I’m Popular!

Posted: 10/04/2010 in General

I guess there is a somewhat hidden Irony to the title, but to avoid the stupid “Oh woe is me” that seems to follow me, it is actually due to this song by Nada Surf:

So, I seemed to have forgotten what’s happened over the last…. month, possibly (yes) on purpose. Oh ho ho. Not like anyone cares. (OH WOE IS ME!)

In short, I got the results for the mocks. Maths, I shockingly got a B, 66 Marks. I got one mark better than Barny, so I’m pleased (as well as the highest in the class… but never mind about that.). Physics… I got something like a D… which is quite bad. I think I would’ve done better had I read the last question properly, instead of getting the respectives of Horizontal and vertical the wrong way round. (Making words up is fun.) In Biology Jim and I got the same mark, 73% (As) causing hatred from those around us. Then for Chemistry… I don’t think we got that back yet. I get the feeling I did really badly… I swear I remember getting a mark I’m not proud of… but I may just be having some foresight about it.

In Chemistry we also had the last bit of our Chemistry Coursework thing. It was only out of like 10 marks, I think I got about 8. Just because it’s a moderate guess. I think that’d put my coursework for Chemistry as a B overall.

It’ll be ages until we get our Biology ISA results back. We also had a Biology end of unit exam, I didn’t revise for it. I think it went okay, find out at some point. Oh yeah, I actually did do a bit of last second revision for my Biology Mock, hilariously… none of the stuff I read actually turned up, except one bit… but I got that wrong LOLOL.

I also got Pokemon on a Thursday, I got a text from my brother at the start of the day. Boosted the day 10 fold. So I’ve played that a whole bunch, I’ve got 16/16 Gym Badges. Beaten the 1337 Four on my first attempt, although it’s now gotten much harder and all my level 4x pokémon are struggling against the high 50s as well as the 60s….  I’ve played like…. 56:14 of pokémon. Pokéwalker and all!

I’ve also managed to start and finish BioShock. It was quite good. The Big Daddies were annoying at every point in the game, the Bouncers being the worst. The final boss was pretty decent. Not sure what happened really, I shot it lots….

Um… Maplestory as well… That’s the main reason I’ve been away from my social life (Yeah…. as if that’s the reason I’ve had no social life (OH WOE IS ME!))

I was gonna put some pictures up… but I’m too lazy to do so, most have been on my twitter feed. Such as… DUN DUN DUN!!!!!!!!!

THE TOWER OF WINEGUMS! OH EM GEE!!!!!! The tower of winegums being a basic structure made from 24 tubes of Winegums, each tube containing 12 Winegums. The tower was made by having two tubes on each level, but each level being a rotation of 90 degress of the level below. Ooooo, that sounded stupid…. like a pen tower. Anywho, I finished it like Thursday…. so I’d eaten 288 winegums in one week, as well as 3 or 4 packs of Gummy snakes AS WELL as some other gummy things…. AS WELL AS more sugar… AS WELL AS two Easter Eggs, 6 Twirl Fingers and a small pack of Aero Bubbles, I’ve put on about 1kg… which isn’t much…. obviously… well, for some it would, but that just brings me up to a staggering 49kg… need to loose that. Maybe some more!!!!

I could’ve sworn that the last month could be summed up by more than 619 words… OH OH OH!

That’s right, My sister bought a Wii. Basically, we’ve been playing a lot of Wii Sports Resort, it’s the sort of thing when my brother and I are both better than her at EVERYTHING…. EVERYTHING!

I think I may have slightly slipped into insanity… I go to sleep at about… 1am only to awake again at 3:05 everyday to find my desk lamp on as well as my laptop up… and me on my bed. TV still on… It’s the sort of thing where I’ve been sitting at my desk… then looking at the clock, seeing it’s 1am… then waking up on my bed… SOME DAYS my trousers are off, despite having them on when I was at my desk… or the other way round….

My slowly shattering state of mind aside, I have done NOTHING this past week, absolutely NOTHING. Other than game… I swear to you all that by the end of the holiday, there will be pictures… Pictures of everything. the TOWER OF WINEGUMS! The remains of THE TOWER OF WINEGUMS! The MOUNTAIN OF WASHING! (It’s as tall as the height up to a door handle) and ANYTHING ELSE I TOOK A PICTURE OF!

HOLY SMORGAS BOARD! I thought it was Sunday, I was gonna say how tomorrow I’m going to Ipswich with my Family (well, Brother sister et mum, father doesn’t go out with us/me), Tuesday, going to the cinema with my family (well not really, see last brackets), Wednesday I’m going to the Dentist……………………. poop… Thursday….

You see, Thursday is so special it gets its own paragraph. Thursday… Thursday I’M GOING TO TOWN WITH MAX AND BEN! FUCK YEAH CHILDREN! Human contact! I am soooo looking forward to it… Then Friday (being far less important, so it has to stay in the shadow of Thursday) has something happening… I know SOMETHING is happening…. but…. I don’t know what…. AH HA! Now I remember, Fish ‘n’ chips at Alberugh (?) meaning… starting to eat, getting attacked by wasps, father swearing… then before you know it everyone’s angry and not talking to each other as my dad drives away in a rage, my mum complaining how she’s tired and my brother and sister being arses to me, so a normal family outing. (OH WOE IS ME!)

I was meant to write more story as well, and… I have… a whole 31 words extra… then I thought I should write a blog… because my life is just THAT hectic… my brain hurts…. not from thinking… or headache… but something…

Ah well, until next time. BLOODY HELL ITV! The sound was fine on 11…. now I’ve had to crank it up to 30… and I can still barely hear it…. and now it’s getting louder and louder….

I really need to loose weight, as well as buy some skinny jeans so I look sickly ill in hopes to make some people feel bad about themselves, which is why I’ve having weird thoughts of me being stabbed/shot/beaten up…. for the lulz, then wondering what to… when it all comes down to my mind yelling “Hit by a car”… I’m worried….


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