop to chat, due to being in some sort of tour or something, which was DIRE… ah well.

Afterwards I got to have fun at my grandparents house for the afternoon… my Granddad had SOMETHING wrong with him so was quite drugged up… but my granddad is a crafty old man, so was HEAVILY over playing everything but sadly also sometimes not actually with it mentally… so old… I was glad that I got to go home early, cause I wouldn’t be able to stand being in the same room as my grandparents and my mother, they don’t get on well (her parents, her problem is how my dad thought).

Weekend was me being a lazy bum and probably playing Mass Effect once or twice… Monday and Tuesday were just school days where, mostly on Tuesday I socialised with different people (like the trip to Fram with Ben, or the afternoon with Chloé and Eliza).

Yesterday was the UCL open day… so it was driving to ipswich, train to london, london underground, campus, walking, etc etc… the Open day was pretty good, it was nice and compact (due to it being quite central in the city) and the good thing is the hospital is just down the road so if you do get stabbed, or cut yourself in accommodation or something, it isn’t long until you get to a hospital so you wont die 😀

I did see Max and chatted with him, I was texting with him. My most impressive feat of the day was when I was texting Max whilst walking through a very crowded room… I wasn’t looking ahead of me, more of looking at my phone, but my peripheral vision was enough for me to know where and when to weave…

After the Open day my dad and I had a good… 4 hours or so to burn until we got our train home… So we went to two comic book shops as well the Forbidden Planet shop… all of which were cool. Then I was sort of dragged to a shop called Kall Kwik. WHAT DOES IT SELL?! Paper… There were like 24 folders (all labled like “French ____ paper” or “Recycled”) and gawsh was there a lot of paper… he didn’t even buy any paper… some of the people in there… well imagine the sort of people you’d see in a comic book shop, but replace the word comics with paper….

Whilst in the london Underground I did have this in my head:

The trains were running though…. oh well… there were some dicks on the underground, to the point my head was virtually sticking out the door… cause some DOUCHE wouldn’t move his big bag on wheels further into the FUCKING train… (I hate those bags)

So, then to burn more time we sat in front of The Tower of London… for HOURS in the sun (two-ish) I mean, you’ve heard of Rick rolling… now it’s Chris Rolling… I must’ve appeared in like 20 odd pictures or more of The Tower of London ALONE! I must’ve appeared all over the internet!!!! AHHHH!

By the end of teh day someone could’ve sawn my feet off with a rusty blunt saw blade… I wouldn’t have noticed a single thing…

Today I went into Fram again with Ben… other than that is was mostly annoying Amber as she sat leaning over me to try and see what was on Ben’s laptop screen (AWKWARD!) and some other people of that group, whilst making a lot of the other ones laugh…

I’m crazy in how I’m now going to go sleep… I’m so tired from the week… I could fall over dead and I wouldn’t even notice…. and yes, I did mean “I”…

The main reason I wrote this blog was because I suddenly had 21 views today… and 1 was from the google search “Christopher Smedley Mozzilo” I was worried…. It made me feel like I’d done something wrong… AGAIN!


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