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Well, if we were to replace “Sex” with “Exams”, “Drugs” with “Exhaustion” and the “Rock ‘n’ Roll” part can stay, just because that bit I would like to say is true…

As far as I know… half term didn’t happen, I can’t remember any of it. So I think I left off just before then. So onwards with………… EXAM NUMBER 1!!!!

Exam Number 1 (!!!!!) of last week was none other than my Chemistry Unit 2 exam. Now, I was a smart boy. I had actually revise on and off for about 3 days before the exam. I say on and off, mostly off until Sunday night. Come the exam, I think it went fairly well, the last question was sort of the type of question which I kind of enjoy, but at the same time hate. You had to identify a substance from it’s % make up, the important spikes of it’s Infrared Spectroscopy as well as so many mols give so many grams. We then had to suggest a possible structure for it. It was 8 marks. In the end I ended up with what I guess could be described as diethanoic acid… where each carbon had a carboxylic acid group… so… it was also COOHCOOH, C2H2O4 etc. Everyone else got something like that, so I’m pleased, the bad thing is… it’s the ONLY part of the exam I actually remember. Ah well.

The day after was EXAM NUMBER 21111

So, Exam Number 2 (1111) turned out to be Biology Unit 2. The day before Tuesday, the same day I had Chemistry, I did some Biology revision for the Tuesday exam. I didn’t actually finish reading everything by the time I felt like sleeping was good (1am). Mostly because it was Antibiotic resistance and I know that fairly well. I can’t remember ANY of the paper, I think there was basically a question which was EXACT to one of the past papers I’d read… and there was also a question  about Meiosis. The night before, I was panicking about Meiosis, I understood how it worked, the numbers didn’t work out in my head. I know now, which was good because I knew before the exam as well.

EXAM NUMBER 3oneoneoneone

Exam Number 3 (oneoneoneone) was Physics. This is when the panic set in, on the Wednesday, I had Physics followed by Mechanics. I started to revise for Physics. I finished and then got bored and tried to revise some more. MOSTLY the Quantum stuff, expecting it to turn up, also because it was the stuff Mrs Smith had “taught” us… turns out, it didn’t turn up… I say I failed


Exam Number 4 (eleveneleven) turned out to be Mechanics, my revision consisted of half a page of vague lines… The exam was easy in my opinion… I got to question 8 on page 17, now exams normally have about 24 pages, or the ones in the week had… so I finished page 17 and thought “Okay, 7 more pages to, how much left?” and looked up to see that there was 30 minutes let. In a panic I turned the page REALLY fast… only to read a double page of “Please do not write on this page.” I then began to fear that I had missed a page or something. Throughout Wednesday I was feeling like I was gonna throw up… also on Tuesday when I walked in people said I looked tired…. they haven’t seen me yet…

I could finally relax…………

Okay, PARTY TIME! Yesterday (maybe not by the time I finish typing), Saturday, was the day that Rosie’s KICK ARSE PARTY STARTED! I went, obv… it started off with my mum ignoring the fact that the place I said was it because it was full of teenagers… ugh… anywho… we got Andy and Connel to put the tent up and then we put it on some un even grassy prickles… so we didn’t go in there. The party was actually pretty good, I had fun on the trampoline and talked and stuff, okay eventually people started to get a bit more drunk, but in general even then I was having fun. Things began to die down, so things became more sombre so Max and I were on the Trampoline talking and then Will Jagger came over and started talking to us as well. It was quite cool because it was a shock to just see him freely talking.

Some stuff happened and then Andy joined us, we did some Omeagle or w/e it is… which was funny…. specially when you come across the same guy twice in one night…. we then continued to be cool ‘n’ stuff late on into the night… Andy and Jagger fell asleep around about… 4am… so Max and I were just left SHIVERING (okay, I was the one dying of cold… but still…) playing eye spy and the occasional blast of me going “WAKE ME UP, BEFORE YOU GO GO!” in the morning we found out that we kept Lauren AND Joel up… and probably Sophie and maybe even Clarissa… but if ANY of them didn’t like it, they could’ve EASILY said something… ah well.

The morning was pretty good as well, the sun EVENTUALLY came out and then we Trampolined after jumping on Max’s tent so it fits in the bag… I still have yet to sleep which as of about right now makes it 42 hours…. the room is wobbly, I’m not kidding I feel really unstable, like I see two separate images rotate… I know that when eyes focus they slide together, but not rotate…. and also due to this I REALLY can’t be arsed to write everything down like the fire and stuff…. either way, one of the pictures I’ve seen of me from it… I hate, I think I have the same facial structure of white Michael Jackson….