17/03/10: Wednesday

Posted: 17/03/2010 in General

Today started like any other day, by waking up.

I waited around not really belonging until we left.

Once at school I waited around for the bell to go, Ben went with me to pick the books I’d left in Physics the day before.

Registration was dull.

The first lesson was some Mr Hydes Mechanics, it was some stuff I found really simple. Then we had some Core 2 stuff afterward. This wasn’t as simple, in my opinion, as the mechanics, but it was still fairly simple. I think this was because I didn’t get very far into the excercise.

Then after a boring break time I had the practical of my biology ISA… I thought this went horribly wrong and I’ve most likely failed this one already.

I finished early and then talked to no one for the rest of lesson 5.

Lunch was dull, I talked to James Webster for half of it and then talked to Max and Calum for a bit, the first of which got a sudden crowd of concern around him afterwards as if I’d punched him in the face.

Then I had a free period where I talked to Ben… then Mr Hydes was  ill so my lesson was canceled. James bought me a drink and then I did nothing.

Upon getting home I once again saw how much everyone hates me due to what I’d done. and then cried until dinner. Yay.


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