Posted: 09/03/2010 in General

Oh ho ho…. the wit…. -.-

Anywho, I know, shocking… I’ve never blogged so much in such a short time… but then there are the obvious reasons for this…

I wont get to that straight away…. so if you don’t care just scroll down from her till something sticks out… or something…

Well, to go with the title, the Line-up of Latitude was revealed… I can give it one big “meh”, really… I know I wasn’t going to be going unless I decided to be by myself for 4 days straight going insane…. (yay…) Really the only band I see that I like is The Horrors…. and they don’t even have many good Comedians…. they have Rich Hall… then just a load of … blarg….


Not…. I, today, watched X-Men Origins: Wolverine. IT FUCKING ROCKED! Bone clawed Wolverine, Ryan Reynolds playing Wade Wilson PERFECTLY! Wade Wilson being FUCKING AWESOME in it. Young Scott Summers being quite sexy…. all the abilities of the super heroes that aren’t shown so much being shown, like Scott Summers (Being Cyclops) having his intuitive location geometry. Then Gambit was pretty sexy as well, I mean… Gambit…. IS AWESOME…. No questions asked. Wolverine was pretty good as well, a lot of plot neatly explained… although not how Sabertooth (Victor Creed) managed to go from being clean cut to how he appeared in the first X-men film, perhaps they’ll get to that in the later films… I do love how Sabertooth and Wolverine have this never ending battle going on, because they both have healing factors, and sort of similar powers (SPOILER: Because they’re brothers) so they’ll never age again… Where The Earth is the base of their epic battle until one is the victor. And Weapon XI, was creepy… awesome AND somewhat played by Ryan Reynolds! What with Weapon XI also being called Deadpool, I loved how when it was using it’s optic blasts the scars around his eyes turned black, thus meaning they looked a lot like the pattern on Deadpool’s mask…. Also, then doing some more reading in, turns out that Hugh Jackman reads the Wolverine Comics…. LIKE OMG!!!!!!!!!!!! He got like X times cooler (subtle pun, Wolverine is Weapon X) I imagine he didn’t really read them at the start, but NOW… mm mm MMMMMMMMM… Seems like there may be another Origins story that links the end of the first one to the rough start of First X-Men film, which would be like 10 years later… in which he doesn’t age a bit… if the film industry want to constantly beat this cash cow… they better hope some guy comes along looking like Hugh Jackman, and good at acting…. Now I REALLY want the Deadpool film in 2011…. REALLY badly… I read that it isn’t linked to Wolverine Origins thing, which is good, because Wade Wilson dies to become Weapon XI. It is based on the comics and everything! I MEAN FUCKING SWEET! There may even be a Gambit film…. mmm…. But, then there is also the Green Lantern film where Ryan Reynolds plays Silver age Green Lantern, Hal Jordan. Reading some of the quotes from other things with Hal Jordan in, Ryan Reynolds seems to be PERFECT for the part…. I HAVE SUCH A METAPHORICAL NERD COMIC BOOK BASED BONER! or something…. not to mention… Iron Man 2 May 7th… if this were the world of emoticons… I’d be colon D

But now to the colon open bracket…. School has now gotten HORRIBLE! The past few days or so has made everything PAINFUL! Seems like EVERYONE managed to find out… somehow… plus I want to make things up… but whenever I enter a room, I get the feeling that certain people from certain groups are shooting daggers at me and are gonna hate me 4 life. That will make things slightly… difficult… But yeah, School is now really annoying just because all breaks and Lunch times whenever walking past certain groups I get this horrible feeling like I’m stabbing myself in the frontal lobe, or something… Note how I mask my true feelings with crappy shitty words that don’t mean anything and strange sentences? gonna be doing a lot of that….

And now with latitude I get to watch everyone have fun…. Never mind that…. It’s awful. I keep getting an urge to sleep… and It’s only fucking 9:00pm! I mean REALLY?! There are at least 4 hours left of the day…. You know when some people say they can’t sleep? For me I guess it’s opposite… when all I feel like doing is sleeping to get away from this awful feeling of loneliness that constantly follows me around every corner… I’m going to let you in on a secret… well, not so much as a secret, I mean, EVERYONE’S gonna find out…. This feeling is SO FUCKING annoying, I just find myself “gently” bashing my head against my knee…. or just walking and falling into my cupboard and staying there for a few minutes… or just falling to the floor and sitting in the corner…. I hate this feeling…. it’s a complete dick…. like a complete jerk…. you know…. like that sort of guy…. you know the one I’m talking about…. or if you don’t, you don’t really know me that well it would seem…

And now to continue in this theme, I guess this would be colon I (but only in some fonts), BEHOLD ON FRIDAY is the impending doom of Charity Day… this could either be a BARREL OF LAUGHS… or me being able to sob quietly to myself and no one knowing due to a mask (I bet you it’ll be the latter). Although, I’m not 100% sure if I’m even going to be able to see anything… cause of my glasses…. I guess I can try and wear them over the mask… and if that doesn’t work, I’m sure I can take it off…. and put it back on later…. It’s gonna be so HOT…. Only a few people know who I’m coming as… and I wanna keep it that way and see how many people can tell it’s me behind it all… or something…. so I guess that means I’m gonna have to try and hide my Pac-Man belt, or the cut on my finger…. the sort of thing someone like Sherlock Holmes would pick up on… plus eating will be difficult, no wait… I don’t….


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