Punch you in the face!

Talk about a blast from the past, eh?

Anywho, as per normal, I forget when I last posted! AH HA HA! It’s all this other stuff I do, you know, becoming a super hero by night and a simple minded student by day.

So, I think I didn’t talk about the first General Studies exam… Funnily enough, I stopped the day before it.

So, I had a general studies exam about Culture and immigrants ‘n’ them BLOODY IMMIGRANTS TAKING ALL OUR JOBS BECAUSE THEY DO A BETTER JOB AT LOWER WAGES! SILLY ME AND MY SILLY WORKING CLASS FAILURE! (oops, I think I showed a bit too much views… e.g. BLOODY LOWER CLASSES!!!)

Blargle snap, school life… Mrs Smith kinda pissed me off and everyone else as she made fun of those who didn’t know how to answer any questions, THAT’S BECAUSE YOU’RE A CRAP TEACHER MRS! It’s not entirely our fault, sure some of it is… BUT then attention spans can only be put to so much stress until it snaps from boredom… see, that was KINDA physics…

Anywho, Maths Core 2 exam was FUCKING EVIL! Well I say it was FUCKING EVIL! However, I think the first half was fairly okay… but the last question and a bit, just twisted my entire view of it… but then I think I know I’m getting a C at this point, I know I got about 15 marks dropped, taking me down already to 80% so there is definitely a lot of marks to be lost….

Biology Unit 1 retake, YEAH MATES. I thought this was quite an easy exam, it was a 75 minute exam, and I had 30 minutes to burn… trust me, 30 minutes in an exam is FUCKING LONG! (Longer than downstairs 😉 ) The chair was SO MUCH LOWER than normal ones… so my knees were together, and my legs and feet were pointing out from the sides… I went a bit OCD towards the end, in how I was PERFECTLY arranging my desk… so EVERYTHING was PERFECTLY in line, and ONLY just touched…

Others frowned on the fact that I had time to spare, it is however, fun to watch people frantically writing, FOR ABOUT 5 seconds, then it gets boring…. REALLY boring… Straight after my exam I went with “the lads” into Fram. We went to the castle and ladded about…. LADS!

Around 12-ish, some of us headed back. I saw Ben and for the third or maybe fourth time wished him good luck, so if he failed… He let it all go to waste, or I’m not very lucky… During this time, Joel and I went down to Fram (I’m a walking MACHINE) and got some pizza! The classics exam STILL wasn’t over by the time we got back, we left at 1pm got back at like…. 1:40pm… WALKING MACHINES!

I chatted with Max and distracted him from his wonderful revision, cause I’m cool like that 😉 Anywho, chatting and chatting, suddenly the classics people were coming out. So we got some classics chat about how Calypso is a smokin’ hotty who gives you immortality as well as Sexy time… that’s what I gathered from Ben and Jagger… sounds like a party?

Chloé turned up and Max, Chloé and I all talked for some time, Ben sat and talked in some CRAZY made up language to himself… I think I forgot he was there for one second…. maybez…. Max left to go do something with Mr Halls 😉 so everyone went silent with revision… being me, I didn’t want to revise… I was forced to.

My sister got Mario Kart Wii, my brother and I are basically awesome at it, he’s better… I normally fail cause I’ll get Thunder bolted, Pow Blocked, red shelled and then barged out of the way a few times…. so I go from 1st to like 10th (out of 12th) on the last lap, on the final straight, trust me… happens ALL the time!

Wednesday I had some time until I had to leave, so my brother and I played some more Mario Kart, we were DESTROYING it, in a 10 race competition, we BOTH got over 100 points, where first is 15, second is 12 and 3rd is 10…. The next highest was like 58…

I went to school, saw Max, talked to Max (obviously I went to the common room and talked to Nat Fairs for a bit) then Joel and Chloé arrived from going into Fram. Then there was SOME talking, mostly Physics revision….. I didn’t… so I = slightly bored. Anywho, the science Mock exam, it was about SIMPLE Chemistry, where  the source material would only help with like 25% of the questions, unlike the Culture one…. The questions at the end were annoying… for all of them I could do the first 17 mark question fairly well… However, the second question of the water one and the Technology one I wasn’t very sure on…

So I went for the good ol’ artificial insemination one! Oh, how I must be crazy. It was funny watching as those that STORMED the culture one taking AGES to get to the essays at the end… At least, I thought it was…..

Today! My brother and I played more Mario Kart… He then planned to go into Ipswich and I tagged along. My brother managed to get the train time an hour early… or an hour late, and neither of us had our phones… On the other side of the road, next to a pub… There was a park… Being the teenagers we are, we thought nothing better than seeing how badly we can NEARLY kill ourselves…

There was one of those swing things where the seat is a big round thing… and your friend(s) push, and eventually get to the point where they have to jump to push… Well, I was sitting on it, and my brother was pushing, to the INSANE! We tried to make it as extreme as possible… there were times where I couldn’t even lift my head due to the Gs… then there also sitting up and trying not to die… lying in the middle not holding on… Lying on the side, lying on my front with my face poking out so I get the floor charging at me, sitting in the middle with my legs crossed without holding on. For the last one I took my shoes off… so the next challenge was for me to put my shoes on whilst being pushed on it…

Towards the end, my brother went INSANE and started to push me to angles of like 130 degrees… I struggled to lift a shoe sometimes… There was also this small disc that spun round… I sat on it, and my brother spun me, it gets to the point where it takes your entire muscle force to stop yourself from flying off and snapping your neck on some kind of epic neck grind.

I accidentally leant my neck back a SMALL bit… so it went all SUDDENLY CRAZAY! Who said kid’s play parks weren’t fun… the train eventually arrived…

So when we arrived, we looked around TK Max, for the lulz…. my brother then FUCKED OFF for a hair cut leaving me to keep myself entertained for a RANDOM amount of time… I said, “I’ll meet you in HMV, or maybe Gamestation” so I went to get a Milkshake and walked around in circles as I attempted to suck up my Minstrel Milkshake, although, the large chunks left me to chug it…

I then spent like 20 maybe 25 minutes standing in HMV… luckily the second I was about to leave, and then he turned up… We looked at Sun glasses, I found some that I’ll get my mum to buy… we then got comics, mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm comics. Then, whilst buying bags of winegums… the 200g ones… which were £1 we spotted that a 600g BOX of winegums costs £2… it didn’t take me long to work out that It’s a FREAKING awesome deal!

So then I played more Mario Kart Wii with my brother and ordered some stuff!

So now I have a day and a bit (being half term) to try and revise…

I also played Mass Effect as well where I suddenly aquirred some Master Spectre weapons, which ROCK! I’ve only done two missions… well technically 3… cause I’m cool I got 150 kills with Sniper rifles because It’s EZ!

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