That is the sound of me falling through a portal back to happy land! I think I left my spine behind…

ANYHOW! It seems I get a large amount of views (well, one or two) from people aimlessly googling “Eliza Prettyman” well, I’d assume it’d be the upstairs group having a laugh about that whole thing with the yelling… I forgot which one….

WHELL, Last I remember it was Thursday, or Wednesday…. On Thursday we got our results in the morning… I’m gonna be a jerk and post them here. When first looking at the piece of paper I scrolled down the page and saw a C and went, “Physics…” went across and read that it was actually Biology… I ran up to Physics and saw I got a B and went “FUCKING B IN PHYSICS!” Then suddenly remembered what’d I’d just seen and gone “Shit… C in Biology…” Maths I got a B with one mark off a bloody A, which isn’t great… but it is better than some, right Max/Ben? Then Chemistry I got an A.

After getting these mixed results it was time for Paired Reading…. fucking gay yay….In Biology within seconds of the class starting it seemed everyone but Jim had their hands up for retakes…. I was surprised to find I’d still managed to get one of the higher marks (which is not good) of the class…

I don’t have any other lessons other than Biology in which the last few minutes it seemed that Miss Cresdee gave up… always a positive sign…

FRIDAY WAS CHARITY DAY! In which I went as RORSCHACH!!!!!!! Cause I’m cool like that… the day wasn’t grand…. Physics was boring and boring… Chemistry the person I thought that might get my costume (Mr Peters) didn’t get it…. but SHOCKINGLY, Mr Hillier knew about Watchmen… and I mean SERIOUSLY! That was FUCKING WEIRD! If Mr Hillier is a big comic book reader…. He’d earn a whole new level of respect from me… if any teachers reading can find out…. that’d be cool…..

Maths another person failed to see who I was, Mr Hydes…. Then after a boring lesson of Mechanics it was the WONDERFUL free! I fugging love this lesson, every week… well obviously not EVERY week… heh heh heh… but that one was GRRRRRRRRRRREAT!

Overall Charity Day was FUCKING AWESOME! Max knows mostly why… Seriously Max, I cannot get that out of my mind… at all…. well, until something else super wonderful fills the gap, obviously…

Well, Saturday = SNOOOOOOORRRRRRRRRRR well, basically played some Tales of Vesperia, I’ve gotten quite close to the end, so I’m just at that time where I tie up some loose ends here and there and try and either get closer to finishing or finishing a few more achievements… Obviously I don’t have as much time as my brother, so I’ll probably get a few, like the stuff on Nam Cobana Isle, but leave some of the bigger stuff for when I have my own 360. I’ll finish it, then I’ll probably do the Ex Dungeon…. then I can start to play BioShock.

Sunday, well… What can I say? Not much, which is why I’m about to take some pictures!  I basically got my Arceus, sexy…. but I could only get one, because on my Platinum Game it appears I already had some ticket thing going…. which I still need to deal with…. so I could only get 1…. shame… (my little Pony)

I then got some socks as well, some pretty cool socks….

One has my foot in

As well as the new Ok Go Album Of The Blue Colour Of The Sky (Actually spelt Colour).

(On a side note: It seems I could’ve gotten the darn Arceus, all I had to do was ruddy delete one of teh Wonder cards that were backed up…. I hope…. yes…. Good, it doesn’t get rid of what was with the Card…. oh well…. I just have to wait for the 26th March so I can Pokemon Silver it up GANGSTA Style!)

I also noticed, just now, that the piece of paper that has my next Orthodontist appointment has something that made me smile on it:

Master not Mr

Okay, Monday today was okay…. some of today was like Colon D then the rest was just Colon l. Things were good! I always find that Mondays surprisingly start off great! I have Mr Tapscott in one of the Maths Rooms… and it was sunny so it was nice… but periods 3-6 are kinda… eh… Mostly because of the rooms… 3&4 I have Mr Hillier in his room, which can sometimes be nice, and other times shit…. Then after i recover through Lunch, I then get a Period 5 of Mrs Smith in her SHIT room… I don’t like that room, specially with her in, it’s just so BORING. We did manage to burn an entire lesson going over homework…. ugh…. Then I have Mr Hillier in the same room, which normally sucks because it’s the last lesson AND I just had Mrs Smith so I’m tired…

Today though was strange…. due to talking to Mr Hillier about the science programme on Yesterday about Saturn’s Rings which was…. quite frankly AWESOME! Shockingly Ben managed to post a blog, it’s like the world went all Apocalyptic for a moment…

In the more Generalisation of my boring, mundane life… I’ve discovered a band called General Fiasco, they are quite good, catchy as blimey… been humming the tune of one of their songs ALL day… plus We Are Scientists released a new single, pretty smexy.

(I have just noticed I really abuse ellipses)

Plus with the monthly new FMA chapter… like DUDE!!!! That got awesome…. I mean, the antagonist character’s new look *smacks lips* MWUAH! (Wow, I just realised my playlist on Spotify is weird… it has such music as Down With The Sickness by Disturbed as well as Some songs from The Nightmare Before Christmas)

I’ve also been writing more of my story… I’m trying to fill out the first chapter a bit…. I’m not sure whether I should do one bit now, or in a second chapter… probably the second chapter… I’ve just forgotten what I was writing yesterday… I keep changing the ending a bit as will… it has the same basic idea… but some of the bits before change…. Needless to say, it’d be FUCKING EPIC! The sad thing is I’m basically writing myself as the main character (easiest way, non?) then the people that surround me as some of the supporting roles, just slightly adjusted…. maybe… and yeah…. But hopefully it will all work out….


The face is all smooshed because I had to put it on Quickly for someone to take the picture… so I couldn’t actually see out of it… hair and glasses and eye holes didn’t line up in the way allowing me to see…

Oh, I’m retaking Biology by the way… what with that C….


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