I Came Early

Posted: 16/04/2010 in Gaming, General, Holidays, Life, Playing Games, Xbox360

That’s what Ben said! OH!!!!!!!!!!

First off, Pictures for just everything… and their appropriate captions and hover over titles.


Capable of crushing children


Capable of giving Diabetes from 200 yards

All that remains of THE TOWER OF WINEGUMS

Taken down in a week, they never stood a chance

And then Pokemon Goodness

Lugia Statue and Pokewalker

So on with this week of apparent AWESOMENESS.

Monday! The family, my sister, my mother and I, went to Ipswich. We walked about… ate…. somewhere… oh Milkshakes! I got bought a new shirt and some new Jeans! Which I’ve been told, by Calum Johnson, I look quite stylish in. NICE! Then when sister went into the hair dressers to get her hair cut… I went from Tower Ramparts… ALL the way to the comic book shop, picked up my subscription plus two additional comic books and made it back (it was like £35 of comic books) to the family and my sister was still waiting… there was only one person in front of them… AN OLD LADY! So I went out again, I was planning on going to HMV, but I started to walk the wrong way. To avoid looking like a fool I cut down into the road with Costa, Starbucks and Waterstones and then went back and up right next to HMV. I bought Weezer – The Green Album. Made it back and OH HO HO! Sister still hadn’t gone up… I sat and read comic books…

Tuesday! I went to the cinema with the family, Brother, mother, sister and I. We saw How to Train Your Dragon, in 3 D! Some of you may think, “That’s a kid’s film, grow up.” To you I say, “no…”. I actually enjoyed How to Train Your Dragon LOADS! Towards the end I got a bit teary eyed and feared I would make a fool of myself in front of my family…. but thankfully we were wearing 3D glasses. I thought it was GENIUS!

Wednesday. Dentist… He told me the same thing he told me last time. The top of some of my teeth have demineralisation, it will then flake away like this *Scrape scrape* and if bacteria gets in there it will then decay. My thought, “STOP SCRAPING IT OFF THEN!” when he scrapes it off…. it just looks really ugly… I preferred the white of the demineralised stuff. It was small and barely noticable… I also need to wear my Retainer LOADS more… I rarely wear it now… which is bad, obviously… when I get round to putting it on, either the retainer or my mouth have moved a bit… so I put it on, and it pops off, so I sort of have to bend it a bit to get it to fit, then I can’t talk at all without it flying off… so I only rarely do it at night.

Thursday! Thursday was that day that gets its own paragraph. I went into Ipswich. I got the train at the station, then BLAM! I met Calum Johnson on the train. Which was fun. Then upon arriving, I met up with Ben and we were a bit weary about Max. Neither of us looked at twitter before we left… We waited at the station, went down to the cinema, back up to the station… decided he wasn’t coming…. then watched Clash of the Titans, we eventually got a text back from Max… half way through the film, glad I have my phone on silent. After the film Ben and I ate at subway then went to look at geeky stuff like games and comic books at Waterstones and the comic book shop. I bought three more Ultimate Comics: Spider-man meaning I now have all the ones they’ve released. I like the series already, although MJ is a bit of a bitch…. We then walked around aimlessly… Ben went to HMV…. and bought Lady Gaga… Fame Monster, yes, that’s right… LADY GAGA! Then we went to the bakery, I quickly stole the last caramel donut thing, so Ben had to settle with asking how much the cow and sheep cookies were. Then getting bullied by old ladies, I left when he said, “Baaaa” when they said, we’ll give it to you if you make the noise of the one you want.” Turns out, the cookie was horrible, win… for me. We went back to the station and met Calum Johnson, who had been with his new girlfriend all day. Got the train. The way back was… interesting. Calum and I cba looking around the train for seats so we waited in one of the middle bits by the doors. Then about another 8 people got in, plus a bike. Plus old people trying to move in and out… plus an old person saying “That’s a tricky thing” at the automatic door, she was standing in… it’s really a simple open and close mechanism…. I was off… and the day was over.

Today, Friday, I went to Aldeburgh. With mother and sister. It was windy… so we got fish and chips… and ate them in the car. THEN we got Ice cream, and ate it in the car. I had Chocolate Brownie AND Pink Grapefruit Sorbet…. Man that sorbet was sweet AND REALLY sour.

The day was over and here we are. Not much has happened over the last week.

Oh, I’d manged to write a whole load, but then afterwards I stopped writing… I could do some soon. I might do some, granted some people don’t start talking to me again (Max knows).

There’s not even any random stuff at the end… I think… although when I listened to the Ok Go Album, Of the Blue Colour Of the Sky, I realised how I don’t hate any songs on the entire album…. and how I really do love that album.

I also started to play Mass Effect, there’s crap loads of side quests to do on the Citadel…. like CRAZY! My xbox gamertag hasn’t updated yet, nor my raptr profile, this is cause my brother’s xbox hasn’t been connecting to the Internet most the time, this is cause our Internet SUCKS kaboodle…. so my Xbox Live Silver account hasn’t contacted the internet. Mass Effect is pretty good, I’m getting used to killing things, I’ve still got that sort of “I’m INVINCIBLE! *Bang BANG BANG* crap! I’m on low HP!” thing going… like when we were shooting up at the strip joint… I died against the turrets… although after that and going back… is it bad I used my sniper rifle to ogle one of the ladies… then accidentally sat in the seat for the alien lap/table dance thing, where you can “<Relax>” “<Sit up>” “<Leave>” where the first two just change the camera angle… I know right… anywho.. I’m NEARLY done with the Citadel…. NEARLY…

  1. joethearachnid says:

    I’ll have you know that I’ve been known to last hours in the bedroom before exploding my load. HOURS.

    I like how you tried to play down your jealousy of Calum having a girlfriend. It’s okay, I also feel your pain.

    Yeah, the Citadel is kind of daunting, but the bit after that is even more daunting. The combat seemed kind of broken to me (I just blow all my stats on Pistols and run with that) since whenever you use cover the enemies just run straight up next to you and your allies just stand there and get shot.

    Also, wait for the vehicle sections. They SUCK.

    • Chris says:

      Yes, allies just stand there and get in the way. At the moment I mostly have pistols as well, and headshots pretty much 1hko guys…
      One time I was going up some stairs to the strip club, then I got stuck in the stairs… that was annoying. I do like how you can pull out a gun in the middle of a strip club, shoot aimlessly, and no one cares….

  2. joethearachnid says:

    Also, listen to ‘Alejandro’.

    • Chris says:

      Lady Gaga, what you playin’ at? This better be good. OMG! IT’s 4 FUCKING MINUTES! Trippy beats…
      Sounds like something from the Eurovision Song Contest…

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